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Hi, I want to make a CAN bus demo development board, for which I would request for suggestions for suitable micons from pic. I have following criteria. 1. Should be DIP ( greater than 28 pins) 2. Should have decent RAM (8K) 3. Should be programmable through picKIT 3. 4. 8/16 bit 5. Is available in India (online) :roll: Also please (...)
HI guys, in the description of the seems confusing the way they describe it and the A0 to A5, apparently A1 to A
hi. i need an example to communicate between 8 pics as slave and one as master. Every slave have an led light and i want to make turn on or off from MASTER instruction. i want to use pic16f877a microcontroller for all (master and slaves). I have little bit practice on CCS compiler if any body have this code then it well be very help full for
Hey I am doing a microchip IC based controller project wherein i need to send some info/data from 1 pic IC ,just for illustration ,lets say IC1 to IC2 and IC3 at a given time and if need be send a new set of info from IC2 to IC1 and IC3 and similarly from IC3 to ICs 2 and 1. So in other words all the ICs interconnected by a bus are peers i
Hi sangeo, the pic IO-extender offers 16 IOs per package and three can operate on the I2C or SPI bus( ). If you use the 8 bit wide 74HC165 you need to decode the I2C/SPI bus and select the in series connected six HC165. Than 6x8 bit cloc
i have 2 max 485 ic connected to 2 pic micro controllers one controller transmits and another receives half duplex communication, both the controllers operate from different power supply the ground is not common. my doubt is in the tx side i have one max 485 with a and b bus terminals, and rx side i have one max 485 with a and b bus (...)
Hi, Is it a USB HOST? Can you tell more about it? if the first post #1 a pic18F47J53 was mentioned which only supports USB device not sure what the USB is for ? if the project is to received data from a parallel bus why not interface the bus directly to the pic (possibly thru level changers)?
in an industrial machine control and monitoring system with 50 + machines we used 10baseT wired ethernet - well proven cheap reliable technology which ran for many years and is still operational used a pic18F97J60 (with onboard 10bastT interface) - these days we would use a pic24 or pic32 protocol used was UDP talking to a server written in
Here I am posting mikroC PRO pic code for multiple I2C LCDs. With this you can have a device like DS1307 of I2C bus and also 8 I2C PCF8574T based LCDs. I didn't post this in my previous thread in DIY section because its title had CCS C Project but this is mikroC PRO pic project. I have used these I2C LCDs
read the page number #43 at above link sample code is given for pic controller modify it according to your pic controller.
Need a diagram of the connections to really assess. But here are some general issues with connecting with 15 meters of wire... If you are looking at 4 digital signals from the 7404 then you should make sure you have a common ground between 7404 and the pic. If you didn't do that you will likely get fluctuating readings as there could be differenc
There aren't much I2C devices that support 3.4 MHz "Hs" mode. pic processors e.g. don't.
That pic18 tutorial I mentioned also has a page on the function of I2C and also a project using the I2C debugger in
Hi, I'm using pic18F2580 and MCP2551 CAN transceiver. My goal is to implement basic CAN bus monitoring program to capture CAN's frame ID, data length and data bytes. I use logic analyzer and can see that CANRX pin on pic is continuously receiving data. However, the RXFUL bit of RXBnCON register has never been set in my program. (...)
Hi i am interfacing pic18f4550 with DS1307 RTC .Firstly it was showing Correct values on Proteus Simulation however after few minutes it showed a random value then switched back to correct values now after some time it again showed random value without switching back to correct one. when the display was showing random value the data in clock panel
How is the DDS connected to the pic? I wire mine through the SPI bus. You would then send the 5 bytes using the SPI module.
Hello to all! I'm new here and I am making a project for connect 10 ds18b20 to a bus and public to internet with board pic-web - rev 3 - pic1867j60 on board. Who can help me with some code for SEARCH-ROM? some code for start my project with a working base. NB: I am using MPLAB with c18 Thank' a lot to all !!
hey guys , i want to control 3 devices and send them the same data in the same time , the devices may or maynot reply. (can be enabled or disabled ) what i am sending is just a string every 1ms . can i connect the three devices to the same UART port ?? if not why ? and what if the devices are only receiving and the main controller is sending .
hi ALL can some one guide me to some projects using pic microcontroller and can bus plus some advanced can bus tutorials best regards Controller Area Network Projects, Dogan Ibrahim
Hi Can anyone please tell me whether a LIN transceiver(MCP2003) is required in an interface between pic micro controller with EUART and LIN bus in a vehicle? If it is required, then what is the use of EUART in uc for interfacing with LIN bus? Can I use the regular UART?Will the whole circuitry compatible with K-Line communication? My (...)
Examples (they are for pic16F877 but you can easily use them for pic18F46K20): A Simple Clock using DS1307 + pic16F877A DS1307RTC MikroC I?C Library
u need ckt or prog? what kind of O/P it gives? Can u give the part no of that encoder and pic no. too?
You can change the pic18F2550 operation from bus powered to self powered.
I am trying to implement Can bus protocol using am attaching the schematic and board file.can anyone check my circuit and tell me whether its right or not.I'm using 20Mhz crystal for both pic and MCP2515.Also can anyone send me a code for implementing single pic TO pic CAN (...)
