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Hello Friends. I am trying to control PWM from the beginning I load-CCPR1L with value,that produce-8uS output impuls.When I press button I add value 0x14 that must produce 16uS output impuls.But the output impuls is not 16uS,it is about 100uS.I cannot find mistake in code.Where is mistake? I add sample of the code where-firs I load two r
Hello Guys, I am making a simple program to test the pcb I designed. The program is to turn on a led at PORTC.F3. The pic16f877A works fine in the development board but it wont work in the actual pcb. I have checked the connections and they seem to be fine. I dont know what is wrong. I am posting a snapshot of the PCB. Please help. [A
hello Guys i had some problems with trying pic 16f877 for first time but now its ok with help of you i've built a new board to test my project but now it works good only when i touch the negative line by hand. do i have to connect the unused pins to GND or Else ? any idea guys thx for ur help
Hi, I'm simulating this circuit of battery charger in Proteus and wondering how to convert the result into decimal numbers. Like 14.42 V instead of 14420 mV. pic Simulator IDE code: 'PROGRAM TO CHARGE LEAD ACID BATTERIES WITH SOLAR PANEL 'USES pic 16f877 AT 4 MHZ 'AUTHOR SANTHOSH JAYARAJAN 'NOTES: '*********************
pic 16f877 ADC is 10 bits only. it won't be sufficient for mpx4115 which returns you 0 to 5 volts to measure 0 to 1150mbar pressure you will get at best less than a mbar resolution ( not counting on noise and interferences) you need another ADC (like MCP3421 18bits) or you need an analog circuit to interface the mpx to the pic (with 2 op amps)
Can anyone help with the below question? a) i) In appendix-A a block diagram of pic 16f877 is depicted. Modify this diagram to illustrate the Harvard architecture nature of the pic. ii) State the features that allow the pic to be also described as a RISC type machine. b)Many embedded microcomputer (...)
i am using pic 16f877a and i want to use pwm to control my output voltage using buck converter and i have sucessfully tested pwm and lcd (separately) and it works fine but when i start pwm(PortC) and lcd on PortD then pwm works sucessfully but lcd doesnt display anything. kindly help me in mentioning what is worng 115530
mikroC PRO pic code attached. I have used pic16f877A. PWM is used for speed control of motor. What are you trying to do ? Solar Tracking ? If yes, use stepper motor.
Hi, It seems difficult to handle the 4 switches i.e B1, B2, B3, B4 (assuming the image shows push button switches) through 2 pins of the pic. However this problem can be resolved can be attemepted by following 2 ways: Approach 1: Either use on off switch instead of push button switch, in that case based upon binary combinations pos
Hi; First of all: - both IC you are using (HC595 and HC164) are serial-to-parallel converters but only for outputs. For parallel-to-serial converting (ie for inputs) have to use for example a CD4021 like in my old project. See the picture and the attached Proteus simulation. Its program was written in mikroC (not in CCS C) so does not atta
I would also like to read temp & press from BMP085. I cannot understand the datasheet(not so much into digital comms) and could not find suitable help on the web. I use 16f877 and pic C language. As from this and related posts there are very few info shared and seems that non of these users are ever complete their projects. Any help will be welcom
I am a new learner. I have built temperature and Humidity indicator using pic 16f877a (LM35 +SH20). I Have following two problems. 1) If I program to read only Temperature or only Humidity it shows correct. But when I select Temperature + Humidity - Both shows erratic reading ( RA1 and RA2). Request to suggest solution. 2) When I am rea
hello , I am new to this forum and I do not speak much anglai, here is my setup is a pic 16f877 connected a variable resistor 2 and 2 and a bargraph LCD 16 * 2 to display the liquid level, 105899 this is my schema and my program code : unsigned int niv_bac1; unsigned int niv_bac2; unsigned char i,j; unsi
Zip and post your CCS C project files and Proteus file. Don't use MAX232 in Proteus. Connect COMPIM directly to pic.
