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I am currently persuing MS from University of Texas and looking for good professor for my phd degree. Please kindly suggest some universities and Professors for phd in vlsi (Analog and Mixed signal IC design) in USA. Any suggestions from current phd student or some Industry guy is accepted. You can contact me at (...)
Hi All, Which IIT is best doing phd in vlsi Design. My area of interest is low power digital design. I have chosen IISC , Bangalore and IIT- Madras . Kindly give your valuable suggestions. Thanks in Advance Regards, Ammankumar.S
Topics needed for phd in vlsi in front end side...kindli guide me
Hi All, Which IIT is best doing phd in vlsi Design. My area of interest is low power digital design. I have chosen IISC , Bangalore and IIT- Madras . Kindly give your valuable suggestions. Thanks in Advance Regards, Ammankumar.S Talk to Prof. Kamakoti in IIT Madras. Ajeetha, CVC
phd studentship usually means your tuition fee will be free/subsidised as you will be working on projects/RnD for university... benefits vary among universities ... some provide living allowances ... some requries you to do tutoring or lecturing for undergraduates ... you need to check with prospetive univeristy you wish to apply and also know what
hai this is pavan in vlsi having work experience on vlsi testing projects.I need help regarding phd admission in u.s.a. i have masters degree. i need to take gre/tofel for admission.How to approach top university professors in my domain .
Hi, I am MTech holder and 6 year experience in vlsi industry. Could you any body know part ime phd positiions available in and around Bangalore.
hello all i completed M.Tech in vlsi i am planning to do phd in german country i does'nt know what r the requirements,any suggest me some useful link and what r the procedure
post some phd thesis in vlsi field
hi if your interested in continuing your project in to your phd then if you are interested in communication then you can try implementing OFDM or LDPC... hope you know what they are... if you wanna do it fully in vlsi try implementing some processor...
Hi, Which IIT is best for doing phd in Analog IC Design. Thanks, Ammankumar.S
Hi, Im in d same category. I want to do phd in ASIC/vlsi. Currently working in ASIC domain. Can u guys plz guide me on this? It would be helpful for me. Thanks in Advance,
If you love to teach, then dont worry about MNC's. If you are going to do phd only for a MNC job , then dont do it.
Hi there, I am a master degree holder in vlsi Design and Embedded System from INDIA completed in 2007 and now I am interested in doing my phd in ASIC Design. Can anyone suggest me which university to apply.
Go through master and phd thesis of Berkley, MIT, Stanford university sites and check out for interested topics. You can get your thesis ideas from the "Future Work" part in the end. I am also searching for good project ideas in ASIC design for masters. :)
I want to know about how to implement a dsp in vlsi or fpga. Anyone know that?
hi i have a project about voise in vlsi design, such as thermal noise, flicker noise, current noise,macroscopic noises and..., i need any article,e-book and websites about this. can you help me?
hi i have a project about noise effects in vlsi design, so i need some articles, ebooks, and any sites that can help me.
What is the role of c++ in vlsi is there any defined flow for hardware extraction and verification...? and what will be future with respect to it..
HI what is the RETIMING in vlsi sircuits design?
Convolutinal coding is a coding scheme often employed in deep space communications and recently in digital wireless communications. Viterbi decoders are used to decode convolutional codes. Viterbi decoders employed in digital wireless communications are complex and dissipate large power. With the proliferation of battery powered devices such as
dear friends, i am new member of this group.i feel proud to be member of this group.i am studying mtech in vlsi design 4'th semester.i am doing my project now, can any one help me to get that it will be for me. regards arun
SOrry for ask a stupid problem In vlsi Process? what different between duffision and imp ? after wafer clean , need do duffsion or imp??
the design of vlsi chip for fuzzy logic is a new topic and sweets amaster but for wirless network i think it is the level of phd. there is a book in this forum about fuzzy cmos search in the forum for this book.
