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I need programmer for atmega8(Sch, soft). For now my choice is ponyprog. Any other sugestions?
If you are looking for a simple but powerful programmer you are right, it's here. ponyprog is a serial device programmer software with a user friendly GUI framework available for Windows95, 98, 2000 & NT and Intel Linux. Its purpose is reading and writing every serial device. At the moment it supports I?C Bus, Microwire, SPI eeprom, the Atmel AVR
You should consider ponyprog.
I wanted to program a atmega8 with a test program but failed. I used ponyprog for this purpose. When I waned to read the program (read all from command menu) it can read without any error. When I load hex file and issue Write all command, it show progress bar but at last it showed Write failed. What can I do now. I want your suggestion.
Why don't you use a programmer with a front end like ponyprog or AVR8 Burn-O-Mat , it will make your life easier. Alex
Here you go- these are files in pdf- I made this some times ago. Most modules are serviceable but since I didn't have any need for it some are not tested at all. If you find any errors in layout pls advise me via PM or mail. BTW if somebody realy needs it- I can upload Protel99SE files also... I just have to find it somewhere o
Hi all How to read/write Siemens SDE(a)2506EEPROM With IC-Prog or ponyprog Propic2 Programmer or JDM Programmer I Unsuccesful Can you help me?
Hi, ponyprog is also a good supports many devices but i'm afraid it is *less* universal than willem. Analyzer.
Hi, I feel that ponyprog takes long time than the ISP included in BascomAVR. Because I think PonyPrg verify the whole ROM even if it is not fully programmed. What you think any way to solve this problem?
Do you mean ponyprog 2.2 or 2.0???
I want to build a simulator for atmega8,where can I find reference imformation?
Sorry Dany, For my part, I've got a difference experience... Effectively, PIC is an old MCU and thus, a lot of people have already worked on it but... there is no really free good compiler for pic ... (which is the most important tool for a MCU) Besides, if you go to you will find a worldwide forum for sharing exp
Need a link of something similar to my project. Have a temp sensor, need to program a atmega8 to show tem in Celsius on my LCD. All suggestions are welcome.
Hello, This is my first project with writing in Assembly language, I have tried to produce some Assembly code for Interfacing SHT15 sensor with the atmega8 ?C. I would be very grateful if someone could check my code, and correct errors you may find. Please note this is my first attempt at Assembly programming, so I am sure there must be som
There is also this one from Olimex , i use it with ponyprog Schematic etc is on the webpage Btw: Why does everyone call an AT89 for an AVR ??? /Bingo
Well ICProg PIC is my preference, I use ponyprog for AVR and 8252.
When I use ponyprog to program atmega8515, there are some problem with me: - I used "AVR ISP (STK200/300) parallel port interface", but without the diode at Vcc. I could program the device even when forgot to power on the board (I have checked working of device after programed). - When I push Write button to program CKSELn bits from 0001 to 0100
Hi all, Can I program atmega8, 16 and 32 with STK200 cable? Thanks
Got graphic LCD module pg-2406b1 with LC7981 and would like to attach it to atmega8. May be somebody knows any links to start with GLCD of that kind? Thank you.
If you're looking for other programmers aside from ponyprog, I suggest the olimex programmer, this is the one I'm more experienced with and it's easy to use. It can program numerous PIC devices, including 16F874. You can check its schematics at:
Why in ponyprog circuit there is a recommendation about not replacing LM2963 with LM78L05? Thanks. DrWho
Hi all, is anybody able to program a Atmel AT89S8252 with ponyprog? I'm able to program a AT90S8515, but not the AT89S8252. Now I'm using a simple parallel port programmer which is running under DOS. Regards MadDog
I use ponyprog software and hardware for AVR, PIC verygood ! no problem :))
Hi, all As I know, atmega88 offers debug port while atmega8 will be cheaper. Is it possible to develop with atmega88 and product with atmega8 without much code revison?
What simulator to take for atmega8?
The project of hours on atmega8 c the gauge of temperature interests The scheme an insertion of the microcontroller
The project of a running light-emitting diode line on atmega8 is necessary
I am looking for boot laoder for atmega8 Could anyone have this and with small size?
