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please give me a pic16f84 + lcd + keypad matrix schematic diagram TIA....
please give me a pic16f84 + lcd + keypad matrix schematic diagram TIA....
hi there, I need your help. I need simple code for pic16f84 & lcd 2 X 16. I have also 4MHz crystal connected to the same chip. I want to use all 8-bits to connect them to that pic16f84. The problem that I can't add any extra parts accept some capcitors and resistors. I'm looking forward to see your feedback. I have MPLAB wh
Hi, I have a simple pic16f84 lcd design which actually works with test board. I'm trying to get familiar with Proteus ISIS so I implemented the desing to it. The simulation seems to work (those blue and red dots are blinking) But I can't get anything to the lcd? Thanks, Mark
hi I come across: does anyone have schematic or circuit diagram for this project? Thanks
Hello i am very new to pic programming, but i am trying to initialize a lcd using a pic16f84 series. can anybody help me to get the code please........ Thanks The lcd is : Samsung Ks0066u the compiler is : MPLAB Any help would be much appreciated
Hello everybody, I have bought a lcd display but I don't know how to connect it to the PIC. The display is EI62585 ,C20408tr-08 ,050316 (i don't know which number is the moduls' number). Does anybody has the datasheet of this display or a circuit with pic16f84? Thank.
could you please send me source code in assembler and schematic of lcd input keypad using pic16f84. the project works like this,when a number is pressed it should display it on lcd
Please anyone with full circuit and description on how to make a keypad lock with lcd and I am trying to use pic16f84. I am planning to make it 4 by 4 which will inlude alphabets A, B, C, and D
I wanna make a design that makes shifting text.I.e. I make a 7x5 led system.and the letter "I love you" shift on it from right to left. I will use pic16f84 or 84-A. But I have no idea about shifting. I think I should use HC154 or like it. Do you advise any documentation that I could easily understand this project and easily set it up [c
:D complete Tetris game from a single pic16f84
Hi, For those who want to interface to lcdn C language using CCS Ok. All the lcd functions are ready built in the driver lcd.C file (you will find it in the drivers folder) All you have to do is edit the lcd.C file WHY? Becuse it use the PORTD as a connections to lcd But I use (...)
Hi people I´m interested in doing a small project that uses EDE702,but i would like to know if i can use another lcd interface?a pic16f84?
Can anyone tell me is it possible using pic16f84 for serial port transmission, lcd display and keypad? I scare that pic16f84 dont have enough port.
I built switching inteligent battery charger with MAX712 with discharging unit, and now I want to add digital V meter (15Vdc max), A meter (3A max) and I want to measure battery capacity while is connected to discharging circuit. Charge-discharge is automatic with LED signalisation so I can get control signal from 3 LEDs (charge, discharge, finis
I do not use Morse Code reader - I read CW myself. I think that reading by microcontroller is not so reliable. But if you need circuit you can find it in QST August 1999 "A pic16f84-Based CW Decoder" . Updated software for programming the pic16f84 and the PC-board layout diagram in Circad. :
Hi, I'm a student and I'm graduating this school year. And for our final project, we need to create two wireless messengers that could communicate to each other. Could there be anyone who could help us with this? I would just like to ask if you might know of a site or of a schematic/code that could help us in interfacing our 20x4 lcd with a 4x4
Hi, Google find a good project in less than 20 sec :-) NETeagle
Hi guys, I m currently working on an assignment for a burglar alarm... I m planning to use 2 PIC's... PIC16F877 and pic16f84 my 877 is hooked up to a 4x3 keypad and is password protected.... I wanted to use the pic16f84 for my circuit breaker and infrared sensor... however, I cant seem to send messages from my PIC16F877 to my pic16f84... (...)
Hi, I want to connect my lcd to PORT A of my pic16f84 mc but i think the connection is only possible through port B...But my port B is reserved for interrupts..
I saw some examples to drive a diferents NOKIA lcd (3510i) whit pic's on internet but I'm new in this matters. Someone can help me to drive this can of lcd (Nokia 3586 or 3520) . I guest than both are similar as Nokia 3510i. (I need the schematics and pic code ) I'm based on this information:
Hi, Im not a uP soul, but did se these sites pls? LPH 7366 interfacing with PIC1
I have to test a digital temperature controller in three positions. Scheme I is composed of pic16f84 and sensor DS18B20, I have to exit the heater and fan. What I need is a program that would allow me to set the lcd to the desired(wanted) temperature control and when they say the temperature dropped below the desired temerature, the heater woul
hi all: am new and i want help i need a work simulation( of protues for a frequency counter by apic16f84 and lcd and a source code in hex.. thx alot ..
