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I need idea for the ultra low power consumption High Voltage regulator. Input 60V (or even 150V). I want to have linear regulation on the output between 2V and 50V. I have Input between 0V and 3.3V (maybe 5V) and I need proportional output between 2V and 50V. I have found good circuit in Horowitz book (page 369, figure 6.47) (...)
hi how to low power analog circuit? bye.
Just wanted to share this one. The only remaining question is: where are you going to find power germanium transistors nowadays? (ADxyz) :-)
the bigger the cap &res the litte power
I don't think powermill or powertheater will meet your demand because of you wanna estimate at system verification level.
hello all after running a series of analysis in ic5033 on circuit. is there a way to list the power consumption of all devices in the circuit...and maybe do it in an ordered fashion descending or so. many thanks
As we know, MCML draws static power which equal to, P=IV. As far as i know, static here is not mean on leakage and subthreshold. It refers to current source at the tail of the MCML. Let say I want to reduce the power consumption, I can simply change Vdd and current source. Or there is other effective ways/techniques to reduce it ? request
Hi friends when do 10k gates design how much power consumption by CMOS gate with any switch power calculation how do we find static/internal power calculation? thanks Added after 23 minutes: Assuming my CMOS cells are 1.1v and frequency is 500MHz and cell count is 10k.
Is there trade-off between gate count and power consumption? If it is, what's the physical reason behind this? Thanks
hello all, how do i calculate the power consumption of a ADC circuit after doing transient analysis..... many thanks
Dear all, May I know how do we normally calculate the power consumption or rather current consumption of a circuit design? Do we sum up the maximum supply current of each component on the circuit to estimate the maximum current consumption? How many percent extra current should we (...)
Can somebody help me to give some examples of IC and circuit design that can be used as a low power consumption and dual chanel DC-DC converter? Please also describe briefly how to control the voltage level? Thanks
If I have a number of op-amps on a circuit, how do I calculate the power consumption? Do I consider only the quiescent current? Thanks, Eric
I am looking an electronic circuit that can approximate the power consumed by an component. The circuit is not used to measure the input or output power level of the component. It is used to measure the component?s DC power consumption by combining measurements of the current through and (...)
Hi all, I have to simulate a circuit for specific inputs. I want to have some results for power consumption depending on input. Matlab environment would help me to manipulate the data very easy. Is it easy to create a power model for a specific circuit in MATLAB? I have some experience in Synopsys (...)
hi friends can u pls tell me about power consumption of cmos and what is the difference between cmos and bjt powerconsumptions. cheers, uma
Hi, If the power consumption value is 3 W reported under worst case conditions, what can be the pwr consumption value that can be assumed under ideal conditions for power planning. Thx snr_vlsi
Hi Your circuit looks OK , what is your load resistance and load impedance? What is you current power consumption? (V & I in no load) What is your power consumption when applying dc voltage and connecting the input to GND and out put floating ? All the best Bobi
if you want to check the power consumption of your circuit from an ideal voltage source (no inductors, or resistors in series with the source), do you use the average or the rms functions? i.e.: average(IT('/V0')) or rms(IT('/V0'))? Shouldn't they give the same results?
HI Everybody, How do i calculate the power consumed by a single NAND2X gate in a design in a synopsys tool. for eg i have compiled a design in Design compiler and it has 100 gates and it contains 10 instances of NAND2X gate. I want to know the power consumption value of a single NAND2X. How do i report it? Is (...)
Hi What is the best way to measure the duration of the circuit? Let's assume there is no PAE vs power consumption curve plot to see. If people want to evaluate a duration of a circuit, can they only look at PAE without checking power consumption? or they need to look at both? or they (...)
In most cases the input power used in PAE formula is neglected compared to output power (due to high gain of the amplifier). So, never you get high PAE and high power consumption in the same time.
When you apply 15V at the input the zener current is: Iz = (15-Vz)/200 = 52.5mA. The power dissipated by the zener is Pz = Iz Vz = 236mW. It will become hot and your limiting resistor wil too. This is the no load condition. I suspect you are using a small package diode. In this case you are above the shown 200mW spec. A more reasonable no load curr
I need help with determining switching speed and power consumption of this circuit. Thanks.52761
Hey there, I'm having problems calculating the power consumption of a circuit. I got an nonlinear circuit (rectifier) and want to calcutlate the instantanious power. The circuit has 2 inputs, which are conected to an AC voltage source. I can measure the current which flows into the (...)
Any idea whats the typical good power consumption of a DLL? The circuit I design is as follow when running under 100MHz. 3.3V ~ 3mW 5V ~ 13mW Thank you.
Hello, I'm trying to build a power consumption meter using ADE7753. I've designed a circuit (see the picture), made PCB and put it all together. First of all, I tried to run the circuit from external 9 V battery, to see if ADE is ok. It was, so I've programmed driver for it for my ATmega. Then I've wanted to try some (...)
how can we find the power consumption of a circuit ..say two stage open loop comparator using cadence?
