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I think, your RS pin from lcd1 is connected to a floating pin on pic (RE0) and your code is putting RB0 to ground. are you supposed to connect RS to RB0 ? I don't know basic pro, I use C. Make sure you're initialising lcd properly in your code (with specified minimum delays). I've simulated same lcd with 8051 and (...)
No, the lcd needs to be initialized by the micro, through some commands. Are you running anything on the pic? Perhaps the code is not right, or the timing, or... there are a few things that can go wrong.
ds1302 ds18b20 2x16 lcd thermometer clock project with ccs c source code and proteus schema pic
Hello friends, I want to display the voltages between 0-25v Dc on 2x16 lcd.. if i know how to convert 25v into 5v..i can make use of ADC with 8051 / pic micro controllers . But i am not getting how to convert this 25v into 5v.......... Thanks in Advance Waiting for quick Response Aameer
Hi, I have quetion about The pic to lcd interfacing in 4 bit mode, If I use the equivalent of the HD447780 lcd module to pic16F84A interfacing in 4 bit mode(there are DB4-DB7 connect to the pins of pic) and I use the picbasic Compiler , Do I must be setting the software/program for this (...)
I'm using MPLAB IDE V7.20 when I include "lcd.c" it generate error during make: Error C:\HT-pic\samples\lcd\lcd.obj 24 : multiply defined symbol: _lcd_init (C:\HT-pic\samples\lcd\lcdtest.obj) Error (...)
Hi all! I have a character lcd 2x8, When I send a command 0x80 to lcd, the cursor jumps to the first line, first position but when I send a command 0xc0 to lcd, the cursor can not jump to the second line, first column. What is the difference between the command of 2x16 lcd with 2x8 lcd? (...)
Hi all, i am going to use timer 0 of At89s52 as an event counter, after counting i have to read the timer value using the following code: loop: mov a,th0 mov r6,tl0 cjne a,th0,loop mov r7,a finally i get 16 bit data in r6, r7. how i can display the counting value in r6, r7 on a 2x16 lcd
plz help me i want "c code for character display in 2x16 lcd using "16F877A" " use portD pins for connecting 2x16 lcd display bord. plz help me thanks a lot 4 ur help
Any Link for pic Color lcd Projects
Can anyone help me find a replacement???? This is an 2x16 lcd COG. It uses a 24 pin header. It goes into a Meade Autostar hand controller. And yup, Meade wont sell me just a display. The closest I have found was an Optrix DMC-50747NF that no one stocks or is willing to sell in single quantities. Please HHHHeeeeeellllppppppppp [em
hi; i have a project about write persian or arabic word on 2x16 lcd. How to make ?
hi..can somebody help me with this 2x16 lcd? i bought it from already read the datasheet,but still can't get it works.I try to connect the lcd with pic16f877A (port least there should be a sign that the lcd is working rite?Instead, once all the circuitry is powered up,the lcd (...)
Hay I want interface 2x16 lcd with LPC2106 in 4 bit mode I have tried the following code but I am not getting proper out put Please Check the code. #include"LPC210x.H" #define RS_1 IOSET | 0x00000800 // RS=P0.11 #define RS_0 IOCLR | 0x00000800 #define EN_1 IOSET | 0x00000400 //EN=P0.10 #define EN_0 IOCLR | 0x00000400 /
Hi all, I'm looking for simple 2x16 lcd screen example codes with Keil Realview ARM 3.40 and Proteus file. Because i'm not able to port my codes to keil and i'm unable to use lcd codes in MCB2300 board. I'm googling on internet but it seems nobody has problems finding example project. TIA Analyzer
Hello, I have a temperature sensor involving a potential divider with an i wish to read the Voltage, -Using a Microchip pic's ADC, and then output the voltage , continuously, to an lcd display. (along with some words) i wish to use a pic with an I2C serial data transfer facility in it, and will code it in C. Please, does any
Hi, for the past few days I've been playing around with a Spartan 3-AN Starter Kit Board. I'm interested in learning as much as I can, but now I'm stuck, and need a fresh pair of eyes to look over my code, and correct me where I made a mistake... I'm trying to initialize and write something to the 2x16 lcd display that comes on the board (S6A00
hi! in our project we had 20*4 lcd display,we used lcd just to display few characters.our code was also written in microC,i am giving you some part of it below,see if it is helpful to you-- we had written separate display function-- void display(unsigned short cursor,const char *dis) { lcd_Cmd(cursor); while(*dis) { (...)
hy i want to scroll some text on my lcd 2x16. on first line i want my name end on the second line some data collect from senzors( collecting data from senzos is done). i just need some code lines to scroll that information whit diferent speeds on the two lines if can help me please tell me -------
Hi I am new in DSpic33 . before I use character lcd for my project with AVR. Now I want to interface 2x16 lcd with DSpic33FJ64GS610. As you know in this DSC the place of one port is not at one place . (for example RA0-->Pin17 , RA1-->pin38) So for easy making PCB for my circuit I want to connect (...)
how to send a variable to display in 2x16 lcd for example ; unsigned in a = 9; lcd_data(a); how does display as 9.( means that the value of a; ie = 9) thanks
Hi guys, I have a strange problem with displaying text/characters on my blue backlit 2x16 lcd screen. The code is working correctly and if I look the screen with an angle, I can read it. However it cannot be read by looking the screen from above. Here I am attaching the photos of my problem: 102483102484
Good day, I writing a driver for my 2x16 Hitachi lcd using a pic Microcontroller. There are some problems that I observed from my lcd setup. First, I need to turn the variable resistor from maximum to minimum connected from ground to pin 3 of lcd module everytime I power up my lcd. (...)
