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philips lcd TV 42PF7421D Chassis NO: EL1.1U AA philips 42 lcd TV 42PF7421D I have this flat panel TV and I just had to play around in the "service menu". Well, this beautiful flat panel is now a BRICK. No picture, but sound! So, trying to get into the "DEALER SERVICE-MODE" (service menu code 062596 + info) to
This come out of a 26PF9946/12 lcd TV and some components have burnt away from power supply. I have a service manual for the chassis LC4.2E AA but it does not have schematic for power supply, strange! -Jan
Hi kevinro40, Salut! Am si eu un asemenea TV, care dupa ce nu l-am folosit catva timp are o manifestare ciudata. Dupa maximum jumatate de ora de la pornire, apar pe display , in partea din stanga, cateva dungi verticale, ca in cazul display-ului de mobil defect, care apoi se inmultesc astfel incat jumatatea din stanga de
I have designed and written some code to display the recievers output on lcd but not getting the required output can anyone help me #include sbit rs = P1^1; sbit en = P1^2; sbit inter= P3^5; void time_delay(void); void convertanddisplay(unsigned char value); void lcd_init(void); void lcd_string(unsigned char *str); (...)
hello, I,have an lcd TV(LC7.1ELA chassis) philips with an powersupply that no starts module :3122.423.31942 Plcd300P3 I need a diagram Thanks in advance jeanpaul
hi,my task has been drastically modified from the i have to use philips remote and attach a receiver to pic 16f877a and display the function on lcd for example if i press key 1 then it shhould show key1 on lcd and if volume up down than corresponding msg etc. I have two questions in mind. my sir is gonna give me a (...)
DEAR ALL: Who can give me a help I want to use SAA7108 (philips VIDEO CODEC ) to show TV signal on lcd PANEL Q1: Seems all VIDEO DECODER only support ITU-R BT601 or BT656 Y CB CR 4:2:2 or 4:1:1 format ......not a RGB format How to convert it to RGB format ?? Q2: Is Video decoder its output data still an interlace picture ? If it is tr
Hi, I also got the same tuner having that IC and a companion IC (16 pin) numbers printed are philips, 5520, J8788, J9704. Can anyone help? I am looking for tuners having PLL and digital PLL control.
Hai harshalbpatel Remotely Programmable RTC ? Interfaced Microcontroller for Multiple devices Control with RC5 remote kit from may help you. This project is based on AT89C52 Microcontroller and DS12887 Real-Time-Clock. It also includes an 82C55 Programmable Peripheral Interface chip to program the switching operation of 24 elec