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Hi! Does anybody know any planar antenna or any substrate for microstrip antennas that can handle/support high power? I mean something around 4 kW. I'm starting a project on a planar antenna array for remote sensing, but I'm having some dificulties in find an apropriate element which (...)
I'd like to design a planar antenna with an opening angle of about 60° (H) and 6° (V). The frequency is 24GHz. The antenna must have a small size, the dimension in the V must be below 20mm, so a patch-array won't work. Is there any (unconventional?) idea?
Hello all, who knows a good software (and link...) for the design of planar-antenna arrays? (Not only to verify the array pattern). Or has anyone written a script for matlab or such things? Thanks in advance, Bye
i so sorry i just help u in arrays,reflectarrays,planar arrays ,SRR or feeding techniques not in 2D problems i really sorry i
It depends what do you want to simulate, i guess. Actual antenna arrays are multi port devices, every port is excited using a seperate feed. planar arrays are generally used for scanning. array elements are phased differently to form the beam at the desired angle. Implementations require a complicated (...)
You could use CST MWS to simulate the patch; they can also use periodic boundary conditions to simulate a single patch in an infinite array approximation. CST has a direct interface to ADS so you can have CST objects in your ADS schematic. Then you can simulate both together. I am not aware that any other full 3D software tools have links to
i want to simulate a 3×3 planar adaptive microstrip patch antenna array. which is the best commercially availabe simulator? will be grateful. madd.
I'm designing a planar antenna in the mm-wave range. I have to use thick substrate (membrane- or horn-type antenna is out of the question). Since the final target design is an antenna array for focal imaging, no lens must be used. I have to design an antenna on Si or Quartz substrate with (...)
During the design of a microstrip planar antenna array how do you choose the shape of the patches? I have seen various patches: Square,Rectangle,triangle,circular... Is there any practical diference between square and rectangle and why choose one over another? Thanks
How can i make an antenna array using HFSS.I want to know where should i start and how can i implement corporate feed in my design.i am making a planar array of 16 elements.(patch antennas).
I'm trying to design a planar phased array antenna consisting of circular dielectric waveguide for 15.25GHz applications(lattice is skew). i modeled hexagonal unit cell in hfss with master/slave boundary condition and PML. and then i want to see my anten impedance matching in all scan angle is good or no!! floquet port and PML toghether (...)
Hello everyone. I'm designing a planar slot antenna array(2x2). Gain of the system with all elements excited in phase is 10 dBi. Gain of the single antenna element is 6.2 dBi. I want to know where 3 dBi of the gain is lost, cause due to theory the system must have 12 dBi(4 elements with 6 dBi each). Could anyone help me with (...)
Hi Lupin, >>In what type of array are you involved? planar or conformal? hehe ... I'm just a newbie let me start with planar then ... >>What parameters do you have to optimize? You ask me difficult question ? ... hehe ..I'm not that far ..hehe .. I am asked to optimized for the side lobe of the scanned patterns... Tha't s all waht I
Hi Lupin I am working on X&K band planar antenna array
i've spent much time designing and simulating mpa's and arrays (assuming planar design) the tools i've had at my disposal are hfss, ie3d and cst by far and away ie3d is the eziest tool & quite accurate first you can start by designing your element you can then generate the radiation pattern within ie3d and use the built in array (...)
Hi abti, you should use an antenna array composed of planar elements in the same plane. Many books on antennas (available in this board) give the basics of arrays and of planar (microstrip) antennas. Regards Z
Hi all, I want to design a high gain antenna (~20dBi) on a relatively high dielectric constant substrate (Epsion r = 7). Could you suggest what kind of antennas I should use to obtain that target? Thanks in advance
How do you determine the array size for a microstrip planar array ? How do you know how many elements you need in the x and y directions ??
Hi everyone... I hav to design wide beamwidth 120 deg and 10% bandwidth active phased array in x-band..i want to know whether waveguide or planar antenna element will be suitable...considering large size array can anybody share some antenna geometries with me ...papers will be OK need some quick suggestions
Dear all, I'm trying to design a planar phased array antenna for mm wave applications (60GHz), and looking for any helpful information (papers, hfss files etc.) Does anybody have a HFSS tutorial for designing microstrip antenna/arrays? Best Regards
Hi, everyone. I am wondering whether you guys have any good phase array handbook in the microwave frequency range? It should not only the theory of the antenna and array, but also include some examples of the phase shifter design, PCB designs, and RF front-end design. Thanks.
I have designed a planar patch array for 5.8 GHz using IE3D. When I got the first manufactured antenna back, as one could expect it was not a perfect match, and I need to do a re-spin. What I want to do is to adjust the simulation parameters so that the simulated S11 matches the measured S11 of the antenna, and then verify (...)
Hi I need to find SLL of an antenna(planar phased array) that its pattern is tilted from broadside then the pattern is assymetric around its main axis. I have array factor relation. how can I use derivative in spherical coordinate or any other method to find SLL? thank you!
Hello Everyone i have been working on planar array antenna using rotman lens.i could get the linear going ,but when i had to extend my antennas to two dimension.i have been having trouble with the size of the array is individually fed.with the output ports of the rotman being the input for the (...)
Hello, I have been looking for a way of simulating in CST a patch antenna wrap around a cylinder but I have not been able to find the way to do it. I already have a patch antenna in a planar surface but now I do not know how to wrap it around a cylinder of a given radius. Is there any way to do it in CST? Does anyone have an example (...)