i ned to design an comparer in vlsi. i ned materials
Hi, I am a vlsi Engineer with a B.TECH(EC) degree.Though i am working now, i am looking to doing post graduation in vlsi. I am looking for Germany as a prospect. I am looking for information like what kind of education you get there? Is the M.S degree recognised world wide? What is the job scenario for vlsi there? Or can I get (...)
hello everyone I am a student( undergraduate final year ). Can anyone suggest me a project in vlsi ? In the field of the Microprocessor sytem , computer architechture. With regrads.
please tell me which algorithm is better to implement in vlsi? AES,DES OR 3DES OR ANY OTHER please tell me
hello friends i am going to implement AES algorithm in vlsi this is my M.TECH (vlsi)final year project please tell me i want to interface with audio codec chip to encrypt voice signal also so please tell me is it possible? and can i implement it in FPGA xc2s30? can any one have idea please suggest me and also any new feature i can impleme
There is no match in doing USA phd to anything else. Choose USA if you can.
Hi all, Why does CMOS technology dominate in vlsi manufacturing? I answer: Save power for its pull-up and pull-down archetecture. Any other reason? Any suggestions will be appreciated! Best regards, Davy
Hi all, If you are looking to do a phd in Electromagnetics/Microwave Circuits/ Computational EM etc. would your prefer doing it in EU or in US ? Can you mention some good groups in both these places. Regards svarun
any one can suggest the topic to me in vlsi ,vhdl or verilog for mtech (elcetronis & communication ) as major project for my good future i know vhdl , little bit verilog. i have duration of 4 months thanks ........
Hi, I want a block diagram for the implementation of WCDMA in vlsi using VHDL. Please help me. Thank you!
i heard some of the institutes are running " PG diploma in vlsi design " ..whether it is worthy?..i mean whether that PG diploma degree leads to placement ... answer my question...i am despartely looking for that...
Future Challenges in vlsi System Design
hi all, Am working as a Post silicon validation engineer in india. i joined the company last april. i have a plan to do MS from US with specialization in vlsi after having a couple of years experiance. can u give ur thoughts on this...... thanks & regards prajeesh
Hi want to pursue a career in vlsi design and verification; am an absolute beginner and need info/help/guidance on what are the professional/industry streams in the area of vlsi. also if someone could let me know from where to get freeware/opensource tools and how to go about becoming a vlsi design engineer Thanks kt
Hi, i need the details about C Based verfication in vlsi. I have knowledge about PLI (Programming Language Interface). I Expect More about Real Time Methods in this case. Kindly show me any answer or files for me
can any one upload book for dsp in vlsi ...or related to it
Hello!!! I am final year B.E. student recruited by IBM. I am interested in building a carrer in vlsi. Presently, at academics we only have a subject of vlsi. So, awareness regarding the subject is pretty low in my case. Still I am interested to build a career. I would like to know future job oppurtunities, salaries, etc... Also, I would like to
With a master degree in vlsi design, I can not find a job in a year after I graduated. I do not have any employment experience. During the graduate study, I completed three project design including ASIC and FPGA design from HDL coding to physical verification in DSP, and one is the thesis project. I had six interviews about ASIC/FPGA designer or Ph
hi guys, i am studying design) i am intersting in doing project in vlsi design can any plaese help in getting project.
Hi friends, I am in my final year of Engg. in Andhra University. My specialization is Electronics Instrumentation form ECE dept. Can any one suggest me where and How can I get good project to do in vlsi related field. I mailled my request to quite a few companies (Philips, Flextronics ...etc) but none of them even cared to respond ...
sample question papers for interviews in vlsi companies (freshers) send me pls . . .........................
Can any one tell some themes to work in the field of vlsi for phd work Just name is sufficient for me . I am metch student . Thank you .
hello everyone i was asked in an interview about PERL.... i am basically an electronics graduate looking for opportunities in vlsi what is the main use of PERL in vlsi................ if anyone has such docs it would be very great if you post it...or else atleast some one plz say where can i get such information abt PERL in (...)
hello folks............ anybody having related docs on how to use PERL in vlsi........... some ex. on how to use PERL in vlsi.............. Thanks