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Hello I have a project that required AC motor which is control by using pic16F84.. Can anybody guide me with : a) Idea to connect this two device - pic and AC motor. b) If possible, can anybody to attach a website link that can help me to solve the problem.
While the pic does contain a hardware PWM module, you can not use it to generate PWM signals at frequencies as low as 50 Hz. You can use the pic Timer1 and the compare module for PWM. You can also make use of the interrupt.
See history in piclist messages: h t t p://w w pool_77
what about switching on / off an 220 Volt 2 kW AC Induction motor ? is there any example schematic or can anyone suggest, how to controll a motor with a pic ?
Sabri, Try this link It contains info on pic-based single phase motor controller.
I had a similar problem with a pic driving a relay. It produced a spike in the Unregulated side of the power supply. That sneaked into the regulated +5 to the pic. I cured it by adding a small series resistor and a couple of capacitors to gnd. (.1uF and 10uF in parallel). To filter the relay supply.
Hi, try looking for application notes at the Microchip website. The notes normally include application explanation and pic code.
Hi, Can pic 16F877 drive 3KW AC Motor? If not, What series of pic is most suitable? Need a driver IC(as LM298N)? Zaw
pic outputs are probably ~5mA DC, 50mA peak current and this will be pretty weak for a power MOSFET's Cgate, resulting in slow transitions and some excess pulsed power dissipation in the FET, a low max switching rate and so on. An option might be a solid state relay (optically isolated power MOSFET) if you do not need high speed and can fi
The circuit will not work properly. Reasons: 1. To turn the relay on, the base of the transistor has to be lifted to a voltage equal to the relay coil voltage added to Vbe of the transistor. The pic can only produce a maximum output voltage of 5V so the relay coil would have to be rated no higher than 4.4V. 2. For a relay with contacts rat
Hi I need some help, I want to transform, in my circuit, a double inverter relay (too big), in an electronic control. The only way I've found, is 4 triacs (one in each wire the relay was commuting) with their trigger controlled by a microcontroller. The circuit is driven by a reaction of an accelerometer which inform the chip (with an impulsion)
I want to make a dimmer cum fan regulator circuit. For driving AC load (incandescent bulb and FAN) TRIAC gate firing signal generation will be through pic microcontroller and it is almost complete. Now I need to design the load driver part. Generally TRIAC is used to drive the load. I also want to use it. For isolation I saw uses of MOC30xx (...)
Folks, I?d like to drive an H-bridge with 60Hz square waves with large dead time. This is for a DC to AC wonder. As long as pic's clock is no faster than 13.1Mhz, it should be possible to generate such slow waveform with ECCP. Right :?: Of course
i need help to write a program to generate sine wave (pic 18f452)c language
How can I control two AC fan (220VAC50Hz) using pic microcontroller without external PS? I mean I don't wanna use any transformer to drive the circuit. Also the circuit must be small. Need ideas.
Hi, Think you are using Mikroe C, there should be plenty of examples /tutorials around on PWM. The 877A has an inbuilt hardware pwm module so its easy enough to initiate. To contol the motor you have two common ways of controlling it, a single transistor to drive the motor, using another pic output to turn a double pole relay on /off to chan
Is there any one who can help me out...??? What kind help do you need to write the code for you? You need start learn power electronics, pic programming and control systems. Control System Design Guide, Fourth Edition: Using Your Computer to Understand and Diagnose Feedback Controllers George Ellis
I saw an circuit with a pic controlling a 12 volt DC relay...a transistor for switching purpose and a protecting dude is . The transistor must be in constant on/off to make a coil of relay generates a electromagnetic field, for relay operate ( switch funtion) ???? something like PWM???, or the relay is ON when transistor is in ON
You need to tonvert the ttl levels from the micro to the 12V for the PC that's why a Max232 is needed, but you could use this circuit and do away with the Max232
i think this one is good
hai I am using an optocoupler 4N35 for output AC voltage comparison for a UPS using pic16F72, Opto LED is driven directly from AC with a bridge and a dropping resistor and a filter capacitor. The transistor side of Opto is driven from 5 volts with a 5k trimpot to gnd. The center of trimpot to ADC input of (...)
I am building a pic based heat controller which switches at the zero crossing points of the a.c mains. I have an mc3041 triac driver with an inbuilt zero cross detector, so is it neccessary for me to use a seperate external zero crossing detector.
you can use a transformer to step down to 5V use a diode to rectify and a capacitor. when the pic measures the capacitor voltage, when it detects 5V 100VaC is on line
Hi, I need a cable tester to check integrity of a cable with 25 conductors or less with up to 10m long. This tester must identify short circuit between any conductor or opened conductors. It can use discrete, pic, AVR or even mixed. Regards, Fernando
Hi colleagues, I am a beginner in pic programming. I would like to program in C for pic 16F84 to control the stepper motor. I want to try from very simple. Please what books or references ? Thanks in advance.
