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hello, I've been trying to interface 4x4 hex keypad with pic16f877a using MPLAB X and XC8 compiler. My task is to get 4 individual key presses from matrix keypad and convert it into a 4 digit integer and display the 4 digit integer on multiplexed common cathode seven segment display having 4 seven segment devices. I am able to (...)
>>Hi Friends i am new to this field,,,So kindly help me to solve this issue... >>I Sucessfully to interfaced pic16f877a with LCD and keypad... >>I want to do an simple calculator program using pic16f877a.... >>After interfacing LCD and keypad..i write an array to copy the value of key pressed in it... >>But when i try update (...)
Hi , I'm new here and I hope to don't make problem for you; I'm sorry but I have abig problem with pic16f877a that is I use mikroc compiler to write program but when I try this code in protues it work good but in real it's not work and keypad not response code : char keypadport at portb ; short kp; short x=0; void main() { key
please help me guys i want a code for accepting string from keypad and uart of pic16f877a mikro c and send i to computer c# form
my project block diag: keypad(input)=>pic16f877a=>max232=>DTMF encoder=>RF 433 ASK Tx => RF 433 ASK Rx=>DTMF decoder=>max232=>pic16f877a=>relays the data is being correctly transmitted and received using max232. so in cross questioning if i asked why i'm using max232 is then what will be the answer?? plz help me
Will it be possible for the ports to read the output of another ports? Like for example, there's a connection between porta.f0 and portb.f0 and between those connections, there's a switch. So if the switch is toggled(ON), and send a data/value of 1 toporta.f0, the portb.f0 will then read the 1 value, but if the switch is off or not toggled, the
Hello Guys, I need help regarding Interfacing 128x64 Graphic Display and 3x4 keypad with pic16f877a i Have designed it as 98003 here i have connected keypad to port B and LCD to port C and port D. using the below Code //this is KBD.c #byte kbd = 6 // on to port B (at address 6)
Hello everyone. Would like to ask some question here. Currently I am doing a project that PIC will detect key pressed by keypad and show it on a 7-segment. The PIC will output 4 bit BCD to drive the 7-segment by CD4511. There is no problem to show number on 7-segment. But problem do occurred when I testing keypad circuit. I have attached two dif
hello everyone.. I'm trying to interface a 4x4 matrix keypad to 16f877a.. the following code written in hi tech c is not working.. the program is printing characters of the array randomly without a keypress.. please help.. i'm using mplab 8.85.. using lcd 16x2.. NOTE: if I change the value of TRISC to 0x00, the code works fine.. but then i'm not
I want to implement a circuit made by a pic16f877a which is interfaced to 10 push buttons ;when one button is pressed the others can not be activated. and each push button correspond to a digits which is displayed on the 7segment display. So this button correspond to each number which is displayed on the 7segment. How can I proceed,I am prop
This is an open letter to all member of this forum that i have designed a digital temperature monitoring system in which i can set two digits set point using a 4*3 keypad. My microcontroller is pic16f877a and LM35 sensor. I can not interface my keypad correctly. Could anybody help me by giving code in hi-tech c . It is very much need to me. (...)
I need help please i want to scan 4x3 keypad and display the pressed key on seven segment display. Required is c source code and proteus simulations. Your help please , this is my project.
Hi friends i'm doing my final year project . i got struck here. I want to receive option(only two options) from uart and based on that i have to generate a random code and display in lcd.. and i have to get it from 4x3 keypad if it matches i want to enable a pin else another pin. Actually the rand() function generates random numbers of different si
Hi friends i want to know how to get a string of characters from keypad 4x3, like getting 4 numbers continuously pressed one by one, and storing in a variable.
