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Hi picstudent, I have what do you search for it but using pic16C628 onboard Tonight i will pm you. Bye
i've built both the 16pro40 and the Ozipic'er using a 40 pin machined socket so my zif socket snaps into either programmer and i'am quite happy with the way they both work.i find sometimes achip won't program right with the one i'll try for me.i wish the 16pro had icsp
Here is a simple working programmer for pic. Use PGD, PGC and MCLR (in this case of pic 18F452: RB7, RB6, MCLR) to program any other pic capable of ICSP. Its component count is less, no odd components. Must have for all. It works with IC-Prog in JDM mode. I am now trying to develop a EEPROM adaptor for this. If someone else beats me (...)
Generic bootloaders for pic 16F and 18F series would also be of a lot of help. bimbla.
Are any of the willem programmers for pic micro's worth buying. So far i am trying to build the icd2 design in the forums here but i have seen the willem 3.0 programmer go for 30us on ebay and was wandering if it was worth it to buy one.
propic is bad! Propic2 with ICPROG is verybad for some pics, like 18f452 etc. epic (should be with zif pcb) good.
Hi All Who have schematic "8 to 40 Pin zif Adapter" for epic help
hi.. i want to design ic tester using pic without PC . i'm using test zif socket to test ic 74xx but i have problem to connect it to microcontroller. the microcontroller need interface to match each pins at zif socket. can anyone help me what is the interface from microcontroller to zif socket.
Hi, I did not know the PIA68B21 was still available it must be over 30 years old by now :-)... Better use a bigger pic chip with more I/O . Paul.
Hi blueroomelectronics That looks very nice, I have now got the free version to play with, I have been doing a little playing and i think it is quite easy program to use How did you create your components, I understabd how you creaated the Cap and resistor bu how did you create the Chip and the chip pins that's one i can not
erm....pic also support ICSP, but yet there exist zif socket boards for pic. In my opinion, its just depends on the user....... So any suggestion?
Hi ! I use the JDM programmer (that I built). Look that the programming voltage supplied by the JDM circuit + serial levels is 13.3V (two zeners 5.1V and 8.2V in series). This voltage complies with the most of the pic uCs (flash and non flash). To be sure, check the datasheets of each model. In general there is no problem about it. The main pr
hello to everyone!!!! i have build the brenner8p pic programmer, but i connect it to the pc but the pc doesn´t detect the programmer, and i dont know why. by the way the firmware which i have program the pic 18f2550 is 0.9 As im a roockie i need help to put programmer working. the web site of this programmer is:
Hi, Nothing new here but just I want to share the work I did. One is the LPT port Epic programmer's PCB in Single Side. Second is the zif Adapter for DIP pics that I think you may not seen this idea before. I think this adopter will work for all DIP pics 8-Pins to 40-Pins Please check and comment. Hope all be (...)
Hi I am considering of using CAN pic such as pic18F458 or dpic for my project but can someone please kindly advise me which suitable pic compiler should I use? The compiler must allow to me to write and debug my codes. In fact I am in dilemma at the moment as I have found out that ATMEGA128CAN is quite plus free C (...)
Pls someone can help me to add a zif socket to my JDM programm any pic... This is my Added after 2 hours 11 minutes: Pls help
Hello, my friends, is attached a layout of the zif socket for recording in pickit2. hugs. I hope that is what you want?
HI nettigerman Try this one for for pic flash
Im seeking to buy a low cost USB pic programmer online. pic KIT 2 seems to be a good choice and i wanted to know if those clones including zif sockets availabe at ebay for 40$ can be trusted to last long. (The programmer alone costs this much if i were to purchase at microchip, shipping costs exclusive and im not even sure if they ship to (...)
can anyone help me out.. I want to make a pic programmer which can work on laptop. I have a serial port on my laptop. So can anyone suggest me any kind of schematic or something...... I will be really thankfull
hello I have GTP pic progammer but now it is not support with window 7 any one can help me? Thanks in advance
First to programm uC You must have uC programmer. For pic low cost and good programmer with wide range of supported pic is picKit2. Also You can build low budget JDM programmer to do this.
Hi here is universal zif socket for pickit2 full release adding more pic ad improving hardware Feature input is truly compatible with pickit2 programmer can be used with other programmer as well supported devices are as under, also do not forget to solder the SMD resistor 16F = 40,28,20,18,14 18F = 40,28,20,
Hi, I just finished of with my development board. I'm using Proton 7 for compiling and the problem is that the led matrix I've connected with the zif adapter to toggle isn't working. I checked all the points of testing and it's working fine. I tried my chip on my friend's db and the led matrix is toggling up. Can anyone help me please?
