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Hi hanen88, The output frequency spectrum of the UWB amplifier is a windowed Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) of the output signal. The spectrum will show the frequency outputs as peaks at the frequency with the power contained at each frequency. T
Hello, I am designing a power amplifier in cadence, but I don't know how to design matching network in cadence. I found that some papers solve this by hand calculating but deviation of this method is too large. I'd like to know whether I can design the matching network in cadence like in the ads ? (I don't have the pdk document which is (...)
hi, I want to make a amplifier simulation in ads. How amplifiers are selected on out put power bases. Suppose i select AFT09MS015NT1. Can i get 15 watts 136--174 as mentioned in datasheet, If the amplifier is properly matched. Regards
Hi all I want to design a on chip transformer with center tap to for PA input and output match and center tap used for bias supply . But the ads mom designed transformer (SP_black block)used for bias supply in cadence simulation ,My main power amplifier device was not operating in the right quiescent point. Please (...)
I am trying to design a class-E power amplifier using ads and using ideal elements (not transmission lines at this step), I have 2.8W DC power consumption while PAE is only 48%. The equation I use for DC power consumption is (...)
Hi! I want to design a power amplifier and I know one of the simulations which should be run is HB simulation. I have started with the test circuit of the transistor. after finishing this step I tried to run HB- simulation. But for some reasons it couldn't be converged. I don't know exactly what is the source of these errors. sometimes it complain
Hi! I want to design a push-pull power amplifier in AB class. I tried to use the test circuit of the transistor in the datasheet to get some idea about designing. I'm using ads and I draw the schematic of the test I think I should run HB-simulation. But I couldn't manage to run that. but it couldn't be converged due to some (...)
What does it mean, you can't display PAE, do you see some power contours, do you got errors? Maybe specify the template you're using or make a screeshot of your schematic.
Hi; I ask how can i use the template of 'load pull technique ' in ads to display the PAE of my amplifier . In fact, i design an amplifier class AB and now i shoud enhance the efficiency so i should use the load pull technique in ads . However, when i use the template(design guide-->load pull) after that i delete the (...)
Hi; I ask how can i use the template of 'load pull technique ' in ads to display the PAE of my amplifier . In fact, i design an amplifier class AB and now i shoud enhance the efficiency so i should use the load pull technique in ads . However, when i use the template(design guide-->load pull) after that i delete the (...)
Hi all, according to Qorvo's datasheet, this device: TQP7M9103 works from 500 MHz to 4000 MHz. I have downloaded and simulated the S-parameters, and found that I can still get > 12 dB gain up to nearly 6 GHz. So my question is, what kind of limitations would I expect driving this thing beyond 4 GHz? Is P1dB likely to suffer, and if so, w
Hi. I want to use a power amplifier and a low noise amplifier in my schematic in ads. I have downloaded a design kit for required LNA from Modelithics and installed it easily in ads library , but I do not know how to install a specific PA in ads. From mini-circuit I have just downloaded (...)
ATF34143 is an LNA (Low Noise amplifier), and by definition any LNA should work in Class-A. So, good PAE (power Added Efficiency) is not the main target of performances of this transistor. For best performances follow the Avago application notes 1190 and 1191.
Hi I want to design a class AB power amplifier and I use spice model of D2201UK transistor (semelab) for simulation in ads, design guide>amplifier>DC and Bias point>FET_IV_Gm_powerCalc. but when I put my spice model instead of the default transistor, it doesn't work good. I am using this guideline: (...)
I am doing my project regarding Design of cmos power amplifier for wireless applications I do no how to find input and output impedance of the circuit in ads and also to perform impedance matching in agilent ads using inductors and capacitors for impedance matching.I am also in need of TSMC 130 nm cmos ads (...)
can anyone provide me a full example for CLASS-E amplifier wit all results using transistor in AGILENT ads. I am getting a problerm in harmonic simulation for finding gain, PAE and power
Friends, I am working on matching networks for a power amplifier. In ads using LSSP and optimization of the matching network help to match at a single frequency, but I want to match over a frequency band. Consider S-Parameters in small signal, it can match input and output matching network over a frequency band, but LSSP cannot do it. How (...)
