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Did you mean pic and/or plc? A mixture of lowecase and uppercase characters may lead in a misleading. Anyway, for both cases, considering that most GSM module interfaces are serial, I do not really see any issue there.
Sometimes I work in programming of Siemens and OMRON plc's. But this type of jobs is rare since I live in a small island. I would like to change in to the microcontrollers world since I have attend courses in pic XC8 and XC16. Is it possible to work as a freelancer in this type of field? I thinking in (...)
Hello All, I would like to do my Master project on DC/DC converter (solar charge controller in large). I wish I could use a pic or plc to control the system. But I do not have enough information about it. I would appreciate to be helped to get a topic with some guidance. I have some background in pic programming (...)
hello I am doing my final project study that focuses on the control of a remote plc with GSM First I connected the phone to my pic ds pic30F4013 with serial communication using UART I realized the code but it did not work I need your help please it is urgent that is the code with micro C pro for ds pic: [//**** (...)
I need to interface 5 volts output from a pic to 24 volts input to a plc Also , the plc has NPN inputs or PNP inputs It means that the common can be 24vdc or ground I need help Thank you
Hi all, I am looking for an experienced code who can work with these picplc16 v6 plc System - pic Microcontroller Board - mikroElektronika I need to join two of these boards together due to the amount of inputs and outputs needed. The system will have a gsm contro
Hey everyone, I'm interested in learning some plc programming. I am also interested in pic programming. Be cool if some of what I learn in one would transfer to the other but no big deal. Anyway on to my questions which I will keep brief. Just got 3-5 NAiS FP1-C40 controllers and expansions units for each which add 8 inputs (...)
The touchscreen manual shows connecting to plc. I sure, it can connect to pic using Modbus Protocol coding.
Sir, You can use PC hyper terminal/ plc(Hardware simulation) .For software simulation pic simulator ide
hello to all viewer... i got some problem... since the new project that my lecture give to me must include the plc... it hard for me to design 5 zone alarm since he did not allow me to use pic to control the timer and other stuff... the problem that i having is, how to design a circuit that have a control panel(can key in password) to (...)
I want to serially communicate between plc and microcontroller halfduplex. plc is seimens' s7 300 and microcontroller is pic 16f877a
Do you know a forum for the Omron plcs? Like the Microchip picbasic and pic C forums. hi, u can look in this page,
can pic worked insted of plc
Monty 8)
also try this link a complet plc based on pic 1f6877