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Hi all, I want to control the Bias and Modulation current of a laser diode using a microcontroller, a DAC and discrete components (including operational amplifiers). Current range 3mA to 25mA with 0.1mA step. Current pulses: rise time few nanoseconds, 10% max overshoot I have found this circuit from TI that controls the current based on its
Hi All, I am using a photodiode SFH206K (datasheet attached with the mail). The laser light is incident on the photodiode with a frequency of 10 and 20 Hz. Can you suggest me proper value of the RC filter given in the circuit attached with the mail. I tried with R7 = 220K and C55 = 100nF but none of the lights are detected and if I neglect the f
switch noise: all switch noise and photodiode noise.
The SFH2400 is OK. I don't know why you want 10ns precision, but you won't get it with the circuit you refer to in the data sheet. Well, maybe with a 50 ohm load you might, but with RBE=10M you will more likely be something like 100us or slower. To get 10M ohm with 10ns response time will be a tall order in a single stage even with a good tran
I do not understand your initial post. When I type in "SPICE Model of P-i-N photodiode" I get 10 pages of hits.
Why don't you use a photodiode instead.It's worth a try .Anyway your project is fabulous and very exciting
Your photodiode is in wronge direction, you must reverse the diode direction.
Hi I need suggection for the circuit with following requirements : - Circuit should withstand against dark current fluctuations from photodiode and maintain its output . - low OFF current (no more 5 uA) - low voltage (2 - 4 V) - switch ON slew rate max 3 usec - switch OFF slew rate amx 10 usec - Temperature range -30 - 75 C - (...)
A problem about an integrator simulation; when i simulate an integrator ,a warning is followed that missing bulk source(a reset MOS switch ) would be forwardly biased. i do not know why? integrator state: 1.a photodiode is connected to negative input terminal of operational amplifer. 2. a 2.5v referrence voltage is connected to positiv