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The SFH2400 is OK. I don't know why you want 10ns precision, but you won't get it with the circuit you refer to in the data sheet. Well, maybe with a 50 ohm load you might, but with RBE=10M you will more likely be something like 100us or slower. To get 10M ohm with 10ns response time will be a tall order in a single stage even with a good tran
If the Tesla coil should spark by audio signal, why not use a simple VOX? This is a Voice-Operated switch, operates wirelessly, and in the audio amplifier after the microphone you can add a filter for a selected tone, so the Tesla coil will not spark at ANY sound but only one you send from your speaker. You can also use a laser pointer as trans
Hi Everyone I have not being a member of edaboard for a long time so please inform me if I can place this post in a better place. I thought that this would be a good place since PIN diode are used a lot in RF applications, although this is not an RF application. MY NEED I need a good source of information (Technical or Application notes) on
im using the optocoupler to drive the switches in 2 switches foward converter. for the cathode and anode , pin 2 and pin 3 in hpcl 3120 , is it we just connect to the function generator to supply the PWM into the hpcl 3120? ---------- Post added at 12:40 ---------- Previous post was at 12:38 ---------- [QUOT
On 2001-08-13 14:59, jk wrote: If you want to read something, take a look at this : photodiode amplifiers : op amp solutions / Jerald G. Graeme. - New York : McGraw Hill, 1996 I have the book and it is really great, complete with almost all the information you can get about transimpedance amplifiers. Do you need any
I asked for how to use a push button switch in Capture. In Microsim PSPICE there used be a switch where one could specify both the closing and opening time for the switch. I couldn't find anything like this in the libraries for Orcad PSPICE. If anybody know whether there is anything like this please tell me. It would be of great help. Thanks!
I want to design a automatic for automatic switch 220/110V,and this circuit will be low price and miny volume.who can help me. ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Thanks
Has anyone seen any designs of a switch mode power supply with a PIC or possibly another MCU as long as it has 3 PWM outputs like the 17C756?
at present,most half bridge soft switch power work in PFM,not PWM,and must have some load. such as MC34066??UC1864 etc, now I want to design one soft switch power(ZVC or ZVS) work in PWM,and output current can modulate from 0A to full load.but I can not find any smps IC or example circuit working in PWM/0-load. who can send me some
Does any one has any idea of thermal switch whic unlatch(open) at the temparature 99 degree centigrade ?
I need to build a circuit using photodiode that will receive light from ultraviolet incandescent lamp (50/60 Hz line voltage), amplify and filter the signal and give dc output depending on the amplitude of the light. I'll be using an ultraviolet photodiode for this purpose. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
where can I download "switch-Mode Power Supply SPICE Simulation Cookbook" I need it for smps design who can help ? thank you
Dir Sir or Ms: Recently, I read "The switch Book", and found it was helpful for me to understand the "switch", but I need more detail data to implement the Ethernet switch. Could anyone give me a hand to get more information about this topic?? Thanks lot
Could someone help me? I'm new in Multisim 2001 and I would like to create a 3 position switch (on-off-on). And I don't know how. :-? Please send me link to manuals, previews or something, that could help me. Thanx a lot.
Hi I need help to design an on/off switch thats controlled by a model radio. I can use the signal sent to the servo and the on time and current is not critical, just a low effect on off switch is needed. Can anyone help me how to encode the servo signal to give a output pulse of approx 250-500ms? Best regards You already post this 3 tim
Does anybody have aquick and easy solution for decoding a 4 row 4 column switch matrix.I've tried using logic etc but i can't find anything simple.I need a circuit that will indicate via led's which switch is being pressed. Any ideas??
Hi oh helpfull ones......... Can someone tell me if it is possible to modify an existing switch mode supplys output. (eg current output = 12v, required output = 15v) How is this done?....Yep I'm a switchmode dumbo, so any help would be very much appreciated.....that is after you have got through laughing at my obvious lacking in knowledge. Le
I would like control the High voltage switching using Op-Amp or Logic gate. The high voltage is around 550Vdc. Any solution to solve it. Thanks
Hello, I'm searching for analog switch, preferably in small package like SO8, which is> - controled from 5V (system supply) - has 3 output pins : NO, NC, common - can drive 35V, 1A, (low Ron) It would be best if input is isolated from output. Is there any such part? interesting is PI5A124, but its low power. Help needed, regards, c
Hello world, I need some voice operated switch circuits. Any body can help please.....
ATX power switch substitute If you install an AT motherboard with both ATX and AT power supply connections, in combination with an ATX power supply, in an AT enclosure, this circuit will save you from also having to install an additional pushbutton switch.
I need to build a switch mode power circuit requires +-33V 3A power.Can somebody advice me a schematic for me? I dont want to use big, heavy transformators.I'll place it in a small box (of course if it is possible).Thank you. Analyzer
Hi SLS is a switch-level simulator that can be used to simulate the logical and timing behavior of digital MOS circuits. In the simulator, transistors are modeled by grounded capacitors and a switched resistor. Each node in the network has a logic state O, I or X (for unknown), and each transistor has a state on, off or undefined. Many character
Anybody can help please.
