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Hi! Does anybody know any planar antenna or any substrate for microstrip antennas that can handle/support high power? I mean something around 4 kW. I'm starting a project on a planar antenna array for remote sensing, but I'm having some dificulties in find an apropriate element which (...)
I'm trying to design a planar phased array antenna consisting of circular dielectric waveguide for 15.25GHz applications(lattice is skew). i modeled hexagonal unit cell in hfss with master/slave boundary condition and PML. and then i want to see my anten impedance matching in all scan angle is good or no!! floquet port and PML toghether (...)
Hello everyone. I'm designing a planar slot antenna array(2x2). Gain of the system with all elements excited in phase is 10 dBi. Gain of the single antenna element is 6.2 dBi. I want to know where 3 dBi of the gain is lost, cause due to theory the system must have 12 dBi(4 elements with 6 dBi each). Could anyone help me with (...)
I'd like to design a planar antenna with an opening angle of about 60° (H) and 6° (V). The frequency is 24GHz. The antenna must have a small size, the dimension in the V must be below 20mm, so a patch-array won't work. Is there any (unconventional?) idea?
Hello all, who knows a good software (and link...) for the design of planar-antenna arrays? (Not only to verify the array pattern). Or has anyone written a script for matlab or such things? Thanks in advance, Bye
i so sorry i just help u in arrays,reflectarrays,planar arrays ,SRR or feeding techniques not in 2D problems i really sorry i
It depends what do you want to simulate, i guess. Actual antenna arrays are multi port devices, every port is excited using a seperate feed. planar arrays are generally used for scanning. array elements are phased differently to form the beam at the desired angle. Implementations require a complicated (...)
You could use CST MWS to simulate the patch; they can also use periodic boundary conditions to simulate a single patch in an infinite array approximation. CST has a direct interface to ADS so you can have CST objects in your ADS schematic. Then you can simulate both together. I am not aware that any other full 3D software tools have links to
i want to simulate a 3×3 planar adaptive microstrip patch antenna array. which is the best commercially availabe simulator? will be grateful. madd.
I'm designing a planar antenna in the mm-wave range. I have to use thick substrate (membrane- or horn-type antenna is out of the question). Since the final target design is an antenna array for focal imaging, no lens must be used. I have to design an antenna on Si or Quartz substrate with (...)
How can i make an antenna array using HFSS.I want to know where should i start and how can i implement corporate feed in my design.i am making a planar array of 16 elements.(patch antennas).
Anyone can tell me how to get the exact 2D polar pattern in IE3d during the dual polarization antenna array simulation???
i'm designing a waveguide slot antenna array with a uniform feeding, but i don't know how to caculate the slot shift,length,space. anyone has some example program? thanks.
Hello Everyone, I am trying to find a particular paper titled "Slotted antenna array Excited by a Coplanar Waveguide" by Nesic, A. from Electronic Letters, Vol.18, 1982, pp. 275-276. It is not available online at IEEE(its too old I guess!) and I am not sure where else to look for it. Another question for the antenna buffs (...)
Hi, Is there anyone who would have reference material which is talking about planar antenna theory? Best Regards, Le :oops:
Is there any empirical equation for designing circular antenna array??? say patch arranged as circular array and feed at center.
I'm studying about Adaptive beamforming for GNSS antenna array. I would like to learn about adaptive beamforming algorithms, wich are able to track the satellite signals and can automatically detect and reduce unwanted signals like multipath signals and jamers.
Hi, I am fresh in HFSS, I would like to add excitation for planar antenna. However, I found so many error and warnings. My questions are 1. Which one I should use: Lumped port or wave port 2. For lumper port, I assigned rectangular surface to be touched with antenna feed point, error is "Cannot solve "LumpPort1" with anisotropic (...)
In addition to aboozar.hamidipoor's comment... ...if your planar antenna is single-sided microstrip and has a ground-plane, then you can assign a Perfect-E (perfect electric) boundary to the bottom of your 3D substrate object in order to model the ground-plane, instead of creating a thin PEC object for this ...
Dear All, Recently, I am simulating mobile tri band planar antenna which is mounted on plastic bracket, the material of plastic bracket is ABS. I would like to know the material property of ABS, e.g. permeability, permitivity, etc. And, I would like to know how much it affects antenna resonant frequency? Please advise me. Thanks all of (...)
Hi all, Can anyone direct me as to where I can find good material on designing a feed network for microstrip antenna array ( 2x2 array ). Thanks a lot. -svarun
Can you show me how to calculate gain of antenna array ? details: An antenna array for BTS (Base Transceiver Station) assume that: I have an microstrip antenna array; 4 elements. fr = 900MHz (GSM). Trace is bakelite εr = 4.8 , Dielectric is copper. d = λ\2. Try (...)
in hfss how to compute antenna array? adding array factor is one choice,but coupling is not involved , useing PML also have the drawback? do you have better method?thank u
hi has anyone built a planar antenna in the frequency range 120 - 300 MHz ? could anyone suggest me a design?
