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Hi All I am using Two optocouplers to my inverter mains mode to invereter mode application.I used one opto coupler for zerocrossing detector and another for mains sensing voltage.i connected these optocouplers inputs in it working at all conditions?i am sending schematic as file. if optocouplers inputs connected in (...)
Thanks all The circuit that I post was my boss give,but it can't work,the MOSFET is not seens there has some problems in the photo coupler circuit. Can anyone tell me how to modify the circuit,but the only and most important is "cost". Thanks a lot ---------------- chmr
check this one may be helpful
Hi all. I need some help with circuit in the attached file. I need to momentary trigger a 240V relay through body capacitance. Relay must be on just until I keep my finger on the touch plate. I could design the circuit in file: from the upper part I get 12V and, with the Q9 transistor I can have 12V on C3 as long as I keep my finger on the touc
I have 3 of these I am wondering if they are bad. On one side reads same regardless of polarity 1k 1k 21k on other side of photo coupler polarity reversed polarity 5.6m ohms 5.6 m ohms 5.6 m ohms 5.6 m ohms 9.7 m ohms open These are in circuit tests. Thoughts? will PC 817 versus EL 817 work the same?
In photo coupler Whether I/O Capacitance and Capacitance coupling are same? Can any one clarify me??
Hi sergio mariotti, 1. Unfortunately I have no access to such wideband directional bridges/couplers. I'd be grateful, if you can post or PM a sketch, a photo, or some draft drawing of such units. 2. The mentioned HP/Agilent models not just the upward extensions of the usual directional bridges (I have seen several up to 1 GHz), where the throug
These days I'm trying on a 40db coupler and the isolation is respected to be greater than 25db,while by using HFSS9.0 I got only 20db.How to improve the fact? I used a stripline coupler,a very simple can see from the photo. Hope someone nice can help me ~~please. Another,how to perform the mesh operation?I mean in a model some (...)
The optocouplers BJT differs from a standard BJT that the area is much bigger to receive more infrared light and the base depth is much bigger to absorb a big part of the infrared. That has two consequences. 1. The internal Ccb is high. 2. The base transit time is high If the collector current is not driven into low ohmic virtual ground th
For analog applications, there are two options to speed up an opto-coupler - use it in current source mode, e.g. a cascode circuit or another means that creates a low (AC) load impedance, to overcome miller capacitance. - use it as a photo diode. In this case, you'll need the base terminal. Did you check, if the opto coupler pole is (...)
You conclusion 1/2/3 should be o.k. The purpose on a opto coupler is to isolate two systems(GND and Vcc). The MCU output is driving the diode side and the photo transistor the isolated system side. For the other direction it is just opposite. The absolute maximum ratings in the data sheet is not the operating condition. These are the electrical ch
The coupler looks like In the catalog photo, one port is terminated with 50 ohms, the other with a N connector.
whoever has experience on design microstrip 90-degree hybrid(not use lange coupler) for bandwidth of 4:1 or larger,I just want to know how to realize it?thx.
I have to use a very long lange coupler in respect to my chip dimensions (It's a GaAS MMIC). Can someone give me an advice about how to bend the lange coupler? For example in a U shape? Thanks.
Hi, U can find photo diode model in the opto library of pspice Vicky
Attached an old article from DUBUS about the project of a directional coupler; have a look at the three last pages. Mandi
Hi, I'm looking for any information about possible topologies of 135° Hybrid coupler (3dB) with in L-Band. Thank you in advanced.
In this forum,I think there have many expert on coupler design.but how to just use software, such as ads2002 or microwave office to design a 3-dB stripline coupler?I use mutilayer model of ads2002,but the result seems not very good.wish expert give me some advice. Thx. Best regards, Needbias
okay I found it if you interested in this topic take look...... Soldermask Availability A variety of soldermasks have been selected to fill the needs of our customers. The following is a description of the soldermasks currently available. The need for closer tolerances has driven the implementation of photo-imageable soldermasks. Liquid photo-
i need to implement a 4x4 butler matrix using microstrip and to avoid line crossover (overlap), i would like to use a 0 dB coupler, but can't find any article describing how to design it. can you please help me? thanks in advance :)
Does anyone have a spice model for a MOC3052 opto coupler. Thanks :(
I want to design a wideband direct coupler with small size from 100MHz-500MHz.Could you give me some advice? The peak power level over 150W.
