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hi all, i have this project to do and it was working fine until i added "adc_read", i don't get any error on Mikroc pro after building but in practice it's not working. please can you help me to figure out the problem. i'm using pic18f4520 with lcd, keypad and a sensor. unsigned long kp=0,mpres=0, wei=0, mwei=0, res=0, count=0, x=0;
Hi, All I wants to interface a 2*16 lcd with 8bit mode in assembly language in which the external crystal is 20Mhz in where I have already try but still there is no output, the code samples are below mentioned. So, any one can guide . #INCLUDE R1 EQU 81H R2 EQU 82H lcd_DATA EQU PORTB lcd_CTRL EQU PORTD
Hi I want to interface Glcd with pic18f4520 I am using PIC18 basic simulator Can anyone give the exact code to draw a sinusoidal wave on the Glcd with minimum numbers of variables and loops? Thanks
Hello dears, This website is such a magnificent job. Great effort, in a smart way with interactions of great experienced members. I`m doing a small project, concerning automation/control/monitoring about a green-house. I`m using a pic18f4520. I`m coding in Assembly. I'm using as output an 2*40 lcd (LMB402CFC): as an interface for the user.
Im getting this warrning pic18f4520\main.c:42:Warning suspicious pointer conversion I want to show characters on the lcd, here is my code /* Main.c file generated by New Project wizard * * Created: Fri Feb 21 2014 * Processor: pic18f4520 * Compiler: MPLAB C18 */ #include #include
MASTER IC - pic18f4520 SLAVE IC - 24C04 (EEPROM IC 4Kbytes memory I2C interface) lcd using in 4 bit mode data lines of lcd connected to PORTB(RB7 To RB4) db7-RB7 db6-RB6 db5-RB5 db4-RB4 en-RD2 rw-RD1 rs-RD0 bl-RD3 master ic sends data "ABC" to eeprom ic and while receiving same data from eeprom ic, master ic gets special (...)
Master IC - pic18f4520 Slave IC - ds1307 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from slave ic error... can anyone help me how to rectify error? 20x4 lcd in 4 bit mode 100504
hi I'm using pic18f4520, the temperature sensor doesnt give the correct values. the values isnt consistent at all too. Temperature sensor is connect to AN12 of the IC I display the ADC reading into the lcd, the values kept jumping from 50 , 70, 100 back to 50. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with it. thanks
Hi all, Need some help to display the result to the lcd JHD162A lcd. exp : 6+4=10 below is my c-program. I am using MPlab. #include <pic18f4520.h> #include //-------------------------------- #define bit0 PORTAbits.RA0 #define bit1 PORTAbits.RA1 #define bit2 PORTAbits.RA2 #define bit3 PORTAbits.RA3 (...)
Hi all, Need some help to display the result to the lcd JHD162A lcd. exp : 6+4=10 below is my c-program. I am using MPlab. #include <pic18f4520.h> #include //-------------------------------- #define bit0 PORTAbits.RA0 #define bit1 PORTAbits.RA1 #define bit2 PORTAbits.RA2 #define bit3 PORTAbits.RA3 (...)
hi i'm using mcc18 compiler. I need to display the voltage on my lcd (tc1602A) using microcontroller (pic18f4520). I'm stuck after while(ADCON0bits.DONE), and i dunno how to display the value on lcd. Please help! #include #include #include ADCON0=0b00000001; ADCON1=0b00000111; ADCON2=0b10000
Hi guys, my pic18f4520 have a crystal circuit of 20mhz. I want to have a 4 bit lcd. connections DB4 to RD0 DB5 to RD1 DB6 to RD2 DB7 to RD3 RA1 to E RA2 to R/W RA3 to RS lcd pin 1 to Gnd lcd pin 2 to +5V lcd pin 3 to GND Please tell me what is wrong here. Is any resistor needed? Here is (...)
Hi guys, my pic18f4520 have a crystal circuit of 20mhz. connections DB4 to RD0 DB5 to RD1 DB6 to RD2 DB7 to RD3 RA1 to E RA2 to R/W RA3 to RS lcd pin 1 to Gnd lcd pin 2 to +5V lcd pin 3 to GND Please tell me what is wrong here. Is any resistor needed? Here is the code: //20MHZ OSCILLATOR #include (...)
