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700 Watt Audio amplifier and Switching power Supply -120 Watt/Channel (Mono-block) Studio/Home "Gold Standard" amplifier in Cast Aluminum Case -150 Watt/Channel Studio/ Home "Gold Standard" amplifier and other good link.. The FET amplifier capable of delivering up to 500 watts per channel is (...)
i'm doing a thesis on a design project of a 2meter band power amplifier for the purpose of ham radio(amteur radio) usage. i need this following help for this project: 1) circuit diagram for a 2meter band power amplifier as reference. is there anybody out there who has or (...)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i'm doing a thesis on a design project of a 2meter band power amplifier for the purpose of ham radio(amteur radio) usage. i need this following help for this project: 1) circuit diagram for a 2meter band (...)
Any audio power amplifier for 200W or 300W can do the job maybe. But you have not mentioned what kind of load you have. Supply voltage and current capability depends on load resistance.
Hello, I want to design a power amplifier for 868 and 433 MHz system. what i indent to get is 100mW of transmitted power from this circuit. Can Any one suggest me the suitable chip or circuit for the purpose. Also the tranciever that i am using is MICRF505 and MICRF506. Any Suggestions would be of (...)
Need consultation of someone who has experience with designing power amplifier for any of NXP (Philips) reader ICs, like MFRC 522, 632, etc. Need to increase reading range from standard 10 cm to about 20-25 cm. Please, contact me by PM. The reward is guaranteed :D
can someone help me to biult a small rf power amplifier for my tv transmitter.i need about 1w or 2w power. it shoul work at 200mhz.
hi Help me how to design a RF power amplifier,Class E power amplifier for 2.4ghz(for Zigbee applications).the input signal is of MSK. The output power we need is 0dbm,VDD=3.3v,f=2.45Ghz. i am working in cadence 180nm there is a need of Drive Stage or not if it (...)
Help, Need paper: "A Decade Bandwidth 90 W GaN HEMT Push-Pull power amplifier for VHF / UHF Applications" Krishnamurthy, K.; Martin, J.; Aichele, D.; Runton, D.; Defense & power Bus. Unit, RFMD, Charlotte, NC, USA thanks
Hii I am designing low power wireless sensor node. i am using different modulation scheme. MPSK, MQAM and MFSK so please tell me power perticulear power amplifier for each. its class and efficiency. i read in some paper that for mqam classA, and mpsk and mfsk higher class (...)
Hi, I?m looking for a power amplifier for WLAN 802.11p applications. My requirements are: Frequency band: 5.9GHz; Modulation: OFDM (BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM and 64-QAM); Output power (power sent to antenna): 28.8dBm. From the search I?ve done the best options for the (...)
It is a design of 6-channel power amplifier for cinema system. Unlike expensive factory elements of home cinemas, this one can be made in any electronics workshop. Electronics: The power amplifier is for 3x stereo uni
Hi... I want to design Class B push-pull power amplifier for RFID application with operating frequency at 13.56 MHz. I confuse about transistor should I used. Because my power amplifier is a push pull amplifier, it will need both npn and pnp transistor that must complement. Do you guys (...)
The supply current of the power amplifier is converted into a voltage over a sense resistor. A common operational amplifier can read this voltage used to control the gain of the PA.
Thank you~~ do you know any useful articles about PA design which can be found on internet? hallo katyktaty ! Please be a little bit more precise. The area of power amplifier is very large and covers from audio till to rf amps in xx GHz. If you're searching for audio pwer-amps I can recommend following books (al
Please recommend the power ampilfier for portable device such as celluar phone, mp3 player, and PDA. By the way, for generic amplifier, what are the max input voltage swing and amplifier input impedance? How to drive it? Thanks,
in need of references of 2meter band power amplifiers. 1) Searching for 2meter band power amplifier with output power in between 50-500watts cicuit diagrams. You can use amplifier RA60H1317M from MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC. The amplifier has Pout=60Watt at (...)
In OFDM even if this type of modulation has high PAR and fast-varying amplitudes, to minimize power consumption and yield the highest efficiency, the PA must be operated with some degree of compression. Finding the optimum operating point is complicated because most power sensors used in typical power meters are not fast enough to track the (...)
great job ,if anyone can tell me how to match the gsm power amplifier By "Load Pull" method. Never use conjugate matching for power amplifiers with high powers. If you have a simulator and nonlinear model of the output stages' transistors, you can "predict" the optimum (...)
hi, how to and where to start for the design of power supply of Sim300 for gsm/gprs modem
My classmate and I are designing a RF power amplifier for our senior design project. I realize we are just reinventing the wheel, but both of us would like to work in the RF/Microwave field and hope this project will give us experience with ADS and PCB layout to make us more marketable. We have to conduct a market research survey with the (...)
Could you please give me power amplifier circuit for more than 30kHz output signal?
hi, i was wondering if anybody can help me understand this circuit: 81207 it's a schematic for an RF power amplifier stage for an analog communications trainer and i was hoping to use it as a basis for designing our own rf power amplifier for our (...)
