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Hi, Which is best way to develop simple pci card with multi I/O port. I wanted sch, source in C for read and write port on pci, vhdl source for CPLD or FPGA and other ... Where found some similar project? Regards
Hi 1- Is there any free HDL source code for pci core? 2- Is it true that USB host is mounted in pci bus, in other words USB connected to PC via pci bus? regards
Hi guys! I need tha vhdl of the pci LogiCORE interface from Xilinx.. could you help me??? Tnx a lot LEron
This topic has some info on vhdl pci cores:
Good elementry code for pci target in
Do take a look at the following documents.
Anyone can share pci express presentation slide..or useful document.. Do you have any code for pci express using Verilog /vhdl... By, cllee
i got the code...but it's private and confidential code!!! It's pci express in verilog code // pci in vhdl!!!
maybe this can help "Improving The LEON2-XST pci Interface..."
I have some useful stuff about pci interface, and of FPGA flow, but I have nothing about WLAN PM me if u want them
I need to build a WLAN card with pci interface with FPGA using vhdl , I am asking if anyone could refer to some good material about building WLAN protocols and pci drivers using vhdl ?
Hi friends, I need the precious help of some expert of the plx pci chip. I've bought the 9056 demo board, and I need an application which does two things: 1) receives a bunch of data , randomly. that comes from a 24 bit bus, 30 Mhz and are validated by a data strobe signal 2) Send a bunch of data in the same manner. It will be used to
Hello, If you want to Implement a master/target pci core at 66mhz (with a PLDA pci core), you must choose an altera acex (ie 1k100fc484) with -1 speed grade. In the case of the pci must be operate at 33mhz a -2 speed grade should be ok (do not use a -3 speed grade at 33mhz because it is too slow). This informations depends also of the (...)
who can share plx pci 9052 design schematic? is there some one who has some design experiance on this chip. i want to build a pci based CAN card. hock
easy pci.
Hi all Which one do you advise for developing pci Card? 1-)whether to use Xilinx Spartan-II family and deal with pci target core? 2-) or to use a pci ready chip like QuickLogic's QL5130 chip? thanks
Was posted at OpenCores discussion details: ---------------- Characteristics of the pci bus interface unit within the FPGA: - supports pci-Master and pci-Slave operation - 33 MHz / 32Bit ? pci bus support - complies with pci-Spezification 2.1 (not officially teste
U can also search on answers. I remember someone referring to a vhdl target pci from Lattice
quotation from xess website: Q:Where can I get a free pci core? You can download the source code at In case you intend to use it professionally please refer to the Project License. MaxLock stopped to provide pci EuCore core 2 years ago. Now even their site is not available. But
There are times when you NEED to use mixed compilation. For example, you may find a core that it's written in one language, while your project is done in another language. If, for example, you have a nice *free* open-source pci core written in Verilog, but you design in vhdl, and vhdl pci cores cost like 5000$ (which, (...)
Are You using Actel's proprietary pci core or smth else?
Hello hung81, A very important document for you is the pci-Sig Specification ( ). Perhaps you will find the pdf in this forum (ebook section). The spec is a little bit cryptic but there are some other English books. Check Do you have a pci board with the XC95288 or do you have to develop your own hardware?
What do you neen by cost effective way. NRE ? The most effective design solution may be using of pci Express bridge. Try to find such component first. It can be PLX , AMCC or others pci VLSI vendors. Less effective way is to aquare IP core for Xilinx or Altera FPGA
Hi, I am new to FPGA and vhdl. My job requires me to design a pci board using @ltera pci development board Has anyone used that before and is there any method to hasten the design process??? See for free pci design
Need vhdl implementation of pci to LPT (SPP mode) bridge. Or only LPT SPP mode.
I am in need of a pci arbitrator state diagram present in a pci host bridge or any material describing to help me build it along with any vhdl code required to implement it. It's just for the project that i have taken as part of the curriculam.
choonlle, What do you want exactly?? You want info about pci express and some verilog code. What verilog code you need?
has anyone use pci interface core from opencores? what do i have to configure, and in which files? when i try to sintesize with ise 8.2 it founds errors. i always developed my own vhdl code, but now i have to reuse a code written by another person. does anyone have that core modified to target only? i hope it needs less logic resources.
hi. if i design a pci-card with a xilinx FPGA, can i use the xilinx's vendor ID in the pci interface? my pci core is from what about device ID? subvendor ID? I think if you are going to commercialize it later you should get your own ID.
