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The circuit shown in Figure 1 is a low-cost, high-performance SOUNDBAR system that accepts analog stereo audio as input and outputs up to 8 channels of audio and processes each channel individually. The circuit is ideal for small expansion sockets and portable media devices. The circuit has low power (...)
Dear all, I have a synthesized gate-level netlist and need to provide it with multiple input test pattern and extract the total power consumption of the whole circuit during the circuit operation (I want to plot the power consumption of the circuit while its input test (...)
Can any one help me in finding out the power consumption of a filter circuit having 2 op-amps. I dont know how to calculate the power consumption of a filter circuit? The input of the op-amp is ac so will the power consumption of the filter (...)
Many people use SAR ADC, some stick to delta-sigma and some like pipelined ADC People decide between ADC techniques based on application parameters like resolution, sample rate, dynamic range, power consumption. i want a quick answer with prose and cones Without some ideas about your application and their requir
Hi everybody , In library , leakage power is defined as state dependency , i.e when Y = !A&B , leakage power = 0.9 when Y =A&!B , leakage power = 0.5 Does this state dependency means that leakage power depends on switching activity.How tool determines leakage power for a cell. Please hep me in (...)
If I change Frequency(by changing test patterns pulse width),I should change power consumption measuring length too?(because pulses end later.) For comparison, use same number of pulses.
Making the converter in transimpedance amplifier topology is possible, but involves a 100 mA capable amplifier circuit and respective high current consumption from the power supply. A shunt plus voltage amplifier topology is more appropriate for current ranges above 10 or 20 mA.
Cost and performance are the main criteria. Performance includes, efficiency, regulation, power consumption and speed of circuit design requirements vs supply voltage. However in logic ALV technology offers both speed and low impedance at lower voltages than older technology CMOS by virtue of smaller lithography.
Any idea how to convert voltage to current linearly without using opamp or just using simple circuit? For example, Vin=1V, the output current will be 100uA. Vin=2V, the output current will be 200uA. Do not use power-consumption circuit, such as opamp. Thanks.
What about a simple relay that when the power drops away will switch through the battery?
I used single pHEMT transistor to design my LNA, and set Vds = 3 V,and Ids = 60 mA. I have got the power consumption as Pdc = Vds * Ids = 3 V * 60 mA = 180 mW. I used the single supply voltage as Vdd = 3 Volts. I used the same three pHEMT transistors for design of my LNA. I set the each transistors biasing as Vds = 2 V, and Ids = 15 mA. When I m
hai all How much power will be consumed by a MOS mixer(typical circuit) circuit and ring oscillator- from the reported works? Is there any methods for reducing the same?
For the full adder circuit realized with one 3-input XOR gate for sum, three 2-input AND gate and one 3-input OR gate the power consumed for these gates is x mW. The full adder circuit designed from two 2:1 multiplexers, one XOR/XNOR, one AND/OR gate based on the value of c input is ymW. I find that y>x. I request you to let me know if this (...)
Don't you think you can bowl down both modes with Iself<10? ? An LDO's output power will be determined by the W/L size of the output device; the remainder of the circuit shouldn't change its power (current) consumption distinguishably dependent on power (current) output (provided that it's a full MOS (...)
any one please give me the pspice code of any 1bit 14t full adder along with the circuit.inpt output charecteristics,power dissipation,power consumption,time delay,and any other charecteristics are required as output for different technologies and different temperatures.please try to include power grating (...)
You can put some back-up capacitors to increase the circuit working time out of external energy source. With the battery, supply a low power comparator (its current consumption actually depends of your need) with a battery supplied reference, say 3V, being the compared voltage one generated by the external power supply. (...)
I'm working on the ground layout for an audio circuit. The bandwidth of this circuit is limited to 2400Hz. The device is powered from a single AA battery, the U5 boost converter is used to provide +5V for both the Op amps etc. as well as the U4 boost converter constant current source. U4 is actually providing constant current for 5 of (...)
can I use a LM1117 LDO regulator to provide 3.3V If you read its datasheet you can get your is no because LM1117 LDO comes with 800ma output. And other thing you are just designing the supply according only sim900 also consider the other device power consumption I think you need at least 3.3v and more then 2amp l
No! Remember Ohm's Law? If your circuit draws just 1 milliamp, it will drop 10 volts across your huge resistor. You have a volt meter, but you don't have an ammeter? Forgetting that for a moment the big question is, what do you mean you "want to give exact power"??? Will you adjust the voltage so that you supply some fixed power? Or adjust (...)
Without knowing any of your parameters process size bulk or epi process type of circuit power consumption of circuit guard ring spacing guard ring width ... I'd advice: max. contact spacing < 5*contact_size .
You need to include in which voltage you want to measure the power. Right now you are not specifying anything. Something like this: .meas tran average_power avg p(vdd) from 10ns to 5us
i have designed one circuit and i want to calculate power consumption. can anyone tell me the command?
I created schematic of my logic in Quartus II. i want to check the power consumption in this circuit for various boolean gates by converting them to CMOS technology. i request you to let me know the software/procedure to obtain this. i tried to use Pspice but the format of the file it accepts is different.
You are reporting PIC16F628A absolute maximum ratings as power consumption. I presume, you didn't understand the meaning of this datasheet paragraph. Actual power consumption must be calculated according to the DC Characteristics section.
