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hi tigyydon visit this link pic Basic projects
Hi, I am looking for a pic based RC Transmitter encoder possibly with following qualities, 1-4~5 Channels 2-Mixing 3-Servo revesing No LCD Screens, computer interface etc. just a simple one. Thanks in advance. hadihf
Hi, i need to replace a Holtek HT12D and HT12E with a pic 16f676, do you know source code for this ? Thanks Totue
HI, How many tasks your pic have to change? If they are few, you can try a simple communcation implementing something like a encoder decoder. If you nned to change 2 tasks you can set an output 0 or 1 for tasks and read the PIN in second pic.If you need 4 tasks you can use 2 pins, 3 pins for 8 tasks and so on... You (...)
i need pic based fsk modem encoder and decoder projects. any links plz?
Dear Sir, Iam attempting to transmit data using RF. For that i have to interface pic16f877a with HT640 encoder. Similarly at reception i have to connect with HT648 decoder. Pls provide Circuit for these two sir. Kindly help . :cry:
i am looking to build a device that among other things will control a mp3 chip. in the past i have built these and used the winbond isd2590 chips ,and it works great. however i want to up the sound quality. it took me months to write the code to control them and the other devices because im not that good at assembly langauge and cant even begine to
I think that FX614 by CML is the easily mode for make a modem, with a pic you can make an encoder, but if you want a decoder you must make an frontend circuit with operational for amplifier and square the level (FX614 or 604 decode at 50mVpp), for filtering the band. At the end is more complicate and expensive than dedicated chip
Hi All, I am looking for POCSAG decoder AND encoder based on pic processors. I need to know any more about POCSAG protocol. How I can control 10-15 receivers. Any software ? Any ideas ? Thanks, Pioneer_007
hi i have an idea to do pic based DTMF project.if anyone has some ideas ,pls share here,any good links or reference books.
The company that makes the pic microcontrollers also makes transmitters and receivers for short range remote control.
Dear all, Can anyone help me with this small project? I am planning to design a small infrared beacon with a pic microcontroller as the encoder/decoder which works with a IR transceiver, TFDU4100. I want this beacon to be able to work with the PDA by transmitting information from the beacon to the PDA. As I use a pic (...)
You can just use a modified version of a software UART to do the same job, but instead it toggles the TRIS of a hardware PWM pin on a micro controller... Depending on the receiver, upto 1200 baud is no real issue. Not sure what the TRIS is referred too on an AVR, but for a pic it?s the input/output control of a pin
I need help with assembly pic programming to interface a keypad,16X2LCD and wireless transmitter module (TLP434A). Anyone have any ideas?
Can any1 help? I'm looking for a circuit / circuit model picture. It's rotary encoder that detects light with photodiode, then link to 7-segment-decoder or pic. How come the 7-segment-decoder show what photodiode detect? Is't anything between them that make this happen? THANKS!
i have installed MikroC and they say that there is an integrated Manchester code in the libraries (or in the help) but it's not that fast. does anybody have an optimised code example for a rf receiver (for tx it's more simple, right?) paired with a pic 16F877? it would be greatly apreciated, especialy by a beginner like me, who can't write his ow
Is there any way that I won't use microcontroller in doing this project? Yes, there is. You can use a DTMF encoder at the transmitter side and, a DTMF decoder at the receiver side. Now, you have not only the 9 freqiencies you need but also 6 extra frequencies for future improvements. Take a look at the
It is very simple to interface TX RX modules with pic just connect the DATA pin of TX module to TX pin of pic and RX pin in the case of RX mudule. And use the same UART program. You can simplify the program or directly control devices by using decoder/encoder ICs linke HT2D/12E. Any doubts post it........
TASK : i am makin a wireless remote controlled boat using rf module ...... i choose to use dc motors to operate the boat ... i am using reed relays to operate the dc motors since its water environment ... i connect reed relay input terminals to the I/O pins of my pic 16877a dev board ... whenever the relay input terminals gets a high the respect
Hi all, I am new to this forum. Please help me. I am designing pic-pic connection using rf link. I am using pic18F4550. Could u all please comment on the circuit I have attached. I don't know whether the circuit is correct or need some addition. Thank you 53411 Pin 25-->Tx Pin 26-->Rx Pin 13&14-->20MHz Pin 11, 32
hello frnds, i want to send data using a IR from pic microcontroller.. which encoder/decoder is suitable for this application? if im using ht12E/HT12A/ht12D/ HT640/HT648.. what should be the r osc value( oscillator) .. can any one post a working circuit diagram to transmit data.. Thanks in advance....
Here's a link to a similar project I found a while back: Decoding Sony IR protocol with a pic16f628 You can almost always change to interrupt clock scale value to compensate for the increased system clock.
What you describe is a passive binary encoder. The problem with this design, as you have observed, is that it is possible to create wrong numbers by holdng down more than one key at a time. You also need to pull the lines high so they read as '1' until one or more switches is pressed. You can use the internal pull-ups in the pic but it would be wi
Dear All, I have wireless transmitter and receiver. I need to connect the wireless receiver to pic RB1(INT1) pin of pic18F452. When the pic receives the interrupt from wireless receiver, it should do some work, like switch-on the relay,etc. I have used HT12D decoder. I tried to connect the VT (momentary) pin of HT12D to (...)
