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i need a help regarding how to design a power amplifier using ads tools. is there any design guides available? pls help there're many examples for this in ads.
usually in power amplifier design u need to use LSSP , which is based on HB simulation , small signal S parameters are not ususally used in PA also it will be not vaild at all if u design a class C PA so use HB , or LSSP khouly
I find that the input and output waveform become sine wave when I use "Harmonic Balance" to simulate it. I don't know whether is it correct or not ?! And which one of the source , ac voltage source or power source, should I use? Both of them can set the desired freqeuency. Moreover, in the op-amp parameter setting, I don't know what open loop D
Does anybody can tell me the detailed steps for designing a two-stage power amplifier in ads, Such as loadpull, matching etc. Or you can tell me good a demo about PA design, both document file and video will be ok. Thanks.
How to simulate EVM and ACPR of power amplifier in ads? Does anybody can tell me or show me some tutorial files? Thanks!
I assume u mean a power amplifier........check these links: and just a pointer....just google it...u'll find n-number of tutorials for a power amplifier design using ads h
Hi, I want to optimized my power amplifier in ads. My optimization goal is mainly power parameters(power, Voltage,etc), but I want to also optimize reflection coefficient. So I want to do HB and SP optimization simutaneously under 1 optimization controller. Is it possible? Or do you have better methode? (...)
Hi Friends I designed a power amplifier using ads, and simulated it with Harmonic balance simulator. Since this PA is going to be used in OFDM system, I am looking for a way that simulate it with OFDM input and check the output's shoulder. I really appreciate that if any of you can help me and show me a way to do this in ads.
I have to design power amplifier in ads tool. I required design procedure steps. please help me.
-Class-E amplifiers are switch mode amplifiers therefore you should select the transistor which will have low Rds ,low Cds and Cdg,high Ft but the Drain surface will able to carry the drain current.There are some trade-offs between these parameters but there should be an optimum one. -Second thing is that, simulating Class-E amplifiers in (...)
I want to use transistor 2sc5753 from NEC to build an 915MHz power amplifier Vcc=3V Pout=18 dBm effeciency > 50% the datasheet of this transistor had been attached here Can someone give me an initial design, then I can to align the component values for final product Thank you very much!!
Dear friends These days I am designing a 2-stage power-amplifier in 5.8 GHz in ads , but when I test the S parameter , there is something strange about its MAG(max available gain ) , in low frequency , its MAG is -3040 while in 5.8 GHz its MAG is normal . when I test the first and second stage PA separately , the S-parameters and MAG of (...)
but my lecturer asked me to do simulation for the circuit attached Ask him what exactly he wants you to do. Simulation can mean many things, from system level (building block) simulation to circuit level simulation. For small signal, you can use linear simulation, but at higher power levels you migh
It is difficult to give good advise without having knowledge about any details regarding your design, but it sounds as if it is about a HF PA. Generally, correct decoupling of the power supply is a must in a practical circuit. Also, remember that for GHz-range PA:s capacitors do not always behave perfect. Furthermore, the datasheet specs are often
Normally Zload at harmonics should not be this case you'll see total power is lower than delivered power to the load due to harmonics powers. In ads , there is a good Design Guide for power amplifiers. With this Design Guide , you can simulate your power (...)
I am designing a power amplifier. I have both ads and AWR microwave office. How do I create a load pull to obtain the optimal load impedance of the transistor used?
great job ,if anyone can tell me how to match the gsm power amplifier By "Load Pull" method. Never use conjugate matching for power amplifiers with high powers. If you have a simulator and nonlinear model of the output stages' transistors, you can "predict" the optimum load impedance for that (...)
hi, anyone here can offer me some examples about power amplifier design using ads? i am designing a 1W 1G to 10G power amplifier! thanks!
S11 will generally be different between power off and power on. If you want S11 when the amplifier is active, then that's how you should simulate it.
In H-Spice, how I can declare a two-tone power source, in order to simulate an intermodulation test ?
I have a CMOS input amplifier in an schematic design in ads, and excite it with a 1-tone power source of 50ohm Rs, at 900MHz. Could you suggest an easy way to get a matching network in ads ? I know how to use the Smith chart utility included in ads where you give your input and load impedances and then (...)
I saw many PAs of this band using balanced structure to get more than 2 watts output power. I computed the lange in ads and got the lange's parameters as following: Width=5um;Space=7um,Length=720um How to fabricate the interconnects between the lines? It is impossible to use air-bridge with these sizes.
no PSS is not a harmonic balance simulator , it is a steady state time domian simulation , but cadence released a harmonic balance simulation in the new Spectrerf if u want to use harmonic balanced u can use ads , the harmonic balance engine in ads is very powerfull khouly
It seems that Load Pull is one of the most useful conception in the RF power amplifier.I am confused with Load Pull for a long time.What's it?Anybody who can give me some explanation?Thanks!
yeah , the HB is more robust and converge faster the HB engine in ads id very powerfull khouly
Hi, Can anyone please share a track and hold amplifier circuit design/schematic? I need one with the following specs: 1.8V supply output swing: 1.2V p-p gain: 6 dB approx. 200MS/sec THD > 70 dB @ approx. 100 MHz power as small as possible no restriction on opamp architecture any design, even close to these specs would do. i need it
check these links khouly
Hi, everyone, In my power amplifier design, When I place 4 transistors in parallel as output stage, it can delivery 24 dBm power. When add more transistors in parallel (base current increased accordingly), the output power doesn't increase but decrease to 23 dBm. Why? should I need do a input matching network before the (...)