Hi, At present, I am designing a RF power amplifier. I have found a paper in IEEE entitled "Design of 2.1GHz RF CMOS power amplifier for 3G"(attached). Here is its I am confused about how to model MOS transistor to calculate impdedance matching. To what extend
GNSS satellite system use CDMA modulation, so the circuit needs a linear amplification. At this low output power level (+10dBm) the amplifier efficiency probably is not such important, so a Class-A power amplifier would be a good option getting good linearity and high gain.
This information...... gsm requires higher transient currents compared to a general purpose switcher. Select switcher specified for this kind of application. it will take average current 400-500mA and peak of 3A. Few good app notes: AN 26 power supply design for gsm applications from siemens
Hi, i would like to built a power amp. for 1200 mhz. i normally work AO40, and I like work the uplink in 1200 mhz. The people tell me with 2 m57762 hibryd mitsubishi 40 w. in 1200 mhz, But I don´t found the schema. Please I looking for schema for 40 w, or 80 w in 1200, please help me. Thank you very much. (...)
i want power amplifier for 1-4GHz 5W output
:cry: I need a power divider in my power amplifier for 200-500MHZ frequcy band.its power is CW 50w,and the max insertion loss less than 0.6dB.more importantly,I hope its size is small enough (length<50mm,width<12mm)to be fixed on the PCB.but I can not find such product in many RF companies. (...)
hi what type of linearisation techniques are mostly done in power amplifier for class A implementing deep submicron CMOS process
Hi, I am looking for the help on designing the ClassA power amplfier for IEEE WLAN 802.11a application design using full custom based approach in Cadence.Please can anyone suggest tutorials or references.
To do it with CDMA you need approx 20 dB more power as for gsm for the same distance, but if you want to do it in your room... (but it is illegal, too) In case that you use narowband signal for jaming, indeed you need 20dB more power. If you use jaming signal with bandwith comparable (...)
need to design rf power amplified for Dc:dc converter. suggest good ref
Hello Willem, I think that your choice of BFG135A transistor as power amp for that levels is not good. Please specify your requirements and VCC /I which you can use in amp than we can suggest you a much better solution maybe:?:. GL XTASA
The level of Back off depends on the crest factor of the modulated signal. Eg: pi/4Dqpsk modulation has a crest factor of 3.3dB (crest factor means peak to average value of the modulated signal envelope). CDMA signal has a crest factor of about 10dB. So if you use a RF power amplifier for CDMA you have to operate at a (...)
Take a look to this datasheet. The power is higher than yours but could give you an idea about specifications.
Hi all, Here is circuit power amplifier for : ----------------------------------------
You have to do another design to achieve your goal... Steven C. Cripps power amplifier for Wireless Communications>
Hi people, i need to make a power amplifier for the following application. plz suggest me a simple as possible power amplifier which works in the audio range that is from 20Hz to 20KHz bcz my application works on 40KHz and 50KHz. i just need this plz help. thanks. and with the least components plz. the (...)
i need a circuit shematic of cmos class E power amplifier for 2.4ghz for tsmc 0.18um processes
i need a schematic diagram of class E power amplifier for ISM band and for simulation in ADS
I am not allowed to use PWM + Mosfet, i need a power amplifier for a 500mA DC Brushless motor, i have a supply voltage of 16Volts can anyone plzzz....
eloo.. i need help.. i design the rf amplifier for class e and classf by using the Agilent MGA-82563 component . but in CST microwave studio dont have the libry of this how can i replace this component that should be able have another component in CST sofware or anybody have source where can i get the libry of my component.
hi i want to make a very simple power amplifier for 100Mhz, can anybody post schematic for it? i want to make it with minimum number of components. thanks
Hi all, I am designing a RF power amplifier for my final project. The PA adapted Doherty architecture. I intend to design it for input power of 25 dBm (which is 0.316 W). If the input signal is a sinusoidal signal, how much is the peak voltage? The 25 dBm, can I consider it as a RMS value and using P (...)
hi all, i am working on designing a class C power amplifier for small range and small output power (3 watt) and i am using Fm car modulator as the input source to the power amplifier the problem for me is how to transmit the output signal of the car modulator to the (...)
during transient analysis of a class c power amplifier for input sine of 1v ,i got the output sine wave in range 30v to 31.5v. Is it the correct output ? how can i get the power value and PAE ?..i am a starter in cadence..please help.....
Hello, I have to design Class A microwave power amplifier for Ka band. I need help in it. I need to know the step by step method for this. I have seen the books but i got confused, as there is no step by step methods. Can any one help me?
Hi,my self Pradeep doing M-Tech in RF comm.I have taken power amplifier for my final sem project. It's specifications are Freq range 30-512Mhz, power supply is 7.5V and 1.2A. Input power -5dbm(0.316mW). output power is 5W. with this i also need to achieve IMD3,ACPR,NF etc. I am using AWR (...)
Hi,my self Pradeep doing M-Tech in RF comm.I have taken power amplifier for my final sem project. It's specifications are Freq range 30-512Mhz, power supply is 7.5V and 1.2A. Input power -5dbm(0.316mW). output power is 5W. with this i also need to achieve IMD3,ACPR,NF etc. I am using AWR (...)