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You got 3 sources for PAE Vdd=DC power Supply ( simply Vdd*Idd ) Pin=Input port power (already defined if there isn't so much reflection loss ) Pout=Output power ( to be simulated ) You have to do HB analysis for each frequency.You can sweep "freq" variable by defining in a variable block. There is a (...)
Hi, I have designed a gsm amplifier using MRFE6S9125N.The band width is 915 to 960 MHz . The out put power is 40 watts. I followed matching networks given in the datasheet on FR4. This amplifier is working well without any problem. It ' gain was set to 16 or17 db by using VNA. This amplifier is working (...)
hi, A RF amplifier of gsm band , is rated as 30 watt average power and Channel output power 14dBm/30KHz. What does it mean?
Max allowed TX levels (Watt) for some common systems: gsm 900: 2 gsm 1800: 1 UMTS 2100: 0.126 LTE: 0.250 power level is dynamically reduced depending on how good connection is with base radio. Some systems are transmitting in short time slots. Due to this have for example gsm 900 (...)
The given information is very few and that's why it's hard to say something for a solution. But in ADS Load Pull Design Guide can be used to find Optimum Load Impedance for your power amplifier. Nevertheless, don't trust too much nonlinear model of the transistor instead ask to manufacturer (...)
Hi! If anyone was interested to view microcontroller projects such as RFID card lock, or gsm controller, or if you wanted to build high-power amplifier, 250W or 500W sine power, you could download and build them: I hope you'll like it :) johnny_hush
I need help for gsm power amplifier design ( both 900 and 1800 MHz separately) with 20 dBm input and 40 dBm output. I need a fast and practical solution, so a gsm power amplifier chip with application circuit will be very useful for me. I may also want to (...)
1)for PA forward isolation, it means when the PA is shutdown (no power supply), the power coupled from input to output. It's used in gsm handset power amplifier module filed.
I want to build a hight power amplifier (30 or 40W ) for gsm 900. any design or example :?:
The supply current of the power amplifier is converted into a voltage over a sense resistor. A common operational amplifier can read this voltage used to control the gain of the PA.
why can a GMSK modulated system(such as gsm) use non-linear power amplifier? if a signal has been input to a non-linear power amplifier,then the output signal's shape will change from the original one's due to the non-linear,therefore,the spectrum of output will differ from input. is (...)
Biasing a PA is a challenge especially when is using digital modulation. In gsm handset the bias of the PA it depend for what topology is used for power amplifier: Base/Gate voltage control (usually for closed loop approach) and Collector/Drain voltage control (open loop approach). In (...)
Hi, for gsm RF system. I'm trying to investigate TXVCO loading unmatched to 50 Ohm problem. Let me say, if here exists TXVCO output cascaded into RF power amplifier, what if NOT 50 ohm load trace really happens. If we temperarilly disregard varying input impedance at different output power level of (...)
low cost gsm also available on do not spaming !!! MAX4473 Low-Cost, Low-Voltage, PA power Control amplifier for gsm Applications in 8-Pin QFN