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usually in power amplifier design u need to use LSSP , which is based on HB simulation , small signal S parameters are not ususally used in PA also it will be not vaild at all if u design a class C PA so use HB , or LSSP khouly
i need a help regarding how to design a power amplifier using ads tools. is there any design guides available? pls help there're many examples for this in ads.
hi everyone.... can anyone tell me the differences between low noise amplifier, power amplifier and opamp?
Hi I designed a GaN power amplifier and test it when i increse the input power the gate voltage increse i dont knowe why?? pleas help me???
hi, i need a help regarding how to design a 1W power amplifier using ads tools. is there any design example available? and could i design it with small signal S-parameter simulation for its low output power? Or i have to design it with hamonic balance simulation? pls help (...)
Hi Friends I designed a power amplifier using ads, and simulated it with Harmonic balance simulator. Since this PA is going to be used in OFDM system, I am looking for a way that simulate it with OFDM input and check the output's shoulder. I really appreciate that if any of you can help me (...)
Sir, I am beginner for design of power amplifier in ads2009. I have noticed in the ads 2009 Design Guide > power amplifier Examples - By Class Of Operation > class B > Load Pull -PAE,Output power Contours, they have taken the GaAsFET FET1 transistor nonlinear (...)
Hi, can anyone give me some comments about differential and push-pull power amplifier? 1.What?s the difference between the differential power amplifier and push-pull power amplifier? In my opinion, differential means that two transistors are both (...)
Does anybody can tell me the detailed steps for designing a two-stage power amplifier in ads, Such as loadpull, matching etc. Or you can tell me good a demo about PA design, both document file and video will be ok. Thanks.
How to simulate EVM and ACPR of power amplifier in ads? Does anybody can tell me or show me some tutorial files? Thanks!
I need to design a power amplifier driving an antenna which is modeled as a load resistor with 50Ω impedance.and the EIRP should ≤-45dbm.and I wonder what the relationship formula among the gain of amplifier,the loss power of load resistor and the EIRP?thanks
hi i have designed a class-E power amplifier and i simulate it in ads, i used lumped elements instead of capasitors and inductors and i use cmos transistor from TSMC0.18um designkit and i see good result but when i replace inductors and capacitors with (...)
Hi, I have generated a sine wave of 20kHz using pic , now i want to play this audio through speaker, which are better power amplifer and speaker I should use for this application ..? regards Ravee
Theoretically if is not oscillating means that is stable :) But this concept is not always true. The amplifier can be unstable only at some output levels. The oscillation can occur at operating frequency, but in the same time can occur anywhere, way far from that frequency. To verify if is stable the simplest way is to use a Spectrum Analyzer
Hi, I have doubts on power amplifier circuit. I am using RF2117 power amplifier chip, alongwith I have attached the schematic which was given in application notes. I have doubts on this schematic. 1)What is the purpose of Ferrite inductor? How is it more advantages when compared to ordinary inductors. 2)In the (...)
is it RF power amplifier or audio range power amplifier , and which class do u design A , AB , C or switching classes liek D , E khouly
I built this circuit long time ago as a driver for an HF 100W power amplifier, and works fine. 2SC2078 is a 4W transistor used in CB radios, and for 10W output power you have to replace it with 2SC2509, (10W each). This is also a cheap transistor (if you find it). Beware that y
Hi, I'm doing a layout of a power amplifier and I'd like to know if there is any particular techniques (obvious or not) to help heat dissipation. I mean what could I do in the layout of the active part of the PA? Thanks, Franck.
You can use low signal S-parameters for a class-A power amplifier which works below the compression point.
hi all Please help me, im currently working on an active magnetic bearing (AMB) project on which im required to design a current power amplifier and its control circuit: the specifications are: 40-60Vdc input 5A continuous & 10A peak Red LED=2kHz & Green (...)
amplifier Research is the world leader building wideband and high power amplifiers. While ago I’ve checked one of their schematic of a wideband microwave power amplifier, and I can say there was a complete industry, using a lot (...)
Hello, can anybody help me? I design pulsed power amplifier and I need help with biasing TIM8596-15. How can I do temperature compensated active gate bias and how can I set right drain current? Pulse width is 300ns-30us, D.C. max 20% and PRF 3-50kHz Thank you
i am working on arm7 ,how to configure audio power amplifier and how to set the baud rate , can anyone give the sample code for audio output
hi all, i am working on designing a class C power amplifier for small range and small output power (3 watt) and i am using Fm car modulator as the input source to the power amplifier the problem for me is how to transmit the output signal of the car modulator to the (...)
Hello, Why should many include a LPF AFTER the power amplifier and not BEFORE? It seems to me more suitable to cut any unwanted harmonics before they are amplified. Any ideas?
