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Debugging : 0. Make sure your port is working fine...!!! (very common mistake). Put some leds on your port and turn them on and off. In PIC16f877a whole porta is an analog input and NOT digital I/O 1. Turn Off all the unused peripherals of microcontroller which are not in use...LIKE ADC, Timer...etc (Some are ON by default in PIC micr
I have an IR sensor.. I want it to be an input to my microcontroller.. How would I write the codes if my sensor is in porta and my output is in PortC?
i tried this my friend...but it is not working..e.g.when i connect switch to any pin of port A, then according to the program the o/p LED should turn on when the switch is closed..this is not happening when i m using port A....but same function works when i use port B as an input port...i need more port pins, that's why i m looking for porta otherw
I'm making a solar tracking system for my project with using PIC16F877 and ULN2803 for the solar tracking system's motor drive circuit and the crystal oscilator that i use is 20MHz. I not really sure is it my coding problem or circuit problem but I suspect is my coding problem cause the motor cannot be operate. What I wana do is, when my port
My Question is how to use porta, PORTC and PORTE same as I use PORTB and PORTD as digital input/Output? Thanks in advance. Setting the corresponding TRIS bits to 1 will configure the pins as input and setting them to 0 will configure the pins as output. You must disable the ADC and comparator if you
What model of the PIC18F family are you using in your design? There are often several peripheral modules which share various PORTs, especially porta, you may need to disable these peripheral modules before you can use porta as digital I/O. A few more issues: I would strong recommend you disable the Watchdog Timer in the (...)
for setting port A and E as digital and disable PSP, is the below code enough, or we need any further declaration ? ADCON1 = 0x07 ; //Disable all analogs CMCON = 7; //Disable all comparators TRISE.f4 = 0; //PSP off trisa=0xff; // porta as input trise=0xff; // porte as (...)
hi guys.! i need a help for how to implement the logic of geting input from dip switch to PORTB and output them to the porta that will be connected to the leds..i want a c Progamm that clearifies my logic of how to read input from dip switch..m using Mikro c Pro there any built in function in the library of mikro c Pro ? thanks
Hi, The port of ATMEGA is pin addressable. The way each pin is addressed depends on your compiler. eg: In mikroC, I can do porta.1 = 1;or RA1_bit = 1;In AVR Studio GCC (WinAVR), I can do porta |= (1<porta,1You should know that each pin has additional functions, e
you are taking input on porta and by default porta is assigned to ADC you need to first configure porta as a digital port in ADCON1 register then proceed forward. it will work
Hi, Try this instead: program ADC_on_LEDs dim temp_res as word main: ANSEL = 0x04 ' Configure AN2 pin as analog ANSELH = 0 ' Configure other AN pins as digital I/O C1ON_bit = 0 ' Disable comparators C2ON_bit = 0 TRISA = 0xFF ' porta is input TRISC = 0 ' PORTC is output TRISD = 0 ' P
Hi fara793, Just tell us what output you are getting exactly. If you are trying to output some value on porta, then you need to configure it as digital I/O since it is initialised as analog input pin for ADC after reset. Put ADCON1=6 at the beginning. Also refer to the ADC section in the datasheet.
I need a program code which will take analog input voltage from channel 0 of porta, convert it to 10 bit digital binary number, store the number in EEPROM data memory. Take another input from same channel after 15 minutes and again save it to EEPROM data memory. When I press a switch connected with RC0, the LCD connected with POR
porta,3 is also the Mclr pin of the chip. You will note that your config line states Mclr=ON which tell the chip to act on the input state of the pin RA3 to Reset or Run - so that confilcts with you trying to use it as digital input. Don't have the circuit diagram, but assume the 'switch ' you are talking about is a (...)
On the 16F877 porta is switched to analog input on reset. If you want to use it as digital I/O you must put this into your init routine: ADCON1=6; Check the datasheet ... hope this helps and best regards