I'm making a timer in which I can input time using keypad and the numbers I pressed should appear in the the LCD.. And when I press ( * ),the countdown will start..Also the countdown timer should appear in the LCD.. Please help me with's my code.. unsigned short kp; unsigned short cnt; int hour_ones,min_ones,min_tens; char
Hi i am trying keypad interfacing using pic16f877a,this code is giving a error,but this same is code working fine in 8051 with little modification of ports.Can any body figure it out what's the intention is to give four char password. unsigned char pass; #define c1 RA5; #define c2 RA6; #define c3 RA7; #define r1
Dear All I have made a simple calculator using pic16f877a in Mikroc. Now I want to improve it. I want to do operations on string instead of single single digit. Like 220*450, 556+778 etc. earlier its is just for single digit like 4+8, 9-4 etc. pls help me in this regard and Also I want to make functions of arithmetic operations. Do help me plz.
Hello I am trying to write a program in MikroBasic which will allow me to input decimal numbers via a 3x3 keypad so as to use the result to modify some variable in the program, for e.g. counters. Can someone guide me through the process. Thank you.
Have a look at this link:- This is for PIC18F4550 you can modify it for pic16f877a
i need 4x3 keypad with glcd interfaced with pic16f877a....anything i type should appear on glcd. i need its proteus design with .c and hex file please.
hello. Im going a make a simple clock using pic16f877a ,keypad and lcd.There i have used timr0 interupt ,furthermore i would to like to set my microcontroller to sleep mode,when there is no user.Also I have read that internal oscillator will be turned off in sleep does that timer0 interrupt work in sleep mode ..... thanks.
pic16f877a has 256 bytes of EEPROM storage. If each character takes 1 byte, each password takes 4 bytes. So, you can save 64 passwords. You can save more if, instead of assigning 1 byte for each character, you assign 4 bits. Does a 4*4 keypad work with interrupts? Do you mean you want an interrupt to be generated upon a key press? H
Hello everyone! I am currently working on a project about a simple security lock. I wish to display the numbers that I press on the LCD same as we input our security code in our cellphones, atm etc. I know how to do it but not consecutively, I mean when I press a number it displays it in the LCD but when I press the next number it overwri
Hi! I need a 4x1 keypad scan code for pic16f877a. I have attached the schematic. 4x1 keypad is connected to portb Initial settings OPTION_REG.B7 = 0; // all pull-ups enabled TRISB = 0b00001111; I don't want to use the keypad library. I just need to scan the portb for 0b00001110, 0b00001101, etc... I want (...)
HI; can any one help me in programming a pic16f877a to control a stepper motor using a keypad and ir sensors
anyone can help us in programming pic16f877a in fingerprintscanner using mikrobasic that will open the locker
I have thought that the for any one who wants to change password he should start with # following new six digits and finally old six digits to verify whether he is authinticated or not. So i only need to upgrade my code with that part of changing PIN and make it saved to EEPROM of pic16f877a.
Description: A number is displayed on the LCD for 1 second, after that a user has to answer it by pressing the number on the keypad within 3 seconds interval. How do you implement this? waiting for an input with in a certain amount of time else I will display a "No answer" notification on the LCD. If the user answers it within the 3 s
Hi I have a problem. Is it possible to have 2 keypads from 1 PIC (pic16f877a). Simulating it on proteus doesn't work. Do you have any idea how to do this? my code does work, but in simulating it. The code does not work.
It is better to use PORTB of pic16f877a for the purpose because you can utilize the interrupt on change capability of the PORTB . Also, you can activate the internal pull up s....
Thanks for the reply, Yes, I've already used mikroC to display text on LCD with pic16f877a. I have no idea about RTC chips but I'll try about it. Maybe you still have more ideas bro? Cheerz!
I have many example on pic16f877a. It's is C Code using Hi-Tech compiler. I use Hi-Tech because it's already integrate with the MPLab software. My Lesson. The sample include LED, 7 segment, switch, keypad, LCD, comparator, ADC, PWM, Timer, Interrupt, EEPROM, UART, SPI, I2C, RFID reader, GSM (AT Command)
u can use UART you can see in pic16f877a datasheet, pin C6 and C7 is for tx an rx.. in the link i give below, find the serial communication section, Chapter 4: Examples - Book: PIC Microcontrollers - Programming in C did you have any experience with serial comm?
