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counter-app with 16c5x: 7-seg app-note: Can't believe it is so hard to browse a website (o; Though it's not for the exact MCU as you want...bus since you are an experienced pic guy it won't be hard to adapt it (
Hi, someone have developped a picbasic program for frequency counter pic based?
pic16F628 is not recommended by Microchip for new project. As a drop-in replacement the suggest pic16F628A .. so code for 628 is good for 628A .. Regards, IanP
hi guys, i am considering to design a frequency counter using atmega8, i want to use asynchronous operation of timer/counter2. frequency counter developed by pic asynchronous timer is ther.... but i want to make it with atmega8..... need some suggestion.. (...)
i did lots of work on frequency meter from silicon chip , did not succeed. i am looking for another small but good working frequency meter using pic16F84A and LCD. last time i saw the ckt of such kind with 0.8vpp sensitivity , i am not exacty remember web add of it but everything is given on that web page , and the pcb size of that (...)
I did something similar but with a pic so not much use to you, the system also displayed road speed, oil pressure, oil temp, gear shift position, voltage etc, wasnt so hard to do, fairly basic stuff for a microc these days.
Here you Software 999MHz with 1kHz resolution (the hex files are Software
Hi, Here you'll find a nice implementation of a pic frequency counter in mikroc :
Maybe code part of mine non-pic, zero parts, 50 MHz (at least), freq meter can help you.
Try this one, it uses a pic, it is very accurate and simple. I had built it and works are also some other projects on the above page.
Best option is search on google. Find out some sample code with ur pic microcontroller. Regards Chanchal Chauhan
hiz. i have not much code skill. im using pic16F877A after reading many codes, i make a code of CAPTURE module to calculate the frequency. my code is giving me some value regarding the frequency (having direct result from Capture Low and High register CCPR1H and CCPR1L). (...)
You may use some of the projects available on the internet: The 2002 DFD Updated LCD frequency counter using pic16F84 :: HamRadioIndia pic 16F84 50MHz frequency counter
Hello I have found this project for a frequency counter Since it has many pins not used and since space is limited, I would like to port the code to another pic. As far as I can see from the datasheet
hello, To catch the information send to the LCD is a hard way.. because mode 4bits , but not impossible.. You can test in Win Xp environment to use VB6 + inpout32.dll see i don't know if the speed will be enough... because using a dll is not the fastest way.. best is 100% asm !!! so if
any one kno how to calibrate properly the internel oscillator of pic12f629 ? the factory defined calibration is not correct as far i have concerned
try this
Hi, I suppose this is a fairly simple question, but... I'm trying to write software for 3 PWM outputs on a pic, with a frequency of roughly 100=200Hz. Its for controlling the brightness of LEDs, a red, green, and blue. (Don't have an RGB led, but I'm using tiny 0403 chips close together, its as good as). I'm using the pic16F628A (...)
Hi, I recently came across a schematic in PCS's schematic vault named "digital guitar tuner". The code included was written for an Atmel 2323 chip. Now heres the thing: I want to use the same idea for a pic16f877a chip so I have tried to change all the instructions to suit a pic orientated program! am I mad? I used the hex file from a (...)
Hai If you are for frequency counter .. here are some . picstudent
This is a rarther basic and easy thing to do. Don't forget switch debouncing, though you may prefer to do that in hardware. You have to choose a time period below above which you start repeatedly incrementing your number. You can do timing in two ways a) by having the pic execute a loop that takes a suitable amount of time, somthing equ
Hi! I want to build a pic controlled dimmer. I need to sinhronize pic microcontroller to AC power line. I measure the period with timer1 in the external interrupt subrutine. The problem is that the bulb still blinging sometimes. How to eliminate this? Thanks
Can someone convert this code to suite into pic12F675? ;Project: Siren Sound List P = 16F84 #include __CONFIG 1Bh ;_CP_OFF & _PWRTE_ON & _WDT_OFF & _RC_OSC ORG 0 ;This is the start of memory for the program. Setup BSF 03,5 ;Go to Bank 1 CLRF 06 ;Make all port B output BCF 03,5 ;Go to Bank 0 - the program memory a
If you're using a mid-range pic (such as a pic16F8XX or similar) you can utilize the External interrupt (PORTB<0>) and a Timer interrupt (Easiest with MCUs that have CCP and a 16-bit Timer module) In a nutshell, you will count the number of times an external interrupt occurs until the number of CCP (or Timer0 overflow) interrupts amounts to one
I want to build multimeter which can measure V,I,R,C etc.I hope to use pic,ADC...But i have nt clear idea about how Current is measured ,how maintain autoranges..please give me some ideas,directions to do this project.
