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will ponyprog allow me to set the fuses manually?
But, how to upload the program to atmega8 in linux??....(we are using parallel port for de connection.....) Use ponyprog as AVR ISP Programmer, ponyprog - Serial device programmer , This page has complete hardware and software support and download link [url=images.e
Why don't you use a programmer with a front end like ponyprog or AVR8 Burn-O-Mat , it will make your life easier. Alex
Hi, Just program my atmega8L on ponyprog with this Now after WRITE button I can't read it anymore //:cry: I think I had DISABLE the SPIEN pin? but the SPIEN is greyed...
Do u know actually why ponyprog not work with "USB2Serial"?????????????????????? is it the fault of language in which ponyprog is written??????????????????? ---------- Post added at 13:37 ---------- Previous post was at 13:34 ---------- if the developer of ponyprog redeveloped it usin
You should consider ponyprog.
this one is the easiest and the cheapest to build. Resistors are 220 ohm. Use ponyprog to program.