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hi tigyydon visit this link pic Basic projects
I'm looking for a complete description of encoder and decoder (or universal encoder/decoder) for RF remote control. The encoder/decoder I'm looking for, should have 16 data inputs/outputs and 4-12 address inputs. I have found a description of such device on , but it says nothing about how (...)
hello friends, I'm working on a remote control for a garage, could anybody show me any secure encoder/decoder pair to be used? regards, 2000
Hi: Does anyone have the UART to IrDA encoder/decoder code with the HDL (VHDL or Verilog )? If you have the source code , please share with us............ Thanks a lot...........
This user guide provides comprehensive information about the altera Turbo encoder/decoder MegaCore function. And some further analysis on the source codes.
hi, does anyone know about asic for mpeg4 encoder/decoder(not an ip core!)?please share it with me thanks pimr
can someone tell me what speed can be attained if I make 8b/10b encoder/decoder in Spartan3?
Hi, Is there any open source TV encoder/decoder RTL code available?
hi friends if anyone works in LDPC encoder/decoder design . or already implement it can u please share which encoder /decoder algorithm is good fast implement in hardware. thanks regards aravind
hi, everyone ! well...i'm thinking of a system for a project. basically the idea goes like this: for the transmission part; it consists of RF Tx module, encoder and dip switch. the dip switch will set the transmitter address, rite ? this address has to match with the address of the decoder circuit at the Rx. at the Rx, it will receive the
Hi, can anyone provide some books, tutorials or datasheets of IP cores for BCH encoder/decoder ? Thanks in advance.
Anybody can recommend reliable encoder/decoder for FM (HF/VHF) radio data communications? Bode rate up to 9000? The best will be to interface to the existing two way radio through the audio input/output.
Dear all, I need some help This is my first touch in type of project:). I want to set up a CCTV system with 2 input cameras to one TV screen using video control matrix (VCM) multiplexer from philips or Gemini-4 Video encoder-decoder....But I still have problems, there are: 1. In using Philps VCM, I can't program the sequence of input video..
Can anyone show me the 8B10B encoder/decoder source code examples in Verilog? Which implementation architecture is better? Just using the look-up table or the circiuts introduced by the original IBM papers? Thank you!
I have a RF TX/RX module (433MHz, ASK, digital) and want to add encoder and decoder in the circuit. I want to ask which encoder/decoder is easy to use, cheap, and 8 bits. THX:)
I would use picAXE .. cheap, easy to program and gives you a lot of flexibility .. Here is an example: Regards, IanP
I have a pair of RF TX and RX(433Mhz,ASK,digital). I want to implement encoder/decoder by using 8051. I would like to ask for the source code(Assembly code) and the schematic of encoder/decoder by using 8051. THX:)
hi, We are doing a project on wireless messenger. I would like to ask if it is really needed to use an encoder/decoder on your rf module when interfacing it to pic16f84? I'm also using a 4x4 keypad and an lcd interface with this. I would appreciate your help.
Hello I want papers about GSM speech encoder/decoder . also i want a matlab file simulating that . Thanx
Hi all, I need C code and HDL-based (Behavioral) code of Viterbi encoder/decoder. I would appreciate if anyone can upload them here or send me via email. Actually I only want to know their functionality but I hate to read text books to get it. Regards, KH
go in upload section: a topic is there:matlab and c for turbo coding"
IS there any site that have manchester encoder/decoder IC (online buy)?
hi vintujose Chapter 10 in Pong P.Chu book "RTL hardware design using vhdl" contains a manchester encoding circuit vhdl code . u can find the book here on
I want the part number of ICs for HDLC controller(single channel for 100kbps speed) and Manchester encoder/decoder IC,does anyone have it? ---
I need verilog code for manchester encoder/decoder.Please help me.
I want to study the impact of diverse multipath fading over communication channels and how Tubo codes can help to decrease its effects. Can anyone send me or give me the link where can I find a model of PCCC turbo encoder/ decoder for QPSK in simulink or matlab function? Thank you!
