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My Question is how to use porta, PORTC and PORTE same as I use PORTB and PORTD as digital input/Output? Thanks in advance. Setting the corresponding TRIS bits to 1 will configure the pins as input and setting them to 0 will configure the pins as output. You must disable the ADC and comparator if you
Is there a stand alone digital input board accepting 120vac inputs?
hello is is possible do create a digital input (for a PC IO Card) with a variable input voltage from 5VDC to 230VAC -optocoupled without jumper, the speed is not important (like multimeter automatic range switch ) Thanx Peter
Hi there. I must design 24 channel digital input card on size of single europa. I need solution that does not use relays that are for 220V where coil is placed as input because there is not enough space for this solution, nor solution with optocupler and current limiter with resistor since this way it will disipate about 0,6Wx26ch=15.6W (...)
hi all! I have a slope of 3000 ppm/C. How i can i change to 2000 ppm/c and 4000ppm/c by using digital input to select?
Hi,all Did anyone can tell me how to get a digital input for sigma delta DAC?I am trying a SDM ADC thermalmeter code output to feed to SDM DAC as digital input, but the sdm dac output is not symetric amplitude output?? Anyone can explain it for me? Maybe the SDM ADC output can not directly feed to SDM DAC (...)
Hi, not sure if this is the right forum, anyway.. I need to design a circuit to support three levels of "digital" input to a microcontroller (PIC) working out of a 5Vdc power supply. The input levels: 0-125Vdc, 0-48Vdc, 0-24Vdc. I can use jumpers to select from them. What you recommend in terms of protection circuit? Are (...)
Good Evening I am a total noob to electronics design, though I am an instrumentation technician by trade, so if I am in the wrong area please direct me to the correct area to post my thread. I have been playing with for a little while and I would like to design/build an eight channel digital input card that works via
Hi! I like to connect a touch button IC to my midi controller HALE UMC32. The midi controller does not accept external current and have digital input. The touch button signal is 5V. what kind of transistor would I look for? thanks in advance! Linus
Hi all, I want to design a digital input circuit follow as: Active : 3VDC - 45VDC Inactive: <2VDC. About the active, it's too large. I'm confused that. Pls, help me! thank for advance
Hi all, I am looking for a GSM module with atleast one digital input. If i trigger this digital input, the SMS should send to the required mobile phone.? Did any one used this GSM module with atleast one digital inputs.? Please let me know. Thanks, V. Prakash
Hi all, I am designing a digital input circuit. It should accept the input state as logic high from 4V to 40V. I will also use the same circuit to measure the frequency of input signal (PWM). The frequency to be measured is up to 25kHz. The input will have a pull down or pull up resistor optionally. I (...)
Hi all, Am able to get a digital input at D_IN1. I am trying to check this using an LED at PORTJ. So what i do here is whenever the corresponding LED of D_IN1 goes high i should make an LED glow. My LED that corresponds to D_IN1 is glowing but the condition that is use to make PORTJ LED is not working. Can anyone correct my error here? [synta
for setting port A and E as digital and disable PSP, is the below code enough, or we need any further declaration ? ADCON1 = 0x07 ; //Disable all analogs CMCON = 7; //Disable all comparators TRISE.f4 = 0; //PSP off trisa=0xff; // porta as input trise=0xff; // porte as (...)
I want to make input stimulus file like digital vector file in hspice simulation. digital circuits are covered with the great portion of my circuit digital value is so long, I'm fatigued with typing the digital input vector file. Is there any other method to make (...)
when testing 10 digital inputs , my test fixture uses 10 on/off switches to +5volts when testing 10 digital outputs, my test fixture uses 10 lamps who makes a box/unit that has a bunch of LEDs or lamps that are in parallel that have switches to turn off each Lamp or LED ? 10 lamps in parallel with 10 switches in parallel to turn them (...)
porta,3 is also the Mclr pin of the chip. You will note that your config line states Mclr=ON which tell the chip to act on the input state of the pin RA3 to Reset or Run - so that confilcts with you trying to use it as digital input. Don't have the circuit diagram, but assume the 'switch ' you are talking about is a (...)
