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hello friends I designed a circuit that it have a pci express interface that connect to pc . please suggestion software that I can test pci express circuits that connect to my system for example network card. thanks
I want to design a cable like in altium .your opinion ,how many layer have it? how can I connect GNDs and voltages for card and connector in pcb ? is it different GNDs for card and connector ?
50r to GND simply put...
Hi, I had a pci digitiser card installed in my PC ( ) . This card can count pulses from encoders and do some processing. Iam powering these encoders from an outside power supply(5V). The problem i found is if i connect three encoders( ) altogether i
I am looking for a Sata iii PHY chip to connect to my FPGA board, but not with pci/pcie interface. There are many Sata PHYs in market but all have pci/pcie interface and my fpga does not has one. My fpga does not even have GTX like high speed serial IOs Is there any Sata PHY in market that I can use with free LVDS I/O (...)
Hello, I have just upgraded my windows from XP to windows 7. The system inform me that I need to install pci Simple communication Controller. What is this? Where can I download it? Thanks in advance for any help. Regards, coolrox
There are some projects that use an 8-bit MCU like the ATmega to control an ISA graphics card like this: Now could the same be done using a pci graphics card by completely violating any offical standard? The memory and video generation is available on the board. One only needs a way to enter configure and ent
pci? Or pcie? Anyway, worked with these in the past, quite happy with it. In addition, their pricelist is on the site.
The only LPT ports that work are pci expansion cards like I have used a similar card with a Xiling programmer, an Altera programmer and AVR programmer with no problem.
I made this article quite a long time ago. Maybe useful for others. Well, it's quite inclined toward computer security but surely low-level PC (x86/x86_64) stuff. Link:
Hi, PREFACE -------- I'm trying to understand if I this connector can be soldered using the ordinary Wave Soldering process: Here's the datasheet: I don't understand the following poi
hello,dear everyone i want a papaer that is not on the IEEE:could anyone help to send it to me? this paper is :Tuttle, Wayne H., "Why Conditionally Stable Systems do not Oscillate," Proceedings of pci '85, pp. 384-389. my email address thank you in a
If starting from scratch is unacceptable -- what microcontroller was used in the first series and why is it now unacceptable? Why must the MCU be 16 or 32-bit? Although I have utilize all three of the previous recommendations in my designs, according to the first line of your requirements only the MSP430 and SiLabs ARM
I gonna use Advantech pci 1710 to read voltage and current from my battery (attached to sensor). then my GUI will control charging circuit to charge the battery and discharge the battery by using dummy load. so guys, any advice on how i can make this things happen? i need some tips and a bit motivation.
To give a reference number, the Altera pcie core will take 11300 logic elements (4 input LUT), 4500 registers and 240kBit of embedded RAM with Cyclone III, which is mid-scale FPGA, that should be roughly comparable to Spartan 3. For details, review the pcie core manual, downloadable from I guess, that Xilinx will have
are you sure your laptop has mini pci-e slot ? 1.8" ssd drive (Page 1) / Eee PC 901 Specific Discussion / EeeUser Forum
Details here - NI pci-6115 - 12-Bit, 10 MS/s/ch, Simultaneous Sampling Multifunction DAQ - National Instruments Costs $4180 new, I am selling for $1800 shipped. Money back (less shipping) if DOA.
Dear All, I am developing a product with pci bus add-on card. Can anyone of you please give me the mech. details of the card or redirect me to a link from where I can download it? Regards ak2009
ICP DAS USA provides LabView Data Acquisition. You can develop Data Acquisition I/O applications quickly and easily in LabVIEW with the ICP DAS UniDAQ LabVIEW toolkit and sample programs. Most of the ICP DAS pci I/O cards come from the UniDAQ SDK so you can transfer your applications to different pci
this may help - Simple pci interface - pci Express
I am working on a project which requires computer interfacing and control. I have chosen a pci card which has multiple 8255 chips. computer Interface - pci Bus 8255 Card That link is a link to the board. I know that to read inputs and outputs, I will have to use the addresses. My main concerns an
pci's Portfolio ~ Flexible Printed Circuits (Rigid Flex Circuits) Manufactured and Designed by Printed Circuits
hi , i need pci target code and frs . can anybody post that
who can upload the spec? pci-SIG - pci Express Review Zone
Hi, i need to make a pci board with a Cyclone II FPGA so i was taking a look on others board designs. I found 2 different boards, one at opencores and the second one is Dragon pci FPGA board from knjn ( ). Looking at both i see that the pci connector of both boards says that they can work with 5v and 3
Hi I am new to pcie2 I have the spec but I miss the full understand of it. I am looking for classes , ebooks and any material that can help me learning it thanks in advance ze'ev
Hi All, I browse through the internet, but i hardly understand how to build a pci driver. So is it possible to treat pci slot as ISA slot. What I mean is can use the _INP and _OUTP function to send data through pci slot ? My device application may not so complicated, I just want send data and receive data one by one (...)