24 OUTPUT SELECTION WITH 9 switch. I will have 24 different output voltage levels changes between 16 Vdc to 60 Vdc 20 mA. I will select these outputs with 9 different switches. It would be very helpful any suggestion or idea. Thank you for all. :roll:
Attached picture is the PCB board of ATEN's 2 port KVM (PS/2 keyboard-video-mouse) electronic switch box, allowing one set of KVM to control two PC's by toggling a push button. There are two IC on which the part number were wiped off, I think they are high speed analog switches. This device support monitor resolution of upto 1600x1280 and came
A clock design pic16c54 for led displays and switch inputs schema+asm
Replacing a one way light switch with 2 two way light switches allows one light to be switched on and off independently of the other switch. An example of such a system is in a hallway where the lights in the hall upstairs can be switched on and off from a switch downstairs Does any body (...)
hi,anybody knows how to open the switch of macro defination in ise4.x/5.x series software,i use xst to synthesis the verilog code,because my codes have some ifdef...else ...endif,but ise seems like not to support this kind of defination?is it right?any solutions?thanks
I urgently need various spst and dpdt switch libraries for pcad 2001 . Can anyone help me ?
Hi friends, i need help to calculate the Power dissipation from a Power switch (MosFet). I need help in Turn on and Turn off calculation !! Thank you Regards
Hi switch Level Simulator The SLS Simulator SLS is a switch-level simulator that can be used to simulate the logical and timing behavior of digital MOS circuits. In the simulator, transistors are modeled by grounded capacitors and a switched resistor. Each node in the network has a logic state O, I or X (for unknown), and each (...)
Hi In a measuring device I need to switch between either RS232 or USB(with adapter), there is a DB25 at the what I need is a DB25->DB25 or USB, is this possible to do with a mechanical switch or is it better to use a 2x8:1 MUX? Any advice is welcome I have seens some muxes at M@xim perhaps this is the way to go. Thanks in advance
Hi gurus, Here , I need solution for the follwing conditions. Algorithm need to generate non-blocking solution for the given connection command like " A-map-->D/C or B--map-->C/D " that performs Time-Space-Time switching. A C ==> <== Time
Hi. I want design a simple electronic four position vga manual signal switch to feed a vga monitor from 4 (or more) suorces (PCs). Is there someone that can help me? Thanks in advance. ---- EmBlEmA ----
Can anyone describe the basic operation of the KVM switch circuit? I'm thinking about building one for myself. Any link to the info./standard? If schematic available that would be great. TIA.
A nice doc about switch mode power supplies and a link. And a note: this month ELEKTOR has an interesting article about modification of old PC/AT power supplies for other voltages different from +/-12 and +/-5 V. Take a look. / Warning #1 - File deleted. Search google before upload! Download here:
What is Auto MDIx and how it is done.
Is there any way to switch off the noise of a component in ADS. I would like to switch all the components of my circuit except one, the one which I would like to check the noise. I have been told by setting the temperature to 0°, that would work :) Thanks. Boy
Can someone help me to design microwave switch? Freq Range : 1-20GHz Tech : pHEMT Type : SP2T or SP3T I have no idea on this topic now. At first, I need a kind of e-book or simple design example. thanks.
Dear Reader Which device is better for analog channel switching?. I have used multiplexer(mux) for analog signal (the signal is weak... 10mV under) channel switching. Recently I hear, analog switch is better than mux. But I have no experience about analog switch. So if you have good idea about difference between (...)
I have a Binary counter and I want to use the output to switch 4 relays. I want one relay to come on at 00, the next at 01, etc. This was originally done with a multiplexer and transistors. Anyone think of a simpler way?
How does an Ethernet switch decide where to send which packet. Does it maintain a dynamic list of which MAC addresses are present on which port. If that is true then what happens when the switch boots up or an hardware is changed. Is there is simple FAQ avaialable somewhere.
Need a design for a switch mode PSU to drive two Peltier modules- either 12volt 25 amp or 24 volt 12 amps. Can anyone please help?
Hi, Is there any circuit the drive the Laser LED with builtin photodiode as feed back. I have an IC IR3C02 which is no more available
Hello, I am trying to simulate a flyback switch mode power supply. i have ONLY the PWM controller chip UC1844A and associated circuitry. i try to first see this device switching, 50% duty cycle. then, when that works, i move on to model rest of circuit. but i can not get UC1844A to simulate at all without causing Convergence errors!! ha
Hi All, I need to connect an SN 1 to 1 optical latching switch to a CPLD. The switch is JDS uniphase SN series switch and Cypress delta 39K series CPLD Any help will be highly appreciated. -Sul
The VIPer switch Mode Power Supply Design Software helps the user to design a switch mode power supply in flyback topology with both the first and second generation of VIPer devices. The software starts by showing a typical switch mode power supply in flyback topology. The designer can insert the input parameters, the output (...)
Who can recommendate best SW for ATM-switch simulation (Internal Structure)
How can I simulate a photodiode in ORcad ? Are there comercial models ? Actually, I need the model for the BPW41 - Vishay Semiconductors Thanks !