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I produce a rectified sine wave 1Vpp 100Hz using a pic + dac 12bits. I would like to smooth the line by applying a filter. What filter do you suggest? 135668
There is an interesting receiver design somewhere on the Internet that does exactly that. It's superhet with the LO fed to a pic to measure it's frequency. The frequency is compared to one selected by a control voltage (tuning control is a potentiometer) and it drives a dac to produce the LO tuning voltage. It cleverly adapts the loop filter accor
In the code I see that TC72 CS pin and Serial_LCD_CLK pins uses the same RA5 pin. In pic12F you don't have sufficient pins to interface Serial LCD, TC72 and dac. You have to use a pic with sufficient pins. In the dac code link it uses hardware SPI. So, only CS pin is defined. THE SDO, SDI and CLK pins of (...)
Ok. Here you go. I am attaching the mikroC PRO pic project I made. You can't reduce the delays more. You are using bit-banging SPI instead of the pic hardware SPI. It's hardly possible to achieve a similar speed this way. I don't see how the designs in post #16 and #17 can be helpful.
i have similar problem .. i am using pic32mz micro controller and uda1334 dac. (both supports i2s) i have shifted my data with 0x7fff. but output shows no change.. currently i am feeding a saw tooth wave to device.. i can see digital pins are toggling on CRO. but no output.
Hi All I am trying to control the gate voltage of fet irf 150 i.e, i need variation of gate voltage between 3 v to 15 v and am using pic 16f819 interfaced with dac 0808. as am not good in electronis am wondering how to get out put voltage from dac 0808 between 3v to 15 volts, while total input from pic will not be more than (...)
A pic microcontroller can't generate RF frequencies beyond a few MHz.
Hello, I am newbie to ARM i used to code in AVR and pic. I am having a LPC 1768 development board comparing to AVR, the examples are so much confusing. Where can i find good tutorial or manual to start programming ARM board with understanding whats going inside?AM looking for beginners things like GPIO,ADC,dac,USART etc to begin with.Can anyone
hii folks...i am using a pic16F876A doesnt have ne inbuilt dac...How to check its ADC is properly working or not...I followed the approach below i gave a reference of 2V inside the code...varied the input to the the code i gave a condition that if the input voltage was more than 2 then it would generate pulses of certain fixe
Gulp! It isn't the software, it's the hardware that's wrong. You clamped the 'weak' output of the dac to Vbe of the transistor, as far as the pic is concerned the base to emitter looks like a forward biased diode so when it had enough voltage across it to start conduction it behaved almost as a short circuit between the dac output and (...)
Go through these
Hello mehregan, The dac you have selected uses 3-Wire SPI interface. In this 3-Wire SPI mode you can only send data to your dac and cant read anything from your dac. Please make following connections: SDO pin of pic to SDI pin of dac SDI pin of pic to SDO pin of pic (This (...)
Hi I am using the pic 18f97j60 in my that project I am interfacing the 18 Bit dac with the MicroController .For sending the data to dac I am converting the 8 Bit data from the Microcontroller to 18 Bit data then I am separating that 18 bit to (2 BYTE + 2 doubt is that how to convert that 2 Bit data in to 8
Hello, I need to write pic program for getting 0-10 v analog output(spec is in the title)... The problem is I cannot send 18 bits from MCU.. Please provide me with your suggestios..Or Send me a program that would be udeful to me.. Thanks in advance
I don't use Proteus so I haven't read you files but the principle is to build the points along the sine curve by sending a number representing each point to the dac. To start you need a sine look-up table, it is possible to calculate sine values in real time but a pre-built table of values would be much faster and easier. To get maximum output vo
Hi everyone, I am new in pic and anybody can tell what are the components are used.and how to write the coding.
hey i am doing a project on digital pid controller.I am using pic microcontroller16f88 as the controller.Can anyone provide me with the source code how to interface lcd,4*4 keypad and dac.I want a source code in such a way that the value read by adc which is inbuilt in pic16f88 to be send to lcd and also the value from the keypad to be (...)
Hi, Any body suggest some dac tutorial with pic Thanks
What's the benefit of adding the 0.5 offset? I've never seen it used in any pic (or AVR) based application. What's the issue with not adding the 0.5 offset? I can't seem to understand the advantage of adding the offset or the disadvantage of not adding it.
I wanna Need your help to chose an uC for the such a abilities because i dont want to use an extra chip, but and audio amp. keypad LCD 2x16 (not recommanded) SD-card (or any memory card to save voice files) Audio o/p using PWM or dac , should be integrated in uC should be from atmel AVR or pic, because its easy to bu
I WRITE A CODE IN PROTON IDE USING pic 18F4620 BUT IT IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY.MEAN WHEN I VARY THE INPUT VOLTAGE .....KINDLY HELP ME URGENTLY Device = 18F4620 Symbol LED1 = PORTC.2 'Pin where data is to be transmitted Symbol LED2= PORTC.3 ADCON1 = %00000000 ADCON0 = %00110001 ADCON2 =%10001110 'ADCON2=0b10001010 Dim SW
use any pic which has usb module. May be 8bit, 16bit or 32bit. For dac i'd use 3x MCP4822 with 6 pieces of any rail to rail opamp you have at hand. These dacs are dual with resolution of 12 bits and internal convenient reference source of 4.096V. Driven by SPI.
