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Hello, Compared to doing just a simple, standard full bridge converter, what might be the problems in development of a 850W phase shift full bridge smps?, where.. vin = 18to 32v vout = 34v Iout = 25 amp max I mean, would we need a sectioned bobbin for the transformer?, (so that we (...)
Hello, We need to do a 700W offline converter. We are decidning between phase shift full bridge and plain full bridge. It appears that the phase shift version needs no additional hardware and gives zero switch-on switching losses. So my question (...)
Dear Members, I need to know about PWM controller IC with phase shifted full bridge conveter Controller. UC3875. My application where input variable 24to 45 and output 28V with high current. Does this controller have problem when input have more input that the output? will not work proper? Does it apply for the (...)
how to realize soft-switching in phase-shifting full-bridge converter circuit?85531
Colleagues, LLC half-bridge, or phase shifted full-bridge? Here are the requirements, which I'm facing: Nominal output: 20V, 25A. Overload output: 10 to 20V, 60A. Overload lasts for up to 2 sec. Input: 110VAC no PFC The output powers a DC motor, so the regulation doesn?t have to be very (...)
Hello there guys, I am trying to simulate a 3-phase full-bridge rectifier with thyristors, but I am having some problems. The schematic is as follows: 84895 When I simulate that I get a current of 1kA and I don't know why. Can someone help me out? 84896 I am not sure if I am doing ri
The SG3525A can be used for a push-pull type full bridge controller, with some additional external logic. But for such high power levels, most people would opt for a phase shifted full bridge, which requires a different controller.
I need to get advices for full bridge converter. I will implement it for using in UPS. Common ICs such as SG3525, TL494, etc are not recommended as i know. I have looked at TI website and UCC28950 IC was recommended for full bridge. Another IC i saw is LM5046. Both of them are phase-shifted (...)
two: 1.series resonant half bridge 2.and phase shift full bridge
You can achieve your goal by using phase shift full bridge or Resonant LLC topology rather than flyback topology . Most of the app notes are for buck converters to convert 400V to some 3.3 or 12V , it is very rare to find appnotes for your particular type of application. you need to design a transformer which can handle this (...)
Hi, I would like to simulate fullbridge DC DC converter with the following parameters in LT spice with 95% efficiency. Here Iam doing synchronous rectification on the secondary side the delay between SA,SB and SC,SD is 50ns and overlap between M5&M6 is 100ns with dutycycle of 45%. but Iam getting efficiency around 85% (Pi=1887&Po=1608) but Iam ai
Hi... Has anyone has worked on TAB full bridge DC DC converter where power can be transferred from one port to another port by changing the phase shift of the square wave pulse to the switches of the bridge. I did a simulation but I obtained that power is transferred even when gate pulse sent to all the (...)
If you are trying to simulate ZVS, your timing is incorrect. You are switching on diagonal MOSFETs M2-M3 simultaneously as in conventional hard switched convertors. For ZVS, MOSFETs M3-M4 should be phase-shifted with respect to M1-M2. For example, for M3 change to TD=2us, for M4 change to TD=6us, should get you ZVS with phase (...)
Hello. My Final Year project is "Voltage Control of full bridge Inverter using phase Displacement Control". Here i have to change the phase advance angle \gamma using microcontroller. Could anyone help me in this project?. I'd be very grateful..
Hi all, In Class-D amplifier, the transistors are in Push-Pull configuration. To drive the transistors using the PWM signal, the signal given at either transistor is inverted of the other signal. The question is: From most of the references I read, why they normally used 180 degree phase shift?? If PWM phase is (...)
Is there any single chip that can drive all of the six switches (igbts) found in a 3-phase full bridge both high side and low side? If not what's available for high side and low side especially more common ones?
HELLO, I am a new member of this forum. I need to communicate with people who are working on SINGLE phase full bridge AC-DC CONVERTER WITH PFC. I am trying to build this circuit with PIC micro controllers. How Can I program PIC to control four switches by using PWM waves? I will appriciate your help assitance on the written information (...)
1) You are right. It's a phase shift oscillator. 2) I have no problem with the op-amp one, the problem here is how to see the oscillation results in Pspice by using FET?
Hi , i am designing a full bridge converter (SMPS) using two single out low side drivers. to drive the high side MOSFETs i am using two 1:1 :1 gate drive transformers. 1 primary and 2 secondary windings for the gate drive tx. each gate drive tx drive the diagonal MOSFETs of the full bridge. two avoid the saturation in (...)
Hi everyone, I am designing an offline dc power supply from 3 phase grid. Its output voltage is 350Vdc and output current is max. 2A. I selected full bridge topology and current mode 1846 controller.Output inductor 1.5 mH and output filter capacitor is 10uH. I have build a prototype. But there are some problems that I would like to ask (...)
