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How to interface labview with microcontroller via rs232 ?
Hi, This link will help you chose the right pic for your choise. Chose one of the pic16Fxxx series and not the pic16Cxxx. The C are ole type and will cost more then the F type. Also, I would use the pic16F88 for your applicattion. Its very similer to the 876 but smal
hi it's possible crate a excel report and chart with labview 7.1? tanks in advance
hi do any one has any idea how to log data from a pic micro via serial port?
Hello Who can help me to work with labview in a real-time job? I'm looking forward to hearing...
we had a long discussion about this matter here: best regards
Hello, i'm working in a project using a pic microcontroller with a laipac RF900DV transceiver. This transceiver has two diferent modules for a full duplex comunication. A base unit an a remote unit. The problem is that the data output and data input of the modules is 1Vpp and the pic works with ttl levels. For the data (...)
fnovoac, I make some routines to controlling keyboard AT They are run on pic18Fxxx, because my application need it, but the AT keyboard can run on 16F627 similar to pic16F84. Luck!!
hi..i begin to learn to program pic with c..iwant to do thermo and clock /data control with rtc.and iwant to do with lcd.but i dont have time.. i just have a mounth..can you help me..i wait your help..
Hi, I was wondering about erasing a pic that was programmed with the code protect enabled. I don't want to read the code, I was just thinking that if I accidentally enabled code protect, could I reprogram the chip? I found these two documents on the microchip website that show you can erase a flash pic where the code protection was (...)
can anyone tell me how to write a code which can let pic can communicate with VB then display data in microsoft Excel??thank
We Ask advice, in choice home alarm system 1or2 zone on pic with use DALLAS key (DS1990)
Hello, Im working on a project and I am now stuck....... I am using a pariallel in/ serial out shift register going to a pic ( 16F84 ) then to a serial in/ pariallel out shift register..... What I need to do is read the 8 inputs and output the corrosponding output with a 1sec pulse each time the input goes high or low.... I know I can use a pi
Hi, You need MAX 6674 or MAX 6675 K type thermocouple to digital converter and an interface mcu like pic family whatever. You can find detailed pdf in Analyzer
i got a source code ccs which is for my project ... i never learn ccs before, so i would like to ask how to install the program to the microcontroller pic?? is it the same for both .asm file between the mplab and ccs
how can interface with parallel port in ecp mode by labview. i am newbi and any information about this matter is usefull.
Hi, Can anyone please explain the following. I have a pic with integrated USB running at 3.3V. If I want to connect to the USB port on a PC how do I go about this. In the datasheet of the pic it states that the USB is 3.3V however I measured the output from the PC's port and the voltage lines read 5V. The device does NOT have to be (...)
Hi, I made led display for runing text with pic 877. The text I input to the pic directly with programming. But, now I need help, how can I put text to the pic with keebord AT or ps/2. Please if anybody have example or sugestion, please help me, regards
"HOT! Tony Nixons Pocket Programmer. The Pocket Programmer is a stand alone serial programmer that can program most of the picmicro?MCU range of microprocessors. (12C6xx, 16Cxxx, 16Fxxx, 18Cxxx) It works from a single 18VDC supply or with 2 X 9 volt batteries. Combine this with 64K of on board EEPROM which can store upto 32 HEX files and you (...)
I use solderless breadboards with pics, no problem. Put a .1uF across the pic, nearest holes to the pic power pins. You don't need a fancy power supply. Any moderate qualtity supply should be fine. I use 7805 with only a .1uf cap and no 10uF.
Hi, I need help about this hardware solution, I use two pic micro (16f628). One of them is allways in ON condition. I need switch ON/OFF power supply on second pic with output signal from the first pic. (this pic work from time to time, depends of condition on first pic). Please anybody (...)
Hi all , any one has experince in Keithley daq... I have question , I am using keithley card 3100 with labview ,, I am trying to interface oscillscope with the labview and draw sin wave in the oscillscope I got erroe message : driverlinx invaild subsystem Plz help me
hi every one this is the first time for me with pic ( a pic with 8 bit will be very suitable) , so i donot know where to start from can u guide me thank u Hello, In my opinion, the better way is first of all program it in assembler, in order to know the uC operation. Then you can begin with C. (...)
actually my final year project using labview software, until i cannot communicate with the labview and my webcam hope any body help
pic12F508 is popular, and it fits your requirements, except it doesn?t have EEPROM. pic12F629 / 635 / 675 / 683 do have EEPROM. I think, they are relatively new.
I need to multiplex 16 LEDS with a pic, how can i make the hardware to do that?. I need to see the 16's leds without flicking.
i m using pic16F877.. i would like to use 25 analog device as input signal, so i choose to use four pic to control it(one pic can control 8 analog input).. the four pic will send a command to LCD when either one of the analog device give input value.. the problem is how should i do in order to let four (...)
