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good evening everyone. I need some help in my final year project gps module. I have gps module (gps-310fs) ,pic 16f877a and LCD display. Firstly how can i interface the pic and gps module? i need schematic design to connect gps with (...)
Hello Everyone, Iam doing a project on gps using pic 16f877a. gps Receiver with Active Antenna : Sunrom Technologies, Your Source for Development My gps module will continuously transmitting datas. I want to filter latitude,longitude and speed from that. I ha
hi all, how to connect skm53 gps module to pic 16f877a?as it is known that the output of gps module output is serial connection at 2.85v ttl ,please anybody help me gps module's data sheet is in this link SKM53.pdf thanxxxxxxxx a lot
Hello, How to interface gps module with pic 16f877a (MPLab IDE and HiTech C v9.8) my game plan is this * Receive the NMEA data from the gps module baud rate 4800 *Store it in a buffer in pic 16f877a xtal 10MHz *Transmit the received dat via Bluetooth baud rate 4800 here is the (...)
Since the gps module has RX and TX pins, you can use the UART module of the pic16f877a. The pic168F77A has an on-board hardware UART module. First consult the datasheet to read about it. Then go through Hi-Tech C resources to find out about the UART module functions, routines, etc. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
hi i am using OEM gps reciever with pic.i wnat to save a particular waypoint in eeprom in the form of , let's say 60 30' 6''N and 84 64' 41'' and when reached at this point pic should lit a LED.But the problem is with the accuracy.The LED goes on at the same locaton. I want to do it in 10 feet radius of accuracy or better. any suggestions (...)
Can any one send me the code to interface pic16f877a to SR 87 gps?
Hai, You can use pic microcontroller (like pic GSm first you study about AT commands and in gps study NME sentence.
hi .. when i try to interface gps smk53 with pic 16f877a to display the latitude and longitude i have an error this is program in micro c // Program to Interface gps with pic18F4550 Microcontroller #define FREQ 12000000 #define baud 4800 #define spbrg_value (((FREQ/64)/baud)-1) #define rs LATA.F0 (...)
hi .. when i try to interface gps smk53 with pic 16f877a to display the latitude and longitude iget sooo many error plz ineed help .......this is my final year project :( icant find anyone to help me :( micro c program with 4Mhz freq #define FREQ 12000000 #define baud 4800 #define spbrg_value (((FREQ/64)/baud)-1) #define rs
It depends on the gps that you want to use. You don't have to buy a kit with an onboard gps. Decide which gps you want to use. Than, see what communication protocol it uses and select a pic with the required peripherial.
what is the efficient method of computing distance and bearing between two latitudes and longitudes using pic 16F877 or 18F452.Using trig function consumes all rom. any suggestions ?
Hi Tahmid, you missed seven segment is to be used. ":" is to be blinked on your schematic flip 3rd and 5th display connect the decimal points to RB7 and you can then have blinking colons. (Happy user of Easypic6, Proton+, ...)
Can you please help find the mistake on this code because it cn't send SMS after programming it into pic16f877 please help me. Submission is due tomorrow #include <pic.h> #include #include //#include "always.h" //#include "delay.h" __CONFIG(XT & WDTDIS & PWRTDIS & BORDIS & LVPEN & WRTEN & DEB
Hello guys, I confess I should been here before cause now Im in a hurry... I have a bunch of code for parsing NMEA sentences from a gps module and calculate the distance between two points. The problem is that I need accuracy of at least 5 meters and Im having 1,4km error... I've been through this problem for about 4 months, and I noticed
Hi everyone! I need help in a project: I need that the date and time that is in the computer and in a pic 16f877a with an RTC, become synchronized. No matter if the pic is at a very large distance from the computer, the date and time must be the same in both. I will appreciate your help and ideas!
Hi, If you follow the code the ' movf d1,w ' this moves the data held in d1 into W to be passed to the TX REG for transmission, so your data is already there, saved. So when, I assume, the data from the gps module is stored in d1, then thats the time to write it to eeprom. You have some eeprom on the 877A chip but for large amounts of da
i m doing my gps tracking Project. and stuck in the $GPRMC string filtering as the gps M-89 HOLUX (UART)serial transmit number of strings so our focus is on filtering gprmc string. we are using pic 16f877a , so for testing i use two virtal terminal same 9600bps, attached the tx of first virtual terminal to rx of (...)
my skm 53 gps gives out a lvttl 2.85v and i want to connect it to 16f877a and i think that pic work on ttl level ... how to convert from lvttl to ttl of pic ... and i think that i cannot use max 232 converter that convert rs232 to ttl but what about using 2 max232 conv.??
Dear All, I want to gain experience gps, GPRS & GSM connectivity with pic microcontroller. As a first step I decided to order gps module. So I found a module on ebay called SIM908C Quad band. Please kindly advice about this module and any better alternatives and also advice, may I need to check that this module support for our country or (...)
I faced the same problem... This could be done with one UART port itself. Use a relay. Made the connection like below. Connect the Tx of gps& GSM to Rx of the micro controller through a relay. connect the Rx of GSM to Tx of the micro controller. By switching between the Tx pins of gps and GSM you could get data from both.. I have done this
hi i am doing automatic accident identification.. By taking the vibration value produced by the sensor we are predicting the accident location by using gps and sending that location to another mobile number by using gsm.... now we need a coding that act as interface between gps and gsm with pic microcontroller 16f877a.. plz (...)
Curious, there are 3 versions of the 7805 78L05 100ma 78M05 500ma 7805 1A Which one is 200ma? Is it an ICD2 clone? which version, what firmware. I've sold hundreds of my ICD2 kits and they don't even get warm. The 7805 does when you draw more than 200ma from it but it's fine as it uses a heatsink. The only 16F876A ICD2 clones I've seen
im connecting a a linkmatik 2.0 to the microcontroller (16f877a) which will trigger my android application (in car phone) to send gps coordinates via sms,, my question is how can i trigger the microcontroller to do this?? and i also need to know how can i program my pic ---------- Post added at 23:58 ---------- Previous pos