hi everyone. i write code use pid digital control brightness (when sunlight in photosynthesis to turn off the lights,when dark >> light ) but i see program program does not run properly .EVERYONE HELP ME: #include <16f877a.h> #include #device *=16 ADC=10 #FUSES NOWDT, HS, NOPUT, NOPROTECT, NODEBUG, NOBROWNOUT, NOLVP, NOCPD, NOWR
hi people m new to this site bt can plz sumbdy help me asap i need to gerate a sine pwm with a 8 bit digital input and a 230V 50Hz supply so that eventually i get a modified sine wave supply to be given to light halogen lamps.. actually the digital input is supposed to vary the input sine wave frequency (...)
Hello everyone, I am needing to convert an analogue value from a photo resistor to digital input for my micro controller (attiny13) I was wondering if it is possible to somehow fill up a capacitor in a way that only lets the current out when it is full. I am fairly new to building electronics so I apologize if my question is unclear. Links,
Hi; I want to design fm transmitter using si4713. But in digital input, i have problems. Si4713 use 3 pins for digital input DIN, DFS and DCLK. I will use AES/EBU input via XLR connector. How shoud i do the connections between XLR and si4713? Thanks in advance
Hi all, I want to know the input digital value range of AD420, I need output of 4-20mA, I configured according to the requirement, AD420 is a 16(0-65535)bit DAC, but my adc values are 10(1023)bit, How to make my ADC values to compatible with AD420.. Thanks...
Hi Kazi, porta is bidirectional port, can be digital or analog, Data direction register is TRISA, if you set "1" in TRISA reg the pin will be input, if you set "0" pin will be output (Hemnath explaine this in previous post) ADCON1 register configures the function of pins on porta, to be digital or analog, if (...)
i m using MPLAB 8.85. can anybody tell me that how can i use or change the state of ports my self? is that possible or not. i just wrote a program to turn on an led by making a port hi but when i make the port line hi, in "SFR register" window it goes lo itself without any action. i m sending the code and screen short of the mplab screen.[ATTACH
I want to know whether we can give a digital frequency input to Texas instruments IC OPA4376 whose frequency is around 200kHz
want to take the field digital inputs using opto-coupler 4n35 as i have show in the above schmatic. But such arrangement is not working with Atmega8 in the Real hardware. I don't know the reason...actually when i check with multimeter. when the led source is on the PIN5 reads 60mv and when the led so
Hi I need to schematic this circuit with an atmega16 : 8 npn analog input with opto 8 npn analog output with opto + transistor 4 digital input (2 ones 0~10 v and 2 ones 4~20 mA) 2 digital output (1 ==> 0~5 v and 1==> 0~10 v) 1 serial port RS232 and 1 port rs485 Can u Help me??
I'm building an universal control module with MCU/RS485/Relays etc. I need some help with input modules. I would like to interface digital inputs ( up to 24Volts and passive switches) to my microcontroller. First one is easy with optocoupler but, how can I make this circuit compatible with both types of inputs with (...)
For a project, which shall run in industral environment (high noise and EMC) i have to design a very good switch closer input interface for a microprozesor. It shall be very low cost. Also the input voltage range need to be 24V (20-28V) And it need internal pull up against 24V that with a external switch a low potential (GND) can be used.
hello I want to know what protection schemes can be inserted in front of analog input circuitry? and the same for digital input circuitry? Is there ICs for input circuit protrction? Bye
I'm using a device which generates different output pulses based on different input but I dont know how I can convert all these output pulses to digital signal so that my another device (which takes in digital signal) can understand them.
Hi : My design is 10bit current mode dac (1LSB:3uA) of consumer audio appllication. But there is noise from speaker when digital input is on dc level (such as some code input,no transition).The audio appllication circuit is bjt output is the "base" node and shut a resistance;speaker connects between collecter and vcc ). I'v change a
in Matlab Library there are CIC decimation block. I characterize it as my project application. now I want to give to this block Random digital input and see the output. Question : what kind of input should I give to it from matlab library ?
As now most chip are mixed-signal IC, which include ADC, digital block and DAC. So if ADC can't work, how can I verify my digital block, especially when ADC is customized sigma-delta ADC. I can't find a signal generator can generator sigma-delta ADC output, but PC can generate them, but how to feed this data to digital block?