I want to design a phased array antenna for 2.4 GHz and want to control it with PC. I intend to use rf switches for phase shifting. Can anyone please tell me if its a good idea to use rf switches. And which software should I use for simulation which should also have rf switches in library. I have some experience with ads 2009 momentum. Please help
I want to simulate structure of palanar antenna for example LP planar antenna, Sinuous antenna, Patch array antenna and ... which simulator is accuretest? Best regards
Hi, I'm involved in a study of linear and planar phased arrays. I'm looking for formulas of Directivity. I've been writing a code. The general formula of the Directivity must be checked for particular cases (uniform array..). Can u help me? Thanks in advance Lupin
Hi evreyone I am looking for 2 planar array antenna on the same ground first in x-band second ku-band with the "same linear polarization" not orthogonal. and less then -15db isolation. THANKS
8 x 8 planar array of stacked microstrip p@tch antennas..
Hi Momo, Basically, reflectarrays do not compare to other arrays. They compare to parabolic reflectors, for instance. So if we compare reflectarrays to reflector antennas or dielectric lenses, the following pro and cons may be stressed: pro 1. reflectarrays are planar, low weight, (...)
hi all; i want to supply a microstrip antenna with a planar dipole patch in HFSS. (as you see in this figure) notes : 1- the feed must locate at center and suplly symetrically both arms 2- the feed must be wave or lumped port , because i need input impedance i don't know which
antenna is microstrip planar array. antenna controller changes the phases of array and in this way the antenna beam direction. Tracking speed is about 60°/sec.
Dear all I am communication engineer in Uk .. I'm working in the following project : " Investigation of Adaptive Microwave Communication System Using Novel planar antennas ". The type of antenna : rectangular microstrip antenna Frequency : 5 GHz The project has to achieve this type of antenna (...)
I am communication engineer in UK.. I'm working in the following project : " Investigation of Adaptive Microwave Communication System Using Novel planar antennas ". The type of antenna : rectangular microstrip antenna Frequency : 5 GHz in the initial design,, and (about 10GHz or more) later on. The project has to (...)
Dear Azulykit, There is the rather common planar "volcano-smoke" PCB antenna that you can look into for starters. I am assuming here that you are trying to look at it as a simple transceiver first. It's a whole different ball-game if you're looking at a radar system point of view. Its design (and variations) of this PCB antenna can be (...)
Conformal array antenna Theory and Design (IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory) Summary: This publication is the first comprehensive treatment of conformal antenna arrays from an engineering perspective. There are journal and conference papers that treat the field of conformal antenna (...)
antenna THEORY AND DESIGN Revised Edition Author: Robert S.Elliott Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Hoboken, New Jersey Published simultaneously in Canada ISBN 0-471-44996-2 Page:590 Printed in the United States of America. this book is four section and ten chapter: section1: SOURCES-FIELD RELATIONS SINGLE antenna ELEMENTS
thanks very much that software is very good about linear and planar array.
Hi all, I'm working with a planar array antenna at 60GHz, Duroid RT5880 material for substrate. Now simulation is completed. I want to fabricate and confirm simulation results by measurement. However, I have no experience at this frequency for fabrication and measurement. Anyone give me some advice! Thanks in advance!
Dear Sirs, I?ve a question and hope you can answer. I need to design an antenna with the following features: - L- Band; - Narrow band (0,33 %); - RHCP; - Delta pattern (two peaks of 12 dB at +/-30 degrees and -30 dB at the centre for ever φ angle); -
Hi to all, I have to calibrate a phased array antenna (planar array with 19 elements). I am thinkink of using a genetic algorith. With this genetic algorith I would calculate the different 19 phases which i have to send to each antenna element. My doubt is that I don not know if this method takes too much (...)
Now-days for designing planar circuit as less space as possbleis on high demand. like in Rf-ID ckts which is so popular in corporate sectors and fo GPS receivers the should be handy with much more flexibility, ther comes the smart antenna.
I think it is quite difficult. Radio wave will be blocked by cattle unless you have only a cattle in field. You may use planar antenna. We manage to fit it in 4x5 cm PCB. Maximum range may be less than 100 meters due to obstacle from other bovines. It depends on scenario. If bovines are in the field, it might be possible to reach 100 meter but if
patch antenna bandwidth is too narrow for cellular band. Try to use IFA (inverted F antenna) or PIFA (planar inverted F antenan), or even simple monopole antenna for handset.
Hi there, If you deal planar antennas, not conformal ones, then I would strongly recommend CST Microwave studio. I'm not pretty acquainted with ADS, I just started exploring it a few days ago. Wish you good luck buddy! Here you go:
thanks for yo,r help, but i have a question: i want to compute the S21 of this two antennas by moment method and compare result with simulation, the source were planar voltage source in moment method, is it possible to replace them by waveport in simulation. Concernig the box, i can just modify its height(in z direction) because all the structure
Hi I am designing planar array antenna using CST MWS. Ater design 2 x 2 patch array, I have clicked Solve --> Transient Solver then click Start button. But i got the error message which i have attached here, saying "This version is licensed for upto 30 000 meshcells only" but in mu case it has 80 256. How can i resolve (...)
hello everyone ... l'm doing a design for a planar array for a smart antenna ... l'm using CST program for my design and l need to do a comparison for the function of the antenna when a 2*2, 4*4, 8*8 and 10*10 elements of the planar array are used ... so, shall l use a coaxial port to (...)
hey guyz can someone please help doing a project based on planar array and Linear array but my teacher told me to first make a design on microstrip antenna and play around with the frequency so that i could look at the simulating my question is how to make a working model? i know for starters that i need to make a PCB (b