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pic hard drive , under drive , ide drive , floppy drive
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it is possible to control industrial ac servo motor(with drive) using pic microcontroller, servo drive accepts step and direction signals
i need help to write a program to generate sine wave (pic 18f452)c language
Folks, I?d like to drive an H-bridge with 60Hz square waves with large dead time. This is for a DC to AC wonder. As long as pic's clock is no faster than 13.1Mhz, it should be possible to generate such slow waveform with ECCP. Right :?: Of course
I want to make a dimmer cum fan regulator circuit. For driving AC load (incandescent bulb and FAN) TRIAC gate firing signal generation will be through pic microcontroller and it is almost complete. Now I need to design the load driver part. Generally TRIAC is used to drive the load. I also want to use it. For isolation I saw uses of MOC30xx (...)
Hi I need some help, I want to transform, in my circuit, a double inverter relay (too big), in an electronic control. The only way I've found, is 4 triacs (one in each wire the relay was commuting) with their trigger controlled by a microcontroller. The circuit is driven by a reaction of an accelerometer which inform the chip (with an impulsion)
A pic with an LCD driver like the 16F917 may be required. LCDs are AC not DC devices.
Hi, Can pic 16F877 drive 3KW AC Motor? If not, What series of pic is most suitable? Need a driver IC(as LM298N)? Zaw