Hi Experts, I am in the need of good material for H.624 encoder /decoder materials, if any one have plz provide me. Regards, Kanimozhi.M
Hello. I am trying to control around 10 different switches in different rooms or different circuit boards using RF. I plan to use a system whose block diagram is like the one i posted. For that I will be needing a Tx435 and Rx435 (or Tx315 and Rx315) with 1 encoder and decoder IC. I am looking for your advice as to what frequency would be bett
I recently purchased some TRI coders from thinklabs but I am unable to make them work as they are supposed to. I contacted them and they were of no help. I made the circuit according to the circuit on the data sheet they provided on their website. It would be really helpful if someone who used them perviously could guide me. If that is not p
Hi All, I am working on Huffman encoder/decoder for text compression/Decompression.And here are the things not clear for me. 1.How can I give text input (Whole text once) to the FPGA. 2.When I encode the data the output code length is not fixed and how can I manage this with constant I/O pins of the FPGA. 3.When Encoding the text I have to u
3 GPP umts turbo encoder decoder may i have the simulation results of these turbo encoder decoder ---------- Post added at 17:11 ---------- Previous post was at 17:02 ---------- or any file to get real output for predefined data
hi i am doing a project named implentation of reed solomon encoder and decoder in fpga using verilog.what is the software i should use for synthesis?Quartus or Xilinx?my professor has Altera DE1 board and spartan2.What is better for me?any advice.thanks a lot.
Nandhu015's statement is correct at least for some popular 433 MHz ASK modules, that are offered for usage with Holtek encoders and decoders. They have specifications like "typical data rate 1k maximum data rate 3k" (sunrom STT/STR-433). The other problem is, that these modules are not suited to reliably transmit serial data streams (...)
Hi, I am trying to implement the IR communication technique using a mcp2122 encoder/decoder chip.I am using to MCP2122 chips which works as encoder at one side and a decoder at the other side. My encoder is working fine, but the decoder is not show any data. I also want to know whether (...)
I suggest you read up on the UART/decoder chip you are using for example, the pic24fj256GB110 has a "On-chip hardware encoder/decoder for IrDA" see section 17.7 of I tend to use Microchip's high level libraries to talk via IrDA (e.g. using OBEX object exchange protocol) http
Hi.. i'm new in FPGA altera cyclone iv E I'm working on a final project on reed solomon encoder-decoder (255.239) using vhdl. Do you have an example program for reed solomon encoder-decoder?? because, my project timeline stayed 2 months. please help me.. thank u..
Hi.....i brought an rf transciever with 4-bit encoder/decoder in which we can select the baud rate as well as channel but the problem is i am not getting the recieved signal..........plz someone help me in this............
I need a list of encoder/decoder ICs which have more than 4 Channels. I have a pair of HT12E and HT12D. But they are only 4 channel. I need to make a robot which will need multiple channels. Given that the robot moves, I would need a motor driver. So only 4 channels would mean that the motor driver would run only two motors if I wanted them to run
Hi i've to design a NRZI encoder / decoder system in VHDL. The encoder and decoder will be implemented on 2 different fpgas (tx,rx) I've wrote this for encoder entity NRZI_encoder is Port ( CLK : in STD_LOGIC; D : in STD_LOGIC; Q : out STD_LOGIC); end (...)
please I have a small project witch deals with the infrared encoder / decoder (8 pins) , my problem is that i dont have enough information how each of these work (its description and the role of each pin) . Also i didnt find a well determined and explained datasheet of them. please i need your help as soon as possible cause it is urgent more i
i need pic based fsk modem encoder and decoder projects. any links plz?
Hi, i need to replace a Holtek HT12D and HT12E with a pic 16f676, do you know source code for this ? Thanks Totue
Dear Sir, Iam attempting to transmit data using RF. For that i have to interface pic16f877a with HT640 encoder. Similarly at reception i have to connect with HT648 decoder. Pls provide Circuit for these two sir. Kindly help . :cry:
Hi, I am looking for a pic based RC Transmitter encoder possibly with following qualities, 1-4~5 Channels 2-Mixing 3-Servo revesing No LCD Screens, computer interface etc. just a simple one. Thanks in advance. hadihf
as the topic
Some suggestions in the following post: You can buy (DTMF ICs from Zarlink) online here:
Hi, Can anyone give me more details on 8b/10b encoder decoder circuitry design. Thanks, Gold_kiss
HI, How many tasks your pic have to change? If they are few, you can try a simple communcation implementing something like a encoder decoder. If you nned to change 2 tasks you can set an output 0 or 1 for tasks and read the PIN in second pic.If you need 4 tasks you can use 2 pins, 3 pins for 8 tasks and so on... You (...)
Does anyone has a ADPCM encoder/decoder in VHDL?
I search an encoder and a decoder on a voice band to transmit digital data. I try to use this to transmit encrypted digitized voice trough analog telephone line. Thanks, Cell1.