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i am usin pic18f4550 with 20Mhz crystal and 22pf caps in my ckt...i wrote a program as follows #include config lvp=off config debug=on config wdt=off config fosc=hs config mclr=on clrf trisd clrf portd l1:movlw 0xff movwf portd nop nop movlw 0x00 movwf portd nop nop goto l1 end is anything wrong with thw program??
Hi, I need to create a precision timer for my pic18f13K50 application. I'm running it at 8MHz with the 4x PLL enabled, resulting in a 0.125us instruction clock. Are all PIC instructions single-clock? I'm building my delay routines around a Timer 0 set to 1:1 (no prescaler), so the timer clock period is also 0.125us. I tried counting to 8 achi
Salam, I'm working for the first time with ZigBee and Microcontroller,referring to many documents pic18f is the best and the most adapted to work with ZigBee My question :can I use PIC 16F877 or an other PIC 16F and what is the refrence of the Emitter/receiver module in Porteus 7 Thanks
i need the code for attached program plz
hello every one im a complete newbie i have pic18f452 i wrote its program into mikroC, simple it takes analg signale from temperature sensor (lm35dz) converts it into analog, then compares the value and choose how many leds to turn on (from 7 leds connected to port B) if the temperature reached a certain value, it turns on a buzzer the
Hi All I am trying to interface an serial SRAM 23k256 to pic18f8722. I am using the MSSP2 module for this. the output is weird. it only works if the input data is 0xff if i give any other data to be written it reads random values.for example id data_in = 0xf0, data_out was E3. Similarly other when i tried with different data the values read
Hi, I want to make a program of the PI controller on the Micro-control PIC 18F4520 I need your help, !!! bye
In pic there to levels of interrupt that is high priority(0x18) and low priority(0x08)..then if there 2 or more interrupt in these level then how will pic execute it..........i mean if the adc interrupt and timer interrupt and a external interrupt all are at one level suppose at high priority than how will pic handle this interrupt or are we manull
Here is the procedure : 1-read the ENC28J60 documention... 2-connect the ENC28J60 to the pic18f 3-(if needed) learn programming 4-write the program eventually use google for search existing projets using ENC28J60...
Hi I have been using the MPLAB C18 for pic18f8722. I am stuck with this compiler error since morning " Error undefined label 'ISR' in 'InterruptVector'" here is the part of my code that involves interrupts. /** I N T E R R U P T S **********************************************/ #pragma code InterruptVector = 0x08 void Interru
hi, i'm new to programming of pic18f using c programmer. i would like to program the uC to use potentiometer to control the the motor speed using pwm. would u mind to guide me? or do u have any example code? thanks alot
hi, i need to transfer data from pic18f4550 to a mmc/sd card. i have just started working on pic18f, so dont have a deep understanding of the pic18....can anyone suggest how i go about storing data from a port in pic18 to a memory card... i need to store the data on the occurance of an external trigger which comes from a sensor... thanks in advan
Hello all, i m a newbie working in a project. can anyone help me with usb interfacing between gsm module/modem with pic18f/pic24f/pic32f. i have been trying with pic18f4550 but it seems it is not supported USB OTG function. may be i need maxim3421 for the host controller. can anyone provide any tips, idea, schematic or codes? please help me o
Hi guys, I am currently working on a project. I am using a PICF18 microcontroller, in addition I am using mikroC Pro to code. I need a bit of help with the coding.....i want to be able to turn on/off a BJT that will be connected to one of my pin ports. How can I send the needed dc voltage level to this pin port?? I am going to be using a keypad (i
I would consider migrating to 16-bit such as the Pic24f series. There is quite a leap in performance when moving from 8-bit to 16-bit micros. The Pic24f prices are comparable to some of the pic18f prices, and the MPLAB C30 compiler is excellent.
