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I personally use Microchip's ICD2, ICD3 and Real ICE for all my PIC debugging/programming needs, so I can offer little opinion concerning a pickit2 clone design. However there has been several length discussion threads concerning pickit2 design which you may find helpful. Including the following
Hi, Hope you do not mind me asking, but wondered why you are apparently looking to build a complicated parallel port programmer ? If you are intending to use Pics - then would not a simple USB diy clone like a pickit2 Lite be much better ? I've done my own and know they work well.
Microchip has offered the schematic here : From what I gather, the firmware is also available here. So, before I build it myself, I would like to know if anybody has built the pickit2 from scratch based on this design ? Also, is there a better
buy a pickit2 from microchip or build one of these
Hello, i've bought this USB pickit2 Starter Kit: and i have the demo board with PIC16F917 already solded to the board. question is, can i program with this pickit2 programmer PIC16F84? or any other PIC? and where can i find schematic of boa
Have a look at the pickit2 on Microchip. It is very cheap. You can find schematics, firmware and software, source code for the whole thing on Microchip.
Hello you I need de schematic pickit2 v2 in Eagle 4? thanks simplicio
Hai all, Here we pickit2 PCB version. Will upload Eagle & PDF fromat for
Greetings, Try this programmer: The website is in German, but it is fairly east to navigate. There are also several variations of the pickit2 on this forum. Blueroomelectronics has an excellent kit called the Junebug. It is however, limited to 5v devices. w
Ok, I post the pickit2 can be configured for 3.3V why all this mod? the original pickit2 takes care and perhaps the Vtarget is changed as 3.3V, Vpp not generated, thus Vtarget will come out at v
from - Q14. How do I program these RF Microcontrollers like PICrf12F675? The RF Microcontroller can be programmed using any of the Microchip Programmers like pickit2 / MPLAB ICD2 / MPLAB PM3 through Microchip MPLAB IDE. For details please refer the
Hi, Just search this forum for several different designs - the attached pickit2 Lite being one of the best and easiest to build. ( you do not need the ferrite bead ) All the software is free to download from Microchip, you will need to program the pic18f2550 from your existing programmer. Note that a few Laptop USB powered programmers can
The best route to follow is to buy a pickit2 and develop from mplab. Its not everyone's favourite but it works and has a good help system. The alternative is to get a schematic for the pickit and build it yourself but if it fails to work you will not know where the problem lies. Old programmers like the JDM also work but serial ports are getting
make a search for pickit2 clone on this board. you will get some that works on 3.3v they dont work directly in mikropascal, but you can program the hex file generated by mikropascal, using the free mplab from microchip.
You may use this schematic for adding a Zif socket with a pickit2 or Clones. Cheers
Can any one tell will this project work for The pickit2 clone I have found this on a web site I have all the PCB and the schematics for The pickit2 clone
DIY pickit2 clone problems Hello everyone. I`m a just Pickit-beginner. I actually built DIY pickit2 clone as followed a circuit schematic on Programming PIC18F And I also built JDM2 programmer due to an egg-chick problem on that clone, source from
hey i want to build a pickit2 from many days. I know there's a schematic available in internet . But i heard it's not so easy to build pickit2 and most of the time it doesn't work after build. To build a successful pickit2,you have to understand the internal problems arising and have to solve it . I want to know what are (...)
Hi, Just search on ' pickit2 lite ' or 'pickit2 clone ' There are loads around, some with pcb and some with details of how the make a cheapo programmer to burn the pic18F2550 chip needed to run the programmer. This circuit diagram is well proven and can act as a reference when checking others out.
hi can anyone tell me how does pickit2 outputs the variable vdd voltage as we select from the software programmer? i want to make a similar kind of voltage regulator which can be configured using usb/serial communication. thanks
The one from pickit2 datasheet is the best
Hi.. I made a pickit2 clone based on the following When I connect this circuit to my PC and open MPLAB to connect pickit2 I see that the busy LED keeps on blinking and MPLAB keeps on loading... even if I wait for hou
I have recently made a pickit2 clone programmer on bread borad from the following link Microchip PICKIT 2 Clone - schematic+PCB (PROTEUS) - Sonsivri I program the uC from pickit2 from some institute, when i attectched the programmer to USB some time it says "USB doe
Hello, My (pickit2 + training board) use pic16f84a. Can someone help me with the some guide and schematic that will help in building this circuit. My training board consists of the following board: -LED Board(8bit output) -Switch Board(consists of 8 tack switch) -Seven Segment Module(Single Seven Segment) -Sensor Module -LCD module -Rela
Hi Friends, I bought a pickit2 Clone china make USB programmer.And I have a PIC developement board bought from 3rd Party.When I connect the ICSP to the PIC board and opening the pickit2 software its showing the following Error, Errror: Unsupported PART(ID=1E60). Whe
why do we need EEPROM?? You should first understand concept and what are you doing. You start to build pickit2 with EEPROM which can be used for programming without PC. Try to read text of project what are you making.
