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your plotting the Nyquist bandwidth, they are not different. The 3db bandwidth is the full range of frequencies over which the signal is present 3db below the max. When you plot depending on how you plot, the plot can soemtiems extend towards negative (...)
For a nonlinear Class E Power Amplifier, if I want to check its 3db bandwidth, do I just do a parametric sweep analysis of frequency of the input signal and see the frequency vs power gain plot? (Power gain can be added as an expression in the calculator) If not, what's the correct way to get 3db bandwidth (...)
Consider a single real zero in the left half of the s-plane. This will have the form (s/z+1) ==> (jw/z+1) in time constant form. At low frequencies (w near 0), the magnitude of this term is approximately 1 ==> 0 db. At high frequencies (w/z >> 1), the magnitude of this term is approximately |w/z| ==> 20*log_10(|w/z|) db. At frequency w=w1, t
If you have the specs of a comercial opamp look at the plot gain versus frequency and check the gain 3db below the DC gain. Now, if you're simulating your opamp just perform an AC analysis and plot gain versus frequency and measure the gain in the same way.
vary the input frequency and calculate output voltage and plot graph between frequency and voltage ratio in db and find 3db bandwidth