I am trying to develop a program in which i will need a look-up table, it is an array of integers, i will be having 1000 entries in it. the size of this is beyond the data memory, so i am using program memory to store this data using - #pragma romdata table. The problem here is i will have to initialize the lookup table with the values c
I have the table for the configuration settings for pic18f. The ones with PLLDIV, CPUDIV, FOSC, BOR, BORV. For some of them, I understand what it means but for the rest, I have no idea. Is there like a tutorial of guide explaining all the configuration and when I should use it? For example, what should I put in my Watchdog Timer Postscale
Hi have any IC who have voice recognizer and transmite this information to a pic18f for example?? my ideia is have some control activated whit my voice, "start", "stop", "break" what is the easy way to make this? best regards
You can not program the pic18f4550 with C++ Builder. Two different ball games. You need to use a C compiler targeted at the Pic18 family. You can download Mplab development environment for Pic micros and a free student version of Mcc18, a C compiler for the pic18f family. USB programming is not trivial, Microchip provide a free usb stack which y
Hello, I would like to port my pic18f code from assembly to C because it starts to be unreadable and to increase productivity. What is your opinion on these 2 compilers? HI-Tech C runs without optimizations, but maybe it is still better than SDCC?
I think "CY" is the 89s52's carry flag, so R1 receive all "dat" bits (from msb to lsb) because whe can suppose dat << 1 shift the msb bit to carry but this is absolutly not portable, this a 89s52 or compiler trick You need to examine the generated code to see if this can work with the pic18f
The OP has clearly mentioned he doesnt intend to BUY a programmer. There are ample options if he is intrested to buy one..Cheers Sorry, that's right. But the OP was looking for a cheap solution, and the links that you provided are actually schematics for a PICkit2 compatible programmer. To build one of these, the OP would
Hi someone can help me make an simple ECG meter for connect them on pic18f? my idea is only have big pulses of our heart and after enter on PIC write this on terminal, like char "1" always if occurred one pulse. my onli problem stay in obtain pulses from the body... if someone can help me... best regards
Hi, I need help and I have a problem to read ASCII code from hyperterminal using pic18f458 in C (MCC18). I need a solution how to read this the ASCII code and compare with string char. Otherwise my string char should be same with ASCII entered and the programme will be proceed the next instruction. Can you help me bro? my propose programme is
Hi all.. can anybody tell me how to do the program for INT(3E85h/1024) in assembly , i am using pic18f and here no division operation so pls can any one help .. how to write code ?
Greetings from Mexico Can you help please with ASM or C code to use the Time Keeper Maxim DS3232 with PIC16F and pic18f micros. It is noteworthy that the DS3232 is better, much more accurate, does not require of 32.768 kHz XTAL because it has integrated into the package and is replacing the DS1307. The trouble is that no code on the web ins
elrayes wrote: for people asking how C18 deal withPIC16 family actually i didn't try it myself, most of my work were related to pic18f family, when i dealt with PIC16 i used mikroC, friend told me C18 can deal with PIC16F, anyway search another alternative. please if you discovered any thing wrong about this info please message me immediately t
I feel that, being new to PIC, most of us should not start with chips that are already obsolete. why not start with 16F728A , 16F88 or even PIC16F877A and thereafter continue with pic18f series? perhaps many would agree with my concept. sorry I meant PIC16F628A and NOT728A
I am doing program for synthesizer CMX7031,data i am taking from pic18f , can any one tell me what is wrong with the below code? LFSR 1,0X10 N_VALUE: MOVWF INDF1; ENTERED 'N' VALUE ;; UNTILL THE REMINDER IS LESS THAN DIVIDEND CALCULATE THE VALUE SUBLW D'1024' CPFSLT D'1024'
you can you pic18f4550, 8 bits microcontroller, it consists 102 KSps 10 bits 16 channel A/D, full speed USB 2.0 interface and internal memory of 32KB, USB firmware is ready from Microchip corpopration under the name "Microchip USB framewok for pic18f and PIC24F". the BPF technique i think you should know, hope you don't need to much floating point
Here's a link to a commercial SD card bootloader: . It supports only pic18f and higher, though. May be that's due to the fact that communication with the SD card consumes lots of resources.
