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philips lcd TV 42PF7421D Chassis NO: EL1.1U AA philips 42 lcd TV 42PF7421D I have this flat panel TV and I just had to play around in the "service menu". Well, this beautiful flat panel is now a BRICK. No picture, but sound! So, trying to get into the "DEALER SERVICE-MODE" (service menu code 062596 + info) to
I am looking for Syntax Olevia LT30HV lcd TV Service Manual. TIA, DrWho78
i have a 32"lcd tv which uses a li shin 0420d02216 psu board,the board should deliver 12v dc and 24v dc to the power distribution board.but i only get the 12v nothing from the 24v side.i understand from people ive spoke to , that both voltages should be present when mains is applied,i have tried to get some info on this psu but have got no where.ha
This lcd tv switches on to standby and can take up to 5 minutes to display a picture. I need a schematic if anybody has one to repair this fault.
Do any one knows how to find the lcd model Number used in lcd TV? I am living in Canada. Thanks.
Hi,All lcd TVs have different moduls like power board,control board,... I want to know all of lcd tvs modules in different types an different brands have only one layer & two layer pcbs or there is any type of lcd tv with 4layer pcb&... Thanks alot
Hi,I need a complete service manual of a new lcd tv.can any body help me? Thanks alot
Is it possible to use pic24fjga004 mcu to display some text or pc whole screen(capture from software) on lcd tv via vga using bitmap method .The resolution of pc is 1024x768. I know that the hex file compiled (the pc screen ) is about 6M , so I decided to use external ram to store the hex file. Or any other means to show the text on lcd tv ???
I bought a Polaroid 15" lcd TV (TLA-01511C) with a bad inverter with the intention of repairing it. However, I did not know the inverter on this model is not a seperate unit. It is right on the PSU. The PSU itself seems to be fine, since it does turn the TV on and keeps it on. But the screen comes up fine for about 5 minutes then the backlights tu
Hello, everybody This is vivien from china, i am a oversea saler of dvd player lcd tv and home theater, i can offer you good price, and good quality, if you are intested in it, please contact with me, i am shenzhen city of guangdong province in china. My email:
Deciding on which is the best lcd TV of choice can be a little bit of difficult to most people. Many of them will do some research by reading the expert reviews of various brands. And most of the time, their efforts were rewarded.
DEAR COLLEAGUES, I would like to get service manual or schematic for the philips lcd monitor of 170s model, please. Thanks in advance Hi Davidnelly hope this will helps :) Kind Regards
Hi all Some time ago I repaired an old 16" philips CRT TV (CTX chassis, 16CT22.....something). It has battery backup for settings and no default settings memory (e.g. green button). When switched on, volume is extremely high and there is no way to set a lower default volume (every time you have to decrease volume manually). I remem
Hi Can anybody help, I have a Bush lcd TV that needs repair. Fault: After a period of time the picture sort of looses its colour. Its almost like when the old style TV's used to loose one of the coloured guns. Any ideas?
Hello all. I'm trying to determine if a capacitor (I think it is a capacitor) is bad on the TCON board of my Winbook lcd TV. TCON board part number is 320WA01. The TV shows an all white screen with colored lines shot through it vertically. I found a part on the board that seems like it may be faulty, I'm looking for opinions from others more knowle
My LG RT-20LZ50 lcd tv screen is abnormal. On the screen there are vertical lines. It starts from the right side of the screen. Now it is spreaded more than 3/4 of the screen. I resoldered the dry solder on the TCON board. But the screen is same. Pl help me!!! I attached herewith screenshots. 52337
hi i want to conevrt the audio video jacks of my lcd tv to a usb input device i.e a av to usb converter. my lcd tv does not have a built in usb port this home based task can even serve as my academic project plz help thanks in advance
In an lcd TV, the Liquid crystals are manipulated to filter light which comes from a light source which is either CCFL's or LEDs. Is it right to presume that the light source is the biggest electrical load in an lcd TV? Is the light source a pretty much constant , unchanging load, or is the light being continuously dimmed up and down , suc
Hello, In an lcd TV, a CCFL is used to provide the light source. Most of the power that is consumed by an lcd TV is consumed by this light source. The power supply arangement in an lcd TV is that the mains is first stepped down to an isolated 24V DC. This is then used as the input voltage for a high voltage output inverter which (...)
Hello, The following lcd TV contains eight 25W CCFL backlights, (which are powered by eight CCFL inverter for each CCFL) SHARP LC32D12E 32" HD READY lcd TV WITH FREEVIEW - Tesco.Direct .....each of the CCFL inverters is powered by the same input voltage rail which is 24V.
Hi What sort of CCFL inverter is used in a 32" lcd TV?
Hello, Do you know where i can download schematics of Panasonic lcd TV Power supply PCB's? I am certain they will be freely available somewhere because they are straightforward flybacks and bridge converters....highest quality but not anything new and certainly not originated by Panasonic.