You are right. At the basic end of things you do the most simple thing and use 2 bytes instead of 1. As a learner it is very instructive to do some binary with a pencil and paper to see how it all works. put the column weights in a row at the top and then put 16 zero's underneath. Then start some rows with ones in various places and write the
Hi I am trying to interface L3G4200D 3 axis gyroscope with pic 16F877A, using i2c bus. I tried to write the code but something is wrong in code, all I can get is -1 value. here is the code #include "D:\1\main.h" #include unsigned int x,who; #use i2c(Master,Fast,sda=PIN_C4,scl=PIN_C3) ///////////////////////////
and in pic i2c programming there is a i2c wait routine every time we start and stop we wait some time to get the bus if it free . i dono what i put in wait routine whether i put some approximate delay like 10ms or any flag bit till it clear . i searched some code and i didn't understand what actually they did for wait rou
If nobody posts more detailed help "pic SPI Bootloader" would be the keywords to search.
I googled many fbus interfacing pages.But how could i mingle that into my c code?? Is it use along with at-commands?? I'm using nokia 6680,pic 16f877a,mplab-htc. I want a direct connection to pic without PC.please help me to solve this..!
Hi guys, I am doing a project in which i have to connect some sensors to a can bus. So, i need to have separate microcontrollers with each sensor which could read the sensor and put it on the can bus. Someone suggested me to use pic microcontrollers for connecting each sensor to the CAN bus. I am totally new to use (...)
I'm working on a project with a pic to communicate with the Raymarine SeaTalk bus. The link below is the part of the schematic diagram of a Raymarine instrument. The logic chip is connected to the TX and RX connections on the right, and the SeaTalk signals and power enter top left.
Hello all I have designed a circuit that uses a 750kHz switcher with 3 outputs. The circuit runs of an external supply (12VDC) with only + and minus coming in. The processor in this circuit runs at 400MHz (Arm9) and a DDR2 ram bus at 133MHz. On the first prototype, I designed a common mode choke into the input (see pic). Now, the requi
Sorry, cannot be done. You'll need to choose a different pic. By the way, this should probably be in 'Microcontrollers', not in 'EDA Jobs...'
You have to know the part number and you can use Google to search up the datasheet of that part. The datasheet will describe if it is 8-bit or 16-bit, etc. Common 8-bit series microcontrollers: pic 10, pic 12, pic 16, pic 18, ATTINY, ATMEGA, 89C51, etc Common 16-bit series microcontrollers: pic 24, (...)
Hi, 1. As Arun mentioned no microcontroller will come with built-in Bluetooth support. Search for Bluetooth modules that will have SPI/I2C/UART/Parallel bus digital interface. And appropriately select the pic that can handle any of these interfaces. 2. Why 5V AC ? please be aware thaty you cannot power any of these devices using an AC voltag
You can use two of these RS-485 tranceivers with proper driving of the control pins !RE and DE. Yes, with some additional logic gates, if the pic TxEnable signal is available. But this point isn't clear from the initial post,
Hi, In most schemes on SPI I've seen no resistors at all are present. I've been thinking about this and made these observations. Please tell me what you think. 1 / When sharing 2 slaves on one SPI bus with a pic being master, during the pic reset stage its CS* outputs are still tri-stated. Noise could made the 2 slaves at the same time (...)
I want to interface 2 pic microcontroller...plz suggest ways using a SPI and also using a CAN bus protocol...send me if u have C source code for it...
Hi, Something like this one from SparkFun should do. Usart compatible so data flow could not be easier, you need to be aware of what Class / transmission distance you want and that many of them run at 3v3 so you may need a level shifter if using a
use a dds like the ad9850 from analog devices you can have a precision of 1/100e of a Hz with it and you can drive it from your pic mcu with serial bus. regards,
It should be noticed, that a true Harvard architecture involves separate data and code data busses, not only separate memory spaces. While this criterion is clearly met for the pic processors, it isn't for the 8051 family, which uses a common bus for data and instructions. A more detailed discussion of modified Harvard and other hybrid (...)
Preferably use a pic with more serial interfaces. Otherwise, use any available "poor man's" methods to work with existing pic: - slow software UART - sequential usage of the hardware UART through external multiplexer In case of the MODbus communication, do you necessarily need two separate bus segments? I guess, the (...)
Dear friends, as title says, I want to read CAN signals from a CAN bus. My hardware connectionis like this. CAN module (CAN HIGH and CAN LOW)----------->MCP 2551------------>MCP2515------------------->pic microcontroller MCP 2551 config: TXD connected to TXD of MCP 2515 RXD connected to RXD of MCP 2515 Pin 7 connected to CAN HIGH Pin
Hi, Also look at the 'Block Diagram' of the pic near the beginning of the chips datasheet. It clearly shows the 8 bit wide Data bus going to the Ports and other I/O modules.
hi i am having the same trouble u faced with pic32 ethernet starter kit. please let me know if u have got an answer to set the usb clock
Hi, i am doing the usb in microchip pic18 controller . i could not understand the enpoints of usb properly . can anyone tell me what are endpoints ? what are the pipes ? what it is doing exactly ? please answer ...
With standard pics, code can be only executed from flash program memory. Some special types have a data bus and can use external program memory.
Read this post I am using pic Ucontrollers.
I copied the code for CAN bus... from the book "Advanced pic microcontroller projects"... Dogan Ibrahim... It is compiled and gives no error in MikroC Compiler but when i simulate that program on Proteus, i get an error "Read of Can Controller Register 0x0F6E(CANSTAT) returns last value stored". May anyone help me why this error occur
You don't need to use the I2C bus to access the internal EEPROM of the pic. This EEPROM is memory mapped and directly accessible just like the pic RAM or FLASH. Look at your compiler documentation it will likely have some built-in functions such as Eeprom_Read/Eeprom_Write to access this memory.