Refer Though this is pic you can get good details on lcd
Hi I'm new here and first time to use pic... can anyone help me to display a two different message in a 2x16 lcd using pic 16f84A? message would change when a switch is toggled. tnx :cry:
The pic being used is: pic16F877A lcd beind used is: NHD‐0216KZ‐FSW‐GBW The objective is to get the lcd to display the following message, "Bananas $0.49/lb" - for 5 seconds, followed by, "WOW!" - which is centered on the display and blinking at a rate of once per second for 3 seconds (i.e. 500ms
If you using C Language, can refer here lcd HD44780. The header here.
hi, I want to drive VI-302 ststic lcd using any pic controller. Is there any internal contoller in this lcd? How can i program it.
Hi there First of all, I am an Electrical Engineering student busy with a design project. Scenario: Build a wireless communication device for the verbally disabled by using a 4X4 matrix keypad to interact with a 2x16 lcd display via Bluetooth OR RF. MY problem here is not with the programming since I have written most of the coding and it
Which Compiler are you using to write the code for the pic device you are going to use?
Hello everybody. I need use a 2x16 lcd, in 4 bits mode with the next connection whit the PCW: lcd pic D4 RB0 D5 RB1 D6 RB2 D7 RB3 RS RB4 E RB5 I dont have enough experience in C for adjust the lcd.C built in functions whith this connections. Somebody could help me? Thanks
You have to use A/D converter of pic and implement a conversion table on code based on sensor chart. for displaying on the lcd screen, i think you have an in-built controller on lcd. For code you can search in piclist forum at
you can download circuit cellar from may 03 from, issue 154 here is with pic 16F84A
I'm using Hi-tech picC-lite compiler,it comes with some sample C codes.The routines in lcd.c work quite fine for 16F84 but when I change to 16F877 with the same pin connections nothing promts on lcd. The code is below.... Thanx in advance... /* (...)
hello, i'm trying to do digital clock project. can anyone give me the source code for interfacing DS1302 with pic16f877A, then display the time to 2x16 lcd? i am using MPLAB IDE / Hi-Tech pic C-Lite. thnx in advance
Hi - I have seen mention of an article in the May 2001 issue of EPE magazine regarding construction of a pic lcd scope, but am unable to find the article anywhere. I am interested in this project. Can someone point me in the right direction to find it? Thanks.
hello , i m b building running message with pic and lcd 44780 do i have to connect the rd/wr wire of lcd to ground or i it has to be connected to the pic as a contol pin. in other words if i want to run message on the lcd do i ought to read from the lcd. thanx in advance avi
hi, i m building lcd and pic based project and encountered few problems : 1. pic16f877a has 2 pins for vdd and 2 for vss. i checked them with voltmeter and they are shorted do i have to short them with wire ?? 2. when working with 4 data line mode of the lcd do i have to connect the other unused lines of the (...)
Here is 2x16 lcd interfacing with AVR. Use the same logic for pic Bibin john
I realize problems connecting a (3,3V) msp430f135 with a standard 5V 2x16 lcd. As far as i know, msp430x1xx doesn't have 5V tolerant pins. That means at least it is not recommended to accept as an input logic levels of 5V, right? But in MANY commercial development boards with msp's i have see direct connection of PORTx to a 5V lcd. My (...)
Here is some code. Change the processor type to 16F876A. The code uses 4-bit data bus, on bits 7:4 of port C. Enable and RS lines are also on port C. The /WR pin should be tied to GND, since this code never reads anything from the lcd, it just writes to it. It should print Hello on t
hi friends i want a help from u..... i want a "C" code for get the signal from RF module & display the lcd display board via pic 16F877A here i used portD for lcd & pin RA2 for RF module. plz help. thanks for ur help
Hi everyone! I have an lcd 2x16. It has 16 pins. I read the data sheet and i connected it to power supply +5Vdc. The first pin is connected to Gnd and the second pin is connected to +5Vdc. When i first connected the lcd to power supply i saw the fist line full of black pixels. when i connected again it didnt work but only the backlight (...)
Hello all, I want to display Big Numbers on 2x16 lcd module with pic microcontroller. I have code in basic for 4x16 line but i am not sure how it is working. Thanks Dani
<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>>Hi all!<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>> I am recently working on some LED multiplex display with pic. This parallel type type interfacing is bit more critical and a lot of shift register or decoder have to use. But a lcd display is easy to interface to any pic. They are cheap & if we use them many port of (...)
Here is the code I use for a 2 line 20 char lcd display using the pic 16-bit micros. This uses an 8-bit interface. Attached is a pdf with the lcd commands. Should be possible to convert it to assembler. /*--- Macros ---*/ #define RS LATDbits.LATD8 #define RS_TRIS TRISDbits.TRISD8 #define RW LATDbits.LATD9 #define RW_T
This is should be very easy to do and create But what do you know about pics and lcd what language do you want to use picbasic ASM or c
You can buy a pickit2 or compatible pretty cheap. I'm clearing out the old Inchworm PCBs (RS232 ICD2 MPLAB)
I want to connect LM35 temp sensor with pic 18f452 and display reading on lcd,when i simulate it on proteus i get strange symbols (like #,! etc) instead of reading of temp sensor . plz help ,my C coding in mplab is #include #define rs PORTBbits.RB0 #define rw PORTBbits.RB1 #define en PORTBbits.RB2 void lcdcmd( char ); (...)
Am using CCS C ,MPLab and Proteus. Please explain me the steps to display the message "hello" on 2x16 lcd using pic16f877. I know the hardware configs... Just need to know about the files to be added in mplab during compiling and the file contents. Already tried many... useless... Further the none of my circuits are simulating on (...)