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Hi sangeo, the pic IO-extender offers 16 IOs per package and three can operate on the I2C or spi bus( ). If you use the 8 bit wide 74HC165 you need to decode the I2C/spi bus and select the in series connected six HC165. Than 6x8 bit cloc
How is the DDS connected to the pic? I wire mine through the spi bus. You would then send the 5 bytes using the spi module.
hey guys , i want to control 3 devices and send them the same data in the same time , the devices may or maynot reply. (can be enabled or disabled ) what i am sending is just a string every 1ms . can i connect the three devices to the same UART port ?? if not why ? and what if the devices are only receiving and the main controller is sending .
You can change the pic18F2550 operation from bus powered to self powered.
If nobody posts more detailed help "pic spi Bootloader" would be the keywords to search.
Hi, 1. As Arun mentioned no microcontroller will come with built-in Bluetooth support. Search for Bluetooth modules that will have spi/I2C/UART/Parallel bus digital interface. And appropriately select the pic that can handle any of these interfaces. 2. Why 5V AC ? please be aware thaty you cannot power any of these devices using an AC (...)
Hi, In most schemes on spi I've seen no resistors at all are present. I've been thinking about this and made these observations. Please tell me what you think. 1 / When sharing 2 slaves on one spi bus with a pic being master, during the pic reset stage its CS* outputs are still tri-stated. Noise could (...)
I want to interface 2 pic microcontroller...plz suggest ways using a spi and also using a CAN bus protocol...send me if u have C source code for it...
Hi, Something like this one from SparkFun should do. Usart compatible so data flow could not be easier, you need to be aware of what Class / transmission distance you want and that many of them run at 3v3 so you may need a level shifter if using a
I assume you don't wish to use the built in spi interface of the pic? To use GPIO pins there is some example C code for bit banging spi see Serial Peripheral Interface bus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
is it possible to connect micro sd memory card directly to pic16f877a ? Can i play mp3 or amr or wav using this ? If any one have some information about this ,pls help me. ---------- Post added at 15:50 ---------- Previous post was at 15:45 ---------- and also,I would like to know how to store and take da
One way is to use a spi/parallel port to UART converter if the pic microcontoller has a port free. Else you could use any multiplexer or bus switch that operates at least UART speeds, which is in KHz. As of my Knowledge there are a lot of such devices in the market. The output of the mux/ bus switch would be enabled by the (...)
i m using pic16F877.. i would like to use 25 analog device as input signal, so i choose to use four pic to control it(one pic can control 8 analog input).. the four pic will send a command to LCD when either one of the analog device give input value.. the problem is how should i do in order to let four (...)
Hi If you are planning a commercial project and plan to use pic as host you can get the TCPIP code for free from microchip. Other wise search google and you will find some site whom you can down load the tcpip code All the best Bobi
Dear Friends, I have to design a ADC and DAC on the same card. This card uses spi bus to communicate a pic on the another card. Do you suggest any document that I shall pay attention and learn how to design this card? I search some ADC and DAC chips, but which elements should be on the card apart from the chips? I need some documents. (...)
I am afraid you can not extend the code memory of a pic 16F877. You could for example if you have lots of strings in your program put these strings in an external eeprom which can be acessed via I2C or spi bus. You would have to get the string whenever it is required from external EEPROM. I have no idea if your application allows this. (...)
I have problems with MCP 2510 spi interface. I am using this IC to communicate with pic by a spi. If anyone have some routines in C or C++, to use this IC..plz Help me
Should Use : PonyProg free Windows95, 98, 2000 & NT Intel Linux supports I?C bus Microwire spi eeprom Atmel AVR Microchip pic its purpose is reading and writing every serial device go'n C for further informlati