Hi there, Is that possible to generate 50Hz PWM frequency with using 20MHz external crystal ? From what I heard, with 20Mhz crystal frequency it couldn't create such low PWM frequency, it that correct ? Is the any other method to create PWM 50Hz by using 20MHz external crystal? Below is my current coding basically I'm using timer0 (...)
Hi, This tutorial might help pic Tutorial* Five - Infrared Communication Also think you mentioned earlier about a frequency counter - this is another good linkfrequency counter with pic and 4- to 5-digit LED display
which the required length input from the customer is taken and that input must be displayed on the LCD and also it should be given in the microcontroller for future calculation... frequency counter using AT89C2051 and LCD (Assembly) : 8
Bit 6 in T1CON, T1RUN, is a read-only status bit. You can't write to it. ---------- Post added at 23:41 ---------- Previous post was at 23:32 ---------- Further... T1RUN is set only when the pic is using the Timer1 Oscillator (external 32.76KHz source) as the whole system clock, in some sort of po
i wrote this code and i want you to help me if there somehting wrong in it include "" org 0x00 goto Initialize T0_delay: movlw 0x28;0x21 banksel TRISC movwf OPTION_REG banksel TMR0 ;movlw 0x6a ;movwf TMR0 clrf TMR0 banksel INTCON chIF:btfss INTCON,2 goto chIF return display: call Table ban
Can someone convert the codes from 16f to 18f ? I will use these 'frequency counter' codes in my pic18F452. i will be very grateful 90875 //--------------------------------------------- // frequency counter // // Y.Erol (...)
hello everyone! I am trying to find the frequency of incoming signal ( lab power supply properly transformed to small value) to my pic. I used Zero Cross Detection ckt in such a way that at every zero cross detected point I get high pulse and low pulse elsewhere. Can anyone provide me required c code for such operation. I am using (...)
You could use the pics PWM output, set to 50% at 125kHz If teh 125kHz needs to be accurate your pic will need a crystal controlled clock. code will be something like this snip used on a pic18F4525. ;set up PWM on CCP1 for PSU sync generator & turn it ON bcf TRISC, 2 ;set RC2 as output bsf T2CON, TMR2ON (...)
or how about a pic code w/c multiplies its pulse input by 60??
I don't know about the pic but generally it can be like this. 1. Based on desired frequency (fo) decide the counter/Timer clock(fc) and Timer overflow rate(ft). ft = fc/MAX(timer value) 2. Make a table of the "PWM duty cycles" for the desired frequency. the number of entries in the Table will be n = ft/fo 3. Enable (...)
thanks for your reply friend but i am not having idea about pic controllers. can we interface HS1101 to AT89s52 in same way as you have interfaced to pic? Ok. I can give you the idea only as I dont have ready code. Step 1: Develop a circuit using 8051 to calculate frequency of a signal. As we all k
The program generates a "1 second interrupt" if the pic is running at 8MHz. Maybe you have not set the pic clock frequency as 8MHz in Proteus. If you haven't, set the pic clock frequency as 8MHz.
//Project: GSM Modem Lesson //Programmer: Shahrulnizam Mat Rejab //pic: pic16F877A, pic16F887, pic18F4550 //Crystal frequency: 20MHz //Compiler: HI-TECH C for pic10/12/16 V9.83, pic18 V9.65 //Last Modified: 8 August 2012 //Website: #define UART #define (...)