HI !!!!! i am doing pci Bridge 9052 project... Till now i starting writing hdl code forpcibridge, for PLX 9052 as my reference. I have gone through the 9052 . give me some reference code i will be greatful. and can u tell me difference betsween PLX 9052 n 9050 I.C.??? does the code availble on for pci Bridge
Hi, Can anyone help on the transition from pci to pci express in the area of verification.?Just the various differences and points to consider in developing the Test Bench.
For the Final year ... u can develop FIR-IIR filter using floating point algorithm, 32-BIT FFT Procssor, datalogger system , pci Bus,Amba Bus, Stepper Motor controlling , Dc motor controlling there r many more
I haven't yet heard of a free pcie core. Anyone has?
Hi, I'm trying to write a vhdl wrapper to communicate with a Nallatech FPGA motherboard.The board has 2 FPGAs. One to control the pci interface to the PC(pci FPGA) and the other is solely for user applications(User FPGA). The vhdl wrapper i'm trying to implement resides in the User FPGA and communicates with the (...)
some vhdl codes on my site: The following will show a simple AHB monitor. The monitor can be applied to any AHB bus to debug the activity of the bus. Improving The LEON2-XST pci Interface I2C master connected and tested with LEON Processor
I'll download your code later in the day and may be able to help you. In general you system should work like this. In FPGA, you'll need to implement the pci slave device that will interface with pci core and all of your algo should be in that part of the FPGA. On the host side (Linux) you'll write a driver for that and on top of that an applica
Please elaborate what do you mean by verification. I did a few small projects with LEON processor and posted them on my site. You might want to take a look: Improving The LEON2-XST pci Interface: I2C master connected and tested with LEON Processor
This may help you: Improving The LEON2-XST pci Interface I2C master connected and tested with LEON Processor The following will show a simple AHB monitor.
Hi everyone! I am developing the pci based DAQ card and i have read the specifications, now i have two options, (1) to make the card as pci master and (2) to develop the card as pci target. Where should i start from and waht should i select. please guide me a little bit about either of option too as it is my final year project. (...)
Hi, i am using a FPGA pci board on my project. I was looking at OpenCores and i found 2 interesting cores. pci_Bridge and pci_Target (pci32tlite_oc). Any one here have any experience with one or both boards? Are they different on performance? Are they reliable? I was looking on OpenCores forum and a user was having a (...)
sir it is my final year project to implement single lane pci express core and to design fpga board for this, I have idea of vhdl programming. I want to know from where should i start to understand pci express protocol and to run its core successfully in fpga board and perform communinication between Host pc and FPGA. Please provide relevant (...)
Hi I am looking to find a way to read data from PC(windows) into pci FPGA. I have got MESA 5i20 FPGA card. Kindly can some one guide how to read data from PC (and obviously writing it back). I am using vhdl and has moderate knowledge of vhdl. What I understand, I will need application on PC side to send and receive data (file) but dont (...)
Hello all, I am designing a pci-FPGA board with PLX 9052 as the pci compliant agent. The outputs that i m taking from PLX are local address n data bus with 5V/8mA capability and write signal with 5V/12mA drive strength. All these signals have been pulled up using 10K resistors. These outputs are level translated by means of QS3861 bus switches to
hello i want to Implement and Simulate "FPGA Design with pci-Express Interface" with vhdl. can any body help me how start to designing this project? . . . what i need to Implement and Simulate?! thanks a lot...
One should not use abbreviations unless they are well known outside the group that uses them... e.g. vhdl, JTAG, pci, etc PCA. Google comes back with the following: 1. Principal Component Analysis 2. Porsche Club of America 3. Presbyterian Church in America 4. PCA Skin Professional Skin Care Products & Aesthetician 5. PCA Engineerin
On 2001-06-13 21:50, Bulletproof wrote: Did any of you tried to build a pci computer card for him self ? If so, share some experiance with us. Any good links out there ? If you are interested in buildin an ISA card, can give you a link. i am interested in both isa and pci.. please send the isa link.. me too [email
I am not familiar with ASIC design flow, maybe somebody else can give some valuable comments.... For FPGA design, what I have used synthesis tools(only to synthesis vhdl code): Synplicity Synplify > Synopsys FPGA Compiler II > Mentor Leonardo Exemplar It is only my personal opinion...
If you want an audio interactive tutor to learn Verilog or vhdl.. I did upload it for someone who did ask me... ES PERAN Verilog & vhdl. If you are interested let me know Kind regards.
I am a student from Harbin China. Now I am building a behavioral model of a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Communication system using vhdl-AMS. So i want to know where can I find some example similar to that or something that may give help to me. Can you give me some advices. Thank you! [ This Message was edited by: flybear on
COMPACT pci Specifications ,where can I get the free copy , some guys can tell me ? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks.