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hello I am doing research to put switch on CST I put Microstrip line (MSL) as a switch switch one put Microstrip line (MSL) as swith switch off remove Microstrip line (MSL) as swith How to do this using pin diode what is suitable pin diode for this I see this SKY16601-555LF: Integrated Single-Stage (...)
Thank you for the link on informative papers. I am also trying to find ways of protecting the inputs of amplifiers, though in my case, they are low-noise LNA inputs. Though I don't know for sure, I think there are a number of issues about using Schottky or other regular diodes as opposed to pin diode attenuators. We may be able to limit (...)
I'm in need of an input protection circuit for the front-end of an HF receiver. I'm currently using Schottky diodes (for large fast transient) and pin diodes for levels continuous waves that exceed 100mW (+20dBm). I'm trying to preserve intermodulation performance, so the pin diodes when activated behave (...)
Hi Guys, Wanted some advice on HSMP389C pin diode which i saw in receive design. Its was used as limiter, placed at the input of LNA. How can i calculate the maximum power handling of the limiter in that circuit before its damage due to high power transmited to receive path. I read thru the data sheet and no information was (...)
Hello could somebody help me to design a limiter using pin diode to get flat leakage of 0dbm? Shall i go for multistage pin diode or 1 pin and 1 schottky diode?how does limiter output depends on frequency? and how can i simulate it in ADS? I didnt find a (...)
Hi - this is my first question posted on this forum - and I have more to go later ;) I saw some docs and pages on the web about using cheap pin diodes instead hard to get and expensive SRDs but they were quite general. You may already guessed it is to be used as pulse generator with very short rise / fall times. I don't know how fast (...)
hello all i am designing a T/R module in X band for a radar......for this i need a limiter circuit using MA4L011134 pin diode.......i want to know where can i find .s1p file for this be used in ADS Also LNA design using MGF4941AL....... Also i am designing a 10W Class AB Solid state power amplifier using a discrete transistor who
Hi all, Is it good a pin limiter to remove amplitude modulation?
Hello, I have to design a limiter for a design of Envelope Elimination Restoration. In a first moment, I seached to use the pin diodes but I belive that they aren't suitable. I must make a limiter that has 28 dBm of output power on R(load)=50 Ohm. I read several papers about EER but nobody say how to make this (...)
Can somebody tell me if i want to simulate a waveguide limiter using pin diodes what software i should use. i have HFSS in mind, and the electronic circuitry can be modeled in Ansoft designer. how can i simulate a pin diode with incoming EM waves in a waveguide looking for your kind suggstions
Hi everyone I didn‘t found a propriete a diode for limiter。can anyone recommend one 。The up frequency is 40GHz。 what about the Micrometrics’s MLP7100(
how can we use a simple diode instead of pin or schottkey diode?would you please tell me more about your opinion? young.microwave.eng :You can do it by connecting the two diodes back to back and in shunt with transmission line. Pass an AC signal of 5V 50 Hz, then you will get the limited signal, let say (...)
Hi I have a big problem. I must simulate a pin diode limiter with some of the common micorwave circuital simulation, for example Ansoft Designer. In particular i must simulate the recovery time, and so I must insert in the simulator a suqare pulse that envelopes a sinusoidal wave. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance
Try the links below for application notes. As for diode choice, that depends on your frequency range and manufacturing techniques. The diode manufacturer's applications departments would be a good place to start. Microsemi pin diode handbook
Dear, Try using pin-diode (or Schottcky diode) Limmiters.Packaged & Drop-in versions are available. check this link for example: Good Luck.
I need details of RF limiter using pin diode and Schottky diode. examples RF limiter simulation using MWO or ADS(4.2 to 4.4 GHz).
If they are the same frequency, you need to use a ferrite device called a circulator. You also might need some sort of pin diode switch or limiter in front of the receiver to keep it from blowing up if the antenna is ever removed or short circuited. If they are different frequencies, you use two bandpass filters arranged in a diplexer (...)
limiter design CW>5W, use pin diode usually, I want to know that it can be done with active device in IC design ? Can give some reference ?? 3X
Hi all, in radars after the TR-cell there is usally a pin-diode limiter. Before the incoming wave meets the pin-diode, some of its power is coupled into a schottky diode for making a DC-voltage. This DC-voltage is applied to the pin-diode and will bias it (...)
i wish to know if there is a nonlinear model of pin diode for ADS software ( advanced design system of agilent), that i can use as limiter ? tx