hi..i got two inputs from the led..and output as lcd display..if the 1st led lights up,the lcd will display 'in' and 2nd led lights up,lcd will display 'out',if both led lights up at the same time the lcd will show blank display n every displayed result will be reset after 10 using pic16f877. this is the coding for lcd display [sy
I cannot perform multiplication and division with integer number in pic 16f877 using hi-tech c compiler. You didn't tell a word about the observed problem. I expect this results t=12 b=24 k=4 j=12.000
Hi ecaits, sprintf() can eat up more memory on pic16f877. Fixed point arithmetic is good. But if you still want to use float, use the follwoing code to display on LCD. #define DECIMAL_PLACES (100) // 2 digits after decimal void displayFloat(float value) // Assume value = 123.456 { unsigned long a = value;
Hi all, I know ICD2 is obsolete and we can buy ICD3 at less than $200 now. BTW, I needed to debug my code on 16F1827 and most of parts were on hand, I had decided to build a ICD2 clone and a 8.5V Vpp limitter. (poyoto rev.B?, using transistors) It took a few days from etching PCB to soldering, now it works fine with old pics like 16f877A. (erase
On above subject, I can successfully compile the code but cannot getting output in real pic simulator. I am taking input in A port and wanted output in LED as well as LCD. Code is given below. Plz suggest me which is the missing portion??? #include #include<pic.h> #include #include #define RS RE0 //L
Hi every body, I try to drive a DC Motor depending on temperature, this is my program with MikroC, but always the Motor is working with the same speed (duty), could some one pleaaase help me where is the problem!! thanks.. //////// sbit LCD_RS at RB1_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RB2_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RB7_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RB6_bit;
Hi every body, this code with MikroC to drive a DC Motor in 2 directions void main() { short duty = 0; //initial value for duty TRISC = 0x00; //PORTC as output TRISB = 0x00; //PORTB as output portb = 0x00; // init PWM1_Init(5000); //Initialize PWM1 PWM1_Start(); //start PWM1 PWM1_Set_Duty(duty); //Set current duty for PWM
I am using a 16f877 pic to drive a 16x2 LCD, if I run the code to where the lift checks if between floors , all is good, if I run code to end , at the start, I get what looks like a 'y' in the display, and rest of code seems to output weird characters, sbit LCD_RS at RB4_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RB5_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RB3_bit; sbit
I cannot manage to get the info I need from the DS1302 datasheet ?? Not so clear for novices> I use the driver included in PCW pic C to work my RTC. 32,768mhz x-tal no pull ups & no caps on X-tal DS1302.c from driver library I can read the sec & min, correctly, BUT nothing of the other VARs from the DS1302 is correct. To co
Hey guys.. i am trying to interface a light sensor (LDR) to a pic 16f877 but i am facing many problems ..can someone help with some codes in mikrobasic
I want to help in this program there are some mistakes I did not know how to fix them thank you in advance 91902 program pfe; var //declaration de variable kp : byte; x,j,u: LONGINT; label temp,seuil,lum ,lampe,start; Procedure lam(); begin J:=adc_read(1); u:=adc_read(2); if j>u th
Hello guys i need help for interfacing the RF transceiver with the pic 16f877, kindly help me on this matter. If you start with requirements: it would help. bit rate, interface requirements, cost, qty , protocol. distance, etc etc.
hello i am doing a ph meter using pic micro controller project, i am done with the circuit using op amp to amplify the voltage range i receive from my ph meter now need to do some c programming for my pic there anyone can help me to read the adc and display the value?
Ok lets start it right from beginning. so which Micro-controller you are familiar with? is it pic,8051 or else?
Hello Friends I must do speedometer with 16f877; I am going to use CCP1 interupt-capture mode TMR1 I need only the math formulas.I that way i ll get the period that is velocity the low speed TMR1 will overflow-20Mhz-speed controler. Can someone give me advise? Bestregards to all
High Guys. Iam trying to design a GSM based system using the Olimex pic-P40 (16f877 ) development board with 20Mhz oscillator. for schematic I have connected it to wavecom fastrack modem but i don'
hi all members I am using pic16f877 with 8Mhz clock frequency. I am facing problem in checking the status of an input pin.. My code is LOGIC - when RA0 = high then RB0 = 1 -when RA0 = low then it checks if RA1 = high if yes then RB0=0 and RB1=1, if not then RB2=1. CODE in MikroC void main() { TRISA=0x07; TRISB=0; while(
You can create active RFID with pic 16f877 and zigbee module. But the size will be large. so you can select a smaal size microcontroller and CC2420 chip for RF communication
Even the 18F4550 isn't enough, it only works as a USB peripheral. Check Microchip's web site for suitable devices, there are several pic18 and pic24 MCUs that should do the job. Brian.