One way: i think you can use one single pic to contral the LCD. it means that you should use 5 pic. Use 485 or can bus conmunicate with others.
Please can anyone give me example asm code for interfacing pic 16f877 with max6953.Also suggestion how to interface more than two max6953
please , I need help Any body show me how to interface pic microcontroller with PC using USART.
Dear members, I'm currently trying to get the TI TLC5940 chip to work. This is a project which consist of controlling 16 leds with independent pwm applied to each so I can apply many effects without using multiplexing. This project is purely non-commercial. I'm not asking to do the project , but i really need help on this particular chi
i want send a serial data from pic to labview, in my pic program consists of temperature and humidity data, the pic will send humidity value and continue with temperature value to my labview, the problem is how can i handle this two data and show it on two different string indicator in (...)
i had create a VI to read a serial data and write into a spreadsheet, the problem is data is not write into the spreadsheet, it is only replace the previous value in the spreadsheet. how can i correct it? thanks
Hi- I'm using Hyperterminal with Windows XP to communicate with a pic. It works fine. I do the same thing (in theory) with labview, and the LV program hangs...sometimes communicating and sometimes not. Any ideas? Also- is there a way to use the F keys to send strings with the (...)
I think this is exactly what you need :)
To check the gain, the tester needs to be able to measure the ratio of collector to emitter currents. This will need a pic with ADC built in. The other Transistor tester discussed in this forum does not have this, besides, it tests for FETs too. My advise would be to study that schematic for ideas and then modify it for measuring the collecto
i have programmed pic with mikroc blink led example and it worked fine once but now all pic ports 5v even mclr i bought another and still does the same thing :(( any help plz Added after 2 hours 19 minutes: any body answer plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! i got project to do
Hi All, I am going to start work on a Tracker project that will use GPS to locate the car and send the location via GSM. I will need two Serial ports pic for this project. Can anyone please guide me for the right selection of pic? Also, i am trying to get a low cost solution, so any suggestions for simulating serial port without UART?? (...)
helo everyone.....i need some help i have an academic project about interface between the Bluetooth and the PC using labview....... the idea is like this ECG---OP AMP---ADC---BT----------BT---RS232----labview BT=BLUETOOTH means i have to buy the BT module and i already have one currently form parallex i hope if any one have an
Try pic 16f877a . . . .
You don't need a crystal having a specific frequency for communicating via serial port. A 4Mhz or 20Mhz crystal will do, as long as you adjust the values in the baud rate generator registers of the pic accordingly. You need to use an ADC for converting the output of the photocell to a digital value (if the pic you're using doesn't have one of co
Hi, I'm a student of Electrical Engineering, Faculdade de Ci?ncias e Tecnologia of Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal, and at the end of my graduation I need to finalise my thesis with a research project. The project consist in the stabilization of line-of-sight with two angulare axes. We acquired the iSensor (ADISUSBZ) due to their
Hi friends im looking for a 16 bit parallel ADC, any pic controllers having onchip 16 bit ADC? pls help me Regards Binoj
Hi iam attaching a code which works perfectly when i interface pic Microcontroller with PC hyperterminal to send and receive messages... But it doesnt give any output when i connect pic with GSM Modem... The Hardware connections is also right... when i try to send sms from pic it works perfectly... the (...)
There used to be an 8 pin IC for automotive use, that had capability from 3.7 secs to many hours, it had a built in ripple counter so that timing components could be small and more accurate. I really cannot now remember the part number, which is a pity, as they were very reliable in noisey enviroments. You may be able to find something similar, oth
Hi silencer80, First of all, you cannot use ULN2003 for a BIPOLAR stepper motor since it can only sink current and can't source current. You may use L293D instead and it is rated for 600mA continuous. 'do I need pull up resistor at the input of the pic' -please make the question little more clear. Pullup at which pin?
good evening everyone. I need some help in my final year project GPS module. I have GPS module (gps-310fs) ,pic 16F877A and LCD display. Firstly how can i interface the pic and GPS module? i need schematic design to connect gps with pic 16f877a
If it reads as zeros then most likely the code protect bit was set. There was a glitch in Microchip pic series that I reported a few years ago. the problem was that when the internal oscillator was used, the pic locked itself and was rendered useless. the solution was to quickly switch on and off the Power to the pic when it was being (...)
A good starting point is Jan Axelson's book USB Complete. She covers USB-capable pic parts as well as gives code examples (C and picBasic Pro on the microcontroller side, and VB and VC# on the PC side). If ordering it, be sure to get the latest 4th edition.
I am making a project of controlling and monitoring speed of dc motor. The pc software is labview and controller is pic 18f4550. I am using usb interface. I downloaded file mpusbapi.dll and made program over labview by calling the dll file. But now I am in difficulty how to make firmware and how to call the dll file in pic (...)