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If you don't have experience in pic programming ,lets start with the MIKROC and proteus software. It is very easy to start because Mikro c wil give you a very simple library but don't forget to read the datasheet. Zigbee module is nothing but the same uart communication. You just need to send data through serial port, the module will (...)
Hi; First of all: - both IC you are using (HC595 and HC164) are serial-to-parallel converters but only for outputs. For parallel-to-serial converting (ie for inputs) have to use for example a CD4021 like in my old project. See the picture and the attached proteus simulation. Its program was written in mikroC (not in CCS C) (...)
I need to dial mobile phone from pic micro controller (Flowcode). I made simple Flowcode program and try to execute by R232 connection. But no luck. Here with I have attached the program and the pic module made by me ( For testing needs). Please make correct me if I made any mistake for this and help me to get this done. Notes > LCD shows "Ke
Hello friends, I am sharing a code for driving 16x2 Lcd. The MCU Uses only two pins for LCD. Full code, Hex file and proteus simulation are attached. I got it from internet but i made small changes for better operation. CD4094 Shift register will plays the main roll..Hope it will help you...:-)
Hi I am planning to send some data from pic to matlab and plot the same accordingly.pic code was working fine.I simulated it on proteus and found that the data is sending correctly.But the issue was with gives the following error "a timeout occured before the terminator has reached" how to fix the problem % serial (...)
plz any provide me simple basic Assembly code for pic16f877a for serial communcation or here it is my code ,,point the problem inthis code.... when i load it to proteus ,after connecting virtual terminal with pic ,,virtual terminal is showing some curious code and always repeating..although i program for sending characte
can anyone tell me that why my circuit not giving correct output. my proteus circuit 98642 my virtual terminal output 98643 my mikro c code void newline() { UART1_Write(13); // Carriage Return UART1_Write(10); // Line Feed } void main() { do { UART1_Init(9600);
This project was not working. Fixed project is
I'm using proteus to simulate a simple communication between pic16F877A and a serial Port. I Installed VSPE, I created 2 Virtual Ports COM2 and COM3, I picked "pair" in VSPE so that COM2 and COM3 are connected together. In proteus I added the pic and the COMPIM, I edited the properties (...)
I don't know if proteus(version 7.2) have gsm module in their library . You have to connect it to the physical serial port of the PC using MAX232 IC. You can connect your pic to a serial port model in proteus which allows you to communicate with the device on physical serial port of PC.
I'm using proteus's ISIS schematic capture to simulate a pic16F84 and a AD5206 digital potentiometer. The problem is that the virtual instruments don't have anything for measuring resistors and I'm not sure how to check if the serial data I send from the pic is working fine on the AD5206 chip. Do you know any ohmmeter or (...)
i m doing my GPS tracking Project. and stuck in the $GPRMC string filtering as the GPS M-89 HOLUX (UART)serial transmit number of strings so our focus is on filtering gprmc string. we are using pic 16f877A , so for testing i use two virtal terminal same 9600bps, attached the tx of first virtual terminal to rx of controller, and attached rx of se
i have a working GUI in C#, and a working pic code for 16f877A, using serial port. Works also with hyperterminal. In can call back send text and can control 2 LED. In proteus, it works nicely.for proteus, i used the virtual serial port (COM1 and COM2). I tested it by shortening out the pin 2 and 3 of the USB (...)
As I know, you can't simulate matlab code in proteus. without a pic, you can only simulate by connecting transmit and receive ports together on your PCs serial port. then you can see whether your GUI sends and receives messages.
Hi, I'm currently using labview to receive data sent from the microcontroller pic18f452. I'm using visa to receive data from the pic. But the problem is the read result always zero!! I'm use a virtual serial port to interface proteus with labview.. Also i connect the RS-232 in proteus to a virtual (...)
Dear Ali; This is irshad Baig from Karachi . I m glad to hear you also from KHI. Can you tell me on my cell no what problem you are facing in serial of pic. my cell no is 03218271102
Hi everybody, I am working in project which aim to control 80 device through serial port. First ,I made a simulation by proteus and virtual port Second, I used Micro C for pic programming Third, C# 2008 for computer interface The simulation Succeeded but when i try to apply it on 8 devices in reality its failed ( LEDs open randomize) (...)
When I simulate the following code with pic simulator IDE , it works well . However when I simulate it with "proteus" , using virtual terminal , I get lot of zeros. Can anyone pls tell me why it's so? void main() { UART1_init(9600); // initialize USART module // (8 bit, 9600 baud rate, no parity bit... while (1) { UART1_Write
First Download Virtual serial Port Driver(VSPD) From For Connecting VSPD to proteus.. use COMPIM component in proteus connected to RX,TX in pic... Goto Edit properties option of COMPIM and Select Physical port you are connecting to and Virtual port u like to connect... if u have further Doubts send ur (...)
Dear All Hi! I am new on pic controller and currently i am using following software :arrow: mikroC, mikroElektronika C compiler for Microchip pic microcontrollers Version: The problem i have faced is that my code works good with proteus, I have attached my code & (...)
Look here also about serial communication of pic microcontroller and PC
the COMPIM model of proteus has a sort of "built-in MAX232" in it. in the simulation, you can already removed that max232 (level converter) and directly connect the COMPIM to the pic's pins..
I have this program which i want to modify to control LED and reset the pic via USART and VB6. i added some modifcation to allow LED on when it receive any data from USART. The code display text to an LCD. simulated this in proteus and i used virtual serial port driver. I need help to detect command or text output from keyboard to control (...)
All project, based around pic microcontroller, i am working in proteus VSM using COMPIM for connection with external hardware. The last one was SMS control device. For watching data transmit and recive trought COM port you could use proteus peripheral model virtual terminal or some program for monitoring (...)
Where to find a nice development board for pic 16F8XX (schematics + pcb) with LCD module 4 x 4 matrix keyboard 8 Led RS232 interface IIC serial EEPROM interface bootloader supported regard