Hi! Well the problem is obvious, you are not switching the banks.The registers in PIC Microcontrollers are banked try to compile this LIST p=16f876, R=DEC #include "" org 0x00 bsf STATUS,RP0 MOVLW H'06' ;porta all digital io MOVWF ADCON1 movlw 0x00 movwf TRISB movwf TRISA movwf TRISC bcf
I routing a PCB board that will look like the picture over. There are just one analog ground, the to analog ground, left and right, are to different setings. The 8 pins IC over are DAC chip. The pins are as follow: Pins 1-4: digital
Hi i need to design a system in which i have a byte i want to send it through FM over a distace of 5 Km Maximum what i need a Package accept a digital input and gives me digital output on the other end and it should be bidirectional digital I/P>>> {DAC>>>FM Modulator>>Transciever>>~~~~(FM waves)~~~>> Transciever (...)
I would like to understand the diffrence between a discrete and a digital input or out put signal, like 0 and 1 are the states of digital signal similarly how we can diffrenciate between discrete and digital signals thanks KAZIMRAZA
I need to make a decoder for industrial propuoses. - First i need to convert a 30 bit digital input to a 8 bit digital output. - A one logic level will be show if all bits are in high, this level must be zero, but when one of the 30 inputs is not working (zero logic) it must show wich of the inputs is (...)
Hi all, I'm currently using ATMEGA16 and I have a question concerning ADC. Can I use some pins of porta for the ADC and in the same time use other pins of that port for digital input output. i.e. can porta be used as mixed port for analog and digital inputs?? Please help ASAP!!!
hi, i am using pic 16f877. and below is a program. Can anyone tell me how should i know the reference voltage as they are all hex numbers. thanks a lot //Sample program for AdvFamLab //Include required header files here #include #include //Declare global variables here volatile int on_time_counter, off_time_counter;
there is a digital input signal to control the turn on/off state of the chip. SPEC of the control input circuit: power supply +5V logical input high voltage 1.5V (min) logital input low voltage 0.6V (max) delay time <10ns (...)
Dear All, I am using the input capture of dsPIC30F3011 for calculating the pulse width of a square wave. I am using the following code: unsigned int rotateCount=0; unsigned int timePeriod= 0; current_value=0,previous_value=0; void InitIC(void) { IC7CONbits.ICM=3; // Capture every rising edge IC7CONbits.ICBNE=0; // input c
Hi, I having this problem with PIC16F877. Whenever I place a 5v to the input port (PORT A) of PIC16F877, the output ports (PORT B & PORT D) do not have the same 5v as input port... The result is either 1.3mv or 0.6mv when I uses multimeter to measure... Below is the code: #ifndef __CPU_16F877__ #error "This program is tailored for PIC16F8
Hello all, I am a first time FPGA user. I have programmed a Xilinx FPGA using VHDL and now want to use this FPGA for practical purposes. I do not know how to do that. How will we give input bits and how will we get output? Thanks...
We are considering a project which deals with tactile sensor. There's is an array (x*y) of sensors, each of which will give digital input about the deformation. I want to design a digital circuit for this sensor array. The basic function includes reading out data from each sensor node, store date in memory, addressing and some (...)
I am wondering if the op amp can process digital signals. If it can do this processing which considerations I have to take care? Thanks
hi... is it possible if i want to give bcd input into pic16f877? the bcd input is from latches that have 8 bit output....
Hi fara793, Just tell us what output you are getting exactly. If you are trying to output some value on porta, then you need to configure it as digital I/O since it is initialised as analog input pin for ADC after reset. Put ADCON1=6 at the beginning. Also refer to the ADC section in the datasheet.
Hi, Try this instead: program ADC_on_LEDs dim temp_res as word main: ANSEL = 0x04 ' Configure AN2 pin as analog ANSELH = 0 ' Configure other AN pins as digital I/O C1ON_bit = 0 ' Disable comparators C2ON_bit = 0 TRISA = 0xFF ' porta is input TRISC = 0 ' PORTC is output TRISD = 0 ' P