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I think, your RS pin from lcd1 is connected to a floating pin on pic (RE0) and your code is putting RB0 to ground. are you supposed to connect RS to RB0 ? I don't know basic pro, I use C. Make sure you're initialising lcd properly in your code (with specified minimum delays). I've simulated same lcd with 8051 and (...)
hi..can somebody help me with this 2x16 lcd? i bought it from already read the datasheet,but still can't get it works.I try to connect the lcd with pic16f877A (port least there should be a sign that the lcd is working rite?Instead, once all the circuitry is powered up,the lcd (...)
ds1302 ds18b20 2x16 lcd thermometer clock project with ccs c source code and proteus schema pic
hy i want to scroll some text on my lcd 2x16. on first line i want my name end on the second line some data collect from senzors( collecting data from senzos is done). i just need some code lines to scroll that information whit diferent speeds on the two lines if can help me please tell me -------
Hello friends, I want to display the voltages between 0-25v Dc on 2x16 lcd.. if i know how to convert 25v into 5v..i can make use of ADC with 8051 / pic micro controllers . But i am not getting how to convert this 25v into 5v.......... Thanks in Advance Waiting for quick Response Aameer
Hello everybody. I need use a 2x16 lcd, in 4 bits mode with the next connection whit the PCW: lcd pic D4 RB0 D5 RB1 D6 RB2 D7 RB3 RS RB4 E RB5 I dont have enough experience in C for adjust the lcd.C built in functions whith this connections. Somebody could help me? Thanks
You have to use A/D converter of pic and implement a conversion table on code based on sensor chart. for displaying on the lcd screen, i think you have an in-built controller on lcd. For code you can search in piclist forum at
you can download circuit cellar from may 03 from, issue 154 here is with pic 16F84A
Good day, I writing a driver for my 2x16 Hitachi lcd using a pic Microcontroller. There are some problems that I observed from my lcd setup. First, I need to turn the variable resistor from maximum to minimum connected from ground to pin 3 of lcd module everytime I power up my lcd. (...)
I'm using Hi-tech picC-lite compiler,it comes with some sample C codes.The routines in lcd.c work quite fine for 16F84 but when I change to 16F877 with the same pin connections nothing promts on lcd. The code is below.... Thanx in advance... /* (...)
hello, i'm trying to do digital clock project. can anyone give me the source code for interfacing DS1302 with pic16f877A, then display the time to 2x16 lcd? i am using MPLAB IDE / Hi-Tech pic C-Lite. thnx in advance
Refer Though this is pic you can get good details on lcd
Here is 2x16 lcd interfacing with AVR. Use the same logic for pic Bibin john
plz, can anyone pls post a simple lcd code for me? I just need to know how to show a word in a 2x16 lcd. I'm using Microchip pic16F877A at the same time i want get signal via RF modul Preferably pic C language! I try the routine provided by them but still doesnt work. Thanks for help
Hello all, I want to display Big Numbers on 2x16 lcd module with pic microcontroller. I have code in basic for 4x16 line but i am not sure how it is working. Thanks Dani
<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>>Hi all!<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>> I am recently working on some LED multiplex display with pic. This parallel type type interfacing is bit more critical and a lot of shift register or decoder have to use. But a lcd display is easy to interface to any pic. They are cheap & if we use them many port of (...)
You can buy a pickit2 or compatible pretty cheap. I'm clearing out the old Inchworm PCBs (RS232 ICD2 MPLAB)
Hi I'm new here and first time to use pic... can anyone help me to display a two different message in a 2x16 lcd using pic 16f84A? message would change when a switch is toggled. tnx :cry:
hi.. i'm kinda new in making programs.. can anybody help me out on how to display a message on a lcd?.. any sample codes that i can use for reference.. i am using a 2x16 lcd, pic16f877a and mplab ide assembly code.. i am hoping to come up with a VOM type project where the lcd displays the analog input in (...)
Hi, can anyone pls post a simple lcd code for me? I just need to know how to show a word in a 2x16 lcd. BTW, I'm using Microchip pic18F452! My Data Pins go to PortB and the command ports of Enable (E) and Register Select (RS) goes to PortD So, E = RD7 Rs = RD6 Preferably in Hi-tech pic C language! (...)
Hi, The lee_rotulo seems to be using eeprom, though not sure why without translating / understanding all that code. The DT is similar to a lookup table and just a means of holding the data you want to display. Unlike a conventional 2x16 lcd where the pic sends ascii characters to it, the nokia /glcd needs the message (...)
Hi... I'm trying to drive lcd in 4-bit mode but it doesn't work,I'm completely confused,here is my code. tnx... LIST P=pic18F4550 #INCLUDE P18F4550.INC CONFIG FOSC=INTOSC_EC CONFIG WDT=OFF lcdCTRL EQU PORTC lcdDATA EQU PORTD RS EQU RC0 E EQU RC1 BUFFER EQU 0X0A LN EQU 0X0B HN EQU 0X0C (...)
Hey, is "USB ICSP pic Programmer V2010" can be used to download program to pic 16F877A? I mean this What is the cons?
Hey! guys its been long since i have posted! Well here goes, i have got this 2x16 lcd, it has been working for me but after a demo in my school it just shows some black pixels and only half of it is initialized and shows the data entered? is it possible for lcd to be damaged?? i am posting a pic of it please take a (...)
Hi, Im working on a project which i want to send the output of LM35 to an internal ADC in the pic18F4550 micro-controller and then display it on the RT1602C 2x16 lcd. Iam given to use the MPLAB IDE v8.63 C18 compiler. Analogue input from LM35 will be at AN0/RA0 lcd will be receiving 4-bit data, Ports to (...)
