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hi everybody, can anybody expalin how to make 3D polar radiation pattern in matlab? I am using UV plot where with mesh(x,y,z) command x=sin(theta)cos(phi) y=sin(theta)sin(phi) ans z=calculated gain all are NxN square matrix But I want to plot in polar form Thanks Hi, mns. This is my m-file for 3D (...)
Hi all: I want to know how to plot radiation pattern in dB (Logarithmic) in matlab? Thanks.
Hi all, how to plot radiation pattern in single polar plot from CST MWS txt files these are data fron the radiation pattern obtained in CST MWS HERE in one phi=0 and in other phi =90 while theta is varying reply soon regards kartik
I remember that HFSS attached a manual that describe how to plot pattern in step by step.
Try .Good luck :))
hi anybody has matlab code or any program to plot radiation pattern of different types of antennas (dipole,...) both 3d and in the planes xy,yz,xz,... or any other plane thanks
Hi, i am doing a project to simulate the radiation pattern of antenna in matlab. Can i get any code that can help me to plot the radiation pattern in E-plane and H-plane? thanks for help.:-D
Hi All, I am a matlab beginner and need your help in drawing 3D landslide. Can anyone teach me how to plot a 3D hill slide figure? Thank you in advance.
You should check the matlab command you used for plot. The color usually is according to the Z value by default, rather the distance from the origin as you expect.
Hi anybody know how to plot the radiation pattern from spectrum analyzer on Labview. I need to measure the radiation pattern for spiral antenna. I made the lab setup with transmitter and receiver with spectrum analyzer, signal generator and PC. The PC which is connected to spectrum analyzer has Labview (...)
Hi, I want to find an equation which can describe the radiation pattern of an arbritary monopole. I want to use this equation to plot the 3-D radiation pattern in matlab. I also want to investigate the difference in radiation pattern when the monopole (...)
hello..can someone tells me how to plot radiation pattern( E plane and H plane) ,polarization plot , current distribution plots in will be grateful if someone can help..thnx Read chapter5 of IE3D manual
HI all URGENT// I want to plot /NORMALISED radiation pattern IN CST AND HFSS
does any one know how to plot a pdf in matlab? m trying to get bell shaped plot of gaussian noise generated by randn but i cant get it what is the right way of doing it
Hi, I have some simulation results from HFSS. I need to know how to plot these results in matlab. I saved the results as a .m file. However I do not know how to proceed from that onwards in matlab. Can somebody help regarding this? Thanks alot!!!
I am trying to animate 3 D radiation pattern in HFSS. As per online help, I am selecting the freq variable , but it only shows me the solution frequency. How do I make it work. Further, how do I include this animation in a ppt file. Thanks in advance
Hello all. i am new to using ADS .. i want to calculate the far field radiation pattern .. ( in polar plots ) please can anybody tell me how to fix the values of theta and phi in 2 D settings while calculating the radiation pattern .. please help me in this regards .. Its really urgent ..
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I have designed a Patch antenna for 2.6 GHz. Now I have place two same type antenna in 90 degree direction from each other. I want to see the resultant radiation pattern in HFSS. but everytime I simulate and try to see the radiation pattern, it show mostly in one direction with the effect of other one. I tried array (custom (...)
Hi, I'm trying to plot 3d polar antenna pattern with matlab, but it doesn't work. The most I can do is to convert data to rectangular coordinates and then use mesh or surf. Obviously it's not the same. Does anybody know how can I do it (commercial software or private code)? thanks a lot Grendhell
Hi there. I'm looking for help on the simulation of loop antenna's radiation pattern on polar plot. I am rather lost. I have read some things on the topic and even browsed through matlab's HELP ... but I couldn't find anything that could teach me how to plot the radiation (...)
Hello, Yes, you can do it by using matlab,I've tried and I think that it works. If I understood well you want to plot your E-field or H-field or Gain (it is the same) as a function of phi and theta. you just have to plot A=f(theta,phi) what I suggest is to tranform your funtion in xyz coordinate system and then plot A as (...)
Dear all, i have designed antenna in ADS-Momentum, after which i have imported that design in schematic. Now i want to plot the radiation pattern while antenna model is in schematic. can anyone guide me? Regards
sir, i want to plot radiation patterns of rectangular patch antenna both in e-plane and h-plane using matlab. i tried my level best but was not able to make it out. im not getting correct plot..... model plot was to be as shown here..... plz help me. thanx94393
Hi hoke! It is so simple. There are two basic way to do it. 1) If you know the analytic formula you may use "polar" instruction to plot the pattern in polar coordinate. Of course you have to change the Electric or Magnetic Components into Polar coordinate. 2) If you don't have any analytic formula you may use different numeric methods like
I have some radiation pattern of antennas in .jpg format and I want them in numerical format (ascii). Is there any free/GNU software that can help me?? Long time ago I used AMAN for this task. Thanks
Hi to all! can anyone explane me how to plot E or H components radiation pattern in HFSS? I setup radiation\Insert far field setup\infinite sphere but I don't know how to create the right report. thanks
Hello, I've made a 2x2 aperture coupled microstrip antenna array. I have the S-params of each antenna element, and also of the corporate feed. I cascaded them in Sonnet with Netlist. The resulting plot is a S11 plot. I'd also like to get the radiation pattern. Do you know how I can get this? I've heard I can (...)
you can use polar plot available in excel/matlab or if your simulation software imports txt file you can use that too!
