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Hi all, in radars after the TR-cell there is usally a pin-diode limiter. Before the incoming wave meets the pin-diode, some of its power is coupled into a schottky diode for making a DC-voltage. This DC-voltage is applied to the pin-diode and will bias it (...)
Hi I have a big problem. I must simulate a pin diode limiter with some of the common micorwave circuital simulation, for example Ansoft Designer. In particular i must simulate the recovery time, and so I must insert in the simulator a suqare pulse that envelopes a sinusoidal wave. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance
Try the links below for application notes. As for diode choice, that depends on your frequency range and manufacturing techniques. The diode manufacturer's applications departments would be a good place to start. Microsemi pin diode handbook
Thank you for the link on informative papers. I am also trying to find ways of protecting the inputs of amplifiers, though in my case, they are low-noise LNA inputs. Though I don't know for sure, I think there are a number of issues about using Schottky or other regular diodes as opposed to pin diode attenuators. We may be able to limit (...)
hello I am doing research to put switch on CST I put Microstrip line (MSL) as a switch switch one put Microstrip line (MSL) as swith switch off remove Microstrip line (MSL) as swith How to do this using pin diode what is suitable pin diode for this I see this SKY16601-555LF: Integrated Single-Stage (...)
Hello could somebody help me to design a limiter using pin diode to get flat leakage of 0dbm? Shall i go for multistage pin diode or 1 pin and 1 schottky diode?how does limiter output depends on frequency? and how can i simulate it in ADS? I didnt find a (...)
Hi Guys, Wanted some advice on HSMP389C pin diode which i saw in receive design. Its was used as limiter, placed at the input of LNA. How can i calculate the maximum power handling of the limiter in that circuit before its damage due to high power transmited to receive path. I read thru the data sheet and no information was (...)
Can somebody tell me if i want to simulate a waveguide limiter using pin diodes what software i should use. i have HFSS in mind, and the electronic circuitry can be modeled in Ansoft designer. how can i simulate a pin diode with incoming EM waves in a waveguide looking for your kind suggstions
Some kind of epitaxial pin diodes have characteristics which are very similar to those of expensive Step Recovery diodes, and particularly when are used in frequency multipliers they can replace SRD. Data Sheet - HSMP-382x, HSMP-482x, Surface Mount RF pin Switch limiter diodes (282 KB) (...)
pin diode Model Parameter Extraction from Manufacturers' Data Sheets
Hi all ! I am wondering if any of you have been using pin diode circuits as variable attenuators... The actual question is whether or not the diode's behavior as a variable resistance (which is exploited in the variable attenuator) is very sensitive to temperature variations... In the HSMP-381x diode (Agilent) (...)
Is there some material talking about pin-diode?
how to implement pin diode RF switch using microstrip?? i mean implementation of RF choke and DC Block component thanks for help :)
I found that the resistance of pin diode model doesn't vary with forward current. Do you kown how to handle it? which default parameters should be set??
Hello everyone, I am new to ADS and I encountered a problem. I wish to simulate Variable attenuator using pin diodes. when I place the pin diode and Trans Simulation and runned simulation The software gave me an error in the simulation window: " "NLpin1" is an instance of an undefined model (...)
Hallo I try to design pin diode attenuator and the problem is that in every version I've tryied the attenuation was nonlinear dependent to control voltage or current. Dependence of attenuation vs conrol voltage (current) MUST be linear in this design, and that is my problem. Maybe some one of you can help me?
I am designing a switch with pin diode .I want to know the insertion loss before simulation.But I can't find a fomula to impelet it ?Who can help ?Please!
In fig 5 of this paper there is an ADS model of the pin diode Agilent HSMP-3810: RFMicrowave_Circuits_Files/Attenuator.pdf
Hi, all Could you tell me some literature about pin diode attenuator? Thanks!
I designed a RF ciucuit in which there were some pin diodes to decide a operating RF path.The RF signal will pass by a pin diode when it's path was worked well under a -10dbm signal power generator.But when I added up the RF signal power to 20Watts,the performance of the RF circuit collapsed.The pin (...)
Hi I have ti design a switch with pin diodes. When I look at the datasheets for pin diodes I can see how the series resistance(Rs) and Cj and other parameters are specified. As far as I can see these are given at one or two frequencies or some curve explaning how the series resistance change with bias. My question is, is (...)
Dear, Try using pin-diode (or Schottcky diode) Limmiters.Packaged & Drop-in versions are available. check this link for example: Good Luck.
