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Is there any alternative for Hittite HMC538LP4E and HMC929LP4E?
Hello Everyone !!! This is my problem : I have this corporate feed neetwork (planar EM) and a simpliest phase shifter (CircuitSimulator): 134859134860 i've exoprted the S matricies of both model in an other project and i've put it in a two general network linked as in the following figure :
Hello EveryOne !!! I'm simulating with ansoft designer V2 circuit simulator, a switched line phase shifter ( a very basical model ).This is the scheme : 134741 the problem is : SPDTs has v1=2V and V2=4V. When SPDTs switch on the upper line (Vctrl < v1 and Vctrl=0) the phase (...)
Hello everyOne !!! i've a 90degree hybrid coupler implemented as a phase shifter with asnoft designer (circuit simulator) and i need to plot the phase of S21 (at the fixed frequency of 2Ghz) by varing the reactance on the other port (there are 4 port: 1 incident wave, on 2 and 3 there are two reactances (...)
Hello Everyone !! I need to simulate with ansoft designer v.2 an electronically controlled phase shifter using the circuit simulator (not planar EM) with microstrip tx-line component and lumped elements (diodes). can i do it ? Are there any complete project or paper about that ? Thank you guys !!!
A PI error amplifier would be my first guess. You didn't tell about the phase shifter range. Generally, an additional comparator for positive or negative phase difference and phase reversal switch are required to push the phase difference to the right part of the detector curve.
Are there any major tradeoffs between using a vector modulator or a VGA+phase shifter in a phased array? I'm thinking frequency of operation, ie, I haven't seen many VGA architectures for >5 GHz. Otherwise, there is no major difference other than the circuits themselves, you either change phase and amplitude (...)
Is it possible to use ustrip transmission line as phase shifter at 2.4GHz? Yes. and phase error below 5%. It depends on the bandwidth that you need. For a single frequency, you can design length to give exactly (*) the desired phase shift. I need 8 d
Hi amntt, are you thinking of tuning the phase of S21 to your desired results? If it it, try a phase delay transmission line? If you're thinking of designing the ACTUAL transistor and modelling its phase delay then sorry i can't help. Natnoraa
hello Friends, I want to design mmic 2 bit phase shifter circuit using advanced design system. for that i am in confusion how to choose mesfet model and how to by this product.
Hi every body I'm supposed to simulate a rotary field ferrite phase shifter in HFSS. in the phase shifter, the transverse magnetic bias field is rotating in continually around the ferrite material. the rotation of the bias field causes changing the polarization of the output wave compared to the input one (...)
There's no general solution without considerable restrictions of voltage and frequency range. You can't directly create a phase shift for a time domain waveform, you have to measure the pulse period and calculate a time shift. A digital delay of the sampled waveform might be the most simple way. Practically, use a dual-channel function (...)
I don't see you getting a regular CMOS ring to run that fast, but I could see using a CML 8-stage ring with one phase-flip (presumably you would be phase locking and the bias network offers this handle, too) and take the 16 phases off the 8 stages' true and complement (...)
A single-pole L or C circuit provides up to 90° phase shift per pole, and to get 180° phase shift, needs at least two poles (LC). In phase shifter or lumped balun designs very common is to use three poles to provide a 180° phase shift (CLC or LCL).
If you use a resistor, then any currents rectified in the varactor will not be stiffly controlled by your analog driver, and you may end up the phase shift that varyies by input rf power
Correct way to join L and R channels into mono signal is to pass them first through phase shifter circuits which maintain 90° between L and R in all audio spectrum and then join them. This is necessary because average phase angle of audio L and R is not 0° but about 45° (...)
Hi I'm new to designing phase shifter. I am thinking of making a reflection phase shifter using varactor diode. Ideally I want a 360 phase shift. I want to know what kind of varactor diode are out there. I am looking for something that are suitable for 1.2ghz frequency, can perform wide (...)
I'm designing a four bit wide band phase shifter (22.5,45,90,180 deg) which include series switches at input/output of each section combined with all-pass networks. My question here is that I'm not sure if I need to add DC blocking caps at the input/output of each section or do I just leave the D/S of the switch floating? Most of the (...)
Can anyone tell me how to simulate polyphase filter on ADS? What library I must use and how to show the phase simulation. It will be very helpful if you attach a complete circuit of polyphase filter along with the library that used. Thank you
I have done similar module before, input 2024 bits data and get 24 bits crc check sum. I designed a state machine with s0, s1, s2 phase, s0 is the initial phase and reset everything; s1 do the check sum calculation and ouput the original data; s2 do the check sum output. when in s1, the register is (...)
Maybe I miss something, but why not measure with a VNA? If you measure as a two port, with the third port terminated into 50 ohm, you can easily postprocess the S21 data sets and get the difference in S21 magnitude and S21 phase between the two paths.
what is your frequency, bandwidth, phase error, ...?
Here's a variable phase shifter I've been playing with in a simulator. You can dial in several degrees advance, or several degrees lag. The schematic shows the necessity for some amount of impedance at the input, and for some impedance to ground, and for some connection between the leading and lagging (...)
80299Hello everyone, I am trying to simulate a microwave ferrite isolator but I can not successfully setup the ferrite part. I am uploading the design so if anybody could help please inform me. To be hilarious, I am very low on cash and I need to do this project very fast. Engineers help needed ;) - - - Up
I have created a stripline based phase shifter using diodes with packaging (haven't gotten to the biasing network yet) and discrete face ports within the package for use in DS where I have a spice model for pin diode simulation. The problem I am facing is when I try to run the transient solver using "discrete face ports" I get a warning, (...) 7 (and many others) shows the bias of the PIN page 8 is just a symbolic schematic, to show the main configuration of the circuit. Whatever configuration is used (switch, attenuator, modulator, phase shifter), a PIN diode needs a bias circuit.
