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Can the pickit2 clone program the chips like 12F675/629 etc that needs VPP control? Does the pickit2 clone cotrol VPP? Here is the one I'm going to build.
after many reviews i have made it more simple. Like some thing u can make it with the controller (pic 18F2550) and some discrete components which are easily available. No mosfets (difficult to find) not even bat 54 (schottky diode) . just few transistors and di
Can any one tell will this project work for The pickit2 clone I have found this on a web site I have all the PCB and the Schematics for The pickit2 clone
hi all, i am sharing the pickit2 clone programmer here Do not share atricles which are freely available on the net. Here is the original page of the project in Spanish. .::PALMA::.: PICKit 2 clone Zocalo ZIF Download project in Zif: [url=
DIY pickit2 clone problems Hello everyone. I`m a just Pickit-beginner. I actually built DIY pickit2 clone as followed a circuit schematic on Programming PIC18F And I also built JDM2 programmer due to an egg-chick problem on that clone, source from
Hi.. I made a pickit2 clone based on the following When I connect this circuit to my PC and open MPLAB to connect pickit2 I see that the busy LED keeps on blinking and MPLAB keeps on loading... even if I wait for hou
Dear All most of times my pickit2 clone comes this message when I (blank check) then I used my serial programmer and erased using it and re erased using pickit2 clone then it will be success please advice Hi, Normally you do not need to Blank check or Erase a chip, when you Write it automatically does all
Hi, I have built a pickit2 clone exactly like the MICROCHIP schematic but with a mix of through holes and SMD components ans without EEPROMs. When I start pickit2 v2.61, I have a VDD voltage level error but after the hardware is reconized and connected. Then I start the Troubleshoot menu : Step 1 Verify VDD Click on TEST give (...)
111537 Hi, i am trying to making pickit2 clone. ... i have made hardware .. no problem of hardware.. many people has made it and it is working successfully.. but for making it we need to program PIC18F2550 first ... please tell me how to configure in top 2005 or top 2006 universal Programmer Fuse bit of pic18f2550 fo
I have a homemade clone of pickit2 with schematic 86935 Can this clone program 3V3 pics (eg. dspic33fj64gp804)?
Hi friends, Previously i had posted about pickit2 clone making, after a discussion about 1 month i am able to make a better clone, with most of the functionalities of the original pickit2. (old post) So i am nw starting a discussion about pickit3 clone making. its just a beginning . I need all
My pickit2 clone ckt is shown below. My doubt is very very simple. Can I program 3.3v PIC controllers like PIC32 using the above circuit.Please help me. Its is recomended to drop down the 5volts to 3.3 volts so as to use the pickit2 clone with 3.3. volt de
hii i am krishna prasad i just built pickit2 clone usb programmer i donno what is wrong with that its not detecting in my comp i built it with the help of this link when i check the vss and vdd voltage output its saying 4.98v plz help me i have attached the eagle files and also my pickit2 cl
Hi all, I got a problem that pickit2(clone) could not catch the 16F84.... I tested my pickit2 with 16F84A, 16F628 and 18F2550, these are worked very well but 16F84 chip isn`t be caught. I`m wondering pickit2 isn`t originally capable of programming with 16F84 or else. Many thanks
I personally use Microchip's ICD2, ICD3 and Real ICE for all my PIC debugging/programming needs, so I can offer little opinion concerning a pickit2 clone design. However there has been several length discussion threads concerning pickit2 design which you may find helpful. Including the following
poorchava Re: potyo2 icd2 clone components Hi, Have to ask why you are trying to build the more complex ICD2 when the pickit2 clones are so much easier and will do almost the same thing. The pickit2 clone is detailed many times in this forum and works well. Apart from a 680uh choke (...)
I have recently made a pickit2 clone programmer on bread borad from the following link Microchip PICKIT 2 clone - Schematic+PCB (PROTEUS) - Sonsivri I program the uC from pickit2 from some institute, when i attectched the programmer to USB some time it says "USB doe
Hi Friends, I bought a pickit2 clone china make USB programmer.And I have a PIC developement board bought from 3rd Party.When I connect the ICSP to the PIC board and opening the pickit2 software its showing the following Error, Errror: Unsupported (...)
Hi, I am interested to build pk2 lite / pickit2 lite / pickit2 clone using PIC18F4550. Looking for info / schematics / tuto. if anybody has done this, please share your exp. Thanks, BT
Hi everyone. Finally I was able to finish the clone. I based mine on this design: I've attached my design with a few modifications, which have been discussed in this forum, on my previous thread. Also attached is the PCB layout I created from scratch, using Proteus ISIS and ARES. My
dear all the problem i am facing is that what ever i try to connect with my PB.6 PB.7 pins it is not working. the program and all other part and files are good working flawlessly, even the same(PB.6 PB.7 pins) is working while using a different programmer.what would be the problem/solution for this? i know these two two pins are used for program
Please show me the modified schematics....2............. I made a pickit2 clone...... It can't program 3.3V devices Hi, Yes you can, I made a pk2 with a fixed 5v rail like yours. You can do it two ways. 1. Apply 3v3 to the target chip /circuit before you power on the PK2, with the circuit like your
i think that you have o burn firmware for pickit2 again bcoz as betwixt also told and if your hardware correct then this part conly controls the controller. and download pickit2 firmware from Microchip website.