jungo has a very good set of drivers for pci which are also compatible with pcie. goto and look for the driver of your choice and documentation is also available.
I think you can get away with information from "pci Bus Demystified" book.
This may help you: Improving The LEON2-XST pci Interface I2C master connected and tested with LEON Processor The following will show a simple AHB monitor.
please, I need the driver for 'pci ven_1039&dev ' sound card. Thanks
Hi, I upload the article "Interfacing to the pci BUS" there in the forum's topic "pci card development - RDK from PLX" follow the link here regards bassa
Hi, follow the forum's topic and also application notes from write your needs using the device driver. follow the attached document for "Interfacing to the pci BUS" regards bassa
There is one toolbox for data acquisition, saw it on one presentation where one have controlled some hydraulic cylinders via pci card. But i think it is possible to configure it to use com port. As usb can be configured as virtual com port, it should be fine.
Hi Are the VHDL source code (uploaded in this page) for pci core version 2.1? regards
hi. i'm working on a project that i have to make a pci card that can transfering data from pci slots and monitoring them by Labview or matlab. i think if i can convert the it to rs232 it would be easier but how i can convert pci to rs232? because after the convert i can use microcontroller and use the data. help me please.
You can get the mechanical dimension from this link. I dont have it in ascii format. -Siva
Hello! Could anyone share lab. course, please? "Training - Designing a pci system (reference 002841A)" Regards, Victor
San Jose, CA. Pls. send your resume to Serdes design effort include full understanding of 5Gb/s or higher speed of pci-e PHY implementation which include low jitter analog PLL design with Spread Spectrum Clocking Modulation scheme, Receive equalization design technique and data/clock recovery PLL. Transmitte
The Spartan?-3 pci Express? Starter Kit is a complete development board solution
where do i find the pci express arbiter design, i want to design it taking into the account spartan kit
Several companies offer emulation software that allows a pci base Ti emulator to be accessed remotly over ethernet DOes any body know what General Poupose software could ddo the JOB?? Here some links for those softwares
I have finished three IP inside Xilinx V5 FPGA sucessfully. they work fine. pci-express sata host controoler , pcie-pci bridge controller, pcie-ethernet controller plz contact me if needs more
If you are talking of a usual notebook modem, they have a pci bus interface (as the designation tells) and no serial interface. You can try to identify a manufacturer and get a data sheet. Most likely there are some kinds of standard pinouts, but I'm not aware of.
Wanted: PCB layout guidelines for pci Express chk this
Hi All, I'm a PCB designer with 5 years exprerience, . Now, I'm working on 1-18 layers PCB about: compactpci, pci Express, Backplane, Gigabit Ethernet, PMC boards, Switch Boards... by Mentor PADs, Altium DXP & OrCAD Capture. I live in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. my email: Please send me an email if you are (...)
Hi, I'm looking for pci Express 4 lanes physical dimension schematic (detailed connector and pins size etc). Thanks :!:
Hello Can anybody suggest a good website/paper/book to understand fpga validation over different types of interfaces like rs-232, usb, pci, pci-x, etc.? Would appreciate any inputs on this Regards Chuck
Intel has a nice book on this subject called "pci Express electrical Interconnect Design" pci Express* Electrical Interconnect Design is a how-to guide for system design engineers, board and layout designers, signal integrity engineers, communication high-speed designers, test engine