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Hi, I m so interested to do a project on USB to USB data transfer without using PC. Plz help me soon, its urgent. i wana detail with ckt diag... plz help me out as earliest:|
please help me to design a pendrive to pendrive data copier without using a pc or laptop.......give the suggesstions from the scratch......
is USB to USB data transfer possible?? pl give the wiring details of cable
Vinculum VNC1L with the VDFC frimware (like in the VF2F2 dev board) can handle to USB flash drives (not usb floppy or usb harddisk... only pendrives) with the VNC1L you will need an extra microcontroller (i.e. AVR) to manage the communication... or just use the VF2F2
Hi, i need some ideas on going about with this project... I want to transfer the entire contents of one pen drive to another pen drive without the use of a PC... and how i can display the file inside it....and how i can transfer the desire file only....... can anybody help me.....:-|
We, 4th yr elx student have this crazy idea of transferring data between two PCs(not in LAN) where two mobile phones acts as the transfering medium. Is it possible to interface mobile set with PC. Is it possible to transfer the data of PC through a medium meant for voice transmission i.e. mobile network. (...)
use the famous Vinculum Host Controller!!!!!!! with the VF2F2 firmware... you can communicate two pendrives... the page Application Modules shows exactly a module for that task!!!!!!
This is not the approach to do any project..................... you should tell what controllers you are aware, programming languages etc. If you are doing pendrive to pen drive then you need USB ports. First select which controller you want to use, PIC, AVR, LPC series etc. Then you ask help here. do you need circuit, code, or entire
I am stuck at a point , i have bought usb to serial convertor to transfer data from laptop to board , but i dont know that whether the data can be transfered from board to laptop ? The board is having serial port while the laptop is having only usb port and i have usb to serial convertor ....
I need to capture live video feed from a 4MPixel/Frame, 30Frames/sec, 16bits/pixel high resolution camera and for that I need to know what the data transfer rate of the video capture card should be. Multiplying 4*30*16 becomes 1.9Gbits/sec. Does this mean that I should use a 1.9Gbits/sec capture card? Since 1 Byte=8 bits, 1.9Gbits/sec becomes 240MB
i am very new to fpgas... i have an ml402 vertex 4 xylinx fpga... there is an rs232 port available on the kit.. i have to send data serially from pc to fpga and vice versa using system generator (ise) through the rs 232 cable... i have no idea... first i connect the cable from pc to fpga... my data is in the form of 8 bit binary numbers... do i
Hello, P89v51rd2 is an extended version of 8051 which supports spi communication. I have two controllers. I have done ss,mosi,miso connections and clock connections. When i send some data from master to slave it is working correct as it gets displayed on the lcd. The problem I am facing is when I go for data transfer from slave to master (...)
I want to receive data serially from PC serial port to AT89C52 at Baud Rate of 300. Please help me with C language code.
Hi, I am planning to write a code which will control wificard to communicate with other devices to do data transfer. Could anyone pls give me some example code or any hint about controling the wifi card ? Does Visual C++ have any ActiveX to do such work? Thanks in advance.
HI all, since i'm new with digital communication, i wanna ask several questions 1. Is it possible to do data transfer with at command (via Hyper Terminal) using Fastrack M1306B? I only found how to set the GPRS properties with at command for that type of modem, not to transfer data (or even access some websites) 2. (...)
Hi every body I want to read data from a hardware on my serial port...i used a FDTI ic (FT245b1) to read data on my pc usb port... but on my laptop i read data more slowest.. i have windows 7 on my laptop and laptop specifications are better than my pc...what can i do for read date faster on my laptop???????? tnx
hi.......m final year student of engg..& doing same project as data transfer between 2 pen-drives without PC..but i don't know how 2 make it the selective data transfer betwn PDs...and how actually the data transfer between pen-drives takes place with PC--the basic (...)
I would like to transfer data from a pc to a mcu in a distance by a telephone line. the first solution i think is a modem can u help me? the second solution is internet but i think it is difficult.. thx for listening :-)
Is it possible to transfer data fom on PC to another PC Via USB Cable?
hello everyone.. i want to use vinculum1(vnc1l) to transfer the data between two pendrives...i want to get its board...and complete ide with its instruction set...can anyone please share the detailed link
Hi all, I am planning to start a project. NAME of project is PENDIRIVE TO pendrive data transfer USING ARM7. Can anyone guide me to do this project. with some documents and code in c Thanks & Regards --RAVI
hey plz temme how 2 transfer data between 2 pc's through serial port usin labiew
hi I am designing one interblock data exchange block to transfer the data between two devices. can any body send some tips and matirials for designing a source and sink to data transfer. i am doing 8 bit serial trensfer. (cmd/bank,address,data1,data2..........cycle (...)
Hi everyone. I started my thesis work on image processing and I'll buy an fpga development kit for it. I need to transfer big images from pc to fpga through USB, ethernet or whatever way that is easy(Maybe from a flash card). But the communication protocol should be ready (on a usb controller chip for example). Can you sugges
Hi, I'm new here. I have a university project about the wireless data transfer from a Xbee module to second Xbee module which is connected to the PC. The PC is supposed to get the temperature data from the first Xbee with sensor connected to the Arduino Duelminalove board and Arduino Xbee Shield on top of it. Do I need another Arduino (...)
