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good evening everyone. I need some help in my final year project gps module. I have gps module (gps-310fs) ,pic 16f877a and LCD display. Firstly how can i interface the pic and gps module? i need schematic design to connect gps with (...)
Hello Everyone, Iam doing a project on gps using pic 16f877a. gps Receiver with Active Antenna : Sunrom Technologies, Your Source for Development My gps module will continuously transmitting datas. I want to filter latitude,longitude and speed from that. I ha
hi all, how to connect skm53 gps module to pic 16f877a?as it is known that the output of gps module output is serial connection at 2.85v ttl ,please anybody help me gps module's data sheet is in this link SKM53.pdf thanxxxxxxxx a lot
Hello, How to interface gps module with pic 16f877a (MPLab IDE and HiTech C v9.8) my game plan is this * Receive the NMEA data from the gps module baud rate 4800 *Store it in a buffer in pic 16f877a xtal 10MHz *Transmit the received dat via Bluetooth baud rate 4800 here is the (...)
what do you get when you connect the sim908 to the pic16? some information? odd characters? nothing? what baud rates are you using?
Hi, I want to do a serial communication with pic 16f877a mc and my gps module. gps module has rx tx pins and has a ttl output. I have written a program using hitech-C to , process the receiveng nmea sentences from the module and write the putput on a LCD which re longitudanal and latitudanal data. I want to connect (...)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you mean by free? One of us sends you a free programmer? of course not ! hey...there are tons of free hardware/software resources out on the web... suggest you get familiar with google I (o; I know how to use google ! I have build two pic prog
I'm looking for a pic 16f877a stepper driver schematic and any code i can find. The plan is to have a pic run a 3 axis cnc router table with input from the serial port of a desktop computer. I have already gone through the piclist. Using max232a and a pic16f877a and a series of (...)
Here you will find example of code for pic16F877 as the I2C master ( ) and another one on reading time and date from I2C slave device the PCF8593 ( data sheet: ) .. Regards, IanP
I am trying to study pic 16f877a for my project works. I programmed the chip with following codes(for adc) and it was verified ok in programmer. DIM VM AS WORD DIM I AS BYTE DEFINE ADC_CLOCK = 3 DEFINE ADC_SAMPLEUS = 50 TRISA = 0xFF TRISB = 0 ADCON1 = 0 FOR I = 0 TO 4 ADCIN 0, V(I) NEXT I VM = 0 FOR I = 0 TO 4 VM = V
I am trying to study pic 16f877a for my project works. I programmed the chip with following codes(for adc) and it was verified ok in programmer. DIM VM AS WORD DIM I AS BYTE DEFINE ADC_CLOCK = 3 DEFINE ADC_SAMPLEUS = 50 TRISA = 0xFF TRISB = 0 ADCON1 = 0 FOR I = 0 TO 4 ADCIN 0, V(I) NEXT I VM = 0 FOR I = 0 TO 4 VM = V
hai..ne1 know how to wrte source code for control a servo motor using pic 16f877a..i'm using assembly language..thnx in advance..
where can I find examples for picBasic and some explainations?
If you r using mplab select configure>>configuration bits and select "HS" (high Speed) from the list, see the picture below
Hi all , I m working in the field of Embedded . Currently working in pic 16f877a . So anyone send the file for pic 16f877a software and Circuit . which would be usefull for my projects Thanks in advance
For a biginner like you I believe that the better option is to use ds1820. It is a digital thermometer in which you can use any pic because it only uses 1 wire communication. PBP also has a sample program for that device.
Hey all I am new here but need some help I need to program a pic 16f877a to distinguish between two other pic microcontrollers. I was thinking of using a bit to identify between each of the two picS theywould ideally be connected wirelessley with a TX/RX pair at each pic. Any ideas??
hello... can u all help me??? how can i program my maze solveing robot by using a pic 16f877a??? my maze solver robot is a touchless sensor... i had uses is471f receiver modulator to be as my sensor... can you all help me about the programming by using that pic?
Someone have a servo soure code to control 2 servo motor for pic 16f877a....plaeze help me....
Actually anybody one have a control circuit for photransistor?I wan use in pic 16f877a.Here i attach with phototransistor sensor image in pdf file.
hi.. i am using ccs compiler to program pic 16f877a. Now my fequirement is to count the digital pulse from proximity sensor which is connected at the 17th pin. can i use capture command to measure pulse width and there by i can i calculate frequency and speed? or should i have to use counter??? can anyone send basic codings regarding thiz?
Hi, i have develop a GUI using MFC dialog based Visual C++ 6.0. the idea is the GUI to control a RC car instead of using the RC controller. in my case, the RC controller only functions as the signal transmitter. i'm doing a serial connection to the pic 16f877a and the pic will then send the signal to the RC controller. however, i'm (...)
Hi to all i am dealing with pic 16f877a.I need to make a lcd run. Basicly i should drive an lcd using pic 16f877a.But i need mikroc source code to make lcd run.Just simple source code. Can anybody help me please?
