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I personally use Microchip's ICD2, ICD3 and Real ICE for all my PIC debugging/programming needs, so I can offer little opinion concerning a pickit2 clone design. However there has been several length discussion threads concerning pickit2 design which you may find helpful. Including the following
Here is my simplified and tested pickit2 schematic with pcb in pdf format working fine for me. - - - Updated - - - gerbers can be posted here if any body intrested.
Hello you I need de schematic pickit2 v2 in Eagle 4? thanks simplicio
Hi, Hope you do not mind me asking, but wondered why you are apparently looking to build a complicated parallel port programmer ? If you are intending to use Pics - then would not a simple USB diy clone like a pickit2 Lite be much better ? I've done my own and know they work well.
buy a pickit2 from microchip or build one of these
Go to Microchip and download and install the latest version of the pickit2 software. If you run the software and do Help, readme, you will find a list of the chips it supports. It does support the Pic16F84, allthough this chip is a little dated now and expensive, not recomended for new designs. The pickit2 is a nice bit of kit and supports lots
Have a look at the pickit2 on Microchip. It is very cheap. You can find schematics, firmware and software, source code for the whole thing on Microchip.
Hai all, Here we pickit2 PCB version. Will upload Eagle & PDF fromat for
Greetings, Try this programmer: The website is in German, but it is fairly east to navigate. There are also several variations of the pickit2 on this forum. Blueroomelectronics has an excellent kit called the Junebug. It is however, limited to 5v devices. w
Ok, I post the pickit2 can be configured for 3.3V why all this mod? the original pickit2 takes care and perhaps the Vtarget is changed as 3.3V, Vpp not generated, thus Vtarget will come out at v
Hi, Just search this forum for several different designs - the attached pickit2 Lite being one of the best and easiest to build. ( you do not need the ferrite bead ) All the software is free to download from Microchip, you will need to program the pic18f2550 from your existing programmer. Note that a few Laptop USB powered programmers can
The best route to follow is to buy a pickit2 and develop from mplab. Its not everyone's favourite but it works and has a good help system. The alternative is to get a schematic for the pickit and build it yourself but if it fails to work you will not know where the problem lies. Old programmers like the JDM also work but serial ports are getting
make a search for pickit2 clone on this board. you will get some that works on 3.3v they dont work directly in mikropascal, but you can program the hex file generated by mikropascal, using the free mplab from microchip.
You may use this schematic for adding a Zif socket with a pickit2 or Clones. Cheers
Can any one tell will this project work for The pickit2 clone I have found this on a web site I have all the PCB and the schematics for The pickit2 clone
DIY pickit2 clone problems Hello everyone. I`m a just Pickit-beginner. I actually built DIY pickit2 clone as followed a circuit schematic on Programming PIC18F And I also built JDM2 programmer due to an egg-chick problem on that clone, source from
hey i want to build a pickit2 from many days. I know there's a schematic available in internet . But i heard it's not so easy to build pickit2 and most of the time it doesn't work after build. To build a successful pickit2,you have to understand the internal problems arising and have to solve it . I want to know what are (...)
hi can anyone tell me how does pickit2 outputs the variable vdd voltage as we select from the software programmer? i want to make a similar kind of voltage regulator which can be configured using usb/serial communication. thanks
Hi.. I made a pickit2 clone based on the following When I connect this circuit to my PC and open MPLAB to connect pickit2 I see that the busy LED keeps on blinking and MPLAB keeps on loading... even if I wait for hou
I have recently made a pickit2 clone programmer on bread borad from the following link Microchip PICKIT 2 Clone - schematic+PCB (PROTEUS) - Sonsivri I program the uC from pickit2 from some institute, when i attectched the programmer to USB some time it says "USB doe
Hello, My (pickit2 + training board) use pic16f84a. Can someone help me with the some guide and schematic that will help in building this circuit. My training board consists of the following board: -LED Board(8bit output) -Switch Board(consists of 8 tack switch) -Seven Segment Module(Single Seven Segment) -Sensor Module -LCD module -Rela
Hi Friends, I bought a pickit2 Clone china make USB programmer.And I have a PIC developement board bought from 3rd Party.When I connect the ICSP to the PIC board and opening the pickit2 software its showing the following Error, Errror: Unsupported PART(ID=1E60). Whe
why do we need EEPROM?? You should first understand concept and what are you doing. You start to build pickit2 with EEPROM which can be used for programming without PC. Try to read text of project what are you making.
Can anyone confirm that I would need PICKIT3 to program the PIC24F16KA102 , tried pickit2, but mplab x is giving error The programmer could not be started: Could not connect to tool hardware: pickit2PlatformTool, com.microchip.mplab.mdbcore.pickit2.pickit2DbgToolManager and pickit2 tab gives the (...)
I have a homemade clone of pickit2 with schematic 86935 Can this clone program 3V3 pics (eg. dspic33fj64gp804)?
The following is the major thread in this forum which discusses several possible pickit2 designs: PicKit 2 FULL with TH components - Need help with layout BigDog
Hi, I have built a pickit2 clone exactly like the MICROCHIP schematic but with a mix of through holes and SMD components ans without EEPROMs. When I start pickit2 v2.61, I have a VDD voltage level error but after the hardware is reconized and connected. Then I start the Troubleshoot menu : Step 1 Verify VDD Click on TEST give (...)
I need a schematic for Lead-Acid charger. An article about Lead-Acid charger was published in May?s 99 edition of Elektor magazine, but unfortunately I can?t get a printed or electronic copy of that edition.
hi all, i urgently need a schematic for a HP/SONY Monitor HP4332A. anyone have an idea, where to get it? perhaps even have it. plz help me, pm or post many THX in advance
Does anyone have a schematic for a AEG CompuStar USV 200VA? Thanks for your help in advance.
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I'm looking for schematic for Halda - rally computer used in rally cars to count the distance and time. I will be very thankful :P for any information where to look for information, or how to start build it up. Please send info to my priv email:
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Full schematic/project for a good quality bench power supply anybody please?. Commercial Dual Laboratory type would do just fine Git
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Does somebody know a possibility to import an Eagle4-schematic in Protel 99 (e.g.: export netlists in Eagle via special ULP)? Any suggestions are welcomed. Mik
Hi, I search the schematic and PCB design for this: Elektronika Praktyczna 09/2002 Probably only polish people. If you have the scan of this article, please send me: For your information is simple CD AUDIO PLAYER with 8252 programed in BASCOM. Tha
Hello her is the schematic, is very easy and it works (with PAL and NTSC): S-video side RCA side Y-ground ----------------+ +------------RCA/composite ground C-ground-----------------+ Y---------------------------+
hello? i do not found in search of www. plase know me to datasheet or schematic. i need pal video in to hsync & vsync schematic.
In the topic , elone Posted: 06 Oct 2002 18:45 I use ECS241 , 446 for some years, I think your question will have no answer ! Think about millions gates netlist , in ecs , you must split it to thousands pages , it no possible I found there exists the tool for converting diffe
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