Hello, I have the following USB programmer, and plan on programming with MPLAB C18 The pic in question is a 18F4610. I'm confused about the "LVP" mode--the programmer isn't intended to program low voltage, but again I'm unsure of how high the VIHH on my programmer goes,
thanks for this. this is a another adress to propic2 pcb.
hello i want help on 16f877 programming.I am building an IC tester using pic 16f877. how do i load the various truth tables onto the chip and then how do i verify the truth table when a specific IC is inserted?????? how do i write the code??????
Hi, I also have a dozen of this MCU but i never used mcu other than i need to have some info.Especially e-books for DS89C420.What is its simplest configuration? Analyzer
I'm using IC Prog with ConquestSys based paralel port programmer. It has a zif socket for DIP package and works well for 16F and 18F family... but I'm trying to program pic18F8720 (QFP-80) on my target board but it fails if I try to use target's own power... I power off the target board and give 5V supply from programmer, it works... but I need
Hello, I have a picall programer I purchased some years ago it says rev 2.5 on it. I used it some time ago to program some atmels. I am tring to program a pic 16f876. Not for money just for fun I wrote a simple pwm program using picbasic demo and compiled it using microcode studio. All is well hit the compile and program button. (...)
Help! anyone can help mi on these board. I new in pic microcontorller n i have make the LED to light up n how to program the code from MPLAB IDE into the board. anyone can help mi.
Yes that would work. But I still need a programer :) Anyone? I only have prgrammers for pic....
I'am contemplating buying an easypic4 will i be dissapointed ?
I am considering a design for a universal zif. The design would be usable with pic, and possibly others - jumper (or dipswitch) selectable. I have seen a few such designs, but none provide full pinouts - only pin names (PGC, PGD, etc.) Where can I find the pinout for the RJ-12 on the ICD2 and picKit2? Also is there a standard (...)
I'm using the epic programmer with zif and meLabs software to program. I'm trying to program the 12F629. I can read the chip just fine (seemingly). It reads all "0000"'s. The "Blank Check" tells me that the chip is not blank. When I try to erase the chip it gives me a "Configuration Programming Error". This is the same for the 16F84 and the
Hi I need a base for 80 pin Quad flat pack IC to mount pic microcontroller on it. The IC no is pic18F87J10. Please mention the shop address in Nagpur, mumbai or any website which sells it. Regards Sharad
hello i need the PCB layout (.pdf format) for GTP-usb pic Programmer only ( not for "GTP-usb plus , GTP-usb-232 , GTP-usb Lite")
Hi I am using an external Crystal to supply clock to pic microcontroller and am using XTAL out(12MHz) of microcontroller as an input clock of an other microcontroller and everything works fine. Problem starts when the second microcontroller is plugged in/out (of the zif socket) while the 1st microntroller is operational, causing disturbance in X
Hi I have this jdm pic programmer it works very well but when i try to program with ICSP i got an error. I'm using Winpic800 and pic16f84a. When i press the D
Hi all I am working on a project " The universal Microcontroller trainer". I want to develop a training board on which many different microcontrollers(pic Atmel AVR)) with a limit upto 40 pins would be socketed in the zif Socket. Please give me some advices Thanks
could any body know the schematic for the pic attached . it has the name PRG2000. thanks
Hi I am looking at getting an Easypic 6 to replace my current development system. I like the idea of actual being able to use the target pic on the board. I have a project that may benifit from touch screen technology and it has that fuction available as an extra. Does anyone have any views or comments on this unit?
hi all, i am sharing the pickit2 clone programmer here Do not share atricles which are freely available on the net. Here is the original page of the project in Spanish. .::PALMA::.: picKit 2 Clone Zocalo zif Download project in zif: [url=
I was looking for a programmer and find this pic Programmer and Experiment board projects support software winpic800,EpicWin,Propic18 and it confused me because it says "This is a two-in-one pic programmer and Experiment board for 40 pin pic Micro easy to develop your program witho
Hello there ,I'am planning to make a pickit-2 clone.While googling I found a lot of schematics for the same.But I noticed that most of the circuits of the clone which comes from trusted sources have upto 7 transistors and use a680uh inductor.When I enquired in my local electronics shop they said that they dont stock any inductors.Thats when I saw t
Hi, i want to design a Universal AVR programmer that can programmer all AVRs with zip socket ...Please i dont want the ICSP CKT. can any body give the links ............that Universal AVR programmer should support all 40pin,28pin,20pin and 8 pin AVR controller with zip it is available for pic controllers.. thank you
See your other posts. It is actually a very good programmer although some newer devices are not supported. What problem do you have with it? It you want the best pic programmer at only slightly higher price than the 182 board, look at the picKit 2 or picKit 3 from Microchip. Brian.
Hi To all loving friends here is small gift from fragrance couple of month hard working with lot of testing on hardware, Aim to share this to provide a classic JDM hardware that will never fail although this hardware came from a French web page. I redesign the whole new PCB adding universal zif socket, provide ability to program pic from 8 pin t
Original adapter for programmer picKIT can be found here: LINK . A big advantage of this adapter is that all the supported processor are put in zif base of pin 1