hi there, anyone could help me out in writing a C language code for a 3x4 keypad and a 16x2 lcd? the idea is writing a 10 integer number that could be display in an lcd, thus storing it into the microcontroller? i am still very new to PIC microcontroller thats y im gonna need some help ---------- Post added at 23:19 ------
Hi, in my FYP for microcontroller, I proceeding a project about an RF interface with keypad as an Input,& LCD as output.(pic16f877a)my problem is i cant find any program that uses RF interface with keypad and LCD. How can i send data, using RF .. example.. enter a digit in keypad PIC1.. and then . send to another (...)
hello everybody am trying to connect LCD and keypad to pic16f877a but after compile the code and connect the schematic in Proteus when i Press on the keypad no out put on the LCD i upload the micobasic program and the Proteus here
I?m using pic16f877a and 4, 4 keypad int num = 0; When I press key1, now want to be num =1. Then I press key2, now want to be num =12. Then I press key5, now want to be num = 125. What is the solution?
Hi guys , i have a question . i want to make 5 rows 6 columns keypad and assign to each button a binary sequence say if button 0 is pressed a binary sequence of 10101010 appears at 8leds array using pic16f877a ,and so on ( 30 keys so 30 binary sequence ) 5*6 keypad gives 11 input pins , but flowcode limit the keypad to (...)
Please help me by sending a 3x4 keypad programming for pic 16f877a and the key pressed will be displayed on the LCD. keypad is connected to port d and LCD to port b.
hi , I wrote this code to display a pressed key (1-16) on LCD but when i press a key it make all the screen full of this character ? char t; unsigned i; void main(){ TRISD=0x00; Lcd_Config(&PORTD,2,3,0,7,6,5,4); keypad_Init(&PORTB); while(1){ while(keypad_Read()==0){
Hi, I want to make a password access system (user to input a password using 4*4 keypad ) but i would like to know how to store consecutive numbers and then restore them example : user input 1 , then input 5 , 9, 8 how to store this input as a one string "1598" ?
Hello all, I am developing Training and educational kits for the newbies of embedded. Recently I've launched a training kit for pic16f877a. This kit contains many modules such as -LEDs -USART -4x4 keypad -7-segment display -LCD 16x2 -I2C EEPROM -RTC and a ICSP based programmer for PIC 16F877A. For more details and pricing contact
hi, I am interfacing the keypad on a single port using B0-B7. I am having problem with the key detection.. kindly help. int keypad(){ int i; int key=0; output_B(0x01); // Start with column 1 while((input_B() & 0xF0) == 0){ // While no key pressed output_B(input_B() << 1); // next column key++; // column number if(key==4){
hi , any one can help me to provide me a schematics with interfacing pic16f877a with keypad to control my design of alarm car system , also to provide me a code represent this design . thnk u very much
I am new in microcontroller. I have task to design pic microcontroller based temperature monitoring and control using pt100 as sensor. Total 8 pt100 are to interface with pic16f877a. Set points are to be given by keypad and display should be on lcd. Control technicque should be pwm.I am using CCS compiler First I am controlling and display 1 temp
I am new in microcontroller. I have task to design pic microcontroller based temperature monitoring and control using pt100 as sensor. Total 8 pt100 are to interface with pic16f877a. Set points are to be given by keypad and display should be on lcd. Control technicque should be pwm.I am using CCS compiler First I am controlling and display 1 temp
Hi ,i have interfaced keypad,encoder mm74c922,lcd jhd162a and pic16f877a to display the key pressed. I am connecting keypad encoder to PIC. I am using mplab ide.and hitechc c compiler. My program is as below.I am using Proteus software for simulation.there is no error while building but it doesn't display the key pressed . I have (...)
I have a question for all the brilliant minds of EDA board: How can I interface a 4x4 keypad with a pic16f877a? Oh, and I'm using CCS compiler. Thanks :D
you can; pic16f877a has some EEPROM you can store your data even when power is removed. There are a lot of techniques how to connect a keypad to a 877. you may look at the microchip homepage for some circuit connections
for pic16f877a. Help me with the coding please