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Here is the schematic for the @ltera cyclone fpgas Would you kindly explain what this schematic represents, I got totally lost and cant' figure out much of it. Thanks in advance, Salam. it is an pci card schematic which is designed for cyclone FPGAs
Hi people, i'm looking for mechanical drawing, correct land pattern and pinout of pci edge connector pcb and isa edge connector pcb. anyone may help me? bye
but I dont find about the pci-x doc.
Hi, I am new to FPGA and VHDL. My job requires me to design a pci board using @ltera pci development board Has anyone used that before and is there any method to hasten the design process??? See for free pci design
Let's Try this one
I'm affraid you'll dont find a "simple" pci project because pci is not very simple by definition. You have to start understanding how looks the pci bus, which are the frequencies and clock speed on a pci bus and then you've realise that the only one solution is an ASIC (a specialised IC designed for pci (...)
Hi, I´m studying last semester in electronics engineer and i trying to design a pci post reader board, i have the pcb layout ready and the schematics ready too, but i `m having some troubles with software, anybody can help me about this. Thanks in advance
hi every body do you have any copmpact pci pcb design(a complete sample project ) i have some question in hot swap PCB design more in the power supply circuit and the terminations at the connector thank
Dear All, Could you please share the documents on interfacing the pci express 1X , 4X. which has the explanation on each pin in the pci express finger. With Regards, Vijay
Hi, i am kind a beginner to Altium. I am used to Eagle. I need to make a Standard 32BIT pci Card. I got the pci layout with the PCB wizard but i got a problem. I dont know how to show the pci card connector (that is already placed at the PCB) at the schematic. Any one can help me with that? Thank you!
HI, i am designing a simple pci I/O card. i am stuck with some problems. i just want to switch relays on that I/O card. i am using PLX 9050 chip. my i/o cards r working in the slave mode .. always Querries: 1- How can i use chip select. 2- i have to access I/O address space but is there a possibility of avoiding the use of address bits an
Guys, can I interface the I/O s of these boards : EP4CE6E22C8N EP4CE10F17C8N Altera EP2C8Q208 FPGA / Nios II CORE
On 2001-06-13 21:50, Bulletproof wrote: Did any of you tried to build a pci computer card for him self ? If so, share some experiance with us. Any good links out there ? If you are interested in buildin an ISA card, can give you a link. i am interested in both isa and pci.. please send the isa link.. me too [email
I'm looking for the schematics of the probes of two logic analyzers: 1) HP6315 2) Dolch LAM 4850A does someone has it ? thx proton
i uploaded some pic programmer schematics that i found from some sites i wish they will be usefull for you. fm/digitallan/pic digi...
COMPACT pci Specifications ,where can I get the free copy , some guys can tell me ? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks.
I'm searcing theory and working schematics for sabj, can anybody help me?
Hi, i need schematics / docu and tutorials for good input stages for oscilloscopes in the range up from sevreal 10 MHz to 200 - 300 MHz. Please help me ! best jk
Anyone having schematics of an USB to RS-232 adapter? I need it for my laptop.
Need, schematics and pcb and chips, links please help me
Does anyone have any schematics for PAL-M to NTSC and PAL-B to NTSC transcoders? I'm looking for such schematics for ages, but had no luck finding them. Any help would be appreciated. Alex
Hi all I've a problem capturing schematics to PCB in proteus pro (ISIS->ARES) I cant import a netlisting from ISIS to ARES. Really i can import the components from schematic to pcb design but i cant keep wires and connections. Why? I want make a schematic in ISIS, and get its PCB in ARES. I generate the netlist to ARES, but as i said, it on
I'm looking for schematics and source code PIC for Dejan-Box to connect nokia phones. Anyone knows about?
I have worked once with a chip from chips & technologies which was exactly for this job. The problem is that these things tend to change rapidly since they are following the PC market and, most available chips today are for the pci interface. Of course the drivers and everything else needed, even schematics are given from the companies. Compani
hallo, have anyone tipps for pic and midi connection? thanks, simba111
good friends, I got a ddb project in prot*l, schematics + pcb, but I'd like to import the schematics in orc*d 9. Does someone knows how to do it ? thx proton
jhallows, First, what you are missing is the core logic bridge. In a system, there are two types of chips that connect the processor to the standard PC peripheral set. They used to be referred to as the core logic chips and the I/O peripheral chips. Todays terminology is the North and South Bridges (and use pci for connection between north and
There are really two answers to your question, one hardware and one software. Hardware: PCMCIA and USB connectors are designed to make power connections on insertion before signals and break power after signals on removal. This provides a relatively safe "hot plug". The other bus connectors (ISA, pci, IDE/ATA) are not designed with this feature.
If someone like (or need) valves unit schematics. look
Here is the second file of the complete archive.... Enjoy PS Can this give me some point? Uploaded file: Marshall schematics.r00
Where can i find schematics or documents related to 24x or 24xx DSP's i would really apreacite a schematic.
Where can i find schematics or documents related to 24x or 24xx DSP's i would really apreacite a schematic.
Hi, Where can i find the Elvis programmer schematics (program all card GOLD-PICCARD2-FUNCARDS) ? Thanks
Hi guys! I'm looking for any schematic, pcb etc about metal detector. Only thing I need is a WORKING CIRCUIT. I anybody know where to find it, please tell to me. I´m looking metal detector schematics, pcb's theory, or any related thing, specially any circuit easy to make it.
Hi, i want to build a pci Prototyping board. My problem is to interface an ATmel AVR or so to the pci-Bus. I want to read in 8 Bits like an I/o Card. The system must be very cheap (Any mini-PLD). Anybody some ideas to do that? Thanks Alien hi, take a closer look at the P$B461o (P|TA2) from |nfineon - a real nice AS
Hello, Is there anyone who could help me and find the schematics of a clarion pe 695 car radio. Thanx
have anybody been involved in designing a PRBS generator above 500 Mbps for test and measurement equipment for optical communications? i want to design a 2.5 Gbps PRBS (2^7-1), but none experience in this field yet... any schematics, links or tips about this welcome! regards, rfmw
Hello Anyone as PSoC ICE and pod schematics ? Thanks
hi. i do not find in www. i need barcode schematics(660mm red led,detectors). who. please help me. :( :( :( :(
I have designed a board with PLX9050 ( I think there is a new IC now in ), and the only thing you must do is to program an E2PROM to configure the internal registers. In veribest2000 (and I suppose that in WG2000.5 too) there is a pci seed design, so you don't have to draw the board, the pads... It si
Hi, I need Mini pci Spec. Anyone could share it to me, thanks.
Hi, Is someone used Actel ProASIC for pci design? There is no 5V tolerance.. How do you solve the 5V/3.3V pci issue.. Someone suggests using IDT QucikSwitch... But any successful experience ?? regards flowers
try this :
hi all, I'm looking for schematics of a Philips Ktv, model 21GR2751/20B. I believe it has a 'G90B'chassis. I cannot find it on the internet nor in any forum. Please give address or URL of a scanned image. thanks! lody
I want to build a pci card,who can help me? 8O
I need links for schematics for a pH water meter for aquariums thank you
Does anyone have the schematics for Compaq Armada E500 battery? Or at least how it communicate with the notebook? Thanks
Hi : I read pci SPEC 2.2. In page 203, it mentions that: "Devices that map control functions into IO space must not consume more than 256 bytes per IO Base Address register." What does "control functions" mean? Why there is such limit? :( Please help me to find an answer! Thanks very much!
Looking for Atmel's stk500 Starter Kit's schematics.