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Equipment: pic18f4455 MCU 4x20 LCD with HD44780 assembley language using MPLAB IDE. Helo I tray display integer value on LCD. I know, it`s only convert int to string and voila! but standard C++ convert procedures like ---> itoa doesn`t work. Any idea ? void main(void) { int k = 1234; TRISD = 0x00; //-- Port D as ou
in some 18F Series like pic18f452 you need to configure ADC pin as an analog Pin and make its TRIS bit an Input Check This, another issue your ADC Sampler / OSC may not be working Once I had to work with a MCU unit whose ADC was damaged rest of Controller works fine check this too Best of Luck
Hello, pic18f 97J60 and pic18f 67J60 have In-built Ethernet and PHY as per your Need. Low cost and free TCP/IP Stack Gurpreet Singh
hello, Here is my simple question.How can I send 12 bits data from pic18f to a stepper motor controller (tmc 239)?? This is problem for me, because i know one register has only 8 bits, that means i can only send one byte of data. any help will ge greatly appreciated.thx! Best regards, Bruno TMC239 uses analog
Hello everybody, i'm really need to use modbus for pic18f i'm using MCC18 and i didnt find the correct library for using modbus and how can i program the PIC for modbus , please can anyone direct me for library and where can i find it , thanks alot looking forward for help , its so urgent
I believe the top speed of a pic18f is 40MHz, that's using a 10 meg xtal and the PLL4. The instruction cycle time would then be 10MHz as the oscillator is divided by 4. So you wouldnt be able to capture 15MHz. You might be able to do it using a serial to parallel converter and an 8bit port on the pic. There is not much price difference between
how could i make a pic18f as switch 00 . mode 0 01 . mode 1 10 .mode 1 11 . mode 1 mode 0 (portd=porda) all mode 1 (portd=portc) notes the period of input signal is 20 ms applied to porta and portc
3310 communicates using fbus protocol, which is more or less 100 bytes depending on the message, therefore it would be difficult with PIC16F877A because of banking and paging, use pic18f instead. Use phones with modem (supports AT commands) if 877A is to be used.
currently i'm studying the datasheet of pic18f4580.the problem is to understand the hardware inside it.can anyone recommend me a website or book, which i can have better explanation of hardware architecture of pic especially pic18f. thx Try,
You can pull it up to VDD of yuour chip and route the signal line to one of the interrupt pins on PORTB of ur pic18f chip
i have output (5V)DC from microcontroller pic18f but i need to connect it with electric lock need (12V)DC to work(open ) can i make (5V)DC output from pic to (12v)DC
Hi, can anyone direct me how can i generate clock from pic18f , lets say i need output clock from one of the 18f pins , which registers can i use . ???
can somebody explain me the function of comparator ? for example, the register CMCON in pic18f4580.What does this register actually do? thx
Hello, I'm currently developping a product that will be used by people that are not really good with technology. My compagny want those customers to be able to reprogram the device if we do a software update. I'm thinking of using a serial (RS-232) bootloader to flash it, but it seems that this solution is too complicated for many people.
Then buy an EasyPIC board. My kits can do all the things you want but I made them modular so you could buy only the options you need. Eg: Junebug will get you started and you can alot about the pic18f with it *you can use a 16F88 but the I/O is different. If you want LCD, GLCD, USB then my Unicorn would be a nice add on for the Junebug.
Can any one tell how to connect the IC75176 to pic18f uC.
Hi All , can anybody please post good example for any USART checksum method for pic18f , or any explination how can this be done , thanks alot .
Hi All , i have worte code shown below, this code is comapring between to registers , RAM0 and ADC1 as shown in the code below , the problem is in this code , when i'm writting value to this registers without , using RCREG , just moving varibales to them , the compare function works fine , but when i'm trying to use RS232 to wirte into the ram l
Hi all, I'm a begginer in pic18f programming (I started yesterday ), I'm using Microchip C18 compiler in MPLAB, I compiled some simple programms that I found in the C18 getting started from Microchip web site 5f.pdf like this one for led flashing: #include #pragma
Hi, I'd like to write and read in a NAND type flash memory (k9f2G08U0M of SAMSUNG) using a pic18f4525. after some researches in internet, I found this application note from Microchip but the problem is that this Driver is designed for MMC and SD
Hi, I hav been using the inchworm + and the unicorn for quite some time on my laptop. the only problem that i was facing was that i had to reflash the 18f frequently as its flash memory used to get corrupt. but know there is some other trouble as well the windows detects the hardware and so does MPLAB, it even conects to target pic but wh
Hello there, I can't find the capacitance value to use for a pic18f MCU clocked at 40MHz. I see that from 1MHz up to 25MHz Microchip is proposing 15pF. But no mention for 40MHz. Anyone can help?