I'm using TC1602A lcd and pic18f4520 microchip. the lcd display square black box when I tried to display something. When i connect 5V from the fixed 5v power supply, it can display what I want. Can anyone tell me what wrong with it ? I tried to use potential meter to reduce the current but it burned.
Hi I have problem in pic18f4520 lcd DISPLAY. (1) The physical set up with PCI18F4520 and lcd is using PORTDbits.RD4 and RD5 as RS and Enable. RW pin is connected to ground. (2) I use MPLAB V8.9 and C18 compiler. 4-bit mode lcd data using PORTD. (3) The problem is I use PICkit2 to program and use Vdd from kit2. It (...)
Can anyone help me check whether this code is correct anot ? //Define .hex file// #include #include #include //Define Configuration bits// #pragma config OSC = INTIO67 //Set to use internal oscillator // No external oscillator #pragma config WDT = OFF //Turn off watchdog timer #pragma config LV
83958 thanks for the link - - - Updated - - - 83960 this is the pic18f4520 im using. 83961 This is the thermal sensor for my project. 83963 and this is the lcd im using..
i want to measure the oxygen rate of person using pulse oximeter sensor and display it in lcd using pic giving input in the form of voltage to pic controller.According to the voltage level,i want to vary display in maximum voltage will be 440mv and min will be 1/0mv.i want to display 99% if my voltage is 440mv else 1% for
Im using micro chip c18 compiler. im sensing the oxygen level of the person using pulse oxymeter sensor and tranmitting the sensed value as the input to the pic18f4520. now i want to display the output in lcd with respective to sensed values of sensor..plzz send me the coding
i want to display different values from sensor through pic18f4520 in lcd. im using embedded c language.plzz help me by sending the code For start try to give detail about sensor.
Using pic18f4520, PORTA for the key encoder, coded for keypad only. Guys please help #include #include void main() { int keyInputs; char keypress; ADCON1=0X0f; TRISA=0b11111111 while(1) { if(PORTAbits.RA4==1) { keyInputs = PORTA & 0x0f; switch(keyInputs) { case 0: keypress ='1';
lcd data pins are not defined. See - - - Updated - - -[/COL
Hi, I am unable to initialise this 16x2 lcd Display, could any one here help please? Went through past threads and still unable to solve :( Using a pic18f4520 with 4Mhz crystal First line is filled with black boxes, second line is clear #include #include #include #include #pragma confi
Can anyone post how to use the new function mmc_fat_dir() in the mmc_fat16 library of the mikroc compiler's latest version. My objective is to use this function to display the contents of a directory on an lcd module. I am using pic18f4520.
i use 4bit custom lcd in mikroc with pic18f4520 it work ok with text but i cant send value of variable in lcd i try to use IntToStr(time4_lectures, txt); or sprintf(buffer,"%d",time4_lectures); but it not work ok ///////////////////////////////////////the function in mikroc void lcd_Custom_Out_Cp(char *text)
Guys, How should I set proper value for comparator and set digital input for port A. i want to use data pin of lcd to be connected to port A My lcd isn't working properly at all. Regards Linspire
I have several problem for my coding. 1.lcd cant display correctly when shifting my keypad input after 8 inputs from keypad. 2.lcd cant display correctly when I output the 8's keypad input with append of ".txt". Example: when I key in ABCDEFGH with keypad. lcd display just show ABCDEFFHHH Then I assigned string of ".txt" to these (...)
I'm just curious why it's like this. I though I can keep my another pic18f4520 for backup purpose. Is it possible for you to try the PIC which causes you problems on another hardware? or with some another programm? I know, you can say your problem is solved, but you can check this if you want to go in deep why tha
this is my test on MMC/SD card on the Devkit8000 board. The OS is Linux, it is easy to read and write files to SD card. That's nice. However Brittany Snow, Linspire is implementing his design with a pic18f4520 which does not support Linux. BigDog
Hi guys, I'm have try implement the code from mikroC example : lcd. I just see the lcd just showed first row with black dot nothing else just like without programming into it. The circuit connection will be same as example shown in the library's schematic lcd diagram. Any of you can help me ? I'm new to MikroC. These purpose's for (...)