What is the typical Maximum LED power in a LED Backlight lcd TV of size 50 inch, ..also, what is it for sizes 42 inch and 37 inch?
I want to use an lcd TV ,usually mounted on car dashboard, with microcontroller. is there anyway I can just use digital signal instead of converting it first to analog TV signal. I know I need to open it and solder a few wire to the inside of the lcd TV. thanks TiMo
Our Sony KLV32s400a lcd TV is turning white intermittently, specially during day time during last 8 days. No special LED indication for fault finding. Green power LED remains on(no other LED). Tried factory reset. Picture appears(time varies) for few minutes when power is switched off for a while and then on. Absolutely no problem during night tim
Hi! I had lines of dark shades at 2 different places on my lcd TV Samsung LS32A23W. I have some experience of repairing simple issues in my electronics items. On basis of the same experience, I opened the lcd to find out the issue. I found broken connections to three sets of light emitting tubes. I reconnected the broken connections and rebuilt th
I want to connect to the eeprom of toshiba lcd tv by personal computer and change in the code how can i do it
How to calculate dimensions of led or lcd if diagonal length and aspect ratio is known? which aspect ratio is best?
I am working on lcd TV, Sanyo DP37647, have a power supply problem. The 25volt supply is only 16volt, found SMD transistor that reads wrong, need diagram to confirm type of transistor. Thanking you in advance.
Can any one who give me the Service manual for this model (JVC LT-32EX19 lcd TV ) tnx a lot :grin::grin:
what can be the cause of the problem it is 3 years of age and as i switched it ON there was a sound of something blowing and the display is not coming i tried switching on again and i see there is only a LED glowing to indicate that tv is connected to supply but the display is not working at all what can be the cause of the problem
Hello, I am new to this forum, and hoping that you could help me with my questions. I have recently got a Samsung lcd TV with model number LE32B530P7W. It has a broken screen and I want to replace it. I want to get the part from another TV that isn't working (but the screen is fine). I am wondering which lcd's have the same screen? I guess that
Hi! Can anyone offer any help with:- 1) A circuit diagram for a Logik L22L618B 22" lcd TV fitted with the MTK5330CI_DVD_1.08 PA-0199-2--4TG -UMC E22/13B-GB-TCD-UK -MAIN BOARD please? I have one of these sets working but no lcd illumination! The TV/DVD is otherwise working and plays DVDs OK - I got a replacement IVS19408 Invertor board
Hi im looking for the service mode of this lcd TV..tnx
Can u pl help me in locating service manual for samsung lcd tv LA32C450, especially for the SMPS board?
Hello.I need service manual for this lcd tv-dvd player COBY TF-DVD1972 made in China. Many thanks in advance.
My problems is that my TV philips 51" HDTV everynow and then it seems to Auto Adjust it self...starting to make me crazy.. if you know what I can do or where to go in the Menu it would be greatful Thank for any help you can give
diagrama tv philips 20pt4331
Dear colleagues, My lcd monitor ( philips 150 s ) starts with flickering and in very short time, display is black out. Power led is still on. It seems to be backlight is off. Please guide me where I have to check the components and schematic also. Thanks
Hi, I need the service manual or schematics for a philips lcd monitor model 190S5. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
My philips Matchline TV - 29SX8776 having vertical output problem. Please help, I need the service manual . many thanks .
Can you help me please what power IC have the power board (primary) of this TV "V7 Tv ltv17" ? Type : 17" TFT lcd-TV Model: LTV17 The power IC in the power board is burned and i cant read it , i need to replace, but HELP ME PLEASE TO FIND IT .. THANK YOU !..
Friends, Do you have experience on how to send data to LED or lcd TV with STM32 or other microcontrollers ? Thanks
PLS I would like if someone have schematics or service manual for philips 20PT4331 ( L03 chassis). Thank you very much. Vicente
I have a Viewsonic N1700w HDTV lcd display that I've been having some problems with. The tuner mode picture is very dark, hardly can see, and the vga/dvi modes have problems with the On Screen Display. When in tuner or composite modes, I can see and work with the OSD menu, but can't see the channel clearly (have to turn contrast way up, but is dark
Hi, I am interested about the image and video enhancement algorithm in lcd TV system, do any body know some about following topic? 1.Real time scene detection 2.Scene adaptive gamma correction 3.Detail enhance 4.Color enhance
Hi, I had some experience in interfacing normal 2x16 monochrome lcd with a PIC. However, I am planning to try interface a color lcd (320x240) with a PIC but hv no clue on where to start! Can anyone helps? Thanks, Eric
I have been unable to find the service manual for this TV: 32PS55S321 Chassis: L01.1US (according to Service Menu)
What is the best '80's-'90's tv made in Germany, Holland, Japan, Korea that you evere seen? I'm intrested especially in small tvs. By good I mean: - Relaibility - Good image - Beautifoul colours - Not so hard to repair
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