Hi all, I'm looking for some dual-channel phototransistors or photodiodes in the side looking packages with shutters and very smalll gap between these shutters. I found out only dual-channel phototransistor PT2559B from Everlight. Does anybody know any alternatives or any others? Thanks. kovalja
Does anyone know how to design a high directivity coupler such as wiggly line microstrip coupler,I need the formulas,Thank in advance!!!
hi i need to numerical solution(finite element) in chirowaveguide(planar waveguide) and solution wave equition in directional coupler used chiral materials(planar chirowaveguide. can i used in matter the softe wair ,namly ANSIS or HPHFSS? can you found the thesis in matter? :cry: :cry: :cry: thanks
can sombody help? i want to design a directional coupler at 27Mhz. power 50 watts. directivity 20 db or better. thanks in advance
how about the bandwidth & frequency character compare with Branch-line coupler & Ring coupler?
This dual photo sensor is a photodiode? I need the internal schematic, and the specifications. Thanks in advance
Hi, I'm designing a mode coupler that will couple the TE21 mode to four external rectabgular waveguides. If you know this structure you know that it's pretty big and it's time consuming to solve it in HFSS (which I have access to BTW). So is there a better alternative out there? I have heard that some people swear by WASP NET and others like
i am doing a coupler(800--200MH),with striplines, but the directivity is bad in high frequency ? can any one help me? is there any useful information about the coupler
hi ,here some design of 90 coupler using epsr=2.2,h=.7874mm=31 mils enjoy
For single balance mixer design use for upconvertor which coupler is best if RF is of 100MHz is to be coupled with local osc freq of 2GHz and if RF is of 500MHz is to be coupled with local osc freq of 8GHz.
Hi all, I need some info about how to use a Lange-coupler with amplifiers. I know that a Lange coupler is a for port device, 1 input port, and one isolated and two ports to where the power is splitted equally. The exercise for me is to "construct a balanced amplifier using the same transistor as in exercise ..." This confuses me, because h
I need design a waveguide coupler ,center frenquence 37.5GHz,coupling is -4dB.who can give me some suggest or papers?
Hi Friends I want to design the coupler between RF waveguide and cavity of a linear accelerator. I heard about HFSS, HFWORKS, MAFIA, ... Please help me to choose the best software by comparing them thanks
i need to know what is the code of the parallel com when i print photo using parallel com i want to understand it to find out how can i use it
I need design the waveguide coupler for 8mm,the coupling is -4dB and -7dB,the direction is -20dB or -25dB.I want to know which type maveguide coupler can be used.give me some suggest.
application in phase shifter is better ! thanks
Dear friends! I interest in development high res digital photo comera for robot vision. I have many info on image sensor manufacturer, but I have not enouth info on photo camera demo or eval board manufacturer. Please send me this info.
Please kindly advise the difference between 3dB coupler and directional coupler in function ??
Hi, I'm searching a 4 ports directional coupler with the following specifications: Input Power : up to 30W Frequency : between 800Khz and 4Mhz Someone can give me a surface mount component reference or a manufacturer or a schematic ?? Best Regards.
i want to design a lange coupler use em simulation. can any one give me an example and these applications? ADS,MWOFFICE,HFSS,CTS which software sould i choose?
Hi Friends I am looking for a chip which can get a digital image (like JPG, JPEG ) as input and convert it to S-Video / VGA / SVGA so I can show the photo on my TV screen. Can someone help ? Thanks Zohar
hi everyone , i am doing a project on power line carrier communication, i am managed to get a modulated FSK signal which i am going to ride over a 50Hz/220VAC line. i am using a 89C51 microcontroller and XR2206 as a modulator. i need help in a line coupler/driver. Also in the contruction of the transformer coupling my transmitter to the mains. i
I need to design branchline coupler for 63.87 MHz. Lambda/4 becomes 117.4 cm. by using dielectric substrate with epsilonr equals to 4.7, lambda/4 is 54.16 cm. I fabricated a coupler with this value. however I get isolation equals to 0.3 and other S parameters are not as I expected. Is there anybody who constructed a coupler before and (...)
hello all I'm looking for info about the max power that i can put into coupler, for any load. i can design it on barilyum. so my problem is the max voltage that will not make a problem i'm working at s band, thanx alot elad
hi all complete design of directional coupler under hfss.i hope help regards
I need some help in designing a 4-port TE10mode rectangular waveguide at 14.5GHZ. Specifications: WG/18 Freq: 11.9Ghz - 18.0Ghz Dimension: 16.0mm x 7.9mm Coupling factor: -20dB Direction: -20dB I need to know how many holes and the dimensions of each hole to drill on the waveguide. Any references is welcome. Thank you!
Hi FANT, I'd appreciate if you could post (perhaps PM, not to overload the list) a few photographs from different angles on the directional bridge of the 8753 VNA. One can always learn a lot, knowing how HP realize things that are difficult to do. Thanks in advance g579
Anyone have any idea about a coupler wich should couple 2 signals, one in 1240MHz with 50KHz BW, and another in 1252 MHz with 16MHz BW. signals have different power, and the coupler should be as compact as possible, and should be a microstrip type. I think a filter should be design for each signal to force each input port to not sea the other; by