Hi! I am working on a project that is capable of moving a motor (in a time based manner) every after 30 minutes. The time will be based on an RTC in such a way that when I turn on the system, it looks at the time in the RTC to know which position the motor should be in and then after 30 minutes, it will move to the next position again. Codes below
Hello, Does anyone know how to set time in RTC? We're using pic18f4520 in MikroC Pro. We tried the code below but the output in our lcd is one that is counting very fast that we cannot see the data anymore. Please help me on this endeavor. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. char seconds, minutes, hours, day, month, year; // Glob
Hi, I am a beginner and new to embedded.started using pic dem plus 2 having pic18f4520.i need a source code in c for ocular om16214 lcd interfacing(16X2,4 bit mode).plz help me out.thx
I am Using pic18f4520 And want to Transmit Binary 8 bit data serially (when i press a button on the keypad ) through TWS434. Also at the other end i need to receive the same data On pic18f4520 with RWS434.. If I Press A Button of Keypad I need To transmit and Display The Code on lcd simultaneously.... I am weak in Programing and was in a (...)
Hi, I'm trying to interface a pic18f4520 to a SED1335 based lcd. Using the provided CCS C driver and this code: while(TRUE) { glcd_fillScreen(ON); delay_ms(1000); glcd_fillScreen(OFF); delay_ms(1000); glcd_pixel(10,10,1); delay_ms(1000); glcd_pixel(10,10,0); delay_ms(1000); } (...)
Hi... I have interfaced the lcd with pic18f4520 as... EN - RA1 RW- RA2 RS - RA3 D4-D7 - RD0-RD3 The code I wrote, goes as follows... #define PIN_ENABLE_lcd PORTAbits.RA5 #define PIN_RW_lcd PORTAbits.RA2 #define PIN_RS_lcd PORTAbits.RA3 #define DATA_lcd (...)
Hello, I have connected 16x2 lcd module to pic18f4520. Pin configuration-> EN - RA1 RW- RA2 RS - RA3 D4-D7 - RD4-RD7 I have written this code... void InitialiseDisplay(void) { ResetDisplay(); SendCommandTolcd(0x28); //4 bit interface 2 line First Initialise Delay(1); SendCommandTolcd(0x0C); (...)
Hello, I am working on a Anti-House Breaking System project which operates 24 hour/day surveillance. I am planning to put it on sleep mode until the PIR sensor or Glass-Break sensor detects a break-in. How can this be done? (if possible) I am aware of the 7 different operating modes but unsure of whether to use the Sleep or Idle modes and h
Hi, I am working with 8051 with 24C02. Can any body give me hint or example code. How to Interface Serial Memory 24C02 with PIC18F using MSSP? Thanks in Advance -- Karam
i am doing a project for my final yr. I already done with voltage n current reading on i need to use PT1000 tmep sensor to monitor the temp and disply it on my lcd.Anyone can help with code.using pic18f4520
please, i need help on displaying characters on nokia3310 lcd screen. The best i could have were 2 or 3 layers of lines drawn at the bottom of the screen. I interfaced it with pic18f4520 and i am using 8MHz oscillator to drive the PIC. Could that be a problem because most projects use 20MHz. My codes and circuit design runs on proteus but the ha
Hi, I have successfully working on pic18f4520 with LED,lcd. But Now I have work on PIC12F508 with LED (but with Internal Oscillator) Can I check on configure->configuration bits setting in MPLAB Simulator? Thanks in Advance.. Karan
using pic18f4520 to display voltage, current, power and temperature for my car in lcd 16x2 screen. ive googled it and it doesnt help me that much. do u have any links? thnx
Equipment: pic18f4520 MCU 2x8 lcd with HD44780 I am using Pickit2 to program the lcd in assembley language using MPLAB IDE. The project is to display my name on the lcd, any ideas on how to get started on this project? How to interface the two pieces of hardware would be much appreciated.
Hi, try this , i just finished on the same board that you are using now.... ; Labs for pic18f4520, lcd... ; lcd CODE with lookup table made on 1-10-2008 list p=18f4520 #include CONFIG OSC = HS ;INTIO7 if internal clock CONFIG FCMEN = OFF CONFIG IESO = OFF CONFIG PWRT = ON CONFIG BOREN = OFF CONFIG WDT = (...)
hello sir, i am learning pic microcontroller i am using pic 18f4520 controller if any body known lcd programing plz forward my mail
I need some of the lcd C program source code , Buzzer and 7segment source code. Thank for helping