Hi, Here you have tons of stepper motor examples Pcup
Hai to all, Iam trying to communicate from pic 16f877a to the pc's hyperterminal at 9600 baud rate. Iam posting my code for this. Iam able to simulate with mplab but I could not implement with hardware. I checked for max232, rs232. They seem to be working perfect. But iam not getting the data through hyperterminal comm port. My cryst
Hi, Viostan, Did the problem get solved, what was the solution for programming the pic16f877a using Ponyprog2000? regards raghavendra
Iam doing project about reader RFID 125kHz with pic 16f877a but it doesn't work. Anyone has code for reader RFID 125kHz with pic 16f877a. Please help me ! Thank you very much
hi guys can any ony tell me where to write an AT command on pic 16f877a ? pleassssssseeeeeeeeeeee :cry:
can i use pic 16f877a to change the frequency on the output for square wave i need the user select the value of the frequency and diseply it on lcd :?::?::?:
There are many such tutorials around - here's one - ( no need for ic2 either )
Hi every one i using pic 16f877a to control graphical lcd it work but i have big problem when i switch power on there is no any data on lcd but after i switch power on and off many times it work can any one help me
HI; i want to use pic 16f877a as an analog to digital conversion. can any on tell me what is the maximum sampling frequency that can be achieved by it, if i get back the data through 1. Serial Port 2. Parallel port thaks guys
alguem pode me ajudar por favor. fiz um curso sobre o pic 16f877a mas sempre trabalhando com o pic na placa de programaç?o e teste. agora quero montar um projeto. do que eu preciso pra botar o pic pra funcionar fora da placa de programaç?o??
please send me C code for pic 16f877a a soon as possible for my water level controller project.
Hi. My name is Mustafa; firstly I'm sorry for my english, it's bad :) so, I have problem I have interfaced Honeywells HMC 5843 compass with pic 16f877a in single supply mode,bt not works. I think you have made.I don't made this project so can you help me.Can you give works the source code. my mail
im using pic 16f877a controller ,so help me any finger print coding i need how i add the finger print ,search,dete the finger print
.I used pic 16f877a for lcd interfacing and adc reading. .I used PORTA(RA5) for battery voltage reading and display through the adc program reading ok (ie battery full charge condition battery volt reach 14v display the lcd 1023v. .i want to display direct battery voltage(ie battery full reach 14v display lcd 14v. iam waiting f
hi guys .. im doin a project where a mobile is interfaced with the pic 16f877a.... the pic is then connected to the relays.... how am i to do the interfacing of mobile(nokia) with the pic 16f877a???? can i use RS 232?? i ve gotta sense whether an sms has been received in the mobile phone and the control (...)
i want to implement some algorithm through digital design by writing code in VHDL and geting hardware on FPGA but the problem is to interface FPGA with pic 16f877a it is like placing an FPGA beside a pic controller pls suggest
I do this program in pic 16f877a .some problam this program i think first switch on the project on the led that is ok then beep buzzer a perticular intervel this is not working please help me
How Do I Use The Analog Pins In pic 16f877a With MikroBasicPro I'hv Tried the code below to use pin AN2 but it does not work I'm working with RS232 Normally & I'hv not face any problems But i can't read any analog signal with this code I hope any body write me some code for reading an analog signal for example from a normal Potentiometer
Hi, I'm new in learning micro controller using C language I'm in planing make a project which I was required to heat oven from low temperature into high temperature for constant a while and then put low temperature at the end of time using software of pic 16f877a. At the same time I'am need to display the graph of temperature by detect the temp
Hai I'm a beginer of pic. I just want a progrmme to interface lcd(16 ×2)&rtc DS1307& with pic 16f877a. I am using MPLAB. I have also HI TECH C . Actually my aim is to write name of a personin the eeprom memmory of pic & iwant to display that name from eeprom& the time from rtc on the lcd. somebody please help me.
please send me some basic programming in pic 16f877a using MPLAB in .c extension
Hi, i have to do project using pic 16f877a. Can any one help me out in finding the codes to write an adc program . Also in memory allocation and memory management and how to use memory locations to save a data from one location to that location and retrieve that data for some calculations.
hi sir/madam, i am muthuraj i am beginner of the i want to cm8880 to pic 16f877a codings to send and receive through the fm. anybody help me
please i need help in my project I need to transmitt and Rx USING pic 16f877a uc with RF module(wireless) i use module with 433Mhz mainly i need pic code can any one help me>
i m new in rtos i dont know which rtos and how which will implement pic 16f877a contlr i m studying uCOS-II., can this rtos implement in pic (if can give me example code) which is the best rtos for pic
Hello all, I am developing Training and educational kits for the newbies of embedded. Recently I've launched a training kit for pic16f877a. This kit contains many modules such as -LEDs -USART -4x4 Keypad -7-segment display -LCD 16x2 -I2C EEPROM -RTC and a ICSP based programmer for pic 16f877a. For more (...)