Does anybody can give me your ads project_file of power amplifier, so that I can take it as reference. I will not pirate your IP, I just take a look at the steps of design. Thanks.
What is your output power requirement? P1dB?
I am so wondering there is a technique to adjust the power amplitude controlled by digitally or voltage. I think DC/DC converter can be used in the DC power supply in power amplifier. So, from ads2005 so is there any component library there ? Thanks Chris
I am designing 40MHz power amplifier using Agilent ads. Arbitrary wave signal like chirp signals from source side can be used in Harmonic Simulator ? When I used harmonic simulator, I only put the power input in "P1 tone" or "P_ntone" source and then, I can see the output data like input power vs (...)
In power amplifier simulation you use large signal s-parameter simulation which is same as harmonic balance simulation to calculate port VSWR. Akrcal :D
Hi, I want to simulated efficiency and output power of a PA by 3G modulated signal. Can anyone tell me which kind of signal source or test bench should be used? I want to simulate them by Harmonic Balance simulation, not in system level. Thanks!
Hi everyone, Im starting my thesis and im gonna make a Class-D power amplifier. I've found many documents about it, but it's never enough! Does anybody have documents about it ? Class-E or F to ! Recommend a site? Anything about Simulation PA's in Cadence or ads is good to! i've found some in this forum. Sorry for my poor (...)
Hi, Im currently designig a Switch Mode power amplifier in UMC 0,18 tecnology. I want to determinate the Vt, Cds, Cgd, resistence on and Ft of a Mosfet Transistor. How can i do it with ads? What type of Analysis? LSSP? How? I know that for large signals the typical model of Mos isn't apllied, and there ar
I want to design a class f power amplifier. operating freq is 2.4GHz. Pout is 10-25W. GaAs phemt. I am facing difficulties in ads simulation of the transistor in load pull and source pull analysis due to the unavailable of transistor MET model. Any suggestion on how and where can I get the MET model of suitable transistor for my design?
I want to design a power amp at freq 2.45GHz. I am facing the problem to get the transistor model to use in ads simulation. Any body can help me??please
if anyone has a full example of class-E power amplifier simulation in ads please help me
i need a schematic diagram of class E power amplifier for ISM band and for simulation in ads
Free Webinar: 60 GHz power amplifier Design for Wireless HDMI The emergence of Wireless HDMI standard requires advanced design tools and technologies to meet its stringent performance requirements. This webinar will review the ads design tools & methodologies used to implement of 60GHZ 3-stage power (...)
hi i have designed a class-E power amplifier and i simulate it in ads, i used lumped elements instead of capasitors and inductors and i use cmos transistor from TSMC0.18um designkit and i see good result but when i replace inductors and capacitors with TSMC0.18um spiral inductors and mim-capacitors my result is very bad now i dont know what (...)
how i can match my diffrential power amplifier with a 50Ω output load?
i am new one in using ads for amplifier...... can any one help me steps to design power amplifier at 1.5ghz in ads.......... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me.......send some examples or procedure.steps..what data u have. thanks
I need to come up with a project for my class that can involve any of the following: •Microwave Filters: Filter design by the image parameter method and insertion loss methods. Maximally flat and equal-ripple prototypes, filter transformations, stepped-impedance low-pass filter, and coupled line filters. •Active Microwave Circuits
my circuit is a power amplifier,im beginner in ads if you have an example i would be glad that you share it with me . thanks.
hi all a simple PA ads file is attached, I need to adjust the specifications needed for amplifier in simulation as following: AM/PM (single carrier) < 6.5deg/dB output power 17dBW (input is not important)! inter modulation as bellow (dB): Psignal/Psat ****** IM3/Psignal -3 *********** -10 -10 (...)
Hi, I am making the layout on microstrip for a design of a medium power amplifier at 2.14 GHz. I have a problem about the use of a via hole to provide the ground at my circuitry. The via hole leads to a significant reduction in gain from 14 dB to 10 dB. Is it possible? I am using ads and my substrate MSUB has: H = (...)
I am simulating a Common Source FET amplifier in ads, and analyzing S-Parameters, but I have a few questions. The simulation result shows really bad S11 (close to 0 dB). I wonder if this is ok. I mean, the amp's input impedance is high, so the huge mismatch is causing this behavior. The idea here is to use this as a voltage amplifier, (...)