Hello, I have to build a mp3 player... This is what I think is cost effective... 1. Burn the music files in SD card 2. Use pic(16 series probably) to fetch the files through SPI 3. Connect Audio amplifier IC to the pic 4. Send the music file to the audio amplifier. 5. Connect two small speakers to amplifier. Please let me know
hI, I am using a 3Hp DC motor at 3 phase AC electic with 6 numbers of Thyristors.Now I need a speed control circuit and protection circuit with a Micro.Anybody have a idea or Net Can I find a similar circuit?
have a look at the dspic Microchip Technology Announces Six New DSCs with 16-bit Audio dac - Press Release e.g. dspic33FJ32GP302 dspic33FJ64GP802
i have problem to use i2c module in pic30f4011. i want to use pic as master & TC1321(dac) as slave, i don't know how to set register of pic&TC1321. can anybody give me some advices. thank you ---------- Post added at 16:28 ---------- Previous post was at 16:23 ---------- i set initial of i2c module
It is more of a programming problem, than analog, I would have thought. You have an ADC in the pic so you digitise it and either calculate the required output or use a lookup table. You will need an external dac for the output. Keith.
Better use a new generation pic24F or pic33F with buildin 16 bit dac or use an external SPI dac which can run at a much higher freq.
Hello.... I want to generate Traingular wave using mc..... anyone help me to generate.......
hi all, I want to do adc in pic18f452. For verification i am applying a sine wave(amplitude=1v and frequency=2Hz) as an analog input to the pic and want to convert the digital output of pic again to analog sine wave using a dac0808 pic18f452 has a 10bit adc but i have adjusted the input voltage and Vref in (...)
Hello, I found a circuit that sends data from pic dspic30f2012 (that pic has a resolution of 16 bits) to a dac 12 bits (MCP4822) . My question is if I can use the SPI Module of a pic 18f2550 of 8 bits to send data to the dac 12 bits. Can I do that or I just have to have the other (...)
Hi, Please can anyone be kind enough to suggest to me a method i can use to make my pic interface with a dac, for now i have no specific dac in mind, but any dac at all will do. Please and thank in advance...
i need a program that convert from digital to analogue in mplab, iam using pic P16F874 , to do an ecg tester that generate signals of the heart, the channel iam using is c channels.
It's true that using PWM or a dac you can make almost any waveform but have you consider that the maximum voltage you can produce from a 16F877 is 5V and without other circuitry, the maximum power it can produce is less than 1 Watt. You don't have many options and none are very efficient unless you use a transformer: Generate a square wave (y
Hello guys . Want to ask what is the use of trasmission gate that always on , and put between lsb resistor string for 10 bit dac ? Please refer to attached pic .
Your dac chip only has a SPI port to receive data on, so you must send the data in the SPI convention. Many smaller pic chips do not have a hardware SPI port, but they can still communicate with a SPI device by software control, commonly called ' bit banging '. A few searches of the forums should find you some code to work from that can adapt
U can use pic 18F452 or Atmega64
Is the equation below all right or are there any some mistakes? From the pic, current flowing the feedback res is If And the vout=vcm+If*R can we get: vout in the pic and the digital input code is sequenced from 0000 0000 to 1111 1111,and what?s the output of the dac ? pic is attached
Start with a microcontroller that you are already familiar with.Maybe you can use pic 18f452.
Hi friends!, I have an issue upon demodulating ASK waveform from my ADC...I have attached a pic that best describes all....I transmit the ASK modulated sine wave from dac of my transmitter and receive it in ADC of my turn this peripherls will be connected to FPGA(virtex 4). Here I have succesfull generated ASK and have transmitted and w
anyone got the pic of how dac work i know is Digital-to-Analog converter but how is it work inside ??
Deal all: Today, I study the R-2R dac, I find that I can not calculate the voltage by hand. I draw a pic show below. If S4 is high, it is easy to calculate that vout is 1/2 vref, but if S3 is high and the other is zero, how can calculate the vout by hand? I calculate it and vout is 1/4. but if S2 is high, how to c
i tried a similar circuit.... what pic are you using.... the circuit just needs a comparator and a dac kit that is all... all other things are done using coding....
Actually, I don't have any idea about C programming. on the other hand I am using pic Basic Pro language, can you help me?
hi..all..i am doing a project on electronic weighing machine.for that i am using analog devises AD7730 and pic 16f877a mcu.While doing spi i can write and read the dac register of AD7730,which is 8 bit wide.But i cannt do it on mode reg of ad7730,which is 16-bit it possible to transmit/receive 16 bit data throuh 8 bit wide spi ?pls send it
i wrote a CCS C code for sine-wave stand-alone voltage mode inverter with pic16F876,i use a PWM Module of pic MCU's Circuit and C code is here:
The 16F88 has a ADC and a very simple dac (16 step) PWM is another way to generate voltage with more resolution than an 8 bit dac i need a 1Msps 12-bit differential channel ADC and a 12-bit dac too, can this pic solve my purpose, i don't think so U should use ADuC70xx ( ADuC70
i used pic877 lcd buttons for menus and two cd 4059 as 32bit jam waveform gen and a waveform restore passive circuit {res cap} pwm ports drive the clock two 4059s in cascade output of firs tis the clock of the next 32 bits data using 2x 2 8 bit addressable selectors as an 8 bit port expander 4 bit selectable good luck here is a cool
Maybe this project will show you some ideas: It is a pic-controlled 4-20mA tester .. (picAXE18 <=> pic16F88) Regards, IanP
Dear Friends, I have to design a ADC and dac on the same card. This card uses SPI bus to communicate a pic on the another card. Do you suggest any document that I shall pay attention and learn how to design this card? I search some ADC and dac chips, but which elements should be on the card apart from the chips? I need some documents. (...)