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now i have successed to import .brd file into altium designer. the output is .pcbdoc file. How can i convert the .pcbdoc file to pads file? thanks in advance.
COULD ANYBODY HELP ME OUT FOR Converting Altium (PROTEL) *.PCB/DDB/pcbdoc to Orcad *.MAX
Hi, can any body tell me how to open ".pcbdoc" extension file,or anybody can give me the link of the application use to open such file. Thanks.
can any of you guys convert for me the attached Altium file (*.pcbdoc) into Protel 99se readable *.pcb?? Thanks and best regards!!:razz:
Dear all, I'm in urgent situation.I hope you can help me a hand. Thanks you so much. Now, I need to create 2 boards in a file.pcbdoc, therefore i have to draw 2 outlines in file.pcbdoc. Which things should i set up to do it ?. If you have a solution, please help me:grin:. Nice day.
The Gerber format is text format and is quite simple for decoding so we can very easy create an image of the design in the computer memory. Once we have this image we can save it in other formats - like MAX or pcbdoc (Altium). For sure this will require good skills in PC programming. Personally I made some time ago software which is saving the gene
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Hi... Go to ... Tools --> Preferences --> Dxp System --> Backup one more also creates a History the drive where u save your *.schdoc or *.pcbdoc.....i dont have any idea abt where this option is...good luck for you..... Regards Sadashiv Added after 7 minutes: Che
Hello I have a PCB layout pcbdoc file in PROTEL that im gonna send to production, but i think the diagram is oversized and i would like to know the exact size corresponding to the parts , it has some DIP microchips and smt caps and connectors, is there some way to figure out how to do that thanks for any help
To show holes, you need to right click on the print preview window, and select "Configuration". There is a check box for "Holes" for each layer under the "Printout Options" column. Without seeing your board file, I can't guess what might be wrong with your square pad printout. I've never seen this problem with PDF. If you want to post or PM
I have more than 10 years layout experience. I am working for a China layout house, which have more than 150 layout engineers. I think we can reach your emial is My company website is :
PLZ TELL ME HOW CAN I SHOW TITLE BLOCK IN PCB FILE IN @ltium DESIGNER 6.8 In your folder, ...\Altium Designer 6\Templates, there are various pcbdoc files with letters in front of the names like A4.pcbdoc, B.pcbdoc, etc. Those are template files for title blocks and page index letters and numbers, and the letters in the
Hi zementmartin, What other rules do you have in "Design>>Rules>>Electrical>>Clearance"? I suspect there's another rule that is conflicting. Additionally, what do you have set in "Preferences>>PCB Editor>>General>>Metric Precision"? If it is easier for you, you can save the electrical rules, zip or rar them, and attach them to your post. Y
Hi loosemoose, you can import DWG and DXf directly into a pcb file. How do I do this? By Copy-Paste? Because when I open a pcbdoc and use the Import Wizard, I only have the options shown in the attached PNG regards..
You can use two different ways to export your layouts from MWO into Altium. The first method is to export your layouts from MWO into a CAMtastic (or simply CAM) file inside Altium which is pretty easy. The second method is to export your layouts from MWO into a pcbdoc file inside Altium which is more popular file type among PCB manufacturers. To
Hello, In a the schlib of my altium project, I defined a Xilinx FPGA as a multi-part component (PARTA : Bank0, PARTB : Bank1, PARTC : Bank2, PARTD : Bank3, PARTE : Supply). I decided to use hierachical schematic design with one sub schematic per FPGA Part. Then, an upper lever schematic implements all the FPGA sub schematic in order to de
Johnson, I believe that allegro can load foriegn netlists. It has been quite awhile since I have done this and I currently do not have allegro in front of me. You might want to research the process of what types of other netlists allegro can pull in, then see if altium has same format. Or, you could: 1. package design in altium and forward to
simply open the specific pcbdoc template and then use the command >> Design >> Make PCB Library. That will give you the footprint. Now do the same for the schematics.
one more advanced method is to make your drawings outside of Altium and then to import them as DXF or PLT (in case of PLT you need to import it first into CamTastic and the reexport into DXF). There is even more advanced approach - you can directly generate the lines, polygnes and regions in some PC program and write them into pcbdoc format.
Hi, To generate a DXF/DWG out of pcbdoc, I am using File -> Save As and generating a DXF. Unfortunately I am unable to generate any polygon fills in the PCB. Means, in the generated DXF, I can see the boundary line of a fill but not the complete solid fill. Any thoughts? Thanks, Trinath
Hello, I have a board reference design created in PADS 2007 format. I would like to use this reference in Altium Designer as a base platform of my own design. Is it possible to convert PADS 2007 .pcb file to .pcbdoc Altium file? - tantudaisu -
Hi, Need Altium expert help on below issue. Using ?Auto route? in Altium, routed report shown as below: Routing finished with 3 contentions(s). Failed to complete 1 connection(s) in 6 Minutes 52 Seconds Physically view can see few un-route nets, but ?Design Rule Check? report showing ?Un-Routed Net Constraint? = 0 Anyone can commend how
Some time ago I made a program to read/write/modify Altium pcbdoc files so I don't think it should be so complex to make similar things with MAX format. What you want exactly to import into MAX files? What's the problem to import DXF data in MAX file which is proven to work well?