Hello everyone, I am doing my project using Tanner EDA in S-Edit for low power double-tail comparator. I have obtained the average power after simulation of the circuit. The average power obtained was like "3.633853e-003 watts" . How to calculate this and obtain the power consumed in whole number? I (...)
Hi, folks, I am writing an academic paper about micro-watt 1st order sigma-delta ADC. The schematic is attached here. I need to know what is the ratio between analog components and digital components. I think that that in a mixed-signal circuit, compared to that of analog components, the digital components power consumption is much lower (...)
i request you to let me know if the following is correct 1. the power consumed in circuit is sum of the power consumed in its components. if a circuit has sequential and combinational components, then power of the sequential component = power of whole circuit - (...)
i have designed cache with sequential circuit to selectively switch on the sets. i need to calculate the power consumption of this circuit. i request you to let me know the procedure to do this using Quartus software. basically i have the following circuit 1. cache as array of 4 elements 2. a sequential (...)
I think that tutorial is out of date. Have a look in the help at saif_map. For a tutorial, look at the power Compiler user guide.
i am looking for a tool that will take the netlist generated for the verilog description and give the power consumption details I presume this task should be strongly related to the manufacturer library, furthermore am not sure if you can down into component level during simulation. What are exactly the technologies y
it depends on what peripherals are active....You can add Quiscent currents to get Quiscent current consumption.....We need to find Active power consumption, actual power delivered because of switching loads and IC operation....
If we talk about digital IC, the power consumption is classified as: STATIC power DYNAMIC power But if we refer to any analog IC related papers, only single power is mention for any relevant circuit like 0.25mW, 4mW, 0.6mW (milli Watt), etc..Can anybody explain why is it so?
The circuit power consumption is the power drawn form the supply source minus the delivered output power (if any).
Each device has either its resistance (resistors) or if it is an active device, you find its current rating in specifications. Your circuit is a load for its power supply. You must use or make a power supply that can deliver the required current to the circuit while the DC voltage would not drop. Current in electronic (...)
Hello Everyone, Can anyone of you tell me how to calculate or check the power consumption for TCAM (Ternary Content Addressable Memory) circuit in cadence spectre in detail..
Adder module of My 4 bit ALU use 6 Transistor PTL circuit,to reduce power consumption.For further reduction in power consumption can i use 2:1 and 4:1 adibatic mux or there is some kind of limitations.please help me who already work on such kind of projects.i am using tanner 13. link of paper on which i am (...)
Hello, I want to measure the power consumption of charge pump (its a double dickson charge pump built using switch cap circuits). Can anyone suggest how to measure the power in any state? When I try to measure the current going through the supply, there are spikes that settle down within the clk period. Do I have to (...)
This is my humble opinion as an embedded system engineer (not analog designer). I would go for the Zener because less components are used so the implementation is simpler hence a more reliable, smaller and cheaper circuit. Also the power range does not justify an octocoupler.
Hi, My problem is that the power consumption behavior of my circuit is highly dependent on the data values (current and previous) therefore I want to produce a random input to my circuit, the randomization here is in the timing between each consecutive pulses, I mean that the time between each two pulses is random while (...)
There are lots of ways in doing that. (You didn't mentioned the voltage, so I assume its a low voltage circuit with very less power consumption.) Search in google for square wave oscillator..
u have to measure current consuption and for practical consumption use dc power supply it will show u corrent consumption and then calculate using P=VI formula.
To measure milli-amps, you typically put a resistor inline, and measure the voltage across it. Its value should be low enough so that it does not reduce supply V to the circuit you are testing, yet high enough to allow a sensible reading on your meter (DC or AC or oscilloscope). A suitable value is 2 to 5 percent of the circuit's impedance. If
Hi sir. how's the wiring connection when putting backup power in arduino/GSM module and what kind of battery to use? thanks
Hello friends, Kindly, i need the LNA performance parameters (gain, Noise, operating frequencies, power consumption, 1-dB, IIP3) for Cognitive Radio standard. Also, i need any reference for the circuit design of this technology. Thanks in advance
Hi, How can reduce power consumption in vlsi circuit.
HI, I am trying to understand the maximum power consumption of a 3.5 inch SATA hard drive. Could anyone help me with a power requirements for it?
As you didn't state your process, operating voltage, Vb and operating frequency, I used my own parameters: 90nm process, VDD=1.8V , Vb=0.9V . With C2/C1 = 5 you can't achieve a Gain > 15dB , so I had to reduce C1 to 120fF . So a gain of about 15 dB can be achieved between 40 .. 100MHz at a power consumption < 200?W, s. the following PDF:
i cant upload a circuit Is it so? Well there can't be a serious answer without knowing at least qualitative parameters of the circuit under discussion. I can imagine many reasons why the the designer chosed transistors for the input stage. E.g. power consumption, form factor, noise, costs, component quotation, tradition (...)
hello everyone !!! I want know how to estimate the power consumption in sigma delta modulators before the actual circuit level implementation.... can we predict the power consumed by delta sigma modulators while modelling it..
I assume that you don't mind reactive power consumption of the circuit but want to reduce power dissipation in the series resistor and parallel regulator (Z-diode)? They are related to surge strength and acceptable input voltage variation and thus can't be reduced in the present circuit without (...)