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I Need philips oscilloscope PM3211 Specifications & Service Manual. thanks diegor747
hi, can any one provide me manual of philips PM3262
Hello I am trying to find the eprom or the firmware ,for a Fluke/philips PM3335 oscilloscope .This is about 20 years old ,and the eprom is completely blank . I have looked but ,philips only have downloads for recent consumer products ,nothing for the test gear they used to make . I have an eprom programer ,so if anyone knows where I can (...)
I am looking for PM3375 oscilloscope service manual. Thanks!
Hi all, I need the schematics of the oscilloscope philips PM3217. Any body having it as PDF file Please send it to me. any help in getting the same is appriciated. Thanks saravana
Please help with Manuals, Shematics for Phlips oscilloscope PM 3233, PM3232, PM3200 thanks
I just purchased a oscilloscope from ebay not too long ago. I recieved a philips PM 3055. I turned it on and the lines were not level or centered. I used the trace rotation knob to asjust the level, so it is flat now. The problem I have is the line wont center. I adjust the x-axis as far as it will go, and it doesnt come close to reaching the
FR951 D 1997-09-18 749 1599 CBT No or weak sound from one front channel "One of the metal holders of the main PCB could be short-circuited. The short-circuit is near J563 and the audio line is coming from J566 and this fault only occurs in the second version of the PCB. Solution: Put a plastic washer between PCB and the metal holder J563. "
who can help at an Fluke/philips PM3084 oscilloscope service manual or can copy for me a manual please email me if you can help me . regards m.mols
philips scopes service manuals: see:
I have an old philips FET Application book and it has a nice DC to 100MHz FET unity-gain amplifier circuit described, especially suited to your problem. It has a 4-pF input capacitance and intended to drive 50 Ohm at the output. If you're interested, let me know...
Hi, please i need user manual and service manual for philips pm3219 oscilloscope. If anyone have it share it. Thank you
The philips PM 3365 is a 100 MHz, 100MS/s CombiScope ... These were current when Fluke bought the scope division from philips. So any Fluke PM 3365 manuals would be great too! Please contact me if you need ANY more info! Thanks in advance! Joe
I have bought an old philips pm3262 scope from junk sales. Does any one have a operating/service manual
Hi! I have a philips PM3207 dual 15 Mc/s analogue oscilloscope which I would like to adapt for car-battery operation. Where can I find details of:- a) An invertor to step-up the car battery supply to give i) -2000V, +200V & 6.3V (isolated to 3kV) for the CRT/deflection supplies b) An inverse converter to give -24V 1A for the preampl
Hi, I am looking at the following 2 scopes on eBay Singapore from a seller whom I know personally (I bought my current scope from him and it's working well) GW GOS-6101 100 MHz oscilloscope (item 310304963347 end time Mar 25, 2011 17
Download Manuals for Free -- philips PM3200 oscilloscope lookout here
hi,my task has been drastically modified from the i have to use philips remote and attach a receiver to pic 16f877a and display the function on lcd for example if i press key 1 then it shhould show key1 on lcd and if volume up down than corresponding msg etc. I have two questions in mind. my sir is gonna give me a philips remote of hi
It also depends on how many devices you have in that bus... I'll remember that philips has some formulas to calculate resistor values. And don't forget series resistors from each device in bus; 100 - 150R fits most cases. ~joco~
You can try the ARM family like LPC21xx philips. Good work maybe a MP3 decoder, or video terminal application with network! gorkin 8O
If your budget is limited you can always browse online auctions for a Tektronix 465-100MHz, or 475-200MHz scope. There still seem to be plenty of these old scopes available at good prices. They are very good scopes. Sometimes you can even pick up combi scopes digital-analog like the 468 at a steal. Tek 453's-50MHz I regularly see for around $50
Hi I want to know whether it is absolutely necessary to use external resistor pull-ups on I2C bus as it is shown in philips documents? I want to interface only a single I2C chip on Port-3 of 8051 which already has internal pull-ups. I don't think for only one chip it will be required but just want to confirm.
hai anybody having service manual for philips PM3217 oscilloscope. Power supply problem in my scope . I need to know the transformer voltages. Anybody have please inform me
As Function Generator I use this Fluke/philips very good As Osciloscope Use tektronix 400Mhz As Multimeter an good true Rms from Fluke Or other equal.
I should mention also, inexpensive parts as: - Solderless Breadboard - Cables and wires - Connectors, alligator clips, battery sockets, hooks, banana plugs - Tools: screwdrivers, philips allen and torx, cut pliers, scissor, solder suction tool, etc - A resistor and capacitor box kit - Components as: leds, displays, crystals, buttons, potentio
Hi, I need a service manual/schematics for this 70´s scope. It is a dual channel 25MHz scope with sweep delay. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I checked, that the site is working. Here's the direct tool's link: But the tool is for inductance calculation only, not for design of resonant circuits or filters. I guess, you intend a matching circuit like the below philips/NXP application? Viewn from the coil, the parallel and series c
I just purchased this: philips Fluke PM3335 60MHz Digital oscilloscope and was wondering if it includes any of these listed below? I am new to all of this, and am wondering what other tools I need to accomplish my goal of diagnosing and repairing common household electronics such as radios, alarm clocks, tvs, etc. Also, does this combiscope I b