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I am working on a RFID front-end. The very first component is the clamp circuit that limits the RF input to a modest range. However, this simple clamp circuit (see figure) wouldn't work. The reason is that if the input signal is a 50% modulated ASK signal, at high power level, the output of this (...)
Hi, all, i am designing io&esd circuit using HV process(18v), Can i use rc -invertor power clamp for a switch controlled PAD ? which device can i use in power rail to rail (or power cut) esd circuit , using hv process or normal process diode ? thanks
hi all! how to simulate ESD power clamp? how the stimulus look like? how long RC constant require?
hi all! the attachment is the power clamp use for ESD. The RC constant is 1 us. The inductor is assume 1n for package model. The power suppy is ramp up from 0 to 3.3v in 1 us. But suprising the circuit oscillate as show in the attachment. My question is how this circuit can become an oscillator? And if i (...)
power clamp is referred to power supply I/O, and it often includes ESD clamp devices.
h all for power clamp, it has its own gnd called gndesd. And the other analog block of the circuit use analog gnd called gnda. The question is where should connect the substract of nmos in power clamp. To gndesd or gnda?
Hello, I have a question about gate-coupled NMOS for ESD protection. Usually the GCNMOS is used as power clamp between VDD to VSS. P+ poly resistor and MOS capacitance are used to set the RC time constant to sense the ESD stress to help triggering the NMOS clamp, so, when you design this RC triggering circuit, how much (...)
Hi, I'm looking for a power clamp operating between GND and 5V for independent rail based ESD protection. (There are other supplys available, like 3.3V and 2.5V) The technlogy is 0.25um. An RC-Triggered NMOS clamp for 2.5V was successfully designed, but how to scale up to 5V ? Has anybody an Idea ? Best Regards, Alpha999
Hi I want an on/off(with one push button) with auto power off circuit? do you have a sch?
I want to build a over power protect circuit,This resolution is <15%, I can not use special multiplier chip for it becuase of it's expansive price. how can I use a simple circuit to realize this funtion.
some of my circuit components need dc supply voltage. but some needs ac supply voltage (i.e. vibration sensor). how can i design the power supply circuit to cater all these components need? is it ok with a normal voltage oscillator and amplifier to convert 12V(dc) to 24V(ac). i'm thinking of oscillating the regulated voltage and drive it (...)
hi how to low power analog circuit? 1. What do you mean how to low power? - If you mean you want your analog circuit to consume less power, here is one of the solutions, try using surface mount devices, the smaller they are the less power they consume, make your layout also (...)
the bigger the cap &res the litte power
Are there any layout skills in low power analog circuit ?or,any refrerence books? thanks in advance
The transmission line looks like it is a quarter wave RF choke function. It supplies the power to the transistor drain/collector. The impedance the PI output network transforms the load to is based on the Vcc value and the output power required. This is a power amplifier and efficiency and output power are more (...)
Hi Sunish, some time ago I needed a power regulator circuit just like you described. By the time it evolved to the 3-channel light dimmer with IR control and automatic light intensity correction depending on the ambient light. All works fine for me, however, there is a difficulty, most people rise: the circuit is directly connected to the (...)
how to design a low power UVLO circuit without increasing the voltage divider resistor?
Orcad uses PSpice, so that eliminates one possibility. I'd use PSpice rather than Matlab if you want to take into account the model of the real device you want to use. You may want to take a look at PSim, it's optimized for power Electronics. Maybe you'll find the model for this device on the manufacturer's website.
i want to design a power up circuit , it requires a 200us delay, no exteral resistor and capacitor is allowed. how to implement?
how do we make power efficient circuit. what point we have to consider in designing power efficient circute. Make sure it draws as little power as possible and use 'SMT' parts if you can...
can somebody tell me that why there always a clamp circuit before ADC in a vedio controler? and can someone give me a paper about the clamp circuit?thanks
Dear all, The bypass capacitor of the LDO makes a very long start-up time. I want to design a LDO which can start-up within 40us, so I need a power-on circuit to precharge the bypass capacitor. Could you give me some advice in how to design a power-on circuit? Thank you very much! B. R. Ken 20070626
I do need one Simple DC power SUPPLY circuit . DC power supply have input voltage:220VAC?10% /50HZ and the output voltage is 5VDC and current ouput ≥450ma. Please help me to make that circuit without using transformer.
You have to do another design to achieve your goal... Steven C. Cripps power Amplifier for Wireless Communications>
hi all! normally the power clamp design and layout must provide by the foundry, rite?
Anyone do have positive and negative power supply circuit for 0-30v with corse, fine and also current adjustment? Please help me on this. Thanks in advance.