In mathematica it can be plotted by revolving the 2D curve , Here is a matlab example using Here is the Mathematica
hello please when i simulate single patch antenna in ads momentum ,and when I want to show the radiation pattern, and current density , it asks me to provide 1-for radiarion pattern : port excitation amplitude and phase 2-for plot current density:ads asks me to provide :solution weight and solution phase and (...)
Hi. I am new to HFSS. I am trying to simulate metamaterial spiral antenna. The paper I am following is attached along with my hfss project files. I want to get similar gain vs frequency and radiation pattern plots but I cant get it. Can anyone let me know where in my design I am making the mistakes? Thanks.
First off all, no need to change the default infinite sphere settings. plot a full 3D pattern so you know what to expect from 2D patterns. May be you get the same plot because the pattern is symmetrical. To plot a single plane choose a phi value and sweep the theta values. The H and E (...)
Hello every one , it has been a while that i am looking for a way to plot several radiation pattern at the same graph or at less to plot the two fields E and H of an antenna in the same graph, so if any one knows how to do this please help :cry: ! thanks in advance :-P
Hi all I need a help in IE3D, actually i simulated a two port device in IE3D ,after simulation i got the s-Parameter graph window and pattern view window , now in the graph window im using the Display toggle and match terminating any one of those two port and used the simulate option in that graph window under process option in that window
a simple question about the radiation calculation in HFSS. If the antenna we designed has 2 or more ports, with various feeding amplitude and phase combinations, how can we guide the HFSS to calculate the radiation pattern. I am using the driven terminal solution types. Thanks.
Hi mates. When I use plot function to plot a curve in matlab, I met a probelm. The digits of the marker ( data_tip) I used in the graph to indicate the X and Y is limited by 4. Only 4 digits displayed in the plot. How do I increase the decimal accuracy in the plot?
Hi buddies, I've got the data of farfield radiation pattern of an element which belongs to a antenna array (the data was caculated in my own C++ program). can I got the synthetic radiation pattern in HFSS. BTW, I've known the location and amplitude/phase of every element Added after 1 minutes: fo
Can someone help me to integrate an antenna radiation pattern with a high accuracy in matlab?
As topic . Anyone knows how to plot the radiation pattern of a patch antenna using s21 values?
Hi, Friends please help me. i'm doing project on speech-spectrograph. I have the values of each window WRT freq. i need to plot them using binary value of intensity (i.e b/w 0 to 1). Like if maximum the amplitude at tat time window and freq the intensity is of tat part will be darker.(i.e 0). for 0 amplitude/magnitude of the speech fr
hi all, could u help me to solve the following using matlab x(-3)=1,x(-2)=-2,x(-1)=0,x(0)=3,x(1)=0,x(2)=2,x(3)=-1 h(-2)=-1,h(-1)=2,h(0)=0,h(1)=1,h(2)=-2 a) plot lollipop figure of x(n) b) use matlab to find convolution y(n)=x(n)*h(n) c)a) plot lollipop figure of y(n) Is this your assignment? and sos is deadline
entries angle and mag in dBm my matlab is r2010a
Hi All, I am simulating Reflectarray antenna in CST MWS with boundary conditions and using a waveguide port for excitation. The S parameter results are according to requirements. I am having trouble to generate radiation pattern for normalized gain. Please help an example, the design file is attached. Regards
As long as the cross section has size < 0.1 lambda, the shape of the cross section doesn't affect the radiation pattern from a small segment. So a loop made from strip will have same pattern as one made from round wire. ankitmore: For the strip case, can you guess the current through the loop based on the current density and width? This (...)
for E-plane pattern, you need to plot the pattern in phi=0 plane and changing theta from 0 to 180 degree and the H-plane pattern could be achieved by changing the phi , 0 to 360, in theta=0 plane.
I am having a wave audio file of 5 seconds length. I want to plot it in matlab in both time and frequency domain. Plz tell me how can i do this
how i can Write a matlab code that analyzes a square loop antenna with half-wavelength side and fed at the mid-point of one of the sides. Sinusoidal current distribution is assumed. Code Output: radiation pattern in the loop plane (the XY plane). radiation pattern in any plane phi=constant The (...)
how i can Write a matlab code that analyzes a square loop antenna with half-wavelength side and fed at the mid-point of one of the sides. Sinusoidal current distribution is assumed. Code Output: radiation pattern in the loop plane (the XY plane). radiation pattern in any plane phi=constant The (...)
I wanted to plot the Gain of the microstrip antenna which i have created in ADS Layout, I want Gain V/s Frequency plot, Can you please let me know how can i get it . I have no idea how to implement that (for each frequency, sweep over all theta and phi to find the maximum antenna gain, and then plot tha