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If you need for digital camera I sugest you to by pci USB board for PC it is cheap (obout 100EUR), and you got very high speed !
Hi, I need a ADSL Modem complete schmatic, in pci . With Alcatel ou TI or other chipser. best regards Yodathegreat
Hi people, i'm looking for mechanical drawing, correct land pattern and pinout of pci edge connector pcb and isa edge connector pcb. anyone may help me? bye
but I dont find about the pci-x doc.
Hi, I am new to FPGA and VHDL. My job requires me to design a pci board using @ltera pci development board Has anyone used that before and is there any method to hasten the design process??? See for free pci design
Let's Try this one
I know this is a fairly broad question but does anybody have a good design for a pci card for FPGA design prototyping? Sailor_EDA
I'm affraid you'll dont find a "simple" pci project because pci is not very simple by definition. You have to start understanding how looks the pci bus, which are the frequencies and clock speed on a pci bus and then you've realise that the only one solution is an ASIC (a specialised IC designed for pci (...)
Hi, I´m studying last semester in electronics engineer and i trying to design a pci post reader board, i have the pcb layout ready and the schematics ready too, but i `m having some troubles with software, anybody can help me about this. Thanks in advance
hi every body do you have any copmpact pci pcb design(a complete sample project ) i have some question in hot swap PCB design more in the power supply circuit and the terminations at the connector thank
Dear All, Could you please share the documents on interfacing the pci express 1X , 4X. which has the explanation on each pin in the pci express finger. With Regards, Vijay
Hi, i am kind a beginner to Altium. I am used to Eagle. I need to make a Standard 32BIT pci Card. I got the pci layout with the PCB wizard but i got a problem. I dont know how to show the pci card connector (that is already placed at the PCB) at the schematic. Any one can help me with that? Thank you!
HI, i am designing a simple pci I/O card. i am stuck with some problems. i just want to switch relays on that I/O card. i am using PLX 9050 chip. my i/o cards r working in the slave mode .. always Querries: 1- How can i use chip select. 2- i have to access I/O address space but is there a possibility of avoiding the use of address bits an
Cyclone FPGAs basically support 3V pci without external transceivers. You'll most likely achieve better signal quality with external transceivers though. Interface to 5V pci requires at least level translating bus switches.
I have worked once with a chip from chips & technologies which was exactly for this job. The problem is that these things tend to change rapidly since they are following the PC market and, most available chips today are for the pci interface. Of course the drivers and everything else needed, even schematics are given from the companies. Compani
schematics of @ LTERA APEX20K pci Development Kit
Hi ! Im looking for some simple WLAN transverter project. Some profesional device you can see at: Idea is to use cheap WLAN pci or PCMCIA cards as base transceiver and transverter mounted near antenna. Frequencies in any amateur SHF band, of course higher than 2g4. Lik
Have you checked out the Nexperia/Trimedia user group on Yahoo? For what design are you using the Trimedia? This will make a difference about what kind of schematic (pci master/target) you need.
/ mcu / sm_pci.html please remove spaces
I designed a dsp board, using c6711.The hpi interfaces to the pci bus through a plx9052. Now i want boot the dsp in hpi boot mode, so i reset the dsp and load the program,then write a 1 to the 'dspint' bit in the HPID. But the dsp wouldn't run! I read the dsp's memory space through hpi after program is loaded, the data is right. So i conn
You probably need a chip as your memory controller and pci host bridge. Try this You may find the resource you want.
Hi, I want to implement 2 ethernet communication ports on TMS470:arrow::?:. I'v chosen TMS470R1B1M and a non-pci ethernet controller PM3386. My requirements are i should use TMS470 and the ethernet controller which should be compatible with Realtek 8139C. It is teadeous as i'v never worked on it. Can anyone suggest other altern
Hello, A digital card that is inserted in the pci slot or tugh USB interface. Regards, Amraldo.
I think no computer manufacturer would be glad to expose his designs But ICs manufacturers usually give application notes, design examples and evaluation boards schematics You better look for information in sites of manufacturer of chip set, pci Bridge, audio, VGA, Ethernet, battery and power managers ICs Intel, PLX, VIA, AMD, Crystal sites ar
hi has anyone any schematics or design for a pci express endpoint device to interface with micro controllers or high speed ADC. thanks alot
Hi PCB newbie`s, To become a professional in PCB one should have Good knowledge on the following points : 1.Drawing schematics in different tools/pkgs (ALtium,PADS, Allegro,..etc) 2.Understanding the errors and procedure of rectifications 3.Board Details understanding 4.Datasheet understanding for footprint creation 5.Footprint Cr
hi friends,i got another MB with no display problem.a hard disk fall over I/O ic.and its pin got damaged i removed it.and turn on MB without I/O:-D.i turn on MB forcefully ie {shorting the smps black green wire}.i had change RAM,PROCESSOR & SMPS. i tried with pci,agp card tooo. 89960
Are you referring to personal-computer (PC) motherboards, or general motherboard (incl. mechanical design) concepts involving e.g. mezzanine and similar expandable/stackable-card system design? Intel used to provide reference designs for their commercial PC chipsets - I used them years ago for helping debug with a pci add-in card development proje