Hi, I send message before with explain my problem. I whill try again, I use 4 digit countdown timer with pic 16f84a. The output is reley. I control heating element who work on 220v ac. I need heating only untill countdown. The reley must be OFF before and after countdown. In my case when timer countdown 0000 reley going to OFF. This is OK. But w
Try using a search "how to drive an HD4470 LCD with a pic mcu" or "sample codes for driving an HD44780 LCD with a pic mcu" hopefully you would come across many hits. If you intend to drive 7 segment LEDs run a querry at edaboard, or google and may be you could search microchip or atmel website tons of resources.
Hello, i am using a pic12F629 , I want to drive 2 motors off 2 pins, right now it moves 1 motor for what i have programmed it for, but i was wondering whats the best method of making it more powerful/faster. what would you guys recomend for me to do.
1- what kind of microcorntroller do you use? pic is better in this category 2- you can seperate the analog GND and the digital GND its very important regards
I'm doing a project here at my university and it requires that I control a design of mine using a Solenoid driver with a pic microchip (pulling/pushing a block of wood). Does anybody know of one that they may have used before or one that they would prefer I use? Any help would be very much appreciated!
A lot of manufactures make High Side drivers. Avago ,IR and Fairchild to name but a few. Here are some of Avago?s offerings. There are also photovoltaic drivers such as the VO1263 AND LH1262 these have peak o
A pic with an LCD driver like the 16F917 may be required. LCDs are AC not DC devices.
hi, I'm currently doing a project, which is design a controller to drive the afpm motor with adjustable speed control. Basically, i know that, there are some method to drive the ac motor, such as the IGBT. But the problem is generate the PWM. I'm confusing on this, what is the best to generate PWM 1) Space-vector PWM 2) NI-ELVIS prototype boar
Hi everybody I about to finish building my sine inverter with carrier frequency 2000hz and output voltage 110 v ac using pic 16f877A now my problem is when I switch the N channel CMOS fet H bridge suddenly the circuit becomes very noisy and there is a short circuit on power supply. can anybody help me to overcome this short circuit and reduce the n
check this out
FvM, Thanks for correcting me. Would u please share idea that how to interface it with micro-controller like pic. It has three wires. Regards Dani
Hi, Have looked at your design, but not your code. The circuit is really wrong, R3 is at 10k so it will never turn on the optos led. Your AC circuit is connected to the 0v of the pic - so you do not have any isolation ! If you search on this string, as I have just done, you will find similar circuits in this forum that should show you h
Hi, we plan to use an Ir2113 as a gatedriver for our IGBT. We plan to make an H-bridge using IGBT for our AC motor. We plan to switch the IGBT's on and off such that our 220DC supply will become AC w/ varied frequency. We've already seen the datasheet of IR2113, and followed the circuit that was there for gate drive applications. [url=
Hello, I am trying to do my Senior year project which is a DC to three phase AC inverter. I am trying to achieve that using Gate turn off thyristors(BT-157) and pic16f88 for triggering. The problem is that pic does not output negative voltage which is needed to turn off the GTO thyristors. I tried to use an op-amp(L
Hello friends, I am building at now, a DC-AC sinewave inverter. I'm designing de output stage, H-bridge and LPF (Low Pass Filter), i have some questions abou te LC output filter. My SPWM switching frequency is arround 8kHz (10kHz max) My output sinewave are fundamental frequency 50Hz. How can i design a LPF filter based on L section
Panel CB or fuse (for each of 3 phases used)> Contactor> Load But it does not seem a good match to step up a 5V signal to 12V @9Amp to drive a 500A 600V 3 phase rated contactor just to 240V bulbs.... unless just an academic exercise, when a better solution is 5V signal> {opto-isolator > MOSFET driver} or all in one package > IGBT> 500A load .
pic -CCS SETUP_CCP1(); setup_power_pwm(PWM_CLOCK_DIV_4 | PWM_FREE_RUN | PWM_DEAD_CLOCK_DIV_4,1,10000,1000,0,1,0); set_pwm1_duty(duty); hello dears ... can you elaborate ..further ... because i am also trying to do variable frequency and variable voltage for Single phase 220V motor Speed control, Us
what do you mean by cooler ? heatsink ? , it looks like a small pic ,lcd keypad , what do you need that for ?