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I'm sure you can find something in matlab/Octave/Scilab. Had you already searched on the web by "polar plot radiation pattern" or in the Mathworks website ?
Hello Everyone, I'm trying to find a way to plot radiation pattern data (2D) in a text file (DF1 file) how can i do this in matlab thenk you
Hello all, I would like to research planar dipole antennas (microstrip fed) and cannot find any information on these on the internet with design equations. I am specifically looking to plot the radiation pattern in matlab. Any guidance would be great. Thanks
hi everybody, can anybody expalin how to make 3D polar radiation pattern in matlab? I am using UV plot where with mesh(x,y,z) command x=sin(theta)cos(phi) y=sin(theta)sin(phi) ans z=calculated gain all are NxN square matrix But I want to plot in polar form Thanks Hi, mns. This is my m-file for 3D (...)
sir, i want to plot radiation patterns of rectangular patch antenna both in e-plane and h-plane using matlab. i tried my level best but was not able to make it out. im not getting correct plot..... model plot was to be as shown here..... plz help me. thanx94393
Try .Good luck :))
cn we able 2 find out the directivity in 2d plot of half wave dipole,....i got 8 shaped radiation pattern hw 2 obseve its directivity?? i hve given theta range from 0:pi*0.01:2*pi,.and electric field formula e=(cos((pi/2)*cos(theta)))/sin(theta) ,.i am doing in matlab
i would like to plot the simulated and measured radiation pattern in polar form. How can i achieve this?
Why would you want to simulate an antenna when you already have the pattern? Knowing the close formula, i would use matlab to plot the pattern.
Hi, i am doing a project to simulate the radiation pattern of antenna in matlab. Can i get any code that can help me to plot the radiation pattern in E-plane and H-plane? thanks for help.:-D
You should check the matlab command you used for plot. The color usually is according to the Z value by default, rather the distance from the origin as you expect.
Hi, Is there a quick tool to generate the radiation pattern plot for wire antenna /array Thanks
in the book antenna and em modeling with matlab he used sphere for the radiation pattern plot of the antennas ,how to model that spher in matlab
hi, am doing my final project at the university of zambia africa. somebody help me with how to simulate or write a matlab code for a 3D plot of a gsm base station antenna electric field strength that is its variation as u move away from the station, that is keeping in mind the type of antennas used. also the code for radiation (...)
Hello, Yes, you can do it by using matlab,I've tried and I think that it works. If I understood well you want to plot your E-field or H-field or Gain (it is the same) as a function of phi and theta. you just have to plot A=f(theta,phi) what I suggest is to tranform your funtion in xyz coordinate system and then plot A as (...)
Hi all: I want to know how to plot radiation pattern in dB (Logarithmic) in matlab? Thanks.
Hi there. I'm looking for help on the simulation of loop antenna's radiation pattern on polar plot. I am rather lost. I have read some things on the topic and even browsed through matlab's HELP ... but I couldn't find anything that could teach me how to plot the radiation (...)
hi can any one plzz tell that how to plot the radiation pattern of a parabolic raflector array in matlab.?? does it depends on the no of elements if so then plzz tell how can i calculate the radiation pattern..!!! thanx in advance..
Hi everyone, I have to plot a 3D plot of a microphone array beampattern using matlab. For example, I have to plot the 3D pattern radiation of a microphone array with M=7 microphones, with d=0.05m element spacing and uniform shading. I think I have to use the function surf. (...)
Hi to all, Can anyone provide some input how one can plot/generate in matlab and/or C# (or C++) a 3D antenna pattern from the E and H plane patterns? Any input will be highly appreciated. Many Thanks, Cross
hi friends can u tell me how i can get gain in dB,beamwidth and directivity of a radiation pattern. I am using HFSS,it gives very large values because it does not consider reflected powers. I want to plot it on matlab. i get radiation patterns of azimuth and vertical planes by (...)
Have u capture the 3D data from measuremetn? You can build a 3D matrics in matlab to plot the 3D graph
Try Originlab or Stanford Graphics. They have polar plots...not sure if excel has a polar plot template.
hi guys !! how can i integrate this function in matlab ? E=(cos(2×pi×cos(θ)) - 1) /sin(θ) also , how can i plot the (RP) radiation pattern of an antenna in 3D ... where ; RP = =((cos(2×pi×cos(θ)) - 1) /sin(θ))^2 thank u !!!
Can anybody help me to make 3D plot of any type of Antennas' radiation pattern. Help me please for matlab 7.0. Waiting
hello to a looking for any matlab codes that plot out the radiation pattern of a circular patch antenna...does anyone know anything in regards to this matter?
plotting polar patterns in matlab could be proved very tricky ;) matlab converts negative numbers to positive/180phase... 2D polar patterns need to be carefully converted before plotting... Moreover, 3D polar patterns are impossible with matlab... You (...)
Hi, I want to find an equation which can describe the radiation pattern of an arbritary monopole. I want to use this equation to plot the 3-D radiation pattern in matlab. I also want to investigate the difference in radiation pattern when the monopole (...)
hi anybody has matlab code or any program to plot radiation pattern of different types of antennas (dipole,...) both 3d and in the planes xy,yz,xz,... or any other plane thanks