dear all the problem i am facing is that what ever i try to connect with my PB.6 PB.7 pins it is not working. the program and all other part and files are good working flawlessly, even the same(PB.6 PB.7 pins) is working while using a different programmer.what would be the problem/solution for this? i know these two two pins are used for program
Can anyone confirm that I would need PICKIT3 to program the PIC24F16KA102 , tried pickit2, but mplab x is giving error The programmer could not be started: Could not connect to tool hardware: pickit2PlatformTool, com.microchip.mplab.mdbcore.pickit2.pickit2DbgToolManager and pickit2 tab gives the (...)
Hi, Just search this forum, many ,many diy designs from a full copy to a minimalist one. The firmware is Microchips and free from their pickit2 page. Be aware you need a programmer to program the Pk2 2550, again many diy plans around for a cheapo programmer to do this. See this page from earlier today
I have a homemade clone of pickit2 with schematic 86935 Can this clone program 3V3 pics (eg. dspic33fj64gp804)?
Hi All, I'm having problems with programming PIC12f675 using pickit2. If I check the communication using Tools>Check Communication it says that the pickit2 and the device is found, however, once I try to use blank check, it says that there is no device found. Any advice? Thank you so much! :)
The following is the major thread in this forum which discusses several possible pickit2 designs: PicKit 2 FULL with TH components - Need help with layout BigDog
Hi All, Visit Microchip website and search for pickit2 and download the user guide. There is a schematic of pickit2 ICSP programmer. You may want to build or purchase it. Regards
HI there... There is a PIC programmer called pickit2 V1.20. This programmer is USB based and it is made available free from MIcrochip. They have everything on there site including User Guide, schematic files, programming software and Hex files... This programmer is based on PIC18F2550 microcontroller. for details visit htt
Buy a pickit2 from Microchip. It will cost you less than to build one yourself (?24). Then you can program and debug a large range of Pic chips. You can also download the schematic and firmware from Microchip. ICP is In Circuit Programming!
Look at pickit2 from Microchip. It is very cheap about ?24. It will cost you less to buy one than to try to build one.
I already have 2 pcs of pickit 2 I ordered it online. I ordered 2 pcs 2 divide the packaging fee in two and I intend to sell the other 1. I built my self a gtp-usb lite to utilize the usb port but unfortunately my laptop was one of the few units that are not compatible with gtp-usb lite. As of now the pickit2 serves its purpose well. Fo
Hi, tijoseymathew, The one that today have better support is the ICD2, if you search in this forum or in the google for ICD2 clone, you will find it, but it need 2 PICs for the USB version and most of the clones only support the 5V PICS Another programmer that are better every day is the pickit2, is a low cost programmer debugger, you can fin
Hi, Try pickit2, it can program dsPIC33FJ12MC202, maybe some future upgrade will add debug function, and it is very cheap...
ICD2 and pickit2 both are great tools. Have fun.
Hi, I request you to please put source code of the firmware, so may be some one covert it to any USB supporting controller like 18F2550 or can use pickit2 hardware to programme 89S. Idea behind is to finally convert the simple pickit2 to a universal programmer. Thanks sadat007
pickit2 can do it, so can an ICD2 schematics and info in these forums. Junebug = pickit2 (5V version) USB Inchworm = ICD2 (5V version) RS232
Hi Computerman29 ! I built this design recently (1 week ago), and it works well. I have tested it with 16F819 (erasing and reprogramming). 12F675 (erasing, blank check), 16F676 (blank check). I am using pickit2 version 2.40 and MPLAB 8, both recognize the circuit. I started it using the Wouter´s bootloader. A disadvantage is that Vdd does not
Yes my Junebug (pickit2) works under Vista 32bit
Hi blueroomelectronics From the JuneBug schematic, I found that the Q2 BS250P and LED AMBER is different from the original pickit2. The original pickit2, FDC6420C (P) pin S is connect to 5V and pin D connect to diode while the orientation for BS250P in junebug is different. The LED from pickit2 is active high while LED in (...)
You can try the pickit2, its schematic is available on the user manual, or you can visit my site:
My Junebug kit (pickit2) is better than the GTP by far.
pickit2 PCAD and Gerber files Original schematic with minor changes - FDC6420C replaced by two separated MOSFETs. All SMD components, diodes are SOT-23.
Just buy a pickit2 or my Junebug kit. Cost you less than building your own since you have no progeammer.