In ads can you tell me in class-E power amplifier, please refer to circuit at point 'A' in Figure at o/p port, How can I plot current and voltage waveform w.r.t to Frequency? please find attached figure.112943. 112943
In ads can u tell me how to plot voltage and current waveforms at o/p port in class-E power amplifier at point A 112937. please refer to attach figure. 112937
You cannot obtain AC voltages and current in s-parameters simulations.You may just see small signal input/output relations between the ports. You have to do either HB simulation or Transient Simulation with a proper nonlinear model.If you use ads, there is a Design Guide for Large Signal Test Benches for E-Class power amplifiers, they are pr
hello everyone could anyone help me designing a power amplifier on hfss im new on the program so i have a limited information thanks in advance
Dear friends, How can I use optimization tools in ads to optimize drain efficiency of my class-E power amplifier? As you know, to gain a 100% efficiency (theoretically) voltage of switch and derivative of switch voltage at the time when the switch wants to be on should be zero: v_s (2π)=0 (dv_s (2π))/(d(2π))=0 So, if (...)
Hello friends, I have designed a class-E power amplifier for a DPQSK modulation. I want to test my circuit now, but I do not now how I should use a PSK modulation in ads. Could you please help me? 106860 There is a M_PSK component in ads which would modulates my data, but how I should use this component? Should I connect t
Friends I am new in RF design. I want to design a class A power amplifier at 850 MHz by ads. How to calculate Zin and Zout of transistor Q2SC5761_M16 for input and output matching network. Hfe of transistor Q2SC5761_M16 and QN3440 are 300 & 100 respectively. Graph of Vce Vs ic is correct but graphs of Zin and Zout are wrong. 10
Hi All! I want to design an 2 stage 10ghz PA with ads can you help me about FETs, and some step in ads Thanks
The LDMOS transistors BLS6G2731-6G or BLS6G2735L-30 from NXP are specified for Class-AB pulsed RF operation in 2.7GHz - 3.1GHz range. Most probably if you back-off the output power (and losing efficiency) you can use the transistors for a Class-A PA design.
here are some links and files given, u can take help from these here is the book u can also great help from it. the book's name is Reliable RF power amplifier Design Based on a Partitioning Design Approach By Rui Ma also attached
hi, I want to know the steps involved stabilizing the ldmos based amplifiers. I am using MRFE6S9125NR1. Somehow i was able to get 50 to 70 watts from 925 to 960MHz. But there is some stability issue in 880 to 915 band. ads LSSP Simulation shows that that amplifiers becomes unstable at 33dbm input power. The (...)
Hello, I am Designing a power amplifier, The transistor selected is a freescale transistor (MRF6V2300N), luckily I have found its ads design model, i have included it according to a tutorial, but while simulating it is giving following error.... Kindly guide how to correct this error?? any help is appreciated!! Thanks. [SIZE
Sir, I am beginner for design of power amplifier in ads2009. I have noticed in the ads 2009 Design Guide > power amplifier Examples - By Class Of Operation > class B > Load Pull -PAE,Output power Contours, they have taken the GaAsFET FET1 transistor nonlinear (...)
When you do HB simulation in ads for amplifier or oscillator and it shows very high dBm at 0Hz ( in the spectral plot) along with the others, what does it mean?
Hi, I am designing a RF power amplifier. I use Cadence but it seems that there is little material about RF power amplifier in Cadence. Now I intend to switch to PSIM. I am wondering if PSIM supports RF power amplifier simulation. My power amplifier operates (...)
Hi everyone. I want to design a power amplifier and I need a ams CMOS C-35(nmos MN1) for my design,but I can't find it in ads library.what should I do?
ads has a example about Class-D amplifier, but that is direct freq amplifier, runing at 850MHz. You can find that amplifier in ads2011 example, about class-D and THD calculation. But the live audio class-D amplifer has freq convertion, i.e. has a clock, say 1.6MHz, and the input audio signal is a (...)