The programmer is connected to Atmel core-51 microC adapter. Hi guys, regarding this programmer, to program At89s53, does it need to supply external power(5V) for pin40 of the microC during programming??Or it takes power from the serial port?? THe ponyprog software can only support AT89s53 nd AT89s8515
hi guys, i am not finding any read lock bit in atmega8, is ther any read lock bit or fuse in atmega8?? how to read protect a atmega8?? please help arnab/vu2bpw
hi i am doing my projects in avr studio 4.12.i would like to program my avr microcontroller via avrprog(avrisp) which is there in studio 4.12. can any give me circuit diagram or hardware setup for atmel avrisp. now i am programming my controller through ponyprog2000 programmer. does ponyprog circuit support atmel avrprog? thankyou
hi guys, i am considering to design a frequency counter using atmega8, i want to use asynchronous operation of timer/counter2. frequency counter developed by pic asynchronous timer is ther.... but i want to make it with atmega8..... need some suggestion.. arnab/vu2bpw
the best thing would be to have our own programmer h/w that can be used with ponyprog this is some thing that might help u
I'm using atmega8 with lcd nokia 3310. When I use spi pin and some of portb as a control reset, ce and d/c. It's ok. But I changed control to portc (only control not spi). Lcd not active. I test lcd pin ce. It can't switch to hi. I'm check data sheet portc is adc port. How to config port? May I miss some hardware pin connect to vcc or ground?
Hi there guys:) I am a new member to this forum and so this is my first new post. I am a beginner to the C programming language. Can anyone of you guys teach me how to write a program using C to scroll texts across a 5x7 matrix using an atmega8? Thank you guys:) Hope someone can help..
Hi I have atmega8 and I need USB connection with PC, to control LedMatrix Now, can someone help me to realize that, I have seen many with PIC But not USB to serial and than, I need direct methode to comunicate with Atmega( Thanks
this one is the easiest and the cheapest to build. Resistors are 220 ohm. Use ponyprog to program.
hello every one! can any one post me a sample bascom source code for using atmega8 built-in adc thanx
Hi, I want to disable the hardware reset pin of atmega8 and use it as an IO pin. Can any one please give me a C / WinAVR code example of how to do it? Thank you.
hello everyone : i want to display the atmega8 adc result on my pc using vb $regfile "m8def.dat" $baud 9600 dim adcresult as byte adcresult=getadc(4) print adcresult end if this code is ok can any one post me code of vb to display the data(binary or hex) on my pc monitor i have a good knowledge about mscomm c
hello everyone! i want to see the atmega8 adc result on my pc i am using bascom avr terminal emulator displaying the following code whatever i print ??x?x?x??x can any one help me
Hello everyone! can i interface 74ls595 to the atmega8 through sda and scl line thanks!
Hi there, I am completely new in MCU. I got to know that atmega8 has built in xtal and ADC. I want to measure temperature. In my country, LM35 is the only available temp sensor which is analog. thus i need to use the internal ADC with internal referance voltage ADCRef. After that i want to display the output in the LCD using nokia 3310 lcd display
please let me know how should i set the CKSEL fusebits to work with external 16M crystal in atmega8-16pu ?
Here is the one and this is simple 74315 74316 For RS232 port simple programmer, software is ponyprog : 74317 74318 74319[ATT
How to measure dury cyle of a pulse with atmega8? thanks in advance .
This is a driver for SED1520 Graphic IC Driver.I have a Graphic LCD(TS12232) with this program is for this LCD.BTW, u can use this program for other LCD. it can be used for any other AVR by just change of define in begin of source. I used a atmega8L with 8Mhz crystal.I didn't use any delay if u use a atmega8 with crystal 16Mhz
hi to every one i want to make a programmer that is capable to programe 89cxx and atmega8 is there such type of programmer or any one who have made such type of programmer plz help me and plz see it is it best one or not ,need experts opinnion about this okkkkkkkkkkk
What is the ponyprog program
Hi i am new to this hehe. So i put this in question way easy to get answer? For your guys info me havent learn how to program a chip so need help here. 1. Is there any way to replace the atmega8 with something that does not need to do program 2. I cant find the pressure sensor model which is MPXV5100GC6U but i can get MPXV5100GC7U instead