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poor convergence convergence is a concept in simulators. Are you using a simulator? When it evaluates your circuit, it runs the values through calculations, and repeats the process, until it converges on a stable output (for that timeframe). Then the simulator goes on to calculate the next timeframe. If it cann
Hi everyone, I met a problem when I use HFSS's Driven Terminal to simulate a structure. It is a warning, "Fast sweep setup, process hf3d: poor convergence in seeding data." My simulation setup is following, Solution Frequency: 14.25GHz - Adaptive Solutions Maximum Number of: 20 Maximum Delta S: 0.02 - Adaptive Options Maximum Refin
I am using a metamaterial as superstate to enhance gain of antenna.When i use 10 pass with center frequency 2.5 GHz for the frequency range of 1-3 GHz using fast sweep i got good result.But when i use 10 pass with center frequency 2 GHz for same frequency range of 1-3 GHz i got poor both the cases HFSS shows that convergence criteria i
I am getting following error in one of my simulation- Fast sweep setup, process hf3d: poor convergence in computing port dispersion I require help to understand the following- 1)What is port dispersion? 2)How it effects the result? 3)How to correct it? Thanks Abhishek
Hello, I am simulating a 2-18 GHz cavity backed spiral antenna in HFSS but I am getting these warnings (mentioned below) in fast sweep when I decrease the spiral arm width to anything below 0.25 mm. I have searched alot on google and HFSS guides but there is nothing on these warnings. How can i remove this warning message and what do these war
Fast sweep setup, process hf3d: poor convergence in computing port dispersion. this is a warning i have some questions about: 1. what does it refer to? 2. what is "port dispersion"? 3. how can i control or determine the properties of this convergence? 4. to what level this error may effect my results?
I use CST MICROWAVE STUDIO 2008.... (sorry .. my english is poor) There is a aperture of nano-size on the surface of the metal(gold) and we emission the plane wave foward to the aperture and observe the Power flow distribution. (frequency : 309Thz , wavelength : 970nm ) This is what I simulate now... Not error is occured but the re