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What do you mean "...not working..."? Does it compile? Does it load into the device? have you tried using a debugger to single step through the code to make sure that it is running at all? Is the ISR being called? I see that the INT0 pin on the pic18F2520 also has AN12 on it - have you made sure that pin is working in 'digital' mode (look up ADCON1
Are you using the schematic from the proteus ISIS sample pic18 folders? Post your .asm file so we can look at it in detail... Allen
Apart from possible alternatives, the OP is essentially asking how a polled timer delay can be implemented with pic18. The answer is, yes, it works exactly as in your code (or the similar code suggested betwixt). So if you don't get the expected result, there's apparently a problem with the timer setup. It's not shown in your code (...)
you need to clear the watchdog timer before it times outs and reset the processor in C there is usually a function call, e.g. pic18, PIC24, etc ClrWdt(); // clear watchdog timer there will be a similar instruction in assembly language, e.g. CLRWDT
There is not much in using a timer. You just need to configure the registers correctly. Or you can refer the pic18 reference manual
Hi All , One question for electronic expertise, I have pic18f25k22 , which is a great microcontroller, I made small project which is connect to GSM modem and temperature sensor , the project will send me SMS every 20 Minutes, the pic18 will read temperature them send sms using gsm modem , then after that the pic18 will be switch (...)
If you want to know from the basic to spi and i2c protocols and interfacing devices like motor, relay, DS1307( timer) go for the Muhammed Ali mazidi book for pic18. he start with the assembly and then C language. I think this is the best book. He also written book on 8051,AVR and intell etc.
Here are a few tutorials which cover the pic18F timer modules: Introduction to pic18′s timers ? PIC Microcontroller Tutorial Microchip timers:
Hi, If that is the only thing your uC has to do, you may use a delay (otherwise you may use a timer); First find time to operate one instruction cycle; Tcy (base on your oscillator speed for pic18 it is; 4/(Osc speed) seconds); Find value; how may instructions should be wasted to achieve delay-time; Write a code to waste that much of in
Hi there , I am in a midst of a project and has some question to ask about micro controller. This is what one of the function that I would like to carry out in a micro controller and I would like to know whether it is workable and if it work , how do I go about doing it. Lets make the delay as 2 second. lets take the () bracket as the delay
hello, please help me to design a system using pic18 microcontroller that base on the current mechatronics product available in the market. my design shuld use interrupt peripheral, whit at least three of the following item: 1) hardware timer/counter 2) analog to digital converter (ADC) 3) LCD 4) relay/valve/ moto
I am using a pic18F24K20 and would like to know how to set up timer1 and the interrupts. Does someone have an example I can work from?

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