Hi, I want to calculate pulse rate, total pulses and show the same with small maths on a 8 digit lcd display using low power uC. The batteryy should last for 3 - 5 years. Thanks. Zastereo
I have an lcd-Display 4*20. With one HD44105 and two HD44102 Controllers. I can't find a Datasheet for these controllers. Does anybody now how to programm them, i don't understand the function of the two CS Pins. so far Dominik
Hi, two years ago I ripped a graphic lcd I wanna use it and can't find a datasheet. The diplay is labeled as MGLS-8464V1 and has a 16pin Dataport (1-16) and two seperated pins (17-18) for a 50V controlled backlight. It uses a HD61830A Controller, two SED 1181 and one SED 1191. Is there something like a standart for the port as us
any one have access to an Acer lcd 14.1" replacemnet screen for a laptop?
has anyone had any luck creating an interface to a laptop lcd screen that can connect to a vga port? i know they sell interfaces but they seem expensive
Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a graphic lcd? tnx ...
Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a graphic lcd? tnx ...
I'm looking for an black & white lcd display with the following specs. Display size 256x128 minimum Price Range : $10 ~ $30 please give any
I have found a nice large lcd from some electronic type writer and I would like to use it for my own projects. The problem is that I cannot find any info on the net on this type of lcd display so I am wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction... The lcd display has a p/n etched onto the circuit board which says: HP (...)
Hello! ==>LM641501<== Is anyone of You know something abount that lcd Display??? I know only that is 10,4" 640*480 monochromatic lcd display. I wish to know what's a pin array of that display becouse i cant use it without that info. So if someone know something abount that lcd, please help me!!!
Hallo, i have a Character Display 4 x 20 - 20 ° +85 ° with a Voltage DOUBLER on board. i need a shematic for temperature compensation for the Contrast of the Display the voltage range is 0 V till 5V Can somebody help me
Do you know if a lcd manufacturer give free sample? I need a 640x480 lcd for my project. Thanks.
Hi there, I have some lcd panels from laptops that I would like to use. Is there anyway I can drive with a svga signal from a video card ? The lcd panel is Hitachi TX30D01VC1VCAA Any information on this would be appreciated. Sailor_EDA
Hello I'm locking for Manufacturer or Distributor of this lcd 2*8, with I2C Interface(based on PCF2103). Features are: 2 Lines 8 Characters Supply 4,3 ... 5V I2C Bus Geometrics are 28*22*5mm. Contrast above VCC 4,4 - 5V! Only 4 Connections. The Data Sheet tells nothing about the source, but it's on the market, thats certain. (Perhaps
Where can found miniature lcd (2x16/20) as small as possible (<4x2cm) and 3-5v
Hi, I need to use in my project an extra I/O port chips, a real time clock and if possible a lcd display (I know this was available in past from Philips and production stoped) Any advice for a low cost widely used lcd didplay is welcome. I have no problem to find those chips but would like to use components that are widely used on and not ex
hi, I need C source for SSD1815Z graphic lcd interface and schematic for interfacing microcontroller.
Here is the site where u get GPS with 8051 microcontroller integrated with lcd, Keypad. with Scheatic & Source code For futher more information mail me
Hi, I'm looking for some information on drawing graphic primitives on a Graphic lcd. The primitives i'm interested in are, lines (Not horizontal or vertical ones offcourse) circles and elipses. Also angled arcs offcourse. These should be the basic ones i'm looking for. I want to program in C so please don't send me to much assembly examples
I need help choosing cpu for 320*240 lcd without a built in controller I have looked at Sharp and Cirrus Logic any suggestions and or sample code on how to get this done is highly appreciated I'm going to Display both text and images semi fast updates /Wizzard
hello. i need c source.
I am looking for RGB to monochrome lcd dislpay interface, which could work with Epson EG9015D-NZ 640x480 lcd display. Does anybody know any design of such an interface?
hello; i have recently been advised to try out proteus for all my pic16F877 simulation needs. this program is great! i have a question regarding simulating an lcd. I am writing code in PIC BASIC PRO. and am trying to integrate this into proteus. In proteus i have a PIC 16F877 and connected lcd as per the PIC BASIC book found here: h**p:/
1. Serial interfacing lcd with Pic Microcontroller 2. Software SPI interfacing ADC with pic16f84/Pic16F628 3. Simple multi channel digital voltmeter 4. Stepper motor controller
1. Serial interfacing lcd with Pic Microcontroller 2. Software SPI interfacing ADC with pic16f84/Pic16F628 3. Simple multi channel digital voltmeter 4. Stepper motor controller
DTMF Generator and Decoder using pic16f84 / File deleted, use link below