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pickit2 can certainly program a 12F683, I use them all the time. Brian.
hello everyone I am trying to measure frequency using pic16f886. I am using simple comparator for Sine wave to square wave conversion. And I have attached the input of comparator with RA4/T0CLK to use Timer0 as a counter.I have also copied code for it but my LCD displays counts from 0-9 and then again roll overs to 0 and (...)
Maybe code part of mine non-pic, zero parts, 50 MHz (at least), freq meter can help you.
Hello I have found this project for a frequency counter Since it has many pins not used and since space is limited, I would like to port the code to another pic. As far as I can see from the datasheet
i did lots of work on frequency meter from silicon chip , did not succeed. i am looking for another small but good working frequency meter using pic16F84A and LCD. last time i saw the ckt of such kind with 0.8vpp sensitivity , i am not exacty remember web add of it but everything is given on that web page , and the pcb size of that (...)
Hi, someone have developped a picbasic program for frequency counter pic based?