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hello everyone..i have a problem on my project..with pic16f877 microcontroller. My project is a 2 button mode led blinking ..Hope someone could help me..the problem is when I press the 1st button it working such code. but when I press the 2nd button it's not working such the code. which I programming in 2nd condition....
Dear Friends, Right now I am using 4 key to perform the operation like UP, DOWN, OK & EXIT in my project. But Now I want to perform EXIT operation by remaining three keys. How can I prepare the code??? I mean I want to reduce the keypad from 4 keys to 3 keys.... I am using pic16f877 with hi-tech C compiler.. Thank you,
Dear Friends, I am working on TImer 2 of pic16f877. Code is given below. void main() { TRISB0 = 0; RB0 = 0; inittimer2(); while(1) { } } void inittimer2(void) { TMR2 = 0x00; T2CON = 0x75; // Prescaler 4, Postscaler TMR2IF = 0; TMR2IE = 1; PR2 = 0xFF; } void interrupt ISR(void) { if(TMR2I
Hi guys. I'm new to this C programming language. is it possible to display the temperature that measured by LM35DZ to led DOT matrix display? i cant find the tutorials everywhere. Attached the led dot matrix datasheet.
hi ! I'm trying to to make a led light on when i push the button ! here is the situation : - when I push it for the first time, the led lights and switch off after a delay ! but if I push it the second time and she's still lights ( in the delay ) it should turn off I made this prog ! but it didn't work ! I forgot to mention I'm working on p
Hi guys. Im new to this programming language. is it possible to display the temperature that measured by LM35 to led DOT matrix display? i cant find the tutorials everywhere.
Simple short code for led Chaser in MikroC : Also you can easily get assembler code in MikroC if you need. The code is the same for pic16f877, just choose that uC in project settings and adjust oscillator. Best regards, Peter
Hello! nice evening to everyone. I am beginner in c programming and I need your help. I know this is the most engineering and programming engineers forum:) please help me. I have 64 leds I have to control them with 3x4 keypad (for ex: I touch 24 in keypad than the 24. led lights) can anyone help me with this please? something like that [ATT
How can I measure voltage which is on led with microcontroller? 86287 How should I connect analog pin?
Hi,i wanna ask a to program pic16f877a to blink 3 led via 3 different ports..example:port b,c and d
Im trying to come up with a code but it seems so complicated to me,i just need a hint to it.
hi i want to make a project with a pic16f877 and a lcd screen. i am going to give you some explanations about the project. i have 10 leds an when one off them turns on i want to have in the screen a message " led 1" for the first led. when turns on the sixth led the message must be "led 6". (...)
This is my code. I can't seem to get the led to blink. Would someone please help? I don't just need it to work, I need to understand why it doesn't work. Thank you. LIST P=16F877,W=-302 INCLUDE "P16F877.INC" __CONFIG 0x3D32 ; HS MODE,WDT OFF cblock d1 d2 d3 endc ORG 0X0000
hi i just want to connect both pc and sim900d to pic16f877 then to led display i dont know how to do it., the sequence goes like this: i want to input messages through PC or SMS message goes to the pic16f877., if it is valid ; the message will be displayed on led display. pls. help me thanks., any help will (...)
hi although pic16f877 is too big for this task a small 8pin pic can do it neatly and also save cost as well here is what you need programmable led strobe led Strobe regards Fragrance
I would need your help in my project, I want to use a Temp sensor LM35 along with PC16F877A to monitor the temperature and control the level of Air Conditioning, like: Less than 20C: Off , both leds off , and show the word "OFF" on a display. 20C-40C Low , led1 ON only, and write "LOW" on the display 40C-60C High, led2 O
Hi guys, Do you guys know on how to make a led blinking for pic16f877 using Mplab IDE ? Any links / tutorials ? Thanks
hi anyone here, it first time to program microcontroller practical i begin with pic16f877 with simple program to light and turn off led with delay at begining the circut work correctly but after few test it damaged i try to connect it again but there are no result can any one give me some suggestion
hi guys! m doin project on pic microcontroller to have led sign board at the main entarnce of the i think that matrix leds are envolved for switching i want a schematic diagram to interface it with pic16f877..and one more question can it be implemented using one Ic..if i want to display "ACADEMIC BLOCK" so i want a help on this
hi..does anyone have a schematic and/or know a tutorial on how to interface a gsm module to pic16f877,pic16f877A or a 8952 ?C?:?: we need it as soon as possible :cry: the project is an electronic message board via sms and we're planning to use a gsm module to receive the message.. the message would be displayed in the led dot matrix..
hi guys! i have knowledge in understanding pic16f877,but im not familiar with pic12f615,, as my title stated i have to built a led dimming circuit,building the circuit is ok,but its the code,as u can see the code is in assembly language which i have no knowledge of, here are my objectives initilaise pwm on (...)