Can some one tell me the differnce between beam lead pin diode and SMT pin diode? for switching at 2.4GHz which of them would be prefered? Thanks in advance
Any one ever experiment with pin diode for detecting gamma radiation ? What type of pin diode I can use ? What about the amplification part ? Regards fayes
For pin bias you can use decoupled series chokes and a DC source from the list (DCVS).
Hi everyone, This is my first post for this forum, nice to join interesting stuff like this forum. I am interested build radiation detection using pin diode and I found circuit that suit from MAXIM application notes that using pin diode to detect gamma radiation. I try to build t
Okay I feel dumb for asking this, but how do you set up a pin diode as a RF switch? The way I see it when RF goes through it it simply gets rectified (detected to those in RF world.) How would this work.
Hi I want use SMT pin diode to buildup a RF switch. But I am not sure how many RF power it can hold. I hope it can hole 10W. The pin diode is SMP1321. Can anyone tell me! Thanks.
Hi The link below had been given in one of the topics regarding pin diode modelling in ADS. However it doesn't work at the moment. Can anyone upload this document? And also any document related with ads modeling of pin diodes from manufacturers' datasheets will be very helpful for me. pin (...)
Hi to all I have a question. I know that when a pin diode is inversally polirized or in condition of zero bias, the model include a capacitor parallel to a resistor. Could someone explain to me why is better when this capacitor has a low value?? thanks a lot
Hi ljx, Have you simulated pin diode in CST? Regards
hello, I am trying to implement a pin diode to an antenna structure does anyone has an idea about how to design the diode in Hfss? Regards, xxx
Hi, where can I find Components Library for ADS (DesignKit) that provide SMT pin diode? thanks,
By linearity, I assume you mean high intercept point, or low ability to generate harmonics. If you WANT to generate harmonics or intermod products, a pin diode is a poor candidate because of the thick "I" region. For microwave signals, by the time electrons travel from one side of the I region to the other, the sine wave has already switched
I need this kind pin diode to do experiment does anyone use this spice model or ads model before??
What do you mean sensitive to RF power? A pin diode behaves as a Current Controlled Linear Resistor. Low RF levels theoretically do dot affect pin diode characteristics, but if the RF is nearly equal to the DC induced charge, the forward bias resistance is not only controlled by the DC bias, but is modulated also by the RF (...)
I do not think so. pin diodes have long carrier lifetimes and thick I regions so that they do not respond well to the RF signal across them. You need something that has a quicker response time, such as schottky diodes
Hi guys, Hope every1 doing fine. I have recently started using Microwave studio CST. I want to simulate a pin diode switch in a Patch antenna. Could any1 let me know how i can simulate it. Some brief explanation would be very beneficial. or any document/ steps are more welcome thanks in anticiaption do let me know if u want more details
if you are connected to internet then check for the vendor support for pin diode model.
i need help in two things 1. how does pin diode works as a switch?......just basic principles 2. Can we simulate it on IE3D?...if yes How?:?: thank you
pin diode modesl are not accurate as expected.Because they are not ordinary diodes and abrupt junctions are very hard to model. The only thing that you can do is to use small signal model of a pin diode..
Reverse biased pin diode looks like a small series capacitor in parallel with a big resistor, for example 0.2 pf in parallel with a 1 K resistor. Insertion loss will depend on what frequency because of the capacitor.
In HFSS you can use Lumped RLC boundary condition to simulate pin diodes or varactors .
I suggest you to study a textbook on microwave techniques. pin diodes are special type of diodes which do not rectify the AC (microwave) signal but they vary their resistance by an applied DC current. You can find instructions on building pin attenuators as "white papers" by Agilent and other pin (...)
Here is an example to get multiple phase shift using pin
You are misinterpreting the results. A pin diode in forward bias is not a pure resistance. It is a complex impedance. How are you making your measurement?
I have to design a SP2T switch using pin diode in ADS or MWO. Please help with the schematic. Thanks in advance
What is the aim of pin diode square wave AM modulation in Microwave measurements ?
hello i want to design a multiplier with pin diode I read application note 1054 of Agilent technology . now I can not find good model for HSMP pin diode in ADS or MWoffice and I can not understand how find input impedance of pin diode? any one can help me? thanks
Hi, I have a SP8T pin diode switch and I would like to ask how can I control the switch via matlab or labview? e.g the TTL control Thanks! =)