Dear All, I have connected Wireless Receiver to pic18F452 thro' the VT(Valid Transmission) pin of decoder (HT12D). When I start (Power-on) the Wireless Transmitter the VT pin of decoder also goes high and Light-up the LED which is connected to the pic MCU. But, not always and only sometimes. The VT pin should go high only (...)
i want to make a universal IR remote decoder with all parameter show on 16*2 LCD based on pic micro .
For high speed decoding, you preferably use a pic with built-in quadrature decoder. Your code is decoding the overrun condition CUR ^ PRE == INV, but ignoring it. The code seems to miss up/down decoding. It should be implemented even for unidirectional operation to achieve correct counting with bouncing or or unclear level input signals. You
If you can write code then it won't be hard to grab keyboard presses and produce the correct length of tones and silences, in sequence, for each character. Or else I imagine there's more than one such program available in the radio hobbyist community. Doing the reverse is the hard part. I made a morse to English decoder using my VIC-20
pic Basic projects can you please tell me any other way of making a wireless remote controlled robot without using microcontroller?? thanks
hello...! I'm working with pic16f877a to build Six legged of robotic, so I want to control it with RF remote control using Tx & Rx modules 434 MHz with RF800 encoder & decoder. here I'm going to use DC motor and Stepper motor and L293D drivers _each leg has two Angle, it means stepper motor to move the leg in two directions and DC motor (...)
There is my code for encoder on pic16 (hi-tech picc) thats on a russian, but you can use google translate.
AA i want to interface the RX module RX706 with pic16f877a and i have the following questions 1- will i use HT12D chip to decode the received data before going to pic, if so what about interfacing and methods 2- could i interface the RX module directly to the pic ? 3- if any one use this module before , any comments about (...)
i want to use pic 676 as PT2272-m4 (remote cotrol decoder). i just want to decode the code comes from PT2262 RF remote encoder. Can any body help me? Thanks in advance
Hi, where i can find a valid and simple RDS decoder and encoder pic based project ? 8O
Of course, you can do that like standalone circuit with or without mcu. Use any of above 3-pin ICs and connect them like on schematic and pass to mcu input pin or to base of some transistor. Example with mcu (12c508 or 12c509) link: You can do this with any mcu (pic,AVR,...) Example with standar
Hi, Did you check this old post = t
is it posible? I want to transfer data on the same line with power of pic. is there anybody that know anything about this?
This is the GENERAL CONCEPT of a simple project. The concept of this simple project is to extend a switch using a long range transmitter onto a receiver..The transmitter will have switches with 4 different codes (in every switch for it will not affect the other switches) in it (maybe i'll be using a pic) then in the receiver are also 4 output. E
Check out this site: It presents several examples of remote controllers based on pics .. Regards, IanP This is a general purpose remote control project with using programmable pic microcontrollers. Schematics are shown for using infrared (RF) or radio (RF) media. If you are not familiar with micro
Hi Search CC {Circuit cellar} site thay use to have DAS algorithm for pic micro controller You can adapt it to work on arm All the best Bobi
u will get good code on this site but it is for pic and using this code u can eliminate use of encoders and decoders
you may also use ATRF(Atmel) or RFpic(pic) micros for wireless communication
Hi... I want to send a sine wave to PC using wireless communication.. im using RF serial communication with pic.... but im getting very noise in communication... to avoid noise i used HT640 encoder n Ht648L decoder... Nw im getting nose free data but im missing sm datas n takes more time to receive.. hw can i avoide these problem ... is (...)
If by 'telephone chip' you mean a GSM module, you may want to take a look at components such as GM862 and Nokia 12i. Using a small micro (pic, AVR, whatever) and a level shifter (MAX232) you will be able to interface it to your computer through the serial port. Hope this helps...
The WZ-X01 and WZ-R01 are the transmitter and receiver respectfully. The HT-12E and HT12D are the encoder and decoder respectfully. The encoder and decoder take the raw data and encode/decode the data to ensure error free transmission which is then sent to and received from the TX/RX. The TX/RX "mixes" and "demixes" the data (...)
hi friends first the ICs of encoder and decoder does't exist in my country so; i have to use pic in RF remote control also the robot
You can have a look at the TWS-434A transmitter and RWS-434 receiver all controlled by the pic. You can also use the Holtek HT-12E 4-Bit encoder IC and Holtek HT-12D 4-Bit decoder IC to send and receive and just have the uC oversee it. Have a look at this site:
What kind of data do you want to send?If it is 1 to 4 bits of data you can use HT12E Ic connected to your pic microcontroller and the connecting RF module to the the encoder IC.Use Haltech decoder IC at the receiver side.When you are using haltech encoder and decoder you will et at the receiver what exactly (...)
Hii thank you for reply. Can anybody knows how to interface ST 3659 RC 5 decoder to pic 16F887 and HT 12E encoder interfaces to pic 12F629 based IR transmitter ??? Can aybody replied asap much appriciated ???