Hi... i dont know if is in this section that i can request this... but i'm new in this type of situaction... I need a code in c/c++ for pic16f877 with a RTC(ds1307) and smartcard... the program is that when I insert the card in the smartcard slot, be recorded on the same card the date and time it was inserted and turn on a green led to inform
Hi, Im now working on a project that uses a pic16f877 microcontroller to control a MAX7219 led driver that can control up to 8 digits of 7-segments display. However, I dont know how to write the program to control the MAX7219. Can anybody help! Thanks. Here you have some examples (basic, c, pascal from Mikroelektronika)
we have a project regarding moving display using led dot matrix 5x7...and pic16f877...and we are only new to microcode...any suggested program using microcode studio...or where can we download a free compiler other than microcode that best suits the program to be used...we will be grateful for your help...thanks a lot....
Good Morning please i`m trying to design power meter using pic16f877 and 7 segment display but my problem is the 7 segment multiplexing display. please help me realize the program in c and to be compiled using ccs c compilar. thanks
Hello, I have an application where i have to drive 8 leds thro' MM74HC595 using pic16f877A. Short Description of MM74HC595: 15,1....7 -> o/p pins where leds are connected. 11 -> SCK 12 -> RCK 13 -> /G 14 -> SER (Data line from Microcontroller) 10 -> /SCLR I require following pins from micro to interface 595: RB0 -> (...)
i have connected pic16f877 and 7segment led display through bcd to 7 seg driver(ic 4056).during simulation i receive the below error msg: no models specified for U3. (u3 is 4056). pls help to solve this problem thanks
when using my pic simulator. there are outputs. but in implementing my design, there are absolutely no outputs visible. what is the correct way to connect pin 1 of pic16f788? what about pin 11,12,31,and 32? what about pin 13 and 14?:cry:
anyone can help me wit pic16f877???????:?::cry::cry::cry:
you can use the pic16f877 and c.i 74ls595 wich is a converter spi, you can use many of this c.i are very interesting
hi i'm trying to interface DS1307RTC with pic16f877. I had done interfacing of ds1307 with 89c51 and was sucessful. i have modified the same code a bit for pic16f877 but this isn't working i'm unable to find out the problem, please help me. One thing more, in 89c51 code i had written " unsigned char ReadI2Crtc(bit ACK_Bit)" but in pic it gave erro
hi there.. could anyone help me with my problem .... im trying to send data on port A of pic16f877 but nothing happens... here is my sample code.... list p=16f877 #include __CONFIG _CP_OFF & _WDT_OFF & _BODEN_ON & _PWRTE_ON & _XT_OSC & _WRT_ENABLE_ON & _LVP_ON & _DEBUG_OFF & _CPD_OFF ORG 0x00
hi loook at my project,i have built a scrolling text pannel sung MAX6952 and pic16f877, plz comment
Hi all, please I need some examples code in asm or picbasic for using pic16f877 and max7219 for driven 64 individual led in matrix. Regards
HI. can any1 help me in programming in pic16f877.. i need a program to turn on and off the led and thats it. its a simple program but i really need it.. thanx ..
Hi you can use pic16f877 for more led matrix
hi mate, i'm a new member.. need some help how to start the program using pic 16f877 will u suggest which web can i refer for sample program pic16f877 by using assembly language thanx mate!
Where can i find a HI-TECH PICC driver for interfacing a pic16f877 to a MAX7219 led driver IC
I have a displayboard with a MAX7219 with 8 led display This board will i drive with a pic16f877. The max data lines CLK,LOAD and DIN have i connected to PIC port B0, b1 and B2 Is there a PICBASIC sample to drive this chip? Please wo can help me
Hi guys, I'm trying to write a simple 7-segments led counter in C using Hitech PIC C compiler on pic16f877. The program works like this. Whenever u press the switch once, the counter will be incremented by 1. I currently use 1 7-segments led only so when it reaches 10, it will jump back to 0. It works correctly except if I dont press the (...)