hi maam/sir, im doing my final year project regarding PIC microcontroller. Im using pic18f4321 as my prime controller and a GSM modem to received sms that i send. it was to control a device(turn on LED). evrything had being done accept idunno how i can use AT command in C18. the AT command was mean to obtain the data in the GSM modem and send to PI
Hi friends, I have built a olimex Serial ICSP ,i am a newbee in PIC programmers,please could anyone help me, i want to know if the olimex serial ICSP cable can be used to program pic18f devices.and which p5rogramming software should be used with it. The olimex serial ICSP i built recognises the device pic18f4321,anyway i coulnt p
Hello, I'm trying to count how many times the button has been pressed. I'm using TIMER 1. What am I doing wrong over here? Please help! Using mikroC v8.0 and pic18f series. Thanks in advance! char *text1 = "Count:"; unsigned short cnt; char str; void main() { ADCON1 = 0x0F; // Config AN pins as digital //Set up Timer
I am in the process of interfacing a PS/2 touchpad mouse to a PIC microcontroller for my senior engineering independent study project. I have been using the page here to get the protocol information, but I am having trouble implementing it. I think the problem lies in how I am wiring the clock
don't I get to always understand the reason of the delay in bursting the timer0 after the reset? I am used pic18f452 //My program void main() { //funç?o principal do programa T0CON = 0b10000110; //configura timer modo 16 bits, com prescaler TMR0L = 0Xf6; //carrega valores de contagem TMR0H = 0XC2; //ca
I am a newbie in electronics I want to make a LED lamp which can adjust the intensity by control the PWM I have use a stupid method to make the PWM that's use 555+ reference DC level into comparator, by adjusting the DC level I can change the duty cycle But now i want to use the PIC to control the duty cycle I know there is a software PWM
Has anyone around tried to make a digital filter using pic18f as it is shown in application note an854 from microchip? My impression is that if it works, it can be a quite cheap dsp... Greetings. S.
Micro family 18F Module CCP1 in compare mode against TMR1 in timer mode. Setting: "toggle output pin (RC2) on match" condition. My application currently loads alternatively CCPR1H:L with HALF_T1 and HALF_T2 and restarts TMR1. (It works OK like that). Trying to follow the frequent advice received, to leave TMR1 running alon
hello Some months ago, a topiic was sent about sdcard, pic and proteus. The file on Proteus was simulating a pic18f accessing a sdcard. But I can't find it again. Can somebody help me ? Thanks
Hi all, I am facing a problem with the UART of my pic18f4580 module as the RCIF (receive interrupt flag) never goes down after the first receiving byte. The data sheet says that to clear this bit , I should read RCREG (receive register) , I did so but nothing happens. Note:- I am using MPLAB SIM to test the UART functionality Here is the p
This gui is implemented in a chip. I can´t find any free software for gui development. Added after 8 minutes: Dani, you can implement RTOS in a pic18f. ucos II can be ported to a pic. Remember that yo can use new pic24. These are 16 bits microcontrollers with DMA, up to 40 MIPS (PIC24H). You only need port
can any one tell me how to make a 18f programmer that cn be directly burned from mplab. i ve seen such a programmer at techfest is connected via usb and the programmer ckt is cloned on the device board itself.r they using a downloader pgm or something like that??
I am using pic18f458 and i have don a program in MPLAB in C, which runs well during simulation process. But when i programmed the pic and connected Vdd, Vss, Oscillator, and disabled the MCLR pin in the real ckt and try to run the program, it is not working.I had set the GIE to 0. Is there some connection missing? or some interrupt to be disabled
Hi,.. Do you have a programmer for: pic18f2455, pic18f2550, pic18f4455, pic18f4550 ? Thanks for your help.
I need a C code for detecting motors speed. A 2-channel shaft encoder is attached to the motor which outputs 2-bit gray code. max velocity of the motor is 189 rpm I am using a pic18f Microcontroller Please help me, Thanks in advance
V1.05 supports pic18f4539 but no 4580 listed
Is anyone who know any link to download books for Pic microcontroller and special for pic 18F??
Hi All, I use PICC 18 C compiler for pic18f Controller. I use MPLAB IDE 7.43. Can u help me how to call assembly function in C.? Plz , give me. Thanks Regards Tectona
Hi all, I use pic18f4620 Microcontroller. I use PICC 18 C compiler. I want to know different techniques for optimized C code. Thanks in Advanced. Regards Tectona
CCS 4.013 for microchip product (pic18f,pic 16f) halesho bebarid!
Hi all, I written one code for pic18f controller using PICC18 C compiler. I don't know how to declare Structure array in Flash Memory. Currently I declare my Structure array in RAM & program work fine. I attach my sample code. Plz, help me. Regards Tectona
can anybody help me how to design a circuit using pic18f1220 with analog input(such as sensor) and output will connect to PC serial port(one output) input = analog input(sensor'tension sensor') output = connect to PC serial port
I'm affraid you'll have to make pic18fxxxx library yourself. The Capture CIS on line has a poor support for higher Microchip family than 16Fxxx. But it's an easy task anyway.
Hi, What are possible methods of MCU <-> DSP interconnection? I?m planning to interconnect pic18f series with adsp21364 sharc. I?m thinking about pic parallel slave port (PSP). Can anyone give me some guidelines about this? best regards, stroma
If you use a microcontroller, I like Microchip pic18f and Freescale. They offer also very good support. If you need a controller: SJA1000. But Philips doesn't provide good support. Best regards, mimoto
Hello! I need help with the serial communication between a Telit GM862 and the PIC18 using uart. Anyone who has any example code or can help me with this. Thanks, Jon
HI, I need informations about programmer for pi18fxxx series, pcb and software, best regards

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