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Hello I have a project that required AC motor which is control by using pic16F84.. Can anybody guide me with : a) Idea to connect this two device - pic and AC motor. b) If possible, can anybody to attach a website link that can help me to solve the problem.
As pic deals with 5v so you need to step down your voltage to 5v by using transformer. Use two analog pins for seperate mode (AC and DC). use a formula in the pic in such a way that if you get 5v input at analog pins it shows you 440v. use the higher resolution of adc for accurate readings. hope this would helps you making the theme Best reg
In general to use a transistor as a switch you have to provide to the base about 1/10 to 1/20 of the output current to drive it into saturation, so assuming that you mean 6A output you need at least 300mA current to the base and there is no way that pic can provide that. Alex
While the pic does contain a hardware PWM module, you can not use it to generate PWM signals at frequencies as low as 50 Hz. You can use the pic Timer1 and the compare module for PWM. You can also make use of the interrupt.
this is a IBGT in abb drive ac drive but I can not find datasheets by fully name... 9449194491
If want you to be more careful, use an optocoupler (PS-2501) between the pic and the H-Bridge.
hai. i'm working on a project, speed control of motor by hysteresis current control question is, i want reference current for my hysteresis band. so i'm measuring load current where my load is single phase induction motor of current rating 0.4A. how i have to measure my load current? which sensor i have to use? is their any need to reduc
anyone here can elaborate me about the topic? i wanna know everything about drives...any links is highly appreciated. Regards.
You can use a touch sensor circuit, The circuit uses very low voltage which is safe for use in the bath room. The capacitive sensor use QT100 IC and works under various material. This means that it is possible to waterproof the touch sensor for bathroom use The sensor can be interface d
Yes..pic microcontrollers are vulnerable while working with AC designs. An optocoupler and a filter is recomended to keep EMI's at bay. While AVR's like the AT tiny 13 may also be implimented to work with AC where the microcontroller may bbe directly connected to AC live through a 2M2 resistor to sense the zerocrossing and the gate of the triac may
plz guide me i want to measure ac current using pic microcontroller....does i need electric isolation b/w ac current and pic?? and why??if i a use a zener doid to limit voltage surges.does it serve the purpose
Hi all I like to construct a dimmer to control the intensity of an incandescent bulb using pic16F676. Is it possible to utilise the external interrupt for zero crossing detection and internal interrupt i.e. TMR0 overflow interrupt for firing angle setting in the same code? If so, please post a small piece of code or any link on it. regards,
Here are two threads which have numerous examples of zero-crossing circuits: 50hz clock cycle from ac for timer 0 pic controlling AC loads BigDog
Hi all, All i want to know is what type of relay i am suppose to use to switch a 3-phase motor or an AC input device? What i thaught is to use a solid state relay. Am i right??
pic by itself can drive nothing, or next to nothing .. If, however, pic controls a relay (solid state relay), SCR or Trac, it can drive almost any AC motor .. Examples:
it is possible to control industrial ac servo motor(with drive) using pic microcontroller, servo drive accepts step and direction signals
See history in piclist messages: h t t p://w w pool_77
Ultra cheap design. Use a full wave rectifier to get dc and then a large resistor. If the current from your circuit is characterised you can select the resistor to give you the desired voltage. Be aware of transients! These can and will destroy a pic. A linear regulator off this supply could solve help this. Alternativelty use the above resist
I would wire it to pic oscout and use the builtin oscillator of the pic. Never had a problem using it this way :-) best regards
Sabri, Try this link It contains info on pic-based single phase motor controller.
From the output pin of the pic. Take a 4k7 resistor and feed this into the base of a darlington ( tip110) you can then drive a 500ma load. If the load is inductive protect the collector of the darlington with a diode. Barrybear
hi friends, i'm designing a 3-phase, 440volts, 2hp, ac motor drive using IGBT's (6 of them, IGBT inverter bridge). which diodes should i use to rectify the AC into DC for this application. Thanks, with regards, Amit
Hi, I am a bit stuck on the best way of doing this. I want to build a 0 to 250V AC Voltage monitor circuit to connect to the ADC of a pic chip. I need to be able to monitor both 220vAC and 110vAC and detect if they go over or under voltage so I can program my pic to decide what action to take. Do I use some sort of opto of some other form
Hello and Thanks for your reply.. In microchip's application note 0843a which is pic18F452 based three phase induction motor(AC) driver application a technicque is described briefly and ASM code is also given. But the problem that i am facing is to understand that assambly code and modify it. So i want if some one have C code or Basic code t
Hello all, I want to design a pic based Digital Voltmeter which can measure ac voltage upto 220v. Any circuit ideas then plz tell. regards
Hi, There is an Application note for this on the microchip website, I believe for an pic10F device but this code can be ported to a pic12 or pic16 ! I did look for you guy's: TB094 Dimming AC Incandescent Lamps Using A pic10F200
Hi, If you use a shunt to measure the current you need to power the pic from mains too.. maybe noy a good plan if you never did before. can kill you !. Better use a current transformer, look with google !. This transformer is converting current on one side to a voltage to the other side completely isolated from the mains, and therefor save. You nee
can you help me if one dimmer lamp AC can drive more than one lamp ? how?