Hello, I need to power a circuit with .3~1.8 whit curent limit 200ma and voltage protect max 2v Can any body give me circuit Thanks very much, best regards
Hi, I noticed a lot of DC/DC converter(Buck and booset converter) have a clamp voltage at the output of the error amplifier. I wonder why this clamp circuit is necessary? Is there any speciall considerations? I found when I added this clamp block, the gain of my error amplifier is decrased a lot(from 55dB down to (...)
low power timing circuit diagram The diagram is from the tech information of chinaicmart. IF for more detailed infomation of the circuit diagram of 555 low power timing circuit diagram, you can refer to this page
Dear all, Could anybody post the following papers? Auto power Control circuit for Laser Diode Driver Xiang Jiang; Microwave, Antenna, Propagation and EMC Technologies for Wireless Communications, 2007 International Symposium on 16-17 Aug. 2007 Page(s):1394 - 1397 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/MAPE.2007.4393539 Thank
Dear all, It is my first time to use ESD pad. Based on the Design rule, it recommends us to put a power clamp between the VDD and GND pad. Could anyone tell me what is the function of this power clamp? Thanks wccheng
i am design multilayer(4) pcb for power clamp meter , plz give me the design guidline for the same pcb which precaution i should take while designing the pcb for multilayer b,caz two pcb connected through connector and signal, power traks pass through this connectors so plz give me advise
Okay in common power clamp for esd protection NMOS transistor is commonly used as Pull-Down of ESD current from VDD to VSS rail. I wonder if PMOS transistor can replace NMOS transistor in this situation?
hi guys, I am currently working on a project in which modulated digital data has to be coupled on to a toroidal make the transformer carry this digital data,i learnt that it requies a power driver circuit such as the one using lm675 operational amplifier.I am not quite clear abt it and i would like to know the real need for such a
Dear all: I use gcldnmos for power clamp ESD, when I do ESD test vcc(-) gnd(+), found the body diode did not open, and the ESD failed at 400V. Anybody knows that?
hi I need to build a power limiter circuit. The circuit should be such that, if the load draws power between 20to 200 Watts then the circuit should allow it. If the load draws more power it should cut off the supply. The load runs at 220V. I think this can be done by limiting the (...)
Hello EDA, Can anyone explain to me how this PD (power down circuit) works? What is a power Down Register , what it comprises? are they comprise of flipflops? Thanks.
Hi, I wonder if you could introduce me a current clamp circuit to cut the currents more than 20mA, or any reference that can help me out with this? Thanks.
Hello all During my visit internet I find this web site talking about 1000W DC-AC Pure Sine Wave power Inverter circuit Diagram maybe someone like to know about it. 1000W DC-AC Pure Sine Wave power Inverter circuit Diagram Many Thanks
I need a power amplifier circuit for (Ground Penetrating Radar) project, i have a Pulse generator & Crystal osc. with freq.=60Mhz and Multiplier in my project. I need power amplifier to increasing power before transmitting it through Antenna
just type ( 0-50V voltage and 0-3A current controlling DC power supply circuit ) in textbox Google then click here 0-50V 2A Bench power supply
Dear All I have designed a simple ATS Card drive by a PIC 16F84A, I need a power supply circuit for this which hold the Relay for 3 sec when the circuit switched the generator ignition . Generator 12V Batter is use as a power source for this circuit. Thanks in advance for supporting
I need a power supply circuit diagram for the data as follows: In: 40-80VDC(Unregulated) out: 12V(regulated) Current: 1.5A Temp: less than 65 * C
look here power Supply Design
We use gate-driven power clamp structure for power pad ESD protection. As below picture, before ESD zapping, there is a small overshoot during 0.6V~1.2V; after ESD zapping, the overshoot is higher, that's to say, there is higher leakage. But, function test and leakage test at 3V both pass. Can I say ESD passed? How can I explain (...)
Dear All, I can found and understand simple power supply circuit whose input is 230Vac and output is 5Vdc. But, I cannot understand how to select the passive components of the circuit? Does anyone publish the design calculations for the power supply circuit? Regards, Baranidaran
What is the region of operation for an NMOS power clamp in the 90nm process? What role does short-channel effects have?
For example: Designing JFET Audio PreAmplifiers
Hi! I'm designing a simple power mosfet circuit to interface a MCU to a 12 volts system. The schematic is attached, I'd like to have a suggestion if any improvement could be made, in particular I'd need to add a reverse polarity connection protection. How could this be achieved? I tought to add a diode across the power inputs and a fuse (...)
Input specifications are 230v,50hz i need output of 5v under 1a current ---------- Post added at 09:51 ---------- Previous post was at 09:49 ---------- I need a normal power supply