Hello Sir How to find input impedance of RC phase shift circuit ? Thank You
that all formalities i have done....i have generated gate pulses acoording to user defined phase angle. now the problem is in hardware , how to connect controller with scr pairs using moc 3020
It depends. A motor inverter will usually implement a phase current measurement and can easily achieve zero DC current by a compensating control loop if necessary. Without current measurement, you have to rely on perfect switching time symmetry. I expect, that it will work in most cases without additional means.
Hi , i am using ir2110 as a gate driving circuit for single phase full bridge inverter. Microcontroller gives input to ir2110. does ir2110 provide isolation between power circuit and controller. still i am using common ground between the two, i didnot found anything wrong. if isolation needed shall i connect optocoupler infront of ir2110.
Thanks. But, I know the switching strategy of single phase inverter.Its confused three phase inverter High and Low side.
Increasing the ESR of Cout can help attain a higher crossover frequency, since it provides up to 90 degrees of extra phase boost. I've done this in some designs where bandwidth it more important than ripple voltage.
Hi everyone, i got a bode plot of a buck converter. Actually, my own circuit is full bridge but its written in textbooks that full bridge is buck derived converter. So i thought i can use the buck circuit below i have taken from basso's textbook. I only changed frequency because in buck converter, switching frequency (...)
anyone can send me the reference of phase shift pwm application
Better use opamp as phase shifter. If you wish I can upload a multisim schematic of phase shifter.
Hello to all Is it possible to calculate the phase shift between 2 sine waves with different amplitudes on a DSP ?? Greetings Michael
hi i would like ask about design of quasi yagi phased array,how i make phase shift between element using microstrip line technique regards
what choices are available for driving a full bridge mosfet topology. (formed using four irfz46n mosfets) Also i wonder if there are power mosfets (up to 20A at 30V) that can be driven directly and effciently from the ?c ?
where i can find some paper about phase shift or delay line? i want to design a steerable shortwave antenna,and i want to adjust horizontal pattern Steerable phase shifters can be made using PIN diodes. Fixed phase shifters can be made using couplers.
a phase shift oscillator is just basically a type of oscillator. a phase shift oscillator is a feedback oscillator. for a feedback circuit to be an oscillator it must satisfy two conditions (known as the barkhausen criterion). one is that the gain around the closed loop should be unity. and the phase (...)
How can i simulate a ZVS full-bridge in pspice or simulink?.
I use a LC components to make a phase shift. But, some questions happened. Please refer to as following link.
You are stuck with the laws of physics and math. The phase shift below the cutoff frequency is totally controlled by the bandwidth and number of poles. Your option is to select what you really want to do. If you really want to get rid of one spectral line, you can use a notch filter and have less phase shift. Post (...)
i hav simulated a 5stage single ended ring VCO. Gettin Td= 10.8ns, Fosc=92.5Mhz. But as per theory a 5 stage ring should give abt 36'degree of phase shift each. Can ny1 tel me how to simulate n c the phase shift using cadence. Becuz for VCO we cant put a pulse at the input, since VCO is feedback frm output to te input. (...)
What's the cheapest or easiest way to drive a 24VDC motor with a full bridge driver? Or what product or technique do you offer?
Hi All, Is it possible to achieve a 180 phase shift using active FET? if so can you please explain? Thanks Bouchy
HI How can i calculate the capacitor of bootstrap for hip4082(full bridge driver)? should be the PWM INPUT voltage less than 12(ahi $ bhi)? vcc=74 transistors:irfp460 or irfp250 frequency:60 hz(type1) or 150 khz(type2) thanx
phase shift oscillators generally use an RC phase shift network to produce 180° phase shift with a gain >1
How you measure S11? What is the phase shift you are talking about?
Whats the difference between a phase shift oscillator Vs a regular oscillator ? They both use positive feedback so whats the difference? A phase shift oscillator can also be made using three phase lag networks Whats the difference if the phase lead or lad networks are in parallel (...)
i studied that linear phase shift ensures undistorted output how is that possible when each frequency is shifted differntly
I want to build a 90A PFC controlled full bridge SMPS with 120V AC in and 13.8V DC out. I have the Fairchild ML4812 PFC IC, 4-27A MOSFETS, Ultrafast Diodes, and a EE65 core and bobbin. I have four 1000uF, 200V caps for the output side. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. Any output inductor figures? I am attaching a schematic with my desired
purnapragna, Are you referring to a true phase shift, as opposed the the normal inversion that is inherent in the CE topology? Regards, Kral
hi.. I want to do a four quadrant dc motor drive. Which bridge does I need? full-bridge or h-bridge? thanks!
hi all, how Differential phase shift Keying is done in digital signal processing PD
Hi everyone I'm new here and I need some help from u. I have to make a matlab program in order to draw the IQ diagram for some signals as BPSK and QPSK. I have to correct the Doppler effect and the phase shift with PLLs. I think Costas loops are good for correcting the phase shift. But what about the Doppler effect ? (...)