I have a question: IS spectre PSS simulation can accurately predict power amplifier performance? Then how about large power amplifiers?
i am new one in using ads for amplifier...... can any one help me steps to design power amplifier at 1.5ghz in ads.......... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me.......send some examples or procedure.steps..what data u have. thanks
Hi all, I am designing a RF power amplifier for my final project. The PA adapted Doherty architecture. I intend to design it for input power of 25 dBm (which is 0.316 W). If the input signal is a sinusoidal signal, how much is the peak voltage? The 25 dBm, can I consider it as a RMS value and using P = Vrms^2 / R (...)
ads has a example about Class-D amplifier, but that is direct freq amplifier, runing at 850MHz. You can find that amplifier in ads2011 example, about class-D and THD calculation. But the live audio class-D amplifer has freq convertion, i.e. has a clock, say 1.6MHz, and (...)
Normally Zload at harmonics should not be this case you'll see total power is lower than delivered power to the load due to harmonics powers. In ads , there is a good Design Guide for power amplifiers. With this Design Guide , you can simulate your power (...)
I find that the input and output waveform become sine wave when I use "Harmonic Balance" to simulate it. I don't know whether is it correct or not ?! and which one of the source , ac voltage source or power source, should I use? Both of them can set the desired freqeuency. Moreover, in the op-amp parameter setting, I don't know what open (...)
I have drawn schematic of a 700 MHZ cmos class E differential power amplifier in Cadence Virtuoso svhematic .Now, to verify that it is a 700 MHZ power amplifier i need the graph of Output power and PAE versus frequency . I am not able simulate to get the above graphs. Can anyone, who has (...)
Hi everyone, Im starting my thesis and im gonna make a Class-D power amplifier. I've found many documents about it, but it's never enough! Does anybody have documents about it ? Class-E or F to ! Recommend a site? Anything about simulation PA's in Cadence or ads is good to! i've found some (...)
I want to design a class f power amplifier. operating freq is 2.4GHz. Pout is 10-25W. GaAs phemt. I am facing difficulties in ads simulation of the transistor in load pull and source pull analysis due to the unavailable of transistor MET model. Any suggestion on how and where can I get the (...)
I want to design a power amp at freq 2.45GHz. I am facing the problem to get the transistor model to use in ads simulation. Any body can help me??please
if anyone has a full example of class-E power amplifier simulation in ads please help me
i need a schematic diagram of class E power amplifier for ISM band and for simulation in ads
hi is there anybody who is familiar with power amplifier designs? would you please upload an ads file on designing power amps? how can we determine the nonlinear characteristic of the PA with respect some data like input back off and IP3 level? thanks
We do measure the P1 db and 3-db back for power amplifier. I am confused regarding 3-dB back off measurement. Is it 3-dB back off from output power or is it from input power, from P1-dB point ? thanks.
but my lecturer asked me to do simulation for the circuit attached Ask him what exactly he wants you to do. simulation can mean many things, from system level (building block) simulation to circuit level simulation. For small signal, you can use linear simulation, but at higher power (...)
Hello, I have to design Class A microwave power amplifier for Ka band. I need help in it. I need to know the step by step method for this. I have seen the books but i got confused, as there is no step by step methods. Can any one help me?
Hi, I am designing a RF power amplifier. I use Cadence but it seems that there is little material about RF power amplifier in Cadence. Now I intend to switch to PSIM. I am wondering if PSIM supports RF power amplifier simulation. My power (...)
Hello friends, I have designed a class-E power amplifier for a DPQSK modulation. I want to test my circuit now, but I do not now how I should use a PSK modulation in ads. Could you please help me? 106860 There is a M_PSK component in ads which would modulates my data, but how I should use this component? Should I connect t
Hi PPP is a Web-based environment for Low-power Design. Its Graphic User Interface is a set of dynamically generated HTML pages that can be accessed through any Web-browser. Three sets of tools are available: Synthesis for low-power, power Optimization and power simulation. File Transfer (...)
Hi, I would like to design an HF power amplifier but all the schematics i have found are not in the desired bandwith !! SPecifications of the amplifier: Input signal : 0 to 12V between 800Khz and 5Mhz OUtput signal: 0 to 12V but 60W !!! I would like tu use a PUSH PULL configuration whith low (...)
I would like to simulate this RF power amplifier ... Somebody could you help me ? With OrCAD ... it doesn't work !! I have Microwave Office, i think it's the appropriate software but it doesn't work too !! If you have an easy software to simulate this kind of amplifier ... I take it !! Regards
I am new to fourm.I want to desgn super linear power amplifier.I want to perform an accurate device level physical simulation in time domain utilizing RF signal in realistic circuit context to achive the best combination of linearity and power adoptivity for optimal system efficiency. I have no prior (...)
Yes you can have SMPS to supply power to Audio amps. Failure to deliver currents in bursts means that you have to increase the capacity of the reservior capacitors. Why did you feel the need to make a class-b amp for audio? ( Or did you mean class-d?) bimbla.
Oscillator Design and Computer simulation Randall W. Rhea This book covers the design of L-C, transmission line, quartz crystal and SAW oscillators. The unified approach presented can be used with a wide range of active devices and resonator types. Valuable to experienced engineers and (...)
Hello Willem, I think that your choice of BFG135A transistor as power amp for that levels is not good. Please specify your requirements and VCC /I which you can use in amp than we can suggest you a much better solution maybe:?:. GL XTASA