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Sir, I am beginner for design of power amplifier in ads2009. I have noticed in the ads 2009 Design Guide > power amplifier Examples - By Class Of Operation > class B > Load Pull -PAE,Output power Contours, they have taken the GaAsFET FET1 transistor nonlinear (...)
i need a help regarding how to design a power amplifier using ads tools. is there any design guides available? pls help there're many examples for this in ads.
usually in power amplifier design u need to use LSSP , which is based on HB simulation , small signal S parameters are not ususally used in PA also it will be not vaild at all if u design a class C PA so use HB , or LSSP khouly
I find that the input and output waveform become sine wave when I use "Harmonic Balance" to simulate it. I don't know whether is it correct or not ?! And which one of the source , ac voltage source or power source, should I use? Both of them can set the desired freqeuency. Moreover, in the op-amp parameter setting, I don't know what open loop D
I assume u mean a power amplifier........check these links: and just a pointer....just google it...u'll find n-number of tutorials for a power amplifier design using ads h
I have to design power amplifier in ads tool. I required design procedure steps. please help me.
How can I model a rf power amplifier in simulink? Can someone illustrate, describe or provide a simulink file? Thanks
how to design power amplifier in audio application? the efficency must over 60%, and snr > 75db
Does anybody can tell me the detailed steps for designing a two-stage power amplifier in ads, Such as loadpull, matching etc. Or you can tell me good a demo about PA design, both document file and video will be ok. Thanks.
How to simulate EVM and ACPR of power amplifier in ads? Does anybody can tell me or show me some tutorial files? Thanks!
Hi, I want to optimized my power amplifier in ads. My optimization goal is mainly power parameters(power, Voltage,etc), but I want to also optimize reflection coefficient. So I want to do HB and SP optimization simutaneously under 1 optimization controller. Is it possible? Or do you have better methode? (...)
we need to design a T-junction power divider in ads in layout window.But we dont know how to design it pls help us on how to design it!.
I am designing a RF Class E power amplifier in Cadence. Does anyone know how to sweep input power to get input power versus output power chart in cadence? Is it PSS or what? Where can I find a step to step tutorial teaching how to do pss or related simulation? Thank you
Hi I am designing the CPW Wilkinson power Divider in ads. I hope to receive some advice about: 1. CPW bend/arc .. as far as I know, ads does not have it. How can I solve this? 2. Simulate the whole CPW structure in MoM momentum. Hope to receive any advice. Thanks for your time and have a successful day. Ben
Hi Friends I designed a power amplifier using ads, and simulated it with Harmonic balance simulator. Since this PA is going to be used in OFDM system, I am looking for a way that simulate it with OFDM input and check the output's shoulder. I really appreciate that if any of you can help me and show me a way to do this in ads.
Max allowed TX levels (Watt) for some common systems: GSM 900: 2 GSM 1800: 1 UMTS 2100: 0.126 LTE: 0.250 power level is dynamically reduced depending on how good connection is with base radio. Some systems are transmitting in short time slots. Due to this have for example GSM 900 max average power level 250 mW.
Hi, I am designing RF power amplifer in Cadence. Now I have just have basic understanding about A, B, AB, C, D, E, F power amplifiers. I am planing to go to simulation in Cadence. However, I am not familiar with Cadence; it is really new to me. I can't find any tutorial about simulating RF power amplifer in Cadence. Could (...)
-Class-E amplifiers are switch mode amplifiers therefore you should select the transistor which will have low Rds ,low Cds and Cdg,high Ft but the Drain surface will able to carry the drain current.There are some trade-offs between these parameters but there should be an optimum one. -Second thing is that, simulating Class-E amplifiers in (...)
I designed a class D power amplifier in CMOS process, which is applied in audio band. Its current is up to 100mA. I heard Over-Current-Protection, Over-Voltage-Protection and Over-Temprature-Protection mechanism should be designed in such high power amplifier? Can anyone share any experience with me ?
hi, i need a help regarding how to design a 1W power amplifier using ads tools. is there any design example available? and could i design it with small signal S-parameter simulation for its low output power? Or i have to design it with hamonic balance simulation? pls help ,thanks a lot for the info!
in some power amps or the driver amplifiers , u can change the gain of the amplifier it is VGA , and there are now some PA , have two gain modes high gain an low gain so the gain control range as i think is the range u can change the gain of ur PA khouly
i am doing rfid project and i have designed one power amplifier which converts 200mW to 4W(atleast). its configuration is class a . Ld=560nH INPUT SIDE HAS RESONANT CIRCUIT OF 120pF AND 1uH OUTPUT HAS IMPEDANCE MATCHING NETWORK WHICH TERMINATES ON 50 OHMS THE PROBLEM IS IT TAKES EXCESSIVE CURRENT AND LOads THE LABORATORY (...)
Hi people, i need to make a power amplifier for the following application. plz suggest me a simple as possible power amplifier which works in the audio range that is from 20Hz to 20KHz bcz my application works on 40KHz and 50KHz. i just need this plz help. thanks. and with the least components plz. the power (...)
I want to use transistor 2sc5753 from NEC to build an 915MHz power amplifier Vcc=3V Pout=18 dBm effeciency > 50% the datasheet of this transistor had been attached here Can someone give me an initial design, then I can to align the component values for final product Thank you very much!!
I am trying to simulate bandwidth of a class E power amplifier (operation frequency: 433MHz) in Cadence SpectreRF. Do you know which tool I should use to get the bandwidth graph of my PA in SpectreRF? PSS? or PAC? or anything else? Thanks!
