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1. I really want to understand what is the difference between high speed and low speed io pins on max10. I tried to look around but cannot find an answer about this. Can anyone help? As the device manual states, the actual assignment of high and low speed pins can be found in the pinout file. It's also shown in Quartus pin planner t
Perhaps it is BSS38 (a PNP BJT). Package (TO-92) and pinout (CBE) matched with the posted picture as well. Datasheet link:
Hello people, I have this old Samsung YP-P2 mp3 player, but its original charger is long gone. I can make one at home, but a silly problem arose - I can't find the charger connector pinout for the life of me. Does anyone have it by any chance? Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:
That's not the mini din in other photo's ITs 1 2 3 2 in pinout rows. You would have to identify the item its used on more so we can help find a connector.
here it is 5517 pinout
My problem is , when I'm running this code in Proteus it is not showing anything on LCD. Apparently there is a problem with the definition of the microcontroller pinout that communicates with the display. You have defined the PORTB as the data bus; you make access of 8 bits and not 4 bits, however the control pins
The rather old 66103A powersupplies, and similar, has a 48pin connector behind, usually connected to a DC module connector like 5060-3386 which normally gives the pos./neg. terminals and the sens signals. But the pinout of the 48pin connector is hidden and not found in the regular documentation. Does anyone know this pinout? I have determind pa
Can anybody share this information? I know it is MIPI CSI-2 interface, but what is the pinout? I would like to use this camera module for a project of mine.
Hi, i have 6 ADC, i will connect them to FPGA (spartan 6 kit) and comunicate with seriell and with SPI. I have never made pin connections of FPGA before, i dont know if it is like Microcontroller. i checked the pinout datasheet of the spartan 6 and, all the pins which is written MISO, CMPMISO are already connected to flash. are they only pin
130848 Hi, I found this transformer inside an EL inverter(110V/ 900 HZ output). Does anyone knows the pinout or how to wire it.
So, if I want to program Microcontrollers, should I know all of their registers? and If I want to choose another micro from other companies, I should learn all of their registers too from the first? You firstly need to know the main registers, usually related to Timers, Watchdog, pinout, etc... As you start managing the builtin peri
If you were assigned to design a specific board using RS232 communication, in general it is a good deed to define its pinout in such a manner that you can connect any standard pin-to-pin commercial cables ( e.g. the host'sTX to the device's RX and so on ). There is no problem to do that for 12m, it's under RS-232 standard specification.
It will depend what peripherals are in use. The DE1 lacks some features of the DE2 so if it uses these obviously it cannot be ported. if you are using the same things, then you need to change the target device and the pinout. Also, note that the DE1 has a smaller device - how full is the DE2 device?
Hi everyone, I'm new into the world of electronics. I'm now trying to make a small variable FM Transmitter, which for the tuning uses a trimmer capacitor. The problem is, that in the place where I live there aren't any of those. And my only option before buying some online, is to reuse them from any type of electrical device that I may have. I've t
Chip CS3793E or CS3793EO -brand logo stamped shows Semico. It is a 2 channel audio amplifier 16 pin surface mount. Unknown pinout :cry: ?? Other numbers on it : MBAB101012Y or MBAB101Q12Y Cannot find it on the web. Thanks ! for anything you can provide.
Hey I am using dsPIC30F4011 with 16 MHz crystal. I am using mikroC for dsPIC. I have such code: void main() { int pwm_period1; int i; ADPCFG = 0xFFFF; // initialize PWM 1, using scale 1, and Timer 2.... pwm_period1 = PWM_Init(500 , 1, 1, 2); PWM_Start(1); PWM_Set_Duty(0, 1); // se
First off all, in the lack of proper documentations of the board, you have to search on the web for the microprocessor's pinout, and probbing someones by scope. I'm assuming that you have enough knowledge to know that special care must be taken when handling the board energised, particularly in regard to components like memories which you should sk
Hi.... Please i need for all pinout (any models) ink cadridge for model: HP-CANON-EPSON 1000 Thinks
The preceding '?' symbol denotes a symmetrical value varying from 2.5 to 6.0 volts. Moreover, the pinout designators +Vcc/-Vcc reinforces this chance.
Hi. i have this TEA5767 i want to recycle in new project. The pinout of this chip is not like any of what i can found in the Internet. i got it from a Chinese MP3 player called H85-03LFC-MAIN. Here are some pics of the module and the motherboard. can anyone help me to figure out the correct connexions? [ATTACH=
Hi! I need some help please! I searching for datasheets,pinout and command sets of Fastrax 3216 GPS modules(IT0302 series). But I can't find anything on google. here is your datasheet:
What kind of constraints are these? Are they placement? pinout? timing constraints? Pin constraints will need to be set up for your new top level. Other constraints will need modifying to reflect the new heirarchy structure.
Apart mechanical dimensions and pinout wiring , you must know, how this LCD is driven power supply ? Parallele mode ? I2C serial mode ? SPI serial mode ? do you have the source of (software) program ?
You must be aware that you're now using an Operational with a lower supply voltage limit. I'm assuming you selected the component with the same pinout.
