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ok, here's a script in matlab it's about the simulation of a GSM norme, you can find in the first part the emission of signals and in the second the LPC code and the calcul of pitch too
can anyone send the matlab code for predominant pitch estimation in audio signals??????
I am doing a project in speech analysis and would greatly appreciate any help on how to solve the following problem at hand: Problem a. Using linear predictive analysis, autocorrelation method, implement a matlab based vocoder for a speech signal (any recorded tape). Use a 20 msec frame step combined with a symmetrically Hamming window of 30 mse
Hi all, I'm trying to do pitch estimation using autocorrelation function. I've calculated ACF in frequency domain(fft,ifft) but the result isn't true. The input speech is voiced so the ACF should be periodic along time axis, but the result is vice versa ,i.e., it's periodic along frequncy axis!! another question: Is acf=ifft(|fft(x)|^2) same as t
hi.. anybody knows about B-spline coefficients computation for speech signal? i need it.. since am doing my project in estimation of instantaneous pitch of speech signal.. using matlab simulation