Hi, I'm having troubles trying to simulate a simple analog comparator on pic18f4550(or 18F4553) with proteus(already tried versions 7.2 sp6 and 7.5 sp3) using PIC16F877 the same code works on proteus without a problem. the relevant code is: --start #include <18F4553.h> #FUSES NOWDT //No Watch Dog Timer #FUSES NOMCL
well, i didn't met this pic in person :) but many PIC microcontrollers disables all clocks and peripherals while sleeping EXCEPT those slaves or asynchronous... so maybe the Timer 1 keeps working if the asynchronous oscillator is enable.... please check this issue... also! many PICs could work with a secondary clock! (just like this asynchronous
Hello... I am working on project which deals with pic18f series microcontroller. I stucked with the ADC conversion programming and view its wveforms on my PC with the Help of labview. But will the labview will be compacitable with this IC. How can view waveforms on PC. Is there any software available that will help me for my issue. Please d
Hi Guys , I willing to start programming PIC24F , the point is when i was programming pic18f i had webpage that has almost all the configuration which it was very usefull for me so is there any webpage like this for PIC24F mo
Recommend Microchip C18. It is the best for Microchip pic18f usb chips.
someone help me to find working bootloader for J series, via UART
in our project, watchdog fail signal and reset signal are coming from pic24f and going to pic18f. i have to check whether pic18f is responding to these i/o signals or not.... can anyone please tell me what should be the approach?? how to check whether pic18f is responding to the WDI and RESET signals from the 24f or not... Thanks (...)
I know how to work with Microcontrollers ATMEL 89 series, PIC16F, pic18f. I want to know where are DSP's used. If I want to learn from which one should I start & how should I start.(at present i want to learn DSP for knowledge purpose.)
Two microcontrollers 18f and 24f are connected through a I2C interface. i want to test that I2C interface. 18f i2c address is 1000001...... i have sended the command send_i2c_byte(0x82)....//write mode and then sended some data eg. send_i2c_byte(0x02) should i receive this data automatically to the I2C recieve register of the 18f?
Hi list, I am new in this field and trying to built an in circuit programmer (schematic attached) for dsPIC30F2010. When i connect my circuit to serial port the error comes "unable to detect device", while it is working with pic18f and other devices. Thanks in advance Forget this and go foe a better programmer. Our ai
you can use a pic24f which supports usb host, or use maxim max3420 which is a spi interface and supports host usb too. it will make a link between your pic18f and your usb client device.
I use Microchips Mcc18 which is an Ansi C compiler and supports the pic18f series very well. It is regulary updated to support new devices when they are released. Microchip have also recently aquired Hi-Tech. So their compiler should also keep up to date with new devices. Both compilers integrate well into Mplab. I dont think there is much differ
Hi all, I use port D to multiplex add/data to control a modem (mfrc531) and here is my read function: unsigned char read (unsigned char add) { unsigned char val; SET_TRIS_D( 0x00 ); output_d(add); // Send address delay_cycles(1); output_high(ALE); delay_cyc
Hello Everybody, I am just a new beginner to learn assembly language. I had a short assembly language program ( lass than one page ). My instructor wanted me to convert it to pic18f program. I do not know anything about pic18f Could you help me do that? I really appreciate. Here is the short program. It needs to convert to a pic18f (...)
I have a 320x240 (B&W) TFT LCD purchased from topwaydisplay (china supplyer). Its lcd controller is epson s1d13700 chip. it's source code is attached as file1 ( use 89s52 chip). file 1 is working well in 89s52. As I want to use pic18f452 to display this lcd , so I translate this code to ccs c format as file 2 . The problem is in pic18f452 , cle
Hi for all, I buy humidity sensor HHT02D (with integrated themperature sensor), I use pic18f series, can somebody share with me some experiences (codes) in using HHT02D humidity sensor, regards
How easily is it to destroy a pic18f? Look at the schematics below. When soldering the components, I accidentally did some mistakes. I solder the capacitor connected to the 78L12 with its polarity reversed. I solder the BC556's Emitter and Collector in reverse. I accidentally swapped the Pin 7 and 8 of the DB9 connector. Before I fix
I would like to share a frustration with my pic18f4520. I have built 3 different version of the JDM & JDM2 programmer and all of them doesn't work. The Olimex JDM(original schematic ), the updated JDM with 22-100pF capacitor & 100ohm resistor, the