Hi All Would anybody know the R@S NRP Z91 power sensor 6 pin connector pinout. This is so that I can wire directly into test system. I have 50 sensors and this would save me around $10,000. If I can find out the 5V pwr in as a minimum then I can figure out the D+ and D- lines. Best, Munchi
Hi there Is there any simple schematic and software to read and write MCU (STC90C58RD+)? I have a pid controller ALTEK PC410 with 90C58RD+ inside, but its firmware have a bug,i have a working model, i need to read the MCU and write it in the bad one. Looking for pinout and a program to read/write. I have many jtag interfaces "lpt/usb/m
Hi I have TM1638 circuit pinout STP,clk,DIO spi communication diagram attached here , How to interface with PIC16f877a ,where is connect DIO pin to controller please guide me Thanks
See this page for that chip's summary: The 30 includes: 14 dedicated High-Speed PWM channels. 16 standard Output Compare/PWM channels. The standard channels are not listed specifically on the pinout as PWM pins because they are multipurp
Hey, I have another question, because this is extremaly confusing. When you look at the DOT of pinout schematic of the PIC18F66J60 datasheet, you can see that dot is in the UPPER LEFT CORNER of the but when
It may be a defective IC (LM317), an output short circuit or wrong pin connections (double check the LM317 pinout).
Please provide the datasheet of following Transistor 1. NPN "TCNL 100" with pinout AS 1-Collector 2-Base 2. NPN "100N31" with pinout AS 1-Collector 2-Base 3-Emitter [url=obrazki.elektrod
Many of the drop-in replacements for EPROM DIP packages are becoming increasingly scarce. Can you program flash devices? If so, there are recommended Flash drop-in replacements available for the 27C128 and larger series EPROMs. I've not examined an Intel 27128 in quite a while, so do your research and double check the pinout, that being said if
Hi all I got one spare digitizer and wanted to corvert to usable touch board but don't have pinouts, this is scanned picture 118629 picture is small but this is all I can zoom 118630 I know that this 2 connected from left can be GND but rest is problem, it is capacitive so it have to be i2C
I count 3 pins being used Yes. And bobdxcool would have a hard time to fit the blue 4 pin connector with the yellow 3 pin panel mounted inlet. :-) I believe that's just a wrong photo. Also the terms plug and socket are apparently mixed up. There's no provision for pilot contacts in the pinout of standard CEE connectors below 6
The required JTAG connection can be found in the MAX7000S datasheet, the Byte Blaster JTAG connector pinout is identical to other Altera programmers (e.g. USB Blaster). As ads-ee said, needing a true LPT port may be a problem, the Byte Blaster doesn't work with most USB-to-LPT bridges. The DIL adapter is intended as a breakout device for breadb
This is working, you will have to change your pinout to match this code, OR change the code. ALSO: in your schematic, you do not have a resistor connected to pin 3 on the LCD. You should install a 10K pot so you can adjust the contrast. Without this you may never see the test and you may think the code does not work! ;4 bit code test
The question can be easily answered by counting the Rxx respecitively PORTxx pins in the pinout table, data sheet page 36 to 38. - - - Updated - - - I count 81 I/O and 2 input only pins. Please consider that PIC32MX has effectively no pins except for power supply and very few other dedicated pins that do
Here is the pinout for 13 pin LCD114775
This is not related to laser but to laser diode driving circuit. This page contains a LM317 based Laser diode driving input V to LM317 is 7.2V and hence I cannot use this circuit. I am making a battery operated Laser device. My Laser
Hi, I was able to find the eagle library for SIM908 (the SMD version), but was looking for the 2-row pinout version. It looks like the attached photo: 114131 Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
Hello, I was desperately looking for the documentation of TW8823 LCD Controller from Intersil: pinout, full datasheet, user's guide, ... Any help is appreciated. Regards.
Hi Guys I want to make dummy module for Canon camera battery (LP-E12) and provide power externally to camera but I can not find PIN OUT for battery. There are four PADs on battery from which two are for thermister and two are for power but I can not confirm which one is which. Please its urgent kind of help required. thank you in advan
Hello, I own a hobby cnc machine from China called HY3040 and you can find a lot of them on ebay, but non of them have similar controller boards inside. Each comes with different ones and usually when you first buy them, they come with cheapest boards you should anyway change it. In my case I have to, because the breakout is burned. I must se
I seem to remember the NT7086 is fully compatible with both the S6B0086 and SA3086 chipsets. You maybe able to find code examples for these compatible chipsets. However, you need to pay attention to the specific pinout of your particular display as they can vary from display to display.
Hello, I had one 4 line lcd display laying around and planned to use it on my PIC projects. Problem is that I don't have any datasheet and cant find it by google search. Tried it if it were HD44780 compatible and used the same pinout but nothing on display. I even tried to supply +5V on pin 2 from left, gnd on 1st and +5V on 3rd for contrast and
Hi, Assume you do not have it connected to an actual pic chip and using the Trouble Shooting part of the Pk2 program V2.61 ? Then I would think you have a pcb track short /error of a faulty transistor, so easy to get the pinout the wrong way round; ensure your pinout diagram if for the manuafacturer of the transistor you have, they can vary
Greetings, Do you want touch screen only or display+touchscreen??.. For the latter follow the
Hello, I am looking for a AT45DB081B eeprom in dip package. Is there any? If not, are there any other direct replacements? (pinout not critical. also 3v not required)
You can replace PIC18F2580 with PIC18LF2580. 18LF series run at 3.3V. The pinout will be same.
:-), good question, for sure similar but maybe you can used it for some experiments. I think the pinout is the same, just a question of common anode or cathode. On this site you'll find datasheets for different lc2088, compare to your lc2088!