Hi, everyone. I have a simple question about avoiding grating lobes by arranging antenna array element spacing. I remember that when the element spacing less than some value, theoratically only main lobe remains without grating lobe. But I cannot find the reference anymore. Would you recommend some books chapters or reference online about t
How to calculate elements spacing for antenna array:?:
hi, i am trying to simulate probe fed microstrip antenna array with different amplitude and phase of the signal at different antenna( feed points).how it is to be done in IE3D?? how i can probe feed with some specified amlitude and phase for diferent feeding probes for different antenna elements in an (...)
Hay, I have a final year project in microstrip antenna there any body who can help me?
hi, you may want to read the follow and give a try with their 3D EM Solution: MICROSTRIPES good luck Andy
Pls hlp!!! Can someone tell me how to design a helical antenna array in free space wıth ie3d? Thanks ahead.
I need MATLAB code for adaptive beamforming for OFDM- antenna array systems. Your help will be beneficial for me.. Best regards
Hello everyone, I'm trying to setup an antenna array in HFSS using the "antenna array Setup" feature in the software and had a few questions about the same. These questions are pertaining to the rectangular array setup. 1. Position of the unit cell: The software asks for one coordinate to define the (...)
Hi, I'm starting to use HFSS so I must be doing something wrong. As you may see in my file I am trying to get a planar antenna to work. However, S parameter is (in absolute value) too low, I was expecting something greater than -20dB. Please help me. The hfss extention has been changed to hfs Thanks Pedro
Dear all I decide to design the microstrip antenna array with 256 (16*16) elements. I select the corporate feed type but I don't know how to impelement this structure. Please help me. Best Regards
Hi, now I am using the "antenna array Parameter Calculation" in IE3D. I am a little confused about the "Phase Step". Is it in radius or in degree? Thanks.
Hey guys why would you use a horn antenna array, what are benifits? what is the differance betwee na pyramida lhor nand a conical why use a conical. Added after 30 minutes: would horn antenna be used to create spot beams
Hi everyone, I've designed a patch antenna array for the 1710-2170 MHz band. I'm able to meet all other specifications other than the Azimuthal beamwidth (needs to be 65 degrees but i get about 52 degrees) at the center frequency of the band. Obviously, the gain of the antenna is maximum at the center frequency (although not too much over (...)
Hi there! I am curious about antenna array design. I would like to know what is the separation distance required for an array of circularly polarised (CP) patch antennas. In order to achieve CP, I simply offset the probe feeds. The patch is rectangular (almost square). I initially thought it is identical to the separation (...)
hey i need to simulate an antenna array on cst i looked for tutorial but couldnt find them (and there are no usful tutorial in the program folder...) i need a tutorial that will explain the feed system (coax microstip,,,) anybody ?
Hi all, i m planning to design 1x4 active phased antenna array with VCO, and transmission line network, varactör diode is connected to FET for wide tunning range.The scan range is 20to22 at 2.44GHz how can i improve this design? do you have any idea about this design? thnx
Hi, everyone. Has anyone designed the 60GHz antenna array before? I have some questions about it: 1) which types of the antenna will be suitable for such a high frequency, microstrip patch antenna, slot antenna, printed dipole antenna or something else? 2) which fabrication techniques (...)
hi all, i want to programme the linear antenna array model with 10 elements. i m optimizing this with tabu and pso algorithms. the problem is, the fitness function of the antenna array seems to be wrong.. the related paper and the m file is here . i would be glad if you could con
Dear pian85, How to design and simulate planar antenna using coaxial feed technique There are quite many model available with AWR. I use v7.05, if you can tell which version you are using I can send you suitable help (screen-shots). Also you have not clearly indicated what is your frequency specifications..?? Sai
I want to design a ultra wideband antenna array with high gain. The bandwidth is 1G TO 10GHz. I know it is difficult to implent . Anyone can give me some advise or some documents. Thanks a lot ! Regards
I need MATLAB code for adaptive beamforming for OFDM- antenna array systems. Your help will be beneficial for me.. Best regards
Urgent! which kind of antenna is suit for constructing array in the wireless local area networks applications,especially meet broadband and compact needs? All help would be welcomed,thanks!
Hello .... I am using IE3D version 12. I am simulating 3×3 microstrip antenna array structure. I need to terminate 7 elements out of 9 elements. But i don't know how to terminate. please help me.
what is the requirmen on the isolation between ports feed network of antenna array for receiver? Can the cascaded waveguide T-Junction whose two output ports have bad isolation be used for this purpose?
In our TV receiving Yagi-UDA antenna array the pipes are hollow. Is there any technical reason behind it ? Added after 4 minutes: The TV signal travells in the range of MHZ. now normally, at that particular freq. range the waves propagate throgh the medium in zig-zag fashion upto a penetration depth, from
Hello .... I am using IE3D version 12. I am simulating 3×3 microstrip antenna array structure. I need to terminate 7 elements out of 9 elements. But i don't know how to terminate. please help me. Back to top