Dear friends These days I am designing a 2-stage power-amplifier in 5.8 GHz in ads , but when I test the S parameter , there is something strange about its MAG(max available gain ) , in low frequency , its MAG is -3040 while in 5.8 GHz its MAG is normal . when I test the first and second stage PA separately , the S-parameters and MAG of (...)
Which power amplifier will best suits for RFID Readers and RFID Antenna to Increase the Should operate in 860-950MHz frequency band. Class A,B,C,E or MAAPSS0095 or any other antenna. The project is smart card/Java card Development. Please suggest me which will gives good Result. Thanks In Advance Hema Krishna
Hi, I am working in Java Card project,RFID s. I need the power amplifier which gives best gain in case of RFIDs range 850-960Mhz. Please suggest me which is best one. thanks in advance Hema Krishna
but my lecturer asked me to do simulation for the circuit attached Ask him what exactly he wants you to do. Simulation can mean many things, from system level (building block) simulation to circuit level simulation. For small signal, you can use linear simulation, but at higher power levels you migh
during transient analysis of a class c power amplifier for input sine of 1v ,i got the output sine wave in range 30v to 31.5v. Is it the correct output ? how can i get the power value and PAE ?..i am a starter in cadence..please help.....
Hi All, I've got really confused with this... I've designed a distributed amplifier with following data using N-MOS (L=0.18um and W=10um) : fc = 12 GHz , Z0= 50 Then simulate the circuit in ads , It's cut-off frequency works properly but It's Gain is 0 until 12 GHz! I've attached two pictures : 1- The schematic of the circuit in ads (...)
Hi, I am designing a RF power amplifier. I use Cadence but it seems that there is little material about RF power amplifier in Cadence. Now I intend to switch to PSIM. I am wondering if PSIM supports RF power amplifier simulation. My power amplifier operates (...)
How do you measure pload_w ?? Because pload_w -in generally- is complex and it's got real and imaginary part.Also it has all harmonics including DC. You do probably an error and therefore you find this number. In additional to, if the load is complex, you can not find the delivered power to load by V/R.. It will be wrong. If the load is complex,
In most circuits the UNLOADED Q of an inductor is made as high as possible as Q =ωL/R the R represents a loss. The LOADED Q of the circuit, is the ratio of the reactance to the reistance and so is determined mainly by the load. i.e. You can get a L with a Q of 100, put a 100 ohm resistor in series with it, the CIRCUIT will have a Q of 5 (dep
I am simulating a paper of 2.45 GHz rectenna using ads. The circuit diagram given in paper and made by myself in ads are shown below; 110986 110987 I wanted to ask the following: 1. Firstly, is my circuit correctly implemented? 2. How did impedance matching occurred via ads matching tool? I
Hello, my name is David and now I'm working with power amplifier in 1030/1090 MHz. I've been using the AM80912-015 ST transistor in my amplification chain, but now ST says that this transistor will be obsolete soon, so I'm looking for a substitute with similar characteristicas in order not to change the whole amplification chain. I've found AJT015
Has someone the experience in the project of MMIC power amplifier in L Band? Thank's, Rainer
i want to know which mosfet will be best to design 100W power amplifier in the frequency range of 88 MHz to 108 MHz. thanking you.
Hi, can anyone give me some comments about differential and push-pull power amplifier? 1.What?s the difference between the differential power amplifier and push-pull power amplifier? In my opinion, differential means that two transistors are both working at the same time while the (...)
how i make footprint of amp in ads.then how i simulate it in ads momentum regards
I am still curious about the cmos device for the RF power amplifier application. Is there any specification which describes how a cmos device should be when used to cmos RF power amplifier? In the meantime, I was told there is no cmos power amplifier product in the commercial (...)
you can simulate the circuit using OrCad. but the complete solution for power amplifier in class D is
Knowing that one of the constraints for OFDM system is the high Peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR), which is a drawback when come to the power amplifier in RF. Is there anyone know, what is the maximum PAPR we can go for before sature in non-linear region in power amplifier?Any information about this, I mean (...)
Hi,all,happy new year! can someone tell me how to use Mu and MuPrime function to determine the stability of an amplifier in ads2003,THANKS!!!
Hello! What type of active device should I use for a power amplifier in 2.4 GHz ISM band? I want ot use now pHemt. Is it good or I should use FET, HBT os something else? Thanks,
hello everyone: I need to design a power amplifier in 14-16GHz. I have decided to use EID1416-12. This FET is a internally matched power FET. Several parameters of it in continuous state show as follows: Vds=10v Vgs=-3v Id(1dB)=4A(max=5A) G(1dB)=5dB. We can find it has very high channel current. So I hope someone can give me some (...)
I'm a beginner in RF Field. I want to design GaN HEMT Class F power amplifier in last. First, I want to really understand the Class F. Please suggest me about the Class F theory or text book that I should read or anything I should do. Thank you.
plzzzz help out
How to design asymmetrical Doherty power amplifier? Using uneven power splitter could be one way. question is how to define which path have more power, main amplifier path or peak amplifier path? Other way is to use different LDMOS transistor, do you have some suggestion on it? Besides, (...)
I have drawn schematic of a 700 MHZ cmos class E differential power amplifier in Cadence Virtuoso svhematic .Now, to verify that it is a 700 MHZ power amplifier i need the graph of Output power and PAE versus frequency . I am not able simulate to get the above graphs. Can anyone, who has done this type of (...)