This will be helpful to you....I think....I dose not understand your requirement / Calculation correctly- c code to count frequency pulses and display on lcd : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR pic Projects Tutorial
The pic being used is: pic16F877A lcd beind used is: NHD‐0216KZ‐FSW‐GBW The objective is to get the lcd to display the following message, "Bananas $0.49/lb" - for 5 seconds, followed by, "WOW!" - which is centered on the display and blinking at a rate of once per second for 3 seconds (i.e. 500ms
If you using C Language, can refer here lcd HD44780. The header here.
hai... Iam working with pic24HJ64GP502,I want to interface the 2x16 lcd with this pic..But I didnt get the o/p in lcd..I got only the black Blocks in lcd..I check this code with proteus in pic16F877A..I got the o/p..But in pic24 I did'nt.. Please help me (...)
hi, I want to drive VI-302 ststic lcd using any pic controller. Is there any internal contoller in this lcd? How can i program it.
Hello I need example in MikroC for pic how to read serial number of DS18S20 or DS18B20 using MikroC OneWire library. Result should be on 2x16 lcd. pic18F45K22 is microcontroller. Thanks Polona Hi Polona, 1-Wire needs little time investment to learn how to access and set 1-Wire devices. All re
Hi, I ran your code and it worked ok for the first line but blocks on the second line. Added a W before the D and it again worked ok ... ? Change the data completely and included 22 characters so it overflowed to line 3. So cannot see a fault as such, though as already said , compared to more typical assembly lcd routines you do seem to
I bought that issue. The article describes as title says transistor identifier. It can determine type of transistor PNP, NPN, NJFET, PJFET, NMOS and PMOS. IT allso indicates transistor pins EBC SGD and measures HFE, RDSON and cutoff voltage at fets. Instrument is build arround pic16F872 it has 2x16 lcd. As I understand instrument is suitable (...)
I use this board and I'm very happy with it. It's connected through USB to PC. You can use it with any 8,14,18,28,40 pin pic but 18F familly. You can monitor all pins on on-board LEDs, RS232 is there, voltage dividers for 2-channel ADC are there, you have switches for all I/O pins ... Also very important: all pins are connected to connectors for ex
With a DDS 1-40MHz generator with TTL/CMOS outputs I tried to overclock a pic16F877A (with no frequency marking - so it a 20 MHz version). To be sure that the pic is still fully functional at higher frequencies, I wrote the program so that it was computing a multiplication with 32-bit floating numbers and displaying the result at 2x16 (...)
Hi there, I am building up a sensor project, but i am new in this area. I have choosen SHT75 2-in-1 Relative Humidity & temperature sensor. With pic16F628 I am using as the microcontroller. I use MPlab together with Hi-tech C pic C lite as the compilers which is compatible with C. The last part is too show the measurements in a Char
Version2 Using pic16F873
Hi, I had some experience in interfacing normal 2x16 monochrome lcd with a pic. However, I am planning to try interface a color lcd (320x240) with a pic but hv no clue on where to start! Can anyone helps? Thanks, Eric
Hi, I've posted this in a couple of forums, but it doesn't hurt to get as many opinons/ experiences as possible. I'm currently designing a development board for the pic, namely the 16F877A, since this has pretty much every peripheral I would need for pic development, loads of code space, and I/O's. I was hoping to design it to take multiple PI
I need help plz in buildin a project using pic , the project consists of 2 part part one : transmitter that scane 32 input line and send the status of that input over 2 wire (about 400 meter) using RS-485 part two: reciver that accept coded data from rs 485 and display trigred input on lcd or 7-segment the problem is how to use RS-485 a
any 1 can provide with any information of making a calculator with speech regconition???? my voice input is from a dspic, may be 4 pins. i need to use a pic and a lcd for the calcualtor operation. i am a beginner .Plz provide me with a hardware diagram and also the software program. For my calculator operation, i need the user to choose " (...)
i really a newbie on pics.. need help from u pro out there how to program my pic when i connect those kit like the document i attached.. the keypad is for 4 digit code and the the pic will send signal to the bluetooth module.. KEYPAD >> pic >> BLUETOOTH ------> BLUETOOTH >> pic >> MOTOR CONTROL BOARD
Hey, Please help me on this... I need to make a Digital RTC with Thermometer. I wanna use a RTC with the DS18B20 Thermometer. I want to use the 12Bit accuracy. For RTC, if the function is with date, that's great. Need switch for +/- in time/date setting. Time can be 12h. All the data will be displayed in an lcd with 2 or 4 line display. back en
hi to get an idea of how to write your pic version of lcd driver code, look at this post : lcd 8-bit interface using "lcd Busy Flag" if you just want to see if your lcd is working or not,you can do the following test: connect pin 1 to GND pin 2 to Vcc=5volt now connect pin 3 to GND
lcd interface with microcontroller 8051 family is explained here Source code and circuit diagram of interface of lcd with pic microcntroller is here
check this out
I'm converting some of my code from assembler to HiTech picC C. I'm using a pic16F672A. The following code doesn't seem to work correctly. It correctly initiates the lcd (i.e. I can see the dim glow of both lines as it's 2x16, the cursor is present & blinks etc), but when the code goes to write some character data the (...)
i have a final project and it title is a DIGITAL COMPASS.. i already have the hardware but i must create it program myself. im using keypad 4x4, lcd 2x16, pic16f87a dan sensor( Hitachi HM55B compass module ).. i have a program but it didnt works.. lcd didnt show anything.. im stucks.. here this program and circuit. .thanks (...)
Hi all Trying to figure out how to send info to lcd 2x16. Running a bit into a snag. The code below I found on the web. I am trying to understand the methods of communication with an lcd using f877. I am using Real pic Simulator 1.3 to simulate. First problem On compiling "MikroC" 8 393 'lcd_cmd' (...)