Step 1) Search this site for the information. Step 2) Google "ads power amplifier tutorial" or "ads power amplifier design" Step 3) Try to do it yourself. Step 4) When you get stuck on some thing repeat Steps 1 - 3, then post a specific question.
The given information is very few and that's why it's hard to say something for a solution. But in ads Load Pull Design Guide can be used to find Optimum Load Impedance for your power amplifier. Nevertheless, don't trust too much nonlinear model of the transistor instead ask to manufacturer for real-world measured Load Pull data.
Hello, I have to design Class A microwave power amplifier for Ka band. I need help in it. I need to know the step by step method for this. I have seen the books but i got confused, as there is no step by step methods. Can any one help me?
Hi everyone, here is my problem! I have the ads model of a transistor. In the datasheet of this transistor, the Zs and Zl for five different frequencies are given and stated that these values are optimized for power, gain, PAE and Psat. So I have been trying to find these exact values of source impedances and load impedances, given in the data
Hi everybody, where can I find ads simulation files of this Application note? Thanks in Advance Saeed
Hi all, I am designing a RF power amplifier for my final project. The PA adapted Doherty architecture. I intend to design it for input power of 25 dBm (which is 0.316 W). If the input signal is a sinusoidal signal, how much is the peak voltage? The 25 dBm, can I consider it as a RMS value and using P = Vrms^2 / R formula? I look (...)
Dear all, Hi. I simulate a MMIC RF power amplifier (PA) in ads (advanced design system), s-param simulation is working well but harmonic balance not. Increasing the input signal power of the PA, the output signal power increases unconditionaly, even more then DC power dissipation. 3rd (...)
Hi all, I want to simulate a power amplifier using NXP RF power transistor in Genesys. However, the NXP website only provides me with the ads model (library) for its specific product that I want to use. Can I somehow use this ads model in Genesys? My version is 2009. I tried to open the NXP library from (...)
Hi I personally prefer PA design in ads. But most of the CMOS foundry are only available in Cadence. Is it equally capable to use Cadence for PA design? I am only talking about schematic design, not layout. Did you trust the foundry's spectre model, or you develop your own model?
Hi Friends I designed a power amplifier using ads, and simulated it with Harmonic balance simulator. Since this PA is going to be used in OFDM system, I am looking for a way that simulate it with OFDM input and check the output's shoulder. I really appreciate that if any of you can help me and show me a way to do this in ads.
My classmate and I are designing a RF power amplifier for our senior design project. I realize we are just reinventing the wheel, but both of us would like to work in the RF/Microwave field and hope this project will give us experience with ads and PCB layout to make us more marketable. We have to conduct a market research survey with the (...)
Dear all, Recently, I am working with a power amplifier (PA) tuning. I want to know whether there is an optimal method to tune PA. I want to import the PCB file to ads (Advanced Design System). The example PCB file is shown in Fig. 1. Then in the ads file, I connect a 50 Ohms load to A? point, while the other port (...)
Hi, I am trying to design a broad band amplifier ( 300MHz-500MHz) using PD85004. The required output power is less than 1 watt. PD85004 ads model is available. How can i start the design using ads? What are the appropriate steps? I want to follow the following Phillips Application Notes in designing the (...)
hello all i am designing a T/R module in X band for a radar......for this i need a limiter circuit using MA4L011134 PIN diode.......i want to know where can i find .s1p file for this be used in ads Also LNA design using MGF4941AL....... Also i am designing a 10W Class AB Solid state power amplifier using a discrete transistor who
the tr is not a power one. the simulation should be in small signal region. That's wrong, you are designing a PA then you have to perform large signal simulation even the power level is low. Large signal simulation (HB) is not related to power level, I assume the transistor is working in its saturation region.
Hi, I am making the layout on microstrip for a design of a medium power amplifier at 2.14 GHz. I have a problem about the use of a via hole to provide the ground at my circuitry. The via hole leads to a significant reduction in gain from 14 dB to 10 dB. Is it possible? I am using ads and my substrate MSUB has: H = (...)