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pretty sure it will never work. try an icd 2 or 3 programmer via usb a jdm is way too old for a pic18 good luck.
hi , i am making olimex pg2 and pic pgm . i made the circuit on breadboard and it was working good . now i am making the pcb and something isnt right . i have attached my eagle files . i am using (enable test) feature of pic pgm and here is what i see initially vdd voltage is around 3 v when i
Hello Everyone ! this pic has normally 3.3v VDD supply. so i have not connected ICSP +5V to VDD.(Left +5V wire open.). Also this pic doesn't define pgm pin so i also left it open. I have used 100 Ohm resistor in series on PGD between programmer and Microcontroller.22pF capacitors are attached between PGD and G
Hi, It looks so much like a pickit2 clone, though its hard to know if its programmed with Microchips software. I would connect it up to your PC and see if its recognised in MPlab, programmer drop down menu. You do not have to connect up a target chip, just plug it into the usb port and select 'programmer - PK2' If it sees it ok (...)
i have top2005+ programmer . i do no how to use it for pic, i have program pic with simple led flashing pgm but it dosent work could any one help me to program pic with top2005+ programmer
Hi, I you don't have a hardware or cable problem, (probably you not because programmer work with 16f84, you say) you have problem with capability of you'r COM port, olimex pg1 and pg2 use power from COM port, I have experiences with similar problem, on one PC work fine but on another's PC not work, specialy not work on LapTop PC, try you'r pro
can anyone provide me engkish version of ae picpgm-2 programmer software. i found japanese version only
hi everybody i am searching for pic 16f872 programmer schematic :D cause it costs about 150$ if i want to buy it, so i decided to do it by my self but to do that i need ur help thank u
I can't program the 16f819 pic microntroller, I'm using propic II programmer and IC-Prog 1.05c software. Anybody knows the solution to the problem. Thanks in advance