Hi, some times ago i made by myself a diy pickit2 clone which i found on talking electronics web site.i used to program pic16f628a and pic16f54 without any problem now.but last week i decide to program pic12f508 and pic16f57 and blank ic's are programmed without any problem.but when i tried to erase after device not erasing at all(when press blank
Here is my simplified and tested pickit2 schematic with pcb in pdf format working fine for me. - - - Updated - - - gerbers can be posted here if any body intrested.
Hi, If you search this forum with " pickit2 clone vpp error " you will find a good few entries that might have some useful information The pickit2 clone is a well used circuit and using Microchips proven software means any problems will most likely be down to the components and build quality. Also , how well proven (...)
Hello. I am using the pic along with mikroC and pickit2 software. I get an error every time i try to write into the controller. 111117
I think the best is a pickit2 clone it is support 3.3v chip :) my pcb design will be ready soon
Maybe a micro-programmer project can get you started and busy for a while. Say a ICD2 or pickit2 clone? :)
Hi, I bought PICDEM 2 Plus without understanding that i need a UCE or ICD. I was searching ebay and founf pickit2 clone. Is this clone able to program the PICDEM2 board? or I need some ICD2? please help urgently
Just build a pickit2 clone instead.
It's not really worth reversing unless you're a clone maker planning on making thousands. The TQFP parts would be no fun to solder and you still need to preprogram the parts. It would cost about as much as the ICD3 would from Microchip. We have plenty of ICD2 & pickit2 clone designs that can do pretty much anything most of us will ever need.
hi, thanks i will do it and let u know the details. Regards, M.Sukumar Please upload the schematic of the JDM that you tried to use. Generally most JDMs use high voltage for programming. If so, there is no need to ground Pgm pin. I would suggest you make one external powered Programmer like the design by DL4YHF
Try JDM programmers on these links given below: Good luck I feel, better we suggest him to go for pickit2 clone or original as one time purchase. he will really be lucky as
Hi, Please, can someone tell me which site I can buy a pica6f877a programmer and development kit. Regard. If you are intretsed to constuct one yourself, you may go with pickit2 clones whose schematics and codes are freely available all over the net. Just one google search will yield 100+ results. If you need to buy, a USB i
There are various ISCP programmer schematics for the PIC Microcontroller. Just google for it if you intend to contruct one. Or you may also consider going for a "PIC Cruizer" which is pickit2 clone available just for 1500/- including postage anywhere in India from .....Cheers
You may try these links given below. OR Try google search with keywords "JDM programmer" or pickit2 clone". You'll find ample designs on the net......... Cheers
Dear all Member, I m new there, I need a Microcontroller programming board to programming a PIC 16F72 Microcontroller, data port USB/Serial,please please please give me schematic with software for read write As per your post, i understand that you need a programmer for PIC and not a programming board. Just google to get a
Search for pickit2 clone in this forum. But u have to program master MC for pickit2. You can use old parallel port programmer for programming PIC18F2550(Master MC). Try this
Why to search for firmware which is hard to get? Just go for a pickit2 clone which is easy to assemble, Popular and available with all details including the firmware. Some links are given here. ww
Instead finding who has done or tested the siad design, you may try pickit2 clone which is excellently working as many people are working with it. It is very easy to make one at a reasonable cost. You may have a look at these links given below which may be helpfull.
You may try pickit2 clone which is excellently working as many people are working with it. It is very easy to make one at a reasonable cost. You may have a look at these links given below which may be helpfull.
You may try pickit2 clone which is excellently working as many people are working with it. It is very easy to make one at a reasonable cost. You may have a look at these links given below which may be helpfull.
Use GTP Usb or pickit2 Clons. But first u should program programmer's Master IC(PIC18F2550), for this u need a parallel port. GTP usb is very easy to construct and will support PIC16/18 constrollers. But construction of PicKit 2 clone is a little difficult job(will support all* 3.3 and 5V pic controllers),u can also use lite version of (...)
better build a pickit2 (clone) or icd2 (clone) today than trying to make a gtp usb clone which , in its free version, doesnt support recent pics... you must use a gtp usb LITE and the gtp software v3.55 if any of the two is not right, nothing can work.
I use pickit2 and ALL-11 pickit2 is faster
make a search for pickit2 clone on this board. you will get some that works on 3.3v they dont work directly in mikropascal, but you can program the hex file generated by mikropascal, using the free mplab from microchip.
one of the icd2 pages on the web: also better buy a cheap one already made on ebay... around $30 for pickit2 you can find on this forum. just do a search in the field above... problem with 16f873a can be the timing of the signals which is more precise than on 16f84. regards,
Hi! @ Brian: Yes agreed that the pickit2/3 is a much better option for a microcontroller enthusiast, but for very occasional programming, i dont really see the point in buying a 40$ + Shipping programmer to India, that too in a bulk (10 plus minimum) quantity. I Hope you realise that as a radio amateur, Im more Inclined on experimenting rathe