I have this circuit for a phase shifter using dual supply. I want to make one for single supply. Below is my take. Any help with supply conversion and phase shift calculations are appreciated. I don't quite understand how the frequency points are chosen. This circuit, if my math is right, has frequency (...)
The input to a DDS is a clock signal. The output is an analog output of a DAC that approximates a sine wave. There is no direct connection between the input and output, other than a pretty complex math algorithm that attempts to draw out the output sine wave. So, can a DDS act as a phase shifter? 1) If you use a DDS that has an (...)
It is very difficult to get exactly 90deg phase using these passive elements. You can make an active phase shifter using op-amps to get exactly 90 deg phase shift.
Hi, I am implementing BPSK Modulator and de-modulator on Vertex 4 FPGA. Can anybpdy tell me how i can generate phase shift of 180deg without using DCM. Thanks
I would like to design a phase shifter circuit which has the ability to shift the phase of the input voltage to 90,180 and 270 degree (different circuit each time). I would like to ask for a clue how to design this or (if there is any component available in the market for this purpose).
The cheapest and the most accurate phase shifter used for calibration is a 7474 D-type flip-flop, which provides 90-deg phase shift between its Q outputs. Now they go very high in frequency, but the only issue is that the input frequency is divided by 2 at the output.
I am simulating a four layer reflectarray antenna, but my results are not matching with the paper results. I have checked the dimensions and all the conditions many times but still unable to get the desired results. Can any one help me regarding the multilayer reflectarray conditions or something that will be helpful for me so that i can get the ac
As you know about the PLL stuff, what are you exactly asking for? With my favourite FPGAs, I have the option to generate a phase shifted signal at a second PLL output. On the other hand, 90° translates to 500 ps at 500 MHz. Generating precise I/Q phase relation will be rather difficult considering expectable routing delay skew. I won't (...)
but I have to produce the phase difference between two sine waves oscillating at 1-3 GHz. The signal is analog So why do you think to use digital logic ICs? Also, you said I/O delay of any pin would provide the delay, so how can I use this feature of a digital IC. I said it's a multiple - and it will be very inacc
According to figure 1, when we want to run single phase motor, we use free wheel diode along to motor. but according to figure 2, if we want to use 3 phase motor, is it necessary to use FWD? if so, where should we place it? ( it's not possible to place it along 2 phase of motor) imag
You can use an LC high-pass or low-pass topology to get the phase shift, but would be a really challenge to make such broadband phase shifter using lumped LC components. and to keep the phase shift constant over frequency and
Hello !! Actually m designing switched line phase shifter and switching using PIN diodes(series-shunt config) on 50Ω microstrip, with substrate ε=2.2, h=31mils. For providing Bias to PIN diodes i have used Radial stub and λ/4 high impedance line.The biasing is such that At the series shunt configuration (...)
You can't use just one PLL for making a PSK modulator. There is a possibility to use two synchronized PLL's (working as phase/frequency modulators) with summed outputs, and a phase shifter.
I have been looking for a phase shifter(SMD is preferred) for several days. However I counldn't find it. I need a phase shifter which have low insertion loss(below 2dbm) and can handle 27dbm RF output power. The operating frequency is 777~787MHz. So if anybody know such (...)
hello.. I want to design a 4x4 butler matrix. As we know, butler matrix is consisted of hybrid, phase shifter, and crossover (CMIIW). So i must design each of them properly to make a butler matrix. I am designing hybrid coupler 90 degree in ansoft hfss now. I am newbie in ansoft i can't read well the results. Work frequency is r
Hai, I am new to the design of phase shifter using varactor diode. Can some one tell me what are the factor that i should consider for the design .Pls refer some sites and ideas. Thanks, Shopi.
An allpass filter can provide 90° phase shift for exactly one frequency. Over a 1:1.5 frequency range, the phase shift would vary between about 80 and 100°. To achieve a frequency independant phase shift of 90°, you would use two chains of cascaded allpasses with stepped characteristic frequency, that produce a (...)
hi How can I shift phase of LO frequency? for example 90 degree or 180 degree
hello everybody, Can somebody told me the basic theory of clock phase shifter? I want to design one and make the 2MHz clock out to 8 phase signal.
I have a MMIC phase shifter that requires negative voltage to control what phase stat it is in (-3v on, 0v off). My entire system runs off positive voltage (ie microprocessor and such), I do have access to -3v lines on the board but I was wondering if anyone knew a good, inexpensive (maybe mosfet or bjt) design that would (...)
hi all is there anybody knows anything about phase shifter in MICROWAVE course in university? and information about "5-bit phase shifter"?
Betwixt is correct. I should have provided an explanation. This circuit is generating a 4 phase output that is derived from the clock input, which must be 4X the desired frequency of the output. You can consider any of the phases as the 0 deg phase. The other phases will be with respect to the selected 0 deg (...)
Hi, I try to simulate Schiffman phase shifter of abbosh which was published in 2007. return loss of this simulation is same as paper. but I don't know how to measure differential phase shift. I attached Hfss file and paper, I will appreciate it if you can help me.
can anyone has analog multiplier circuit then do send me also if u have C coding to build the analog multiplier then multiplies the signal and NRZ level and phase shifter bcoz my proj is BPSK modulator SO SEND ME THE CODING and CKT THANX REPLY