Hi all, We have connected two PC's with a RS232 null modem cable. we wanted to transfer data between these two pc's. The problem is that when we opened the HYPER TERMINAL of these two pc's, we were able to establish a UNI-DIRECTIONAL data transfer, instead of a BI-DIRECTIONAL data (...)
I have several common issues: (1) who know how to send data from FPGA to PC usb port? I found a usb ip core, but i think it's not easy to use. (2) did any of you try convert matlab code to verilog code? is it good or not? (3) can microblaze deal with float point calculation? It's very difficult to solve math problems in fpga, is there any good
hi, i started my project to connect zigbee with pc for data tranfer with high speed.should can i do?if no then why? please reply me
hello there i am currently working on a sorting algortihm and knowing that the data is placed as chunks of 4bytes a row according to mips i want to find a way to transfer a huge ammount of data greater then the number of input pins on the fpga to work on but i would like to send the data as serially bit by bit and place (...)
hi Guys, I would like to get started in the FPGA world. I intend to use the board to perform computations. Hence connectivity to and from the PC should be good and via usb. I dont need lcd, counters, etc Am looking for a low cost fpga board with: 1. Inbuilt USB port for data transfer 2. Good to have - Ethernet port Can I use low cost
Hi Guys! I am going to send data serially from pc to 8051 and from that commands i can control motor or leds... Is it possible or not? Or how can i implement all this? I have attached the simulation image.. Just guide me in this procedure, i am very confused..
Hello all, I have to transfer data from a PIC(16F877) to a PC using modems on PSTN dial up network. The data is of 1Mb . This data has to be transferred from the PIC to the PC at 9600 bps max. I want a reliable data transfer protocol for PIC. Does anyone have similar (...)
asking for some knowledge question. i'm pretty much a digital fellow and would like to know of how it is possible in analogue to achieve high data transfer rate. an example would be the Serial ATA. the data rate for that is 1.5Gbps (for 10-bit rate). since this is a serial data that means you are outputting a bit every (...)
how to write mfc to store data from hyperterminal i am just using a microcontroller 8051 to get data and then send to pc using rs232 serial port and i want to know how to store the data i get
Hi, I'm developing a project using AVR 8535. The main idea is to transfer text from a PC (ascii code) to the microcontroller. I need some advice on this, I have read a few things about the serial port in the AVR, and someone told me that I need to use Visual Basic for the serial transmission. I also need the hardware stuff, how to connect the mi
Hi , i want my PICmicro to send data to PC through phone can this be done? Thanks
Hi I need to broadcast data from PC to 30 devices. The devices originally are RS232 operated I have the folowwing IDEAS to do the job: 1-use RS232to RS485 converters and make one master multi slaves RS485 network 2-use USB with USB hub and with each device attach a micro to convert USB to RS232 again 3-MAke a lan and with each device use
I have a pic16C745 and a 18F2550 and I would like to send some data from the pic to the computer using the USB port. How can I collect this data using Visual basic 6?
How to decode FM data to NRZ data, without 16x clock.
How to decode FM data to NRZ data, without 16x clock
Hi, I am doing a project using FPGA( a tester chip) and I am a graduate student. I am to transfer test vectors (1s and 0s) from a PC user interface to the FPGA RAM using serial port(computer's COM port). I leanrt how to configure the FPGA to send and receive data but not sure if I have to write some C code also along with VHDL code for this d
My Xilink Spartan II FPGA, has Programmable PLL oscillator that generates the frequency 24MHz. Can i use 1/(24M) s as the speed where one byte of data travel? I'm sending the bytes of data from the PC to a USB board which is connected to the FPGA to another device. These byte of data is used to input '1' and '0' as high and low voltages. (...)
Hi all......... data transfer in 10G refer to.... 10 Giga Bytes per second (or) 10 Giga Bits per second.... Thanks.........
As we know that microcontrollers like 8051 can be interfaced with PC and data exchanged between then can be seen on HYPERTERMINAL. But i am using ACTEL PROASIC APA 300 series evaluation board ,with FLASHPRO LITE programmer connected to PARALLEL PORT . so how can i make real time data transmission and reception between PC and FPGA. can this is po
What is the data transfer rate of 8051 microcontroller?
What is the difference between data transfer in GSM and GPRS, in terms of frequency and channels being used. What are the different possible data rates in GSM?
Hi 2 everyone... I am using a wavecom GSM modem to transfer voice signals and messages using R89C51RDxx microcontroller.Now i like to transfer data from PC through the same modem.Can anybody help me how to achieve this and give some ideas about the data transfer.I also need some (...)
Can anybody help me I like to transmit a file from a PC to another PC using GSM modem and I am using WAVECOM QUIK Q2400A series that modem v have option to send data...If u familiar with tat help the Tech.Spec I found tat it is possible to transfer datas for tat v need two GSM modems
Hi! Can anybody suggest how to read data from Virtex 2P board to PC ? I also want to write some data to some specific addresses...and then read it to PC... How can I write into the Hard disk and how can I download the data stored in those files into our PC? Thanks in advance:D
can ne1 help me out...i need to sen data to a 8051 thru serial port using vb...i knw it involves using mscomm ctrl but i want d code in vb n 4 8051...