If the 250Vac cap in the snubber circuit gets damaged you may have problems with transient overvoltage .. Try to add MOV in parallel with the snubber circuit .. see picture below .. If you don't want to further experiment with DC-Relay<=>AC-Relay<=>Load configuration go for Solid-State-Relay .. Not only it can be driven directly from MCU pin,
any body help me how to make tape transformer 120V steblizer using pic adc ??? how i use adc to for quick response os pic on adc values an AC veriation????
Hi all, I want to design AC drive for Ceiling fan. Is there any idea or drawing. thanx in advance.
Hi All, I know this question has been asked many times on the forum, but I am still not quite understanding what I need to do. All I want to do is to measure AC voltage (220VAC) with a pic. What I am planning to do is use a transformer to being the voltage down to 7 volts, and then use a resistor divided to bring the voltage down to about 500mV
can anyone here please tell me what is this AC drive and how it works?
Hi, Here you have tons of stepper motor examples Pcup
I need to design a circuit to control a AC motor of about 1 hp. Pls provide me with circuit/related theory
drive circuit required for the following ac to dc front end boost converter please post tested circuit... you can find the boost converter in uploaded file specification: input ac 100V output dc 200v control closed loop hysteresis controller
go to Microchip website and search for: "Microchip USB framework", there are many ready made projects for implementing USB mass storage drive using pic microcontroller on various hardware platforms starting from pic18F4550 to pic32.
pic outputs are probably ~5mA DC, 50mA peak current and this will be pretty weak for a power MOSFET's Cgate, resulting in slow transitions and some excess pulsed power dissipation in the FET, a low max switching rate and so on. An option might be a solid state relay (optically isolated power MOSFET) if you do not need high speed and can fi
Check this out:
Hai i'm doing project which Involves controlling AC Motor with ABB ACS550 drive via ModBus Protocol... These Kinna things are New to me and i dont know what are the Registers in ACS550, we have to write to control AC Motor... have any body got experienced with this drive... Please let me know what are the registers i have to write to contr
It's important to understand that a USB link has two distinctly different ends. One is the host end and one is the client end. In the case of the pen drive, it is a client and can only talk to a host. Host can't talk to a host and a client can't talk to a client. The FT245 is a client that typically connects to to a host port in a PC, it is i
Goto (p.5): and have a look at several examples of circuits (no transformer means no isolation) that can be used as an interface between the mains and pic's ADC .. IanP :|
sir i want c sourse code and circuit diagram for bipolar stepper moter using pic 16f84 or 16f72 and using L298 for drive i have 48 steps moter thanks chanakya
can anybody give me advance level dc motor drive schematic diagram with description,i also want advance level ac motor drive proven project with total description venus electronics
Hi every one i need pic 16fxxx based dc 220v to ac 220v 50hz inverter circuit with asm code please tell me some ideas and web site
without transformer i have to drive 50 nos 5050 smd led's
And how about a failing relay? Does it heat up? Catch fire? or simply stay open/closed? The most likely failure mode for the relay is mechanical in nature. Either it fails to close or sticks closed. There are safety requirements for line voltage rated relays that they don't do something catastrophic when they fail.[
Hello,everybody.I want to measure Ac currents and voltages with the following specifications; My circuit & program code specifications; Applied AC voltage 100Vpeak via a 1/20 resistor network attenuator to AN0/pin2 of pic18F452/XTAL;20MHZ. I wrote a program to show 25000Vrms/35355Vpeak,so we have a factor of;250x20x0.707xVadc=3535Vadc.[The
Hello, There is a way of doing a Variable Speed drive for an AC mains motor by simply using a microcontroller and a opto-Triac driver. ...but do you know of a schematic for this? I cannot find anything liek it on the internet. Domestic shower pumps use this technique. There is absolutely no need to have a DC Link.
Looking for ideas/brainstorming. I have TDA1085CG AC Motor Control I.C.s.. Originally intended for washing Machine (the laundry Type). Looking to Control an AC Ducted Fan being powered by an Inverter. A simple TRIAC won't do - I also have a requirement for Remote Control of Motor Speed (Preferably Wireless). How do I get this IC to actually d