You are right. At the basic end of things you do the most simple thing and use 2 bytes instead of 1. As a learner it is very instructive to do some binary with a pencil and paper to see how it all works. put the column weights in a row at the top and then put 16 zero's underneath. Then start some rows with ones in various places and write the
I can write the code for you but you have to give me the pic circuit because I have to know which pin connects to which component like LED, Motor, etc...
For compatibility's sake, you may take a look at pic16F873 or the pic16F883. They have 28 pins by the way. As for 20 pins, I would recommend pic16F690. It's feature-packed and very cheap. The registers are not exactly the same, but if you successfully used pic16f877, you should quite easily be able to use (...)
I Want to Make a Distance Measurement & Indication System Using Ultrasonic Sensor (TS601-01). It Should Consist of A LCD Screen to Display Distance & LED With 1 Green & 1 Red. Green LED Should Always Be Lighten Up When the Car (toy) Containing The Sensor is in Safe Distance (> 5 CM), But When The Car with the Sensor reaches in Critical Distance (<=
hello every one i have a simple project that just detects an IR cut beam i use 16f877 - MikroC , with receiver and transmitter of IR here i use PWM in pic to generate frequency to the transmitter , that's code PWM1_Init(38000); PWM1_Set_Duty(255); PWM1_Start(); that's mean ,,, i want to generate a permanently signal
Thanks,..Then I will stick with 16f877 I used keil for 8051 for pic ?? mikroC is a very popular compiler. There's a free version available as well. There are other compilers available, such as Hi-Tech C, mikroBASIC, picBASIC, etc. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
I need for pic 16f877 controller? ccs compiler you can port it easily - - - Updated - - - do u want to display the value of ADC on seven segment? if so there is no need to convert to hex. please let me know if iam getting it right so that i can help you also let me know h0w many 7 seg
My project is security system , I use gold smart card connected to pic micro controller (pic 16f877) I use mikroC software , Winpic800 and JMD serial programmer . What is data I have to write to the smart card and how can write it ? What is the protocol I should use to read this data using pic ? This (...)
Hello here is example of this code for SHT-71. It is written for AVR but complete source can be downloaded so i think it will not be big problem to adapt functions to pic. You should only change PIN configuration functions but it is C compiles also..
Hi, Your design is basically ok, you do not need to show the crystal for the simulation. Have you set up the pic chip ? Point onto it and right click, then enter the Crystal frequency used and point the Program Code box to your .hex file from Mplab/Complier. Then it should run. If it does not post your program code, in Assembler or C ,to
hi I have a project about voice recognition project. I use pic16f877 and easyvr cards.I have a small problem between these cards.Main problem is ; When I said my SD commands which loaded with Easyvr orginal program, it send " r " from serial communication. this is good. it means that easyvr can understand my sd commands. I added all my comma
hello you have only one Hardware UART on 16f877 ! so you can use this one but for the second you have to use a Software uart by using , for example B0 and B1 BO for receiving with interrupt on edge for the start bit.. see software uart bit bang on the web... or use a pic with 2 Hardware UART.. new one can have up to 4 uarts !
Hi bm_059, You have to do 2 things: 1) You need to count impulses from encoder - for this you have to use external hardware interrupt on e.g. RB0 2) You need to measure time, and then to calculate speed as impulses/time In such applications I always use pic 18Fxxxx family, because 18Fxxxx pics have 2 interrupt priority level. What I'm tal
I am planning to do a research based project on pic 16f877. I am stuck with the topic. Interested in ubiquitous and GPS based projects... HELP ME....
any one can help me to make a simple program using pic to send a byte continously on hyper terminal.. plz any one can write program with detail comments so that i can understand the program as well.. Assembly or C language? If C language, what compiler are you currently using? The following tutorial covers the
take a look at microchip application note AN529 it explains multiplexing the led displays, to use less i/o ports than you do ... it is for an older pic 16c54, but the principles are the same with a 16f877 just read the app note and you will learn how to implement your
Hi every one i wrote this code for a project to interface EM-406A with pic 16f877 but it does't work . char uart_rd; char uart; // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at LATB2_bit; sbit LCD_EN at LATB3_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at LATB4_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at LATB5_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at LATB6_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at LATB7_bi