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I would like to convert EP320.jed or GAL18v10.jed to eqn. What program can I do? Pal2gal or pldshell do not support these devices. And whether it is possible to convert these IC to GAL22V10 despite other pins? How to do it? And if anyone would be able to do that for me? Greetings and Thanks.
Hi, I have lots of Altera EPX880 (FlashLogic). I bought it relatively cheap (If I can use it) less than $0.2/pcs. This device is obsolete and the only software I know that can be used to design itis pldshell Plus V5.1. Anybody know where to download it please...??? I contacted Altera, but they said they don't have it anymore... Anyone has
hi friends, anybody knows where can i download pldshell ? i search a little bit, but nothing on google...I need to disassembly a EP610 Jedec file, i tried on PalAsm, but there is no ep610, just PALCE610, but i think the disassembled result might be incorrect. Thanks your attention regards Breno
Can anyone point me towards a disassembler for the Altera ep320 jed file? I've tried Altera they no longer keep their obsolete software pldshell PLUS or jed2equ. Ive converted the file to a GAL18v10 jed and a peel18CV8Z jed file. So disassemblers for these would be ok as well. Cheers.
Guys i used to use this excellent software when it was by INTEL .. later INTEL sold the programable logic division to ALTERA and i thought i was the only user left ( because i still have plenty of old intel PLDs) but to my surprise this EXCELLENT program now supports all GALs and some EPLD from ALTERA .. the sintax of pldshell is the same as PALASM