Dear All, I have a serious trouble converting a .max board file edited by OrCAD Layout Plus 16.2 into Altium .pcbdoc using AD S09 or AD 10. During the converting I get multiply warnings like "Unterminated string at Line..." and there is only way to press Cancel button in order to carry on. At the end of the process I can get only few options: th
well, other possibility is to generate the PCB file in custom made software. Personally I have to create files >200Mb size in Altium and I found that the best approach is to use software. I made a library which converts any number of points into pcbdoc format (lines or arcs) and I can state it works really well.
I have a schematic and pcb files generated from Altium Designer. However, I have the Protel 99SE, not Altium Designer. So, I want to convert Designer (.SchDoc and .pcbdoc and library) files to my Protel 99SE files. Please help me or teach me how to do that. If someone has Altium Designer, he/she might know how to export files to the older version
Altium integrated library also can include 3D models of the components and even useful information like the prices, distributors, etc. From this view point it's worth to spend some time to create your own library with all information you need. Some useful tricks: 1. If you have a schematic and you like some schematic component you can copy it (Cn
The best way to solve the problem is open the DXF in AutoCad and save it back in DXF. Personally I wrote a program to generate the shapes in Altium pcbdoc format directly from my software.
Hello everyone, For the PCB design of my project, I received the attached Allegro (.brd) file from the company. I need to convert this file to Altium Designer (.pcbdoc) or Protel (.pcb) file. I know the newer version of Altium Designer has a import wizard to convert .brd file to .pcbdoc file, but Altium Designer6 which I am using doesn't.
COULD ANYBODY HELP ME OUT FOR Converting Altium (PROTEL) *.DDB to Orcad *.MAX plz give me to procedure.
you should have *.pcbdoc file also
Hi, Design/Update to XXXXX.pcbdoc. Check once all components has footprint, Tools/footprint manager.
Hi, I have a pretty old version of altium at work and I have been given PCB files which were done by somebody else. I managed to do all the design checks and everything but when I try to generate Gerber files I get an error about altium being unable to match shapes and the following text file is generated: Gerber Generation Matching Errors
I have the Protel 99SE, not Altium Designer. So, I want to convert Altium Designer (.IntLib) files to my Protel 99SE (.sch) files. Please tell me how to do that. If someone has Altium Designer, he/she might know how to export files to the older version(Protel 99SE). or please send me links to download altium designer sw. thanks in a
I want to import a .brd file from a Cypress development board in to Altium. Let me sum up the things I tried. I have Allegro PCB designer installed I tried this: I tried this: Bu
Hello, I got from a customer a pcb123 file, I'll like to convert this file to Altium pcbdoc file. How can I do that? Thanks, Snir
Hi, is just that i have a .pcbdoc (altium 13.1) pcb design, but i need it in orcad 9.3 version file, how could i convert to that format, or how could i get a demo version of orcad 9.3 (i haven't found any of both options), i need this very urgent. If some one could help me, it would be great, thanks in advanced.
I have 1 file .brd (pcb in allegro), my laptop was installed Allegro 16.6 and Altium 10, I tried to import this one .brd to Altium by import function on Altium, got successfully and I had a .pcbdoc in Altium but still have some problems. Have many nets still haven't been routed, many pads not correctly ... With this .brd, I open with Allegro 16.
Hi, I want to export the tracks of different nets in a plain text file readable by scripts for further analysis/simulation. So far I've tried two ways: 1.) Using a script The problems to be solved are: - access the pcb-objects with their specific properties - writing a file ... unfortunately for Tcl -my favorite scripting language- the sup
Hi All, can someone on here tell me how change/add i 3D object to componets in PCB Layout ? Basically i have Rs and Cs that are using the standard lib footprints from Kemet and Panasonic. When design is transposed to the pcbdoc there are no 3D bodys for them. So i what to add it with parts ive downloaded from 3Dcentral, how is this done eas
hi all, i am working on a pcb in which i had to create a footprint myself, when i update my pcbdoc i can see the footprint in the workspace,but unable to move it to the board area.when i clik on the foot print board area zooms out and some designator warning will come...
Hi Jeff, This seems to be a common problem, and I've run into it many times. I don't think it respects the No-ERC marker. It seems that if there is a net connected to the pin it will combine the copper as one pad, but if you don't have a net connected it produces the error. I believe there is a way to do this properly (see techdocs.alt
Hope this helps someone who is confused and frustrated. This what I did: 1. Save schematic .SchDoc 2. Save pcb .pcbdoc. 3. Save project .PrjPcb. 4. Remove pcb doc from project (right click on .pcbdoc -> remove from project). 5. Add new pcb doc to project (right click on .PrjPcb -> add new to project -> pcb). 6. Save new pcb