Does thyristor power consumption depend on average current I(t)? Or is the power consumption dependant on RMS Current? Also, "For a given average current, the power dissipated at small conduction angles is much higher than at large conduction angles. This is a result of the higher rms currents at (...)
how to calculate total power consumed by a circuit driven by an A.C source?
hey all i made a logic circuit contain cmos 4011,4071,4009,4010 ics 3 transistors bd139 buzzer ans 2 motors 1.5 v (motors which in toys) and the battery is 9v across regulation with 5v the problem : when i running the circuit , the power consumption of the battery is very high and the battery is down from 9v to (...)
hi..what is the simplest circuit for reducing power consumption in pcb like system..also how it works
Hello. I am interested in power consumption of two circuits: - NAND - AND For the first on
Hi, I am trying to implement a gps tracker circuit that will be powered up by a li-ion battery. Thus, I need to estimate my average power consumption. I am using TELIT GL865-DUAL GSM Module to communicate with the platform. GSM Module has two power modes : GPRS - 360 mA IDLE - 1.5 mA Of course, most (...)
dear every body i need to calculate power consumption of 1 circuit. my friend told me , i should connect my output of circuit with 1 capacitor with it's value is 5pF . then i will measure the current value and apply equation: P= u.i could y pls explain to me , why i need connect my output of circuit with (...)
How to calculate total power consumption of a circuit using Cadence virtuoso? pls help, thanks in advance
hello everyone !!! I want know how to estimate the power consumption in sigma delta modulators before the actual circuit level implementation.... can we predict the power consumed by delta sigma modulators while modelling it..
I just want to know that what are the effects of increasing transistor width in CMOS on the power consumption and dealy. When you increasing the width of transistors by doing that the parasitic capacitance will also increased thus increased power consumption (because you need more current to charge and discharge th
There is an element that measure the current (AC+DC), you can use it to measure any kind of power. This element a general purpose current meter and it may measure DC to all harmonics.
I understand that we can use "load enable" kind of control instead of clock gating. I wonder if both techniques use the same power consumption. Anyone has an experience on this?
yes for MPPT you must implement some way to control the voltage (or current) output of the solar panel. most people use a SMPS. but really, this does *not* add extra circuitry because often people have a SMPS at the output of their solar panels anyways! to create varying DC bus levels.. then you do not have to have certain # of panels to get ce
u can design such deviders by CML (Current Mode Logic) which consumes alot of power at such high frequency.I think u can design such divier efficiently ONLY in 0.13um CMOS process. if u can use a divide by two first the work will be easier by 2.5GHz. a kind of low power high quality divider called "injection Locked" can be used.this method works
Hi, Please give some more info wrt the operating frequency, output power needed for your oscillator. Also if it should be a tunable or fix frequency etc because others here and me could help some more :? There are several schematics on the web, if you do a google search, see for instance
Hi all!!!! I need to construct an ultra low cost (less than US$2.50) transmitter. 0dB output power, OOK modulated, stable (maybe SAW stabilized), 433 or 432 MHZ, 2.5 to 3.3V power supply. Need only the Tx circuit (the modulation signal comes ready from another circuit). Low power (...)
Survivor is in the way, but corner analysis give quite pessimistic results. That means that you must oversize your design (are and power consumption) to satisfy that your circuit works well in every corner (as survivor said: a lot). Normally, even if this is more time consuming, Monte Carlo analysis, if you have some correlations defined (...)
You can use Analog Artist's calculator to calculate the average value. Alternatively, you can add a expression to the output list ( Outputs / Setup ): Name can be anything expression is average(IT("/V1/PLUS")) Replace V1 to the instance name of the voltage source to drive the power supply, please.
Hi, I want a touch power supply switch (like in calculators) with auto power off if idle for 1~2 minutes. The supply need is regulated 5V from 9v battery and total current consumption is aroud 15mA. Please somebody have a suitable circuit or link? Regards
I have a supply voltage ramp from 0V to 5V, my circuit (0.6um CMOS) can not work under 2V, thus I need a circuit whose output signal can tell me whether the circuit is working (high) or not (low). You know, if the supply voltage is too low, say about 1V, the output of the circuit is uncertain, but I think there must be (...)
I assume to try to measure the power consumption of your PCI board. I think this is a tough one. Not very trivial at all (unless someone knows of a easy way) Most Amp Metters use a series resistor that is accurate but very low in value that it won't interfere with the circuit it tries to measure. You probably have to do something (...)
You cannot just apply the CMFB to second stage, since the common-mode output of the first stage also need to stablize. There is two methods: One is apply the CMFB to the first stage only, then through the feedback